Our Secret

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“So, what happened with Tina Friday night? Did you score or what?” The words came through Nate’s headphones as he surveyed the area through a scope.

“Of course, I did,” he lied. The truth was Tina had moved on to some other dick weeks ago. But the squad of guys he played with online didn’t need to know that. He didn’t know them in real life. They would never know. All they needed to know was, he couldn’t play on Friday nights.

“So, let’s have some details.” Another voice asked. He knew all these guys by username only. But it was pretty standard for them to swap sex stories while they did their campaigns obviously it was his turn.

“We hit up this new club downtown. Dancing always makes her hot. She likes the attention.”

“We got company coming from the south.” He watched from his vantage point while his squad moved to intercept the threat coming in.

“Friday night the place was hot and crowded and every guy with a pulse kept grabbing her ass.”

“Why didn’t you bust someone’s head?” PetersBuilt69 interrupted.

“Because it’s good for me.” Nate laughed. “The more guys that want to grind on her the hornier she gets. She was wearing this mini skirt that showed her incredible legs so there were guys lining up to cop a feel. She was so hot she fucked me in the front seat of my car before we even left the parking lot.”


“Yeah, those miniskirts come in handy.” Nate laughed

“What does this chick look like again?” RockHound asked.

“She’s hot, tall with long legs five nine and a stacked D cup. Long dark hair and brown eyes.”

“I call bull shit,” Ahole26 spoke up for the first time, and several of the squad hissed at him. “Prove it.”

“Why should I? I don’t really give a shit if you believe me or not.”

“Come on man take pity on the eternally single. Upload a pic to the group chat.”

“Yeah, I’m sure she’d really appreciate you losers jacking off to her pic.”

“If what you say is true she’d probably love it.” Someone laughed.

“I tell you what, I’ll get a pic for you perverts but it’s gonna cost you 20 bucks each.”

“Fine but it’s gotta have a newspaper or something so we know it’s a pic you took and not something you googled.”

“No problem.” He had a layout he needed to do for his photography class anyway, one extra picture was no big deal.

Nate heard the front door slam and pulled his headphones off to listen. He didn’t hear anything else, but the slam didn’t bode well. The campaign was over so he signed off despite the complaints of his fellow gamers.

He found her in the kitchen downing a glass of wine. That definitely didn’t bode well.

“How’d it go?”

She looked at him and poured another glass of wine. “He got another continuance.”

Nate did his best to hide his irritation, he knew it wouldn’t help. His dad seemed to think that dragging the divorce out for as long as humanly possible was the best strategy. He hated the man for a number of reasons this only proved his hatred wasn’t misplaced. “I’m sorry.”

She shook her head and he could see her biting her lip. She did that every time she was trying not to cry. He hated to see it. It hit him right in the gut every time. “I expected it.” She took a big gulp of the wine. “I did not expect him to bring her to the hearing.”

“Seriously?” He couldn’t believe that the man was a big enough asshole to bring his current girlfriend to his divorce hearing, but it shouldn’t have surprised him in the least. After all the same man had taken his wife’s chemo treatments as not only an opportunity but an excuse to cheat.

“Yep.” She downed the rest of the glass. “Adding insult to injury was our theme for today.”

Nate moved forward and put his arms around her and she hugged him back squeezing him. He could feel her fight for control she hated to cry especially in front of him and he knew it. This whole situation pissed him off. Not quite as pissed as he’d been when he’d held her hand through her cancer battle but still pissed.

“Mom, you are ten times hotter than she is.”

“She’s twenty years younger than me,” she huffed.

“Doesn’t matter. You’re still hotter.”

“You have to say that.” She rolled her eyes but at least she smiled.

“No, I don’t.” He laughed, “Trust me I am in no way required to describe my mom as hot.” He wasn’t required to say it but it was the God’s honest truth. It wasn’t his mediocre ex he’d been describing to his horny gamer friends.

She laughed at that and he grinned.

“Thanks for being here, Nate. I don’t know how I’d get through this without you.”

“I’m glad I’m here too. But you’d get through it. You’re tougher than he is too.” He reached past her and pulled a wine glass off the rack. He filled it and topped hers off as well.

“You’re not old enough.” She admonished but he took a swallow anyway.

“I’ve got two more months. You really want to get into semantics? Besides, you and I both know this isn’t my first drink.”

“No!” She covered her ears, “Don’t kaynarca escort tell me! I don’t want to know!” She cried laughing.

“You’re my baby I’m not ready to hear anything else.”

Nate smiled even as he took another swallow. “It’s grape juice, Mom,” he said and winked at her.

“Right.” She shook her head but made no move to take the wine. “Did you make it to all your classes today?”

“Yep, and wrestling practice too.” He watched her look through the fridge.

“Have you eaten?”

“Not yet. Listen, speaking of classes, can you help me with my photography class?”

“Me? How can I help?”

“I need a model.”

“Ha! For what a senior citizen shoot?”

“No, it’s a layout on the female form.”

“You’re serious?”

“Of course.”

“Nate, why don’t you ask one of those girls always fawning over you after your matches?”

“I wouldn’t want to give any of them the wrong idea.”

“Yeah, okay that’s probably not a good idea,” she laughed. “But I still don’t think I’m the right choice.”

“Mom, you have to get him out of your head. He’s an asshole and a cheating bastard. You are hot. Way hotter than that twenty-two-year-old bimbo who’s only interested in him because his limp dick comes with a hefty bank account.”

Her jaw sagged in surprise and she stared at him wide-eyed.

“I’m serious. You need to get out and start dating again. Get your confidence back.”

“The only men interested in women my age are twice my age,” she laughed.

“Or half your age.” He’d quit letting his friends come around in high school because they all wanted to try to nail his mom. Sandra Walker was the stereotypical MILF and she had no idea.

“Nate, you’re crazy!” She laughed. She wasn’t taking him seriously and he was getting frustrated.

“I’m going to prove it to you. I’m getting my camera.” He didn’t wait for her to agree or protest. He had something to prove now. Mother or not she was the hottest woman he knew if he had to take some pictures for her to see that he would.

He went to her room before he went back to the kitchen. Her bed was neatly made as always, but he pulled the comforter off and tossed it on the floor. He pulled the white top sheet free and rumpled the fitted sheet.

She was still in the kitchen drinking her wine when he returned. She was wearing navy slacks and a white sleeveless blouse. He snapped a picture and she rolled her eyes and held her glass in front of her face.

“Here eat this.” He held a piece of chocolate in front of her and she opened her mouth and let him give it to her.

“Ugh, that wasn’t good. What was wrong with it?” She made a face and he laughed.

“It’s an edible, Mom.”

“What? Nathaniel James Walker that’s illegal.”

“It’s legal here now, Mom.”

“Not for you.”

“Two more months. Anyway, I want you relaxed, the pictures will be better.” He led her to the bedroom and sat her on the end of the bed. Automatically she crossed her legs and he started snapping pictures. She looked good, classy. She allowed him to position her and rearrange the backdrop as he saw fit. He could tell when the edible kicked in because everything struck her as funny. He moved the sheet and she would move it back. He tossed the throw pillows on the floor and she made him pick them up and stack them in a chair.

He had her lay down on the bed and fanned her hair out on the white sheets. “You’re getting pretty good with that camera huh?” She sighed looking up at him. He loved his camera, it was never far from his hands.

“Well, I should hope so, if not this photography degree will be as useless as dad keeps telling me.”

“You’re right he’s an ass and you shouldn’t be listening to him either.”

“I quit listening to him years ago.” He snapped a few more pictures but he really wasn’t getting the pictures he’d envisioned for his female form layout.

She was lying on her back on the bed and he didn’t ask, he just unbuttoned her slacks and tugged them off by the feet.

“Nate!” She screeched, “you didn’t say anything about naked pictures.” She giggled and squirmed on the bed rolling on to her stomach. She was wearing lacy boy shorts and they rode high up on her ass. He felt his cock start to swell and had to remind himself that this was his mother’s ass. It helped a little, but not really. She had a fantastic body and his dick didn’t care about anything beyond that.

“Not naked, just some nice lingerie shots.”

“That is practically naked,” she giggled.

“Nah, your bikini shows more.”

She tugged the sheet over her and he tugged it back. There was a brief tug of war over the sheet but he won easily. “You have a great body, it’s going to be perfect for this project. But not if I can’t see it. I won’t shoot anything embarrassing I promise. Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you.” She relaxed back onto the bed and sighed. He took a few more pictures but the blouse was all wrong. If it were an oversized t-shirt it would be better but at the orhanlı escort moment the best option was no shirt.

“The camera loves you. Did you ever think about modeling?”

“I took some naked shots in high school.” She giggled, “Back before stretch marks and wrinkles.”

“Really? Do you still have them?”


“Take your shirt off.”

Much to his surprise, she didn’t even argue. She pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Her black lace bra matched her panties and it was perfect against the white backdrop. She lifted up on her elbows and he couldn’t snap the pictures fast enough. She looked like a Playboy centerfold and his cock was hot and heavy in his jeans.

She rolled onto her back and sighed. “My skin feels so sensitive. Is that normal?” She stroked her fingers back and forth across her stomach and circled her belly button. “You’re right you know.” She sighed again looking up at the ceiling. “I need to get back out there. I haven’t had sex in so long. God, I miss sex. Course what I really miss is good sex, James was such a lousy lay,” she laughed.

Nate stood back and watched her. She wasn’t looking at him, her eyes weren’t even focused. She was rambling. Her fingers traced up and down her stomach and then traced along the edge of her bra cup. He zoomed in on those long red nails against her lace covered breast.

“I tried to teach him how to please a woman.” She continued, “But he would never listen. I wonder if he pleases her. I doubt it. I should send her a vibrator. She’s going to need it,” she giggled. Nate moved around the bed snapping pictures trying to ignore the ache in his crotch.

“Don’t be a selfish lover, Nate. Learn all the ways to make a woman cum, make her cum every time, more than once. Women talk to each other. If you’re good in bed you’ll never have to try to get laid. You’ll have your pick.”

“What makes you think I’m not good in bed?”

He lowered the camera and she finally looked up at him. “You’re single aren’t you?” She smirked.

“Maybe I’m single because I don’t want to deal with the bull shit.”

“Women do bring a lot of bull shit,” she sighed. He watched her hand slide down over her panties. Her long nails scratched the lace.

Her breath hitched and she looked up at him “I think you should probably go now, sweetie.”

He watched her fingertips and his heart pounded, she was going to get herself off. Her inhibitions were so far gone that she didn’t even care if he knew. He’d wanted the pictures, he certainly hadn’t expected to be aroused by it but now… now his cock was swollen and throbbing and no amount of reminding himself that this was his mother was putting it down.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers up her thigh. “I could go, or… you could show me.”

“Show you what?”

“How to please a woman.”

Her breasts rose as she sucked in a breath and his eyes were drawn there. He ran a finger along the edge of her bra and dipped his finger inside. He tugged it down far enough to free a dark brown nipple. He leaned over and licked it then sucked.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “That’s so…” her hand gripped the back of his head holding him there. She moaned again and he tugged both the straps off her shoulders freeing both breasts. He moved his mouth to the other nipple and she moaned again.

“Nate, you have to stop.” She whispered, but her hand was still holding his head in place. He sucked harder and she moaned louder. “This is so wrong.” She moaned squeezing her thighs together. He slid his fingers into her panties and she immediately parted her knees. She was so wet his finger slipped easily through her pussy lips. Immediately he wondered how it would feel to slide his dick there. He loved the feel of a hot slippery pussy. He buried two fingers deep and his mom groaned. His mom, his fingers were in his mom’s pussy. He knew he should be grossed out by that, but he wasn’t, he was turned on and every time his brain said the word Mom his dick throbbed harder.

“Take my panties off, sweetie.” She instructed and he obliged immediately. “Use your thumb, tease my clit, stroke it in time with your fingers. Ahh yeah just like that.”

He followed her instructions and resumed sucking her nipples and she bucked against him. He felt her pussy spasm on his fingers and she gripped his arm.

“Oh my God, Nate. This is so wrong, but oh so good.” He lifted his head from her breast but he didn’t withdraw his hand. “I breastfed you.” She giggled and he laughed.

“We should stop,” she whispered.

“I don’t want to stop.

“Neither do I,” she confessed. He leaned down and kissed her lips. It was odd at first but when he sunk his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it he forgot about it being odd. All he could think about was getting inside of her.

“Take your clothes off,” she whispered into his mouth. He didn’t need her to ask twice. He started pulling off his clothes without even breaking the kiss. He’d never been self-conscious about taking tepeören escort his clothes off. He was a state champion wrestler. He was six two and wrestled at two twenty. His body was all hard muscles and he didn’t mind showing it ever.

“Oh sweetheart, you’re gorgeous.” She nudged him onto his back and took his cock in her hand. “I’m so glad you don’t take after your father here,” she giggled. For one second the reminder froze him but then her hand started to move. She stroked him from root to tip and it felt too good to worry about right and wrong.

“Your next lesson is sex isn’t over as soon as you cum. You can keep going even if you don’t get it up again.” As she spoke she took her bra the rest of the way off and moved up on all fours on the bed. She leaned over him and licked the head of his cock. He’d had more than a few blowjobs in his time but as she moved over him and slowly sucked him all the way into her throat he knew he’d never had a blowjob like this. The combination of the suction and whatever she was doing with her tongue was unbelievable.

“Oh man, that’s good.” He knew he should feel ashamed that his mom had her mouth on his dick but the truth was, knowing it was her turned him on more. The forbidden made him hot.

She sucked him deep and held him there before slowly pulling up. It felt so good but he felt it the moment her goal changed. When she went from giving him pleasure to making him cum. She took a hold of his cock with her hand, stroking him and she picked up the pace with her tight suction. He gripped the sheets beneath him. Straining to hold back, to prolong the amazing blowjob but he couldn’t. She pulled the orgasm from him despite his fight against it. She sucked the cum from the head of his cock swallowing every drop and licking the remnants from the slit.

His whole body tingled when she slid her hands over him. Her nails scraping over his sides tickled but his brain was too far gone to react. She sucked his nipples, licking and nibbling, and it sent shockwaves of pleasure through him. She moved up to his earlobe and sucked that too. “Everything feels better after you come doesn’t it?”

His brain finally re-engaged and he took advantage of her position over him. He cupped her breasts rolling her nipples between his fingers before he released them mapping the rest of her body with his hands.

She pressed her lips to his and he sucked her lower lip he could taste himself in her mouth and he couldn’t wait to return the favor. He rolled her on onto her back and buried his face in her breasts. He squeezed each of her nipples while he devoured the soft flesh with his lips and teeth.

As much as he loved her breasts his goal was further south. He pushed her legs apart and she moaned before he even touched her. He licked slowly up, slurping away the slippery cream that coated her. “Mmmm.” He hummed against her and she moaned.

“Oh yeah, Nate, just like that,” she groaned. He loved the encouragement. He took a page from her book and licked and sucked only occasionally hitting her clit. He spent his time giving her as much pleasure as he could before making her cum. He stroked her with his fingers feeling the slippery slide and imagining his dick there. It was enough to bring him back to life. Swelling to full capacity before he zeroed in on her clit. He stroked the swollen nub with his tongue, picking up the pace until she came with a shuddering cry that coated his fingers with fresh cream.

He had no idea if she was really willing to actually have sex and he wasn’t asking. He quickly moved up fitting the head of his cock against the mouth of her womb. He pushed in slowly and she moaned.

“Oh, you feel so good.” She whimpered and he pushed all the way in. She was a lot tighter than he expected. She was so wet he had no trouble getting in but she squeezed him just enough to make him light-headed. He pulled out down to the head and moved in again and the sensation swamped him all over again.

“It’s okay sweetie, I won’t break.” She encouraged, he was enjoying the slow glide but her words charged something in him and he picked up the pace. He rocked into her hard enough to make her tits bounce. He bottomed out on every hard stroke and she cried out. Her fingernails bit into his back and he felt her body as it clamped down on him. He didn’t even slow as he rode out her orgasm but as soon as she finished he pulled out and rolled her over before pushing back in again without hesitation. Normally he would have cum long before now but that first orgasm took the edge off and he was able to find just the right angle.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” she chanted as he got close. He slapped her ass and she screamed and came hard clamping down on his cock so hard she took him with her. He’d intended to pull out but that just didn’t happen. He pumped his seed deep inside her. He knew she couldn’t get pregnant, and he had to admit the feel of his cock in her cum filled pussy was even better than seeing his cum on her skin.

He finally pulled out when she sank down to the bed. She still looked amazing. He grabbed his camera and snapped a picture of the red handprint on her ass. He was going to have to explore that a little more because the idea of spanking his mom was twisted enough to really turn him on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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