Our Shared Addiction

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Two months after I turned eighteen, my father died in a plane crash. He was flying his private jet to his west coast headquarters when the plane went down. He had divorced my mother years before when she became a total slut, and he got full custody of me. She disappeared from our lives, and I was raised by a series of nannies, maids and others who always took good care of me. My father spoiled me in every way, maybe to make up for the fact that he was never there. My room was like a palace. I had all the best gaming equipment, stereo, and a computer system that I had custom built. The old man also had good taste in women, and had married a former model who was only ten years older than me. One thing about my dad though, was that he was pretty possessive and very macho and he kept Jennifer to himself. She and I kept out of each other’s way around the house, and after he died I didn’t see her until the day we had to go sit in the lawyer’s office and hear the will being read. She was definitely torn up by his death and spent days crying in her room at the other end of the house. I didn’t see her for days at a time and when I did she was a wreck.

Dad had left an estate of more than $20 million, with so many stipulations the lawyer had made himself a chart. What caught my attention was the way the old man provided for Jennifer while controlling her at the same time. I guess after mom screwed around on him he wasn’t going to have it happen again, even if he was dead. Of course they had a prenup agreement, but he had made sure she wasn’t going to run off with his money or screw me out of mine. My money, except for five grand a month and future college expenses, was tied up until my twenty-fifth birthday. Jennifer’s money on the other hand, had strings and conditions. For one thing, she had to stay in the house and look after me until I turned 21. She could keep or let the house staff go but she was responsible for seeing that I got off to college, etc. etc. For another, if she wanted her share, she was not allowed to re-marry until I left, had to be in the house every night, no overnight guests, and on and on. It looked like she was going to have to either live a nun’s life for six years, or get her jollies during the day while I was at school. The final insult was that I could make monthly reports to the lawyer on her behavior, which could influence her share and cut her monthly allowance.

On the way out the door, she said to me,” I’ll make you a deal, you stick to your business, and let me do mine, and we’ll get along just fine.”

“If you think I’m not going to report back on you, you guessed wrong, baby. The old man expected you to stick around and earn your money, and if you start screwing around, I’ll nail you.”

She turned to me, “I took good care of your father. In every way. I loved him more than you’ll ever know and you have no idea how much I’m going to miss him.”

As she walked to the limo I couldn’t help but notice her figure. Her upper body was too covered to see, but she had a great ass, and just watching her walk to the car gave me a hard-on. I guess I missed him too, but he was hardly ever there anyway, and I was a typical self-centered rich-kid teenager.

When I got home, I did what I did most days after school. Went to my room, locked the door, turned on my computer, stripped naked and relaxed into my big desk chair as the screen warmed up. I loved porn. I was a total addict, and if it weren’t for my tutors, I probably would have flunked out of school a long time before. I had a fast CD burner, a collection of porno DVD’s I could watch on my TV or computer, and every day I collected what I could from the Internet forums and porn sites. I especially loved facial shots-guys coming in girls faces or even better, in their mouths. I had a collection of more than five gigs of nothing but facials and mouth shots. I would jerk my cock for hours watching my favorite shots. Since I wasn’t circumcised, I never had the problem of getting lube all over the mouse or keyboard, but when I really wanted to grease up my cock and have at it, I would queue up on of the facials CD’s I had burned, pop on my headphones and pour massage oil all over my cock. I let it dribble in and around my foreskin and would pour it on my chest and nipples and try to time my cumshot with one from the movie. The best ones were the ones where the guy would come in her mouth and then she would look in the camera and drool the cum out of her mouth onto her tits, or into another girls mouth. I would stroke my cock with one hand and play with my nipples with the other. After hours of making myself hold off, I would shoot cum up over the top of my head and all over my chest and stomach. On the weekend, sometimes I would spend the whole day locked in my room, watching porn, putting facial after facial together, and torturing myself-not cumming until I couldn’t stand it any more. Those days I usually fell asleep in my big chair, karataş escort and would often wake up and jerk off again, using the cum that was drying on my chest to stroke my cock to another mind-numbing orgasm.

I had disks of brunettes eating cum, blondes eating cum, redheads feeding cum to brunettes, amateur housewives staring into the camera while they drooled cum into a glass and then drank it. I had a whole CD of women eating cum out of condoms, unrolling the condom off the guy’s prick after they had sucked him off through the condom and then looking at the camera while they squeezed the cum from the condom into their mouth. I had a somewhat smaller collection of women squatting over other women’s faces and squeezing cum out of their cunts into the other woman’s mouth. Sometimes they would share the cum back and forth, swishing it around in their mouths with their spit and then drooling it back and forth until one of them swallowed.

I loved the throat-fucking videos that started coming out. Guys grabbing bimbos by the ears or hair and forcing their cocks down their throats. The girls would gag and choke and sometimes even puke. I didn’t care for the puking scenes but some of the girls would get huge stringers of drool worked up and let it drip from their mouths to the guy’s cock, or from his cock to the floor. The best of them would let it drip down their bodies, running off their nipples down their bellies to their cunts, dripping all over their arms and legs, rubbing their faces in it till they were completely covered in pre-cum and saliva. The longer the movie, the better the chance the guy was going to shoot a big load. Some of these guys would just dribble out a little cum after fucking the girl’s mouth for over an hour. Jesus! Couldn’t they hold off a day or two to build up a decent load for the movie? What a waste! The best movies would end with the guy shooting a huge load right into the girl’s mouth, mixing with all that saliva and pre-cum she had mixing there. More than once I lost it watching a girl looking into the camera playing with a huge mouthful of come, smiling, gargling with it, rolling it around in her mouth and really enjoying it before swallowing it, or if the cum-gods were good to me, drooling it out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her tits.

Another favorite series of mine was the Barely Legal series from Hustler. The stories were usually really cheesy, but there was something irresistible about these young looking girls, girls not much older than me, making it with these guys, willing to be naked and dirty on video. A lot of the scenes showed the girls pissing, which for some reason turned me on. In one, a girl is squatting on the ground pissing while she sucks some guys dick. The first time I saw that scene I forgot my routine and came all over myself, way before the cumshot. Not many of the movies had great gooey cumshots or much in the way of drooling, but I still loved them because they made me look at my classmates and fantasize about giving them the same treatment.

Two of my other favorites from the professional side were Max and Rodney. I loved Max for his early movies that focused on throat fucking and drooling. He had a way of setting up the camera below the girls with a sheet of glass between them so they could drool and drool and you could watch the stringers trail from their mouths as they sucked his cock. He shot a pretty good load too and would often get them to play with it and look at the camera. Some of his movies got weird and biological after a while, using speculums and peering into vaginas and poking around like he was some kind of kid playing doctor. Those scenes didn’t do anything for me, but he pissed in some girls’ mouths before or after shooting his cum into their mouths, and I found that especially cool. I tried drinking my own piss a few times, and actually pissed on myself in my chair a few times to get the dried cum wet enough to jerk off again. But I wasn’t much of a piss freak and just found it an additional turn-on to a good cum-play movie.

Rodney was the everyman of porn, a guy who looked like he had never worked out in his life, but who had a big dick and shot a great load. I think he made most of his movies with me in mind, because in scene after scene he got the camera just right to show his cumshot going into a girl’s mouth. He didn’t cut away after the shot, but would get the girl to either drool it out or swallow it. He had several movies with snowballing scenes-one of my favorites was a scene where he shot his cum into this brunette’s mouth and then filmed her from two different angles, walking over to this blond chick and slowly drooling the cum into her mouth. You got to see the whole scene from one angle before the scene starts all over with a second camera and the same scene from another angle. There are good scenes of women drinking cum from glasses and cups, and karkamış escort one really great long scene where this chick sucks his dick with so much drool that she fills up a bowl on the floor. After he comes on her face, she lets it drool into the bowl and then pours the whole thing on her face. Outstanding! Some of Rodney’s chicks are downright ugly, but with good editing skills and digital technology, I skipped my way past the hairy ugly ones and saved my own sets of juicy, gooey, cumshots.

There were other stars that could do a good cumshot now and then. Peter North always shot a big load but mostly he just messed up a girl’s face. Every now and then he would deliver one of his major loads into a girl’s mouth and she would let it flow out. He shot enough that they could swallow some, drool some and there would still be some left over.

I had collections of amateur movies with some amazing cumshots. Some of these girls were really hot and didn’t try so much to perform for the camera as to act out the cum fantasies for their lucky boyfriends. A girl named Amber was really into cum play and would drip, drool and slurp cum while looking straight into the camera. Another shot she did a few times that I really liked was to let her guy cum right in her mouth and then slowly drip the cum out around his cock head. She did some very hot scenes of smoking a cigarette or cigar while she was sucking off her man. She would blow smoke on his cock before sucking it into her mouth and after he came in her mouth she would blow out a little smoke as she drooled his cum onto her tits. Excellent! A deepthroat queen named Heather would let her guy start coming into her open mouth so you could see him cumming and then plunge her face onto his cock so you knew he was cumming straight down her throat.

Some girls did really great handjobs, greasing up the guy’s cock really good and stroking him off. A lot of times they would make the guy cum on his own chest but some of them were sexy enough to jerk the guy right into their own face or mouth. I was especially hot for this girl named Nikki, a big titted Canadian blonde with a real penchant for drooling. She never seemed too thrilled about playing with the cum, but she was a good sport, good enough anyway to let her guy cum all over her face or in her mouth and then drip the cum onto her tits and drool big gobs of cum onto her nipples. She was beautiful enough to make up for her lack of real enthusiasm for cum, and I must say I shot a lot of cum watching Nikki drool spit and cum onto those big tits off hers. Her cameraman had the sense to catch a lot of shots of the cum hanging from her big nipples and slowly dripping off onto her thighs.

The gang bang and bukkake movies never did a lot for me. The girls certainly got covered in cum but mostly the movies seemed about the guys and the crowd scene and weren’t very erotic. A few of the girls knew how to put on a show and drank whole bowls full of cum or let guy after guy cum in their mouths until their mouths were overflowing. The Germans had some pretty good flicks in this genre, girls on tarps getting shot after shot of cum in their mouths, dripping onto the tarp or into another girls mouth. Getting pissed on at the same time another guy was cumming in their mouths; saving up plates, cups and bowls full of jizz for the girls to drink. A lot of the guys were uncut too, which gave me a rush watching them do it and imagining it was me doing it.

I never imagined that these things would or could happen to me. It wasn’t that I was unpopular or geeky. I was five-ten and in good shape. It didn’t hurt that I was rich either. I just knew at my age that no high school girl was going to do these things for me when I couldn’t get them to do more than jerk me off in my car. Some of them were good at it, and knowing that my dad was rich and I had money made some of them work hard. A couple of them would suck my dick for me. Karen, an eighteen-year-old blond with short hair, was pretty good at sucking my dick, but she wouldn’t put on a show for me, and always spit my cum into a Kleenex. She was unwilling to try any deep-throating, and she thought drooling on my cock was gross. A bad blow job is better than no blow job, but I would always ask her to at least let me see the cum dripping into the Kleenex. She called me a pervert and refused to do it. Another girl, Liz, also eighteen, was an Italian girl with nice little tits and a fabulous ass. She loved to jerk me off on the way home from the movies or dinner. She would unzip my pants and lean over in the front seat to watch my cock as she jerked me off. She loved my foreskin and would play with it forever, sliding it back and seeing how far over the end of my cock she could pull it as my cock got harder and harder. She would take her finger and spread pre-cum all over my cock head and then pull the foreskin up and slide her finger inside kilis escort to tease me. It was intense, but I couldn’t get her to do the same with her tongue and she wouldn’t take any risks-jerking me off in the movie or under the table at dinner. I tried to get her to play with my cum and jerk me off into a cup or a condom, but she loved to watch me shoot the cum out as far as it would go, and would either make me shoot all over the dashboard or up my chest, seeing if she could get me to come in my own face, which usually I would. Sometimes she would torture me, stroking so slowly that the cum would just run out all over her hand and down into my pubic hair. I didn’t care. I loved the feeling of cum and would just let it stay there, pulling up my pants and walking through the front door with cum dripping down my balls. I would always stop and talk to my step-mom, Jennifer, getting an extra thrill feeling the cum drip down my balls.

But back to the high school girls. They were timid and afraid to go bold on my cock. I stayed away from the really slutty girls because I was afraid of AIDS or herpes, and the rest of them like Karen and Liz just couldn’t cut it. Most evenings I would come home from a date, having gotten a mediocre blowjob or hand job and stay up till two or three in the morning, sharing my movie files with others on the net, and jerking my cock until I couldn’t stand it. More mornings than I could count I would wake up in my chair with cum dried all over my chest and a stripper screen-saver playing on my computer in front of me. That’s how I got into trouble with Jennifer.

One night I came home after a night out with Liz. She had played with my dick in the car on the way to the restaurant and got my really turned on, rubbing the pre-cum all around my dickhead and sliding my foreskin back and forth. She never said anything but would just stare at my dick leaking cum all over the place, and slipping her finger under the foreskin to slide it around in the juicy area between my cock and the skin. She zipped me up as we got to the restaurant and wouldn’t even talk about sex or anything sexual while we ate. I unzipped myself and tried to get her to play with my cock, but she threatened to leave me there and walk home if I didn’t behave. I was super horny and wanted her to finish what she started so I zipped up. We took a long walk after supper and made out like crazy in the park for two hours. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. She actually let me finger her to an orgasm in the park but she wouldn’t even touch my dick, so I dragged her back to my car, knowing it was the only way she was going to satisfy me. Once we were moving she leaned over and took out my cock. She said this was going to be a good one, and got me to undo my pants and drop them around my ankles. There I was, sitting naked from the waist down in the front seat, waiting for this cutie to stroke me. Thank god for cruise control.

She licked her hand while looking into my eyes and slowly stroked her wet hand down my cock, pulling the foreskin back as she went. She stretched my cock which was already fully hard and sticking up its full 8″ from my lap. My cock isn’t too long or fat and I’m not going to lie about it here. It’s about 8″ long when it’s hard, and most girls can get their hands around it. I have a lot of foreskin, so even when I’m fully hard, I can pull the skin up and over the end of my dick. Liz loved it and as she rolled the skin back up, I heard her work up a mouth of spit. I looked down just in time to see her drool a big gob of spit onto the mass of skin she had gathered at the end of my cock. She slowly stroked her hand down, letting the spit mix with my pre-cum and her saliva. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen her do and I almost shot in her face right then and there. I also almost ran off the road and it was the sound of my wheels in the gravel combined with my desire to make this last that kept me from cumming. She let another gob of spit fall on my cock and with my foreskin pulled all the way back, whipped her hand up and down my cock really fast for about thirty seconds with a really light touch. It brought me close, but I have amazing control over my dick and I willed myself not to cum. I wanted this to last all night.

She changed her grip and grabbed my cock hard, stroking it up with all the skin like she was milking it. Of course, that’s just what she was doing, and she had the precum literally running out the head of my cock and all over her hands. She worked fast to gather up the juice and keep it from running onto the seat. Expert that she was, she succeeded and rubbed the precum all over my cock and down onto my balls. She told me to raise up and she reached under me to coat my asshole with the juices. Precum was pouring out of my cock now, and she stroked my with one hand while she spread it with the other, rubbing into my cock, my balls, my pubic hair and down around to my asshole until the whole area was wet and glistening with her spit and my precum. Her hands looked like she had run them under a faucet and they were completely covered with precum, shiny and sticky in the dim car light. Little webs opened and closed between her fingers as she pulled one hand from my cock and replaced it with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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