Our Summer with Aunt Sam Ch. 03

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At 7 o’clock the next morning, Aunt Sam knocked softly on the bedroom door.

“Hey guys, I need to take the herbs we harvested yesterday into our facility in Portland to be dried and packaged. I then have a 5 pm appointment with my attorney. I probably won’t be back until around 7. You’re welcome to come with me, but I figured you might just like having a quiet day around the farm.”

After rubbing my eyes and focusing on what Aunt Sam was saying, I said, “I’m good with staying here. What do you think Jules?”

“I agree. And we can have dinner ready when you get back.”

“That would be great. Well, you all have a fun and relaxing day. Enjoy the stream.”

We said we would and a few minutes later, heard Aunt Sam pull away in the truck. I wondered if Jules was thinking the same thing I was…a full day alone to do whatever we wanted. Would we pick up where we left off?

I leaned over the bed and said to Jules, “So how do you want to spend the day?”

She had pushed herself up into a sitting position, the covers having fallen to her lap, displaying her bare breasts. “I’d like to go down to the stream later in the morning. Remember that clearing we found just above the smaller pools and that huge rock? I think that would be great for sunbathing. How’s that sound?”

“Sure, that sounds great. I was thinking the stream too. You thinking we stay naked all day?”

“Why not? We would if Aunt Sam was here and besides, I’m kind of enjoying being naked with you,” Jules said with a little grin.

“I’m enjoying it too and was thinking that being alone for the day might give us time to do whatever we want.”

“I was thinking the same. If I remember right, we both agreed to be each other’s teacher. But I know last night got a little wild. If you think we should back off, I’d understand.”

“I don’t need to back off. In fact, if we did, I’d be pretty disappointed to be honest.”

“So would I, and I won’t keep asking, but want you to tell me if things get uncomfortable at any point.”

“Sis, I’m more comfortable with you than anyone I’ve ever been with. And trust me, I’ve thought about it and wherever we go, I’m up for.”

“I have to tell you, I feel the same. I know I wouldn’t have said that a week ago, but I feel really close to you now and really comfortable. So…should we head downstairs and get some breakfast, or do you want to play around first?”

“What do you think,” I said as I dropped down from the open bunk and onto the floor, my cock already hardening?

“Well, I guess that answers my question. Can I suck you?”

My brain was still trying to fully process the question that had just come from my sister’s mouth. But like so many things in the past week, I knew I’d get used to it. “Sure.”

Without another word, Jules pulled back the covers and rotated into a sitting position on the side of the bed, her face now six inches from my hard cock. She reached up and took hold of my shaft as she leaned forward and slid me into her mouth. I stood still, watching mesmerized as Jules began sucking my cock in a far more intimate way than she had last night in the shower. That had been a spur of the moment event driven by pure horniness. This was something different and I could tell she had given herself permission to just let go and enjoy herself.

Her head moved in a small figure 8 pattern as her tongue swirled around my shaft and she moved up and down its length, taking a little more each time. As she sucked, she cupped my balls in her hand and kneaded them in rhythm. I knew there was no way she islahiye escort would be able to take all of me, but Jules was making a serious effort.

When she would pull back and release me from her mouth momentarily, strands of saliva began to develop, connecting her lips with the end of my cock. I had read the phrase fucking someone with their mouth, but it wasn’t until that moment that I really appreciated what the term really meant. Each time she took my cock, she would work it all the way to the back of her throat and massage it with her tongue as she pushed forward, trying to take even more.

“I’m getting close,” I told her.

Pulling back, she looked up at me and said, “Cum in my mouth Tom.”

Her eyes were filled with an almost indescribable lust before taking my cock again, sucking me with an even great fervor. As she did, I could feel my cum rising up from my balls and that electric, sexual pleasure began to shoot through my body.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum sis,” I whimpered.

I tried to hold out as long as I could, but the power of my approaching orgasm hit me like a tidal wave, a full load of cum bursting free from the tip of my cock and shooting into Jules’ hungry mouth. Her rhythm was interrupted, and I could tell she was struggling to swallow my load as my cock continued to shoot stream after stream into her mouth. Cum drizzled from around her lips, but she kept at it, regaining control and swallowing over and over as she sucked my cock dry, drawing out all the cum she could.

I suddenly realized I was moaning loudly as I came and thrust my hips into her. The overwhelming sensation finally subsided and I stood motionless in front of her, my cock still in Jules’ mouth. Slowly she moved back, sitting up and using her fingers to wipe up the cum around her mouth and licking them clean.

Looking up with lustful eyes, she said, “How was that?”

“If that was the last blowjob I ever got, I’d die a happy man,” I said. “That was amazing. Where did you learn to do that?”

She looked almost embarrassed, but her horniness was raging behind her eyes. “Well, the first guy I dated last year in college was seriously into blowjobs. He actually preferred it to sex. I think it was because he didn’t have to do anything but sit there. And then one night, when I was drunk, he convinced me to give his roommate a blowjob too. The scene really turned me on, so I let it happen several more times over the next month. In fact, it pretty much became a nightly ritual. I’d come over to their room, get naked, and suck each of them off. I know that pretty much makes me a slut, but I liked it, so fuck it.”

“Damn Jules, that’s hot. And no, that doesn’t make you a slut. It just means you like sex, and what’s wrong with that.”

“Thanks. Tom…Hey, I’m about to explode with horniness…want to try doing it to me?”

“Absolutely. I really don’t have much experience…like only one time…so teach me how to do it right and make you feel really good.”

Jules lay back onto the bed and pulled her legs up, spreading them wide and totally exposing her amazing pussy. It was already wet and her outer lips were full and pouty. Even more amazing, her clit was actually sticking out from under its hood, begging for attention.

“If you really want to please a woman with your tongue, you need to take your time. Think of it like a spring. As you lick, you’re winding it up. The more you wind, the tighter it get until it’s ready to burst. Think of my clit like the button that islahiye escort bayan releases the spring. If you start pushing the button before you wind the spring nice and tight, not much happens. But if take your time and wind me up, and then start playing with my button, I’ll pretty much explode.

Start by licking around my outer lips, the slowly work your way in towards my slit. If I moan or push my hips into you, it means it feels good and to keep doing it. Once you start licking between my lips, I should be nice and wet. Try flicking your tongue as you lick, going deeper as you do. When you finally are ready to touch my clit, flick your tongue over it lightly. Lightly drives a woman nuts. Only begin sucking it when you know I’m right on top of my orgasm. Trust me, you’ll know. Then suck it into your mouth and roll it around with your tongue. And Tom…be prepared…I’m a squirter and it can be intense.”

I did as she said, starting out licking around her outer lips, which were full and hot. After a few minutes, my tongue progressed to her inner lips and then began to plunge deep inside. It didn’t take long for her to get really wound up, her hips bucking and her begging me to suck her clit. I kept imaging that I was winding a spring and making it tighter and tighter.

When I was finally ready to press her button and began flicking my tongue over her clit, she went wild. Her entire body began to spasm and I immediately locked my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Jules let out a scream and suddenly, my face was sprayed with her cum, then again, and again, and again. I kept sucking on her clit, Jules body shaking violently until she pushed my head a way and writhed on the bed, her naked body moving like a snake until it finally settled.

It was at least minute before Jules opened her eyes and looked at me. “Fuck,” was all she said. Then after another minute, “Fuck Tom, that was unreal. You’re either naturally amazing, or I’m a great fucking teacher. That was my number one orgasm, ever.”

“Maybe it has something to do with me being your brother.”

“Maybe. But if it does, I’m loving it.”

Jules finally got up and we pulled the sheets off the bed and took them to the washing machine. We also opened the windows in our bedroom as the room smelled like sex.

After some breakfast, we put on sneakers and explored the farm, both of us naked and enjoying the freedom. Jules gave me another blowjob in the barn, and I returned the favor with her laying on the grass under a big oak tree in the back yard. After having lunch, we remade the bed then headed down to the stream, the afternoon becoming increasingly hot.

After swimming in the pool for a while, we lay on the bank and explored each other’s bodies, taking our time. This of course got me rock hard again and Jules slowly played with my cock, examining it like she was trying to learn every ridge and curve.

“How far are you willing to go,” Jules said, trying to sound casual, but with a little tension in her voice.

“You mean how far with you? You mean…like doing more than oral?”

“Yeah,” she said very quietly.

“I know it’s probably wrong, but I’d do anything with you sis. In fact, it’s been on my mind most of the day. I just have this desire to…well…you know, be inside you.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s definitely the same with me. Holding your cock, I just want to slide it down between my legs and let it slide in.”

“Are you on the pill?”

“Yes. Does that mean escort islahiye you want to?”



I knodded…With that, Jules told me to lay down on my back. I did as she asked, my cock rock hard and pointing straight at me. Jules stood up and stepped over me, straddling my body as she squatted down over my cock, taking it in her hand and point the tip towards her pussy.

“You ready to do this?”

“Yes. I want to be inside you.”

Jules began by rubbing the tip of my cock back and forth over her smooth lips, then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I could see her lips spreading as the head of my cock pushed them apart and my shaft began to disappear inside her soaked pussy. As she slid down onto me, her eyes got wide and she bit her lower lip. I could tell my cock was the biggest thing she’d ever taken and she was taking it slowly, pausing to relax and then sliding down a little more, then pausing again.

When I was about halfway inside her, she began to slowly ride me, getting used to being impaled by my thick cock. If she hadn’t been dripping wet, she probably couldn’t have taken me, but as she worked herself up and down, she was able to take more and more until finally she sat down fully onto my cock, letting out a loud, guttural moan.

“I wondered if you would be able to take it all. I’m impressed.”

The voice sent a bolt of lightening through my body and Jules and I looked to our left at the same time. Aunt Sam was standing less than ten feet away, the sound from the stream clearly having muffled her approach. Neither one of us moved, Jules still fully impaled on my cock.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I thought it would be rude to just stand here and watch without saying anything. And I suppose I need to apologize again for being such a voyeur, but watching you both play with each other and seeing you take all of him like you did was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen.”

Jules started to raise up off me, but Aunt Sam told her to stop.

“Look, I know you feel like you’ve just been caught by your Aunt doing something very taboo and that you’re in serious trouble. But I can promise you that isn’t the case. I’m not like most people. I just don’t believe in all the standard social conventions. To me, life is a gift that we are meant to enjoy in any and every way we want, and we shouldn’t have to be afraid. I know, that probably sounds totally naive, but not on this farm. This is my little world and in it, we can live as we chose and do as we chose. You two look amazing together and it’s obvious there’s a very special connection you both share, so enjoy it.”

“You said you wouldn’t be back until later,” Jules said in a shaky voice.

“My lawyer had to cancel our appointment, so I was able to head back early. When I didn’t find you up around the house, I figured you were down here at the stream and I thought I’d join you. And that’s what I still plan to do. I’m going to get naked and take a swim. I’d encourage you to continue what you were doing, but that’s up to you.”

With that, Aunt Sam pulled off her top, pushed down her shorts, kicked off her shoes and walked into the pool, totally naked and clearly totally relaxed.

Jules and my eyes met, both asking each other what to do. My cock twitched, causing my hips to raise up slightly and push back into Jules’ pussy just a little. She let out an involuntary moan, then continuing to look at me, began lowering herself back onto my cock. The butterflies that had been filling my stomach began to disappear, replaced by that sexual electricity that I had been feeling earlier. Jules was going to fuck me. And she was going to do it in front of our Aunt. And I knew, without any doubt, I’d be filling her pussy with my cum, and it wouldn’t be the only time. In fact, I was pretty sure I’d soon have the chance to cum in Aunt Sam’s pussy as well.

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