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“We wanted to cuckold each other, which we have managed to accomplish a few times,” I tell her with a smile. “And you Fiona?,” I ask.

“I have two men with me, my partner John and Julian, my twenty-five year old bi-sex toy boys.

My man took great delight in telling Fiona, “Sarah is of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. She often reminds me, I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having sex with an audience.”

As the conversation progressed it became more racy.

“What would be your ultimate cuckold experience Sarah? Mine is watching another man blowing my man. Even better if another woman is pleasuring me while I watch. More exciting still for me watching one of my men blowing a new man while I pleasure his lady.

“Have I piqued your interest Sarah?, she asks knowing she has as she shows us some pics of Julian on her phone. He is a tall, good looking boy with a wonderful toned body, the first pic shows him topless in a tight fitting pair of jeans. In the second he is naked with a good size flaccid cock.

In the third pic he is on his knees sucking an older man’s very erect cock much to the delight of that man. “My two men, they love me watching and taking pics.

“The first time I watched Julian give my man a blow job was so exciting for all of us. Something we had fantasized about for a long time.

“Wonderful sexual tension as they watched each other undress. Julian and I rubbed oil over my man’s body. I licked his nipples while Julian oiled his cock. Right then, he had the best erection I had ever seen on him.

“Have you ever watched another man give your man a blow job Sarah.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Was it a turn on for you?”

“Absolutely,” I reply, recalling the pleasure for both of us, excited by the tone of the conversation as my man tunes in.

“Tell me about your sexual turn ons, you first Sarah?”

“Hung men, size is important. I love being teased and licked. And having my big ass worshiped. By men and women. And sex with an audience. And we love trimming each other’s pubic hair so have just a patch above our sex.”

“Wow, how exciting.”

““Tell me about your sexual turn ons, Roger?”

“A good three-way. Women and men. And worshiping Sarah’s big ass with an audience.”

“Size is important for me and my men also Roger. How big are you fully erect?,” Fiona asks with a tremor in her voice with a hand over Roger’s cock.

“He is hung, really hung, nine-inches and thick, very thick,” I reply for him as I show her some pics on my phone. “Would like to see some pics of Roger kissing my my ass?”

“You are a very exciting couple. escort gaziantep kızıl bayan Can I show my men those pics?”

“Of course,” I reply excited at the thought of two men we haven’t met being turned on by them.

“My men are impressed with your pics, I want them to meet you, and they want to meet you,” Fiona tells us five minutes later, her face flushed. “Eight tonight in our room. An exciting cuckold for all of us with two men you haven’t met. Tell me yes?”

“I want to be the center of attention,” Roger tells me in an agitated voice as we walk to their room.

“I want to be the center of attention,” he repeats as two men and a woman are waiting for us. We have never met the two men previously and we are both pleased they are everything Fiona promised. We would both be comfortable having oral sex with them I muse as I look them over.

And my man Roger is going to make it happen while I watch. And I want Fiona to tongue fuck me while I watch. I am very aroused at the thought of two men bringing my man to orgasm while I watch and receive oral sex from a most attractive woman, my age – a wonderful cuckold.

Roger is the center of attention as he holds the gaze of the two men sitting on a couch, wearing silk dressing gowns and obviously naked underneath.

Without saying a word, he very slowly removes his tight t-shirt and passes it to Fiona. My man really does have a good body I muse as he runs his hands over his torso and teases his erect nipples before he teasingly slides his trousers off. The two men are watching with great anticipation as Roger motions for me undo the clip of his jock strap and it falls to the floor.

I marvel at his control as four people ogle his thick, large and still almost flaccid cock. Julian immediately has a hand on it, as Roger stands close to him and and flaunts it for two men. It is no longer flaccid as Julian opens his gown to show his erection as he pinches Roger’s nipples.

Huge sexual tension. Julian and Roger have still not spoken a word as Julian stands, then licks and sucks Roger’s nipples. Both men have raging erections as Julian places and touches his alongside Roger’s for comparison. “You are huge, magnificent, just fucking magnificent,” he mutters.

“I have just one word,”Fiona whispers in a husky voice. “Wow,” as Julian sits on the couch and motions for Roger to slide his erection between his tightly pursed lips.

“I promised you a tongue fuck while you watched Sarah,” Fiona smirks as she undresses me. “Would you like to watch John my other man masturbate for you at the same time?”

“Yes, in a moment,” I tell her as Roger and I tongue kiss like never before as he slides his erection between Julian’s lips.

“Enjoy escort köle bayan gaziantep baby, your turn on is my turn on, and you have really turned me on,” I whisper truthfully, loud enough for the others to hear.

“Kiss her ass for me John, magnificent, just magnificent,” Fiona whispers as he licks and kisses one side and she the other as Roger glances on.

“I promised you a tongue fuck while you watched Sarah,” Fiona repeats as I sit on the couch and she licks her way up my inner thighs. “Would you like to watch John masturbate at the same time? Look at his cock, he is almost as big as your man.

One of my pet fetishes – a tongue fuck while I watch a hung man masturbate for me.

Even better while I am watching a man, twenty-years younger, giving my man a blow job. His technique is not as refined as mine, though the two men are rapt and very excited with three people watching.

Around an hour and a half later we are sitting on the bench seat in their huge bathroom watching each other shower. Julian first as he enjoys teasing his now flaccid cock for four people as he pays special attention to me and my man.

Then John, slightly older than three of us. Not long ago he masturbated for me. I was impressed. He is a very attractive man I surmise as I fantasize about him tongue fucking me while the others watch.

Then Roger, my man. He has the largest and thickest cock of the three men, though the others are close. I am enjoying him teasing and flaunting his cock for me and three people we met just hours ago.

Then Fiona flaunts her body in the shower for us. My man and I pay more attention than her two men. She really is most attractive to both sexes.

Then my turn to shower for our new partners.

Before I shower I sit on the toilet seat and open my legs wide. The exhibitionist in me enjoying the moment as I have John and Julian’s full attention. They are both standing close enough for me to place a hand on each of their no longer flaccid cocks as they watch me pee for them. A trickle then a steaming torrent.

“You an exciting woman Sarah, very exciting,” Fiona whispers as she comes closer and watches. “You liked that didn’t you boys, I did,” she smiles at her two men.

I enjoyed being the center of attention as our new friends watched me shower and tease my nipples for them. Then, legs apart, slide a fingertip along by bald cunt lips.

“Let’s make this your ultimate cuckold experience Sarah,” Fiona whispers as she leads us to two chairs facing each other.

“I want to give your man a blow job while you watch,” she tells me as John, her older man is smearing my ass cheeks with oil. At the same time Julian is oiling John’s torso and pinching his nipples, before gaziantep kumral escort bayan he does the same to himself. I am pleased to watch both of them quickly achieve full erections.

“And John wants to tongue fuck you while you suck Julian’s cock. They are a great team.”

John has my ass cheeks in his hands as I settle on the chair and part my legs. My man Roger is sitting in the chair opposite with his legs spread and a full on erection.

“He is a wonderful tongue fuck Sarah, enjoy while I suck your man’s cock,” Fiona whispers as Julian teases his erection and watches John’s tongue find my engorged clit.

Julian is rubbing the tip of his erection on my nipples. Then at the very moment Fiona swallows my man’s erection, Julian slides his erection between my pursed lips.

John’s tongue is magic on my wet cunt lips, he teases them with the tip, then a little later inserts a thick finger and finds my g-spot as Julian slides his rock hard erection between my lips. An extra turn on as I manage to glimpse Fiona sucking my man’s balls as she runs a hand along his erection.

Just as Fiona promised, Julian and John are a great team and obviously practiced at pleasing a woman in unison. “I want to make you squirt for me while Julian masturbates for you,” he whispers as he has me close to a huge orgasm.

This man is really good. The new levels of sexual pleasure he is giving me as he expertly uses his tongue and a finger in combination has me ready to explode.

“Do you like me licking your cunt? Do you Sarah? Three people are watching. They all like it,” he teases.

More teasing as he slides his thick finger into me, then curls it and finds my g-spot.

“I want to make you squirt for me while Julian masturbates for you,” he whispers again.

“Two fingers, two fingers,” I moan on the brink as he complies.

An absolute and incredible tease with three people watching as John is using his tongue and two, thick fingers to pleasure me. My ultimate sexual pleasure, being licked to orgasm with an appreciative and turned on audience.

I cant hold out any longer. I need sexual relief. Now, right now. “So good, so fucking good, so fucking good,” I scream as my whole body trembles and I orgasm and squirt.

On the way home next day we compared the preferences we wrote two weeks previously. Sarah read hers out aloud for me. “I want to be the center of attention when I flash my big ass cheeks in a tiny g-string by the pool. And I want to cuckold my man with a younger bi-sex couple around fifteen years younger than us. I want to be pleasured by both of them.”

Then I read mine, “I want to cuckold you while you watch me flaunt my cock for another couple before they blow me. Perhaps a fifty-year cougar and her toy boy? Are you comfortable with that baby?”

“We overachieved baby, and I was very comfortable with our cuckolds. And you?”

“Extremely comfortable baby, we did overachieve. Would you like to have Fiona and her two men again soon?”

“Yes please, make it happen, very soon. So exciting.” she whispers as we tongue kiss in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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