Overwhelmed Pt. 05

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My eyes closed as I sucked Nana’s strap-on. The rubbery taste of it filling my mouth as I bobbed back and forth on it. I felt her fingers in my hair and I opened my eyes as she tugged my head back and extracted it from my mouth. All I can describe it as is a sinister smile that was on her face.

“Crawl into my bedroom slut. On all fours. Stay like that next to my bed.” It’s what Nana ordered me to do. And I obeyed her. I crawled in front of her, knowing her eyes were on my ass as it swayed along. I crawled into her bedroom and stood there on all fours next to her bed. Nana walked in and stood next to me. She then reached down and grabbed another handful of my hair. A sudden tug on it had me looking up at her, my fingertips barely touching the floor.

“Up pet” she ordered me. I stood up and she turned me a bit tugging my hair until my back faced the bed. She released her grip in my hair and shoved me hard with both hands knocking me down on my back on her bed. My long tan legs hanging off of it.

“You look so delicious” she told me. She reached down and grabbed my teddy and ripped it open, my big breasts exposed to her and heaving. She then hooked her fingers in the sides of my thong and tugged it down until it was around my ankles. Taking one hand, she stroked down my stomach over my shaved pussy and whispered softly “mine”.

I stared up at her as I laid on her bed. escort istanbul I felt her take her foot and tug my thong off of one of my ankles so it dangled from the other. I watched as she pushed my long legs apart. I closed my eyes as her strong, small, cold hands grabbed my hips and I arched my back and moaned as she entered me with her strap. She leaned over me, I could just barely feel her brush against my breasts as she started to thrust into me. Strong, steady thrusts with a smile on her face that I could picture. One of her hands slid down off my hip and grabbed my leg, lifting it up and pulling it against her own body.

“Look at me slut. Look at your owner. Look at who’s fucking you” she told me. And I obeyed. I stared up into her eyes as she let go of my hip with her other hand, grabbing a handful of my hair. She leaned down and kissed me hard and deep. Her tongue was in my mouth exploring my mouth. I was hers and I knew it.

I moaned into her mouth as she took me. Her tongue would caress mine and then she would suck my tongue into her mouth and slowly pull away before she would press back to my mouth again and again. It didn’t take her long to bring me to orgasm with her strap. My body was on fire, my breasts were heaving as I came for her. She slowly stepped from between my thighs and lifted my legs and pushed me all the way onto her bed. I was in escort bayan a dream like state, lying there nearly naked and watching her. Nana walked alongside of me smiling, she stroked her fingers through my hair and told me what a sweet, willing slut I was for her. She grabbed two of her pillows and put them next to me, stacked up on top of each other. Then she told me to roll over on top of them so my stomach was on them. I obeyed her without question, not even wondering why. My ass up in the air, my thong on one ankle. Nana grabbed my ripped teddy and tugged it off and dropped it on her floor. I laid there with my eyes closed and felt the bed dip when she got on it. I felt as she was between my legs again and I started to wonder what was going on. I had just opened my eyes and started turning my head when her hands grabbed my hips again. I heard her laugh softly and then I felt the tip of her strap between my cheeks, against my hole. I gasped and started shaking my head, I started to get up.

“No Nana! Not my ass! No! Please!” I cried out. She grabbed my hair in one hand and thrust hard into my ass with her strap. I screamed at the feel of it, trying to clench my ass cheeks. But it was no use. She had me propped up in the perfect position and she used my body to pull herself forward, even as she thrust hard. She pushed past my clenched cheeks and inside me. I moaned and eskort sobbed, tears flowing down my face from the pain of it.

She tugged my hair, yanking my head some as she spoke to me “now this fat ass is really mine!” She started thrusting in and out of me, riding my ass, fucking me so hard. I moaned and sobbed, begging her for mercy as she took me. She began slapping the side of my ass with her other hand as she kept a good grip on my long hair. Taunting me…asking me “who’s ass is this?? Who owns this fat ass??”

And I would moan for her and answer her “it’s yours Nana! You own my fat ass!”

I was humiliated. Broken. And soon the pain went away and I started to enjoy it. I was enjoying having Nana fuck my ass much like I had enjoyed everything she had done to me. She had broken me and I knew it. I was conquered by her. She didn’t stop until I had orgasmed again. And she smiled down at me and told me that she had as well. She pulled out of my ass and backed off the bed. She reached down and picked up my ripped teddy and threw it on me. I looked up at her through bleary eyes.

“Get dressed and go home slut. You know who owns you now. You’re mine. Tomorrow we can play some more. Make sure you have something sexy on when I come to your house.”

I crawled off the bed, pulling my thong up after sliding my other leg through it again. I clutched my teddy to my breasts and picked up my bag. I took it to the bathroom and got dressed, my legs wobbly, hands shaking. And I left Nana’s house like a cheap whore. I knew I’d do whatever she wanted me to do from then on. I knew who had overwhelmed me and owned me now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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