Pajama Party

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A farewell sex party with her special girl friends

Besides being my entry in the Literotica Summer Lovin’ Contest, this is a prequel to “Welcome to the Family”, the first story I wrote on Literotica. I hope you enjoy this one and, if you do, give it high scores and read the others I have written. I have had similar parties with girl friends, but none that involved so many participants and none that went on so long. There will probably be one more story involving Stacy. Whatever you may think of these two tales and other work by me, I always appreciate your expressions of opinion by voting and providing feedback.


Stacy smiled when she got off the city bus a block away from the hotel where she and her friends had rented a room. The hotel was well known for providing large and sturdy custom-made beds and the group of young women had reserved the room with the largest and sturdiest one for the year-ending pajama party. Stacy and her friends, all dormitory mates at the local university, were really looking forward to the great time they expected to have that night. For one thing, it was summer and the semester was over and, for some of the young women, it would be the last get-together until the next college term began.

For the other thing, Stacy had just graduated and would be moving away from the university in a few days. She intended to go first to her home town and later to that of Mike, her fiancé. Both cities were hundreds of miles away, and it was quite possible she would never see the other women from the sex party again. Stacy knew she would miss her special friends, but she also believed the time had arrived to put her same sex experimentation behind her. After that night’s fun, of course.

Stacy had been to many pajama parties of different kinds. When she was a little girl, she loved attending them with a bunch of her friends. They were great fun, with her and the other little girls, all dressed in their jammies and lying in their sleeping bags on the floor in somebody’s house. They whispered and giggled together until, one by one, they couldn’t stay awake any longer and everybody ended up asleep.

Eventually, Stacy and the others outgrew such big parties but sometimes she still had a friend sleep over or stayed overnight at a friend’s house, with the two of them sharing secrets in a double bed. If they were really special friends, they shared orgasms too, licking and sucking each other’s breasts and eating each other’s pussies until they both came. This kind of pajama party was so much fun Stacy never developed much interest in boys. She dated in high school, but a lot less than she could have because she was quite pretty, with a cute freckled face, slender figure, soft, red hair and blue eyes and most of the boys she knew yearned to get into her pants. Because of her disinterest, though, Stacy remained a virgin until after she left home to attend the state university.

Even there, none of the men she met in the first year aroused any lust or serious interest in her. Some of her dorm mates did, though, especially Vicki, her roommate, with the long dark hair and big breasts. Erotic thoughts danced in Stacy’s mind whenever she saw Vicki, completely naked under her translucent nightgowns, moving lithely in the close confines of the room they shared, but she never knew quite what to do or say about those thoughts. Her lack of knowledge came to an abrupt end one evening when she returned earlier than expected from the library and wondered why there was a towel wrapped around the doorknob of their room.

She quickly divined its meaning when she entered and saw Vicki, naked and thrashing around on her bed, legs waving in the air. The woman with her, a shapely African-American, was also naked but Stacy didn’t recognize her because her face was buried in Vicki’s pussy. An abrupt, overwhelming desire assailed her and, after locking the door, Stacy flew to the bedside to fondle and lick the delectable breasts that had been so prominent in her fantasies. They were big and succulent, with nipples that were rosy-pink and erect, even better in real life than they had been in her imagination.

While her mouth was busy, her hands were too, peeling off most of her clothing. The other woman, her face smeared with Vicki’s juices, looked up and smiled in greeting. She was Glynda, the sweet and very pretty sophomore who lived a few doors down the hall. Stacy had often found herself drawn to Glynda too, and they had a budding friendship that was suddenly showing promise of being a much closer one.

Minutes later, Vicki climaxed and, when Glynda rolled over onto her back, Stacy transferred her attentions to the sexy African-American. As her tongue caressed the erect, dark brown nipples, Stacy realized this was what she had been missing. After Vicki regained her strength following her climax, the two roommates teamed up on Glynda. She came, almost violently, from their combined effort, churning up Vicki’s bed before and during her climax. Beylikdüzü escort It was Stacy’s turn next, and the two other women, after peeling off her panties, used their mouths to bring her to the first orgasm she had experienced in a long time, and probably the best she had ever had up until then.

After that immensely pleasurable introduction to an unsuspected part of dorm life, Stacy enjoyed many more sessions involving a small group of what she once again thought of as special friends. These great sessions continued through the rest of that year and the next two. Sometimes it was just her and Vicki; a few times it was her and Glynda and sometimes all three of them or even more of the women from their dormitory. Stacy quickly learned such get-togethers were commonly referred to as “pajama parties” because that’s what most of the women were wearing when they started, although everybody was usually completely naked by the time the action was well under way.

However, those parties would soon be a thing of the past too, at least for Stacy. The first day in her senior year, she had met Mike in one of her classes and had immediately been attracted to him. The attraction was mutual and they started dating. As was the norm in their society, Mike wanted sex very early in the relationship but Stacy demurred, telling him of her virginity and the wish to save herself for the legendary “Mr. Right.” Certain that what they had going was something special, Mike was agreeable, intending to prove he was the person being awaited. He had his good right hand and other outlets and she had her special friends in the dormitory so their abstinence was no great hardship for either.

Over the next few months their love grew stronger, until the time arrived when Stacy let Mike know he was the one and her maidenhead was his for the taking. Being the romantic he was, Mike wanted to do it right so he booked a weekend at a romantic bed and breakfast overlooking the ocean. After plying her with strawberries and wine and kisses and gentle caresses, they lay on the bed together and he pierced her hymen. There was a little pain and a few drops of blood but, except for that, the whole deflowering was a highly enjoyable one for both young people. Mike was a patient and considerate lover and he brought her to a wonderful orgasm, coming shortly after she did. He repeated the performance an hour later and they spent a substantial part of the weekend making love to the roar of the ocean waves.

After that, most of their weekends were similar, although usually in less romantic settings. Stacy truly enjoyed herself with Mike but there was one thing she missed. She was very orally inclined, either giving or getting, but Mike never even came close to eating her pussy and never indicated any desire to have her suck him off, not even wanting her to take his cock into her mouth during foreplay. He made sure she always climaxed before he did, often several times, but it was always in the missionary position in a dark room. Stacy didn’t want to seem too forward or demanding so she never asked or took the initiative. She continued attending pajama parties so her pussy was not at all deprived of lingual caresses and her mouth found a lot of enjoyment as well. She accepted the lack of such things as just a part of conventional man and woman sex.

The Monday morning after one such weekend in a motel, and following a long, serious discussion, they jointly announced their engagement, receiving the congratulations of their relatives and friends. This included Stacy’s special friends, although she had thought it prudent to avoid telling Mike any details about the nature of the relationships she had with them.

The plan was that, after graduation, they would go to her home town, where she would introduce him to her friends and family and do the other things brides did before their weddings. After a short stay, he would return to his home town and accept one of several job offers he had already received. Once he was established in his profession, she would join him and be introduced to his friends and family, followed a few weeks later by their nuptials in the church he had attended since his childhood.

However, that would be her future and, for that night at least, Stacy would enjoy herself with many of her special friends. Four of them, all wearing pajamas, greeted her with hugs and kisses, a tiny sample of what they would be doing later. Sachiko, the short, slim Nisei from California kissed her, fondled her breasts, and told Stacy to hurry up and get undressed. Maria, the tall, long-haired Hispanic said nothing but her passionate kiss and her caresses of Stacy’s ass told the redhead she was also eager to begin the evening’s fun. Alyssa, a slender but bosomy woman with long, dark hair, held Stacy’s hands against her luscious breasts and told the new arrival they would be awaiting her return.

Glynda had graduated the previous year and Vicki had not returned to college after her junior Beylikdüzü escort year but Stacy’s current roommate and most frequent sex partner, was the most effusive in her greetings. By the time Kelli, a voluptuous blonde, removed her tongue from Stacy’s mouth, her hands had unbuttoned her roommate’s blue jeans and sneaked inside her panties to fondle the smooth, bare skin of her ass. Stacy giggled, promised the group she would be right back, and hurried to the bathroom to change into the new silk pajamas she had bought for the occasion. On her way there, one hand held her pants up and the other carried her overnight bag.

At the door to the bathroom, she almost ran into Jenna, a short, rather pudgy blonde. Their greeting kiss was more perfunctory than those she had shared with her other friends, because Jenna was so eager to climb aboard the bed with the rest of the group and Stacy was anxious to change her attire so she could join the party too. It had been decided that the participants would put on their pajamas privately even though, probably within a few minutes, they would be stripped off again in front of everybody. In similar parties at the dorm, everybody arrived in night clothes and they wanted to continue the custom at the hotel.

When Stacy left the bathroom in the sexy green pajamas that matched her eyes, the fun was already underway. All five of the other women were on the bed. Maria’s top had been removed and Kelli and Jenna were each licking a breast, while Alyssa had just finished pulling off Kelli’s pants and was lying flat on her back with her head between the blonde’s bare thighs. Sachiko was cuddled against Jenna’s back, with both hands inside her pajama bottoms. Stacy quickly climbed onto the bed behind Sachiko, reached her arms around and cupped a small, firm breast in either hand.

The pretty Nisei had been waiting for Stacy and she took her hands out of Jenna’s pajamas and turned to face the newcomer. While they hugged each other, they plastered their mouths together so their tongues could get reacquainted. The long kiss continued as they rolled over together on the edge of the bed away from the other women and started to unbutton each other’s pajama tops.

Sachiko’s fingers were more nimble so she finished first and broke off the kiss to lean forward so her tongue could begin ministering to her special friend’s breasts. Stacy lay back on the bed, her top open but covering her arms and shoulders, and enjoyed the attention being paid to her nipples. By that time, Maria was naked and Kelli was caressing and kissing her way down the flat, light brown belly toward her pussy, while Jenna had claimed both the Hispanic woman’s breasts. Alyssa was enthusiastically eating Kelli’s delectable pussy, arms wrapped around her voluptuous ass and fingers curled inside her succulent cheeks.

With one hand cupped under either of Stacy’s breasts, Sachiko crouched over her, switching her tongue between nipples. After a few minutes of this treatment, Stacy was squirming under the shorter woman and murmuring happily. There was just one thing that wasn’t right, and she wanted to rectify it.

“Just a second, Sach. Let me take this off.” She sat up and started to finish removing her pajama top. Sachiko took hold of it, pulled it off and tossed it on the floor to join Maria’s and Kelli’s pajamas. Before she resumed licking Stacy’s nipples, she removed her own top and it joined the other castoffs.

The party was off to a fine start, when there was a knock at the door, startling all six revelers. The “Do not disturb” sign should keep away the hotel staff and nobody had ordered anything from Room Service. The only person who might be coming to the door was Buffy, who was expected and was habitually late. As the only one still fully clad and not totally involved in the party yet, Jenna went to the door and, after she made sure the security lock was in place, peeked out into the hall.

She closed the door and turned, smiling, to announce “It’s Buffy. Late, as usual”.

All the other women resumed what they had been doing and Jenna disengaged the security lock. With the newcomer inside, she closed and locked the door tightly again and greeted Buffy with a hug and an especially passionate kiss. The tall, sexy brunette, not at all embarrassed about her lateness, responded just as warmly before hurrying to the bathroom to change into her pajamas so she could join in the fun. Jenna was equally anxious to have her join them. She was the only one not partnered yet and she was especially eager to get together with Buffy. Part of this was the large breasts of the latecomer, but the two of them had a strong, mutual attraction, that went much deeper than the size of her bosom.

Stacy’s breasts certainly held a strong attraction for Sachiko. The eager Nisei held one in either hand and licked them, relishing the feel of the erect nipples against her tongue. As Stacy squirmed on the bed, she thrust her breasts upward, and Sachiko Escort Beylikdüzü drew one into her mouth and sucked on it, while her tongue continued to caress the nipple and areola. Once again, she switched back and forth between the lovely globes, while her friend stroked her body. Stacy could feel her arousal growing rapidly.

“I love that! I love what you’re doing,” she murmured. Without removing the breast from her mouth, Sachiko looked up, smiled, and continued doing the things that were giving so much pleasure to them both.

Buffy had returned from the bathroom by then, clad in pink pajamas, and Jenna had escorted her to the bed. Both still wearing their sleepwear, they lay near Sachiko and Stacy, running their hands over each other’s bodies, with their mouths plastered together and their tongues greeting each other. Intensely eager to get her lips and tongue on the breasts she craved, Jenna started unfastening the buttons on her friend’s pajama top. Equally eager to have her breasts pleasured by Jenna’s talented mouth, Buffy broke off the kiss and rolled over to lie on her back, smiling happily, with her eyes closed.

Seeing this gesture of acquiescence, Jenna hurriedly finished with the buttons and spread open the garment. Buffy sat up and, after her top had been stripped from her body and tossed onto the floor, lay on her back, hands cupping her breasts, offering Jenna’s mouth a feast. The offer was accepted with extreme pleasure and the blonde’s tongue started avidly caressing a nipple.

Kelli was still pleasuring Maria’s pussy but she was giving her mouth a brief rest. Instead, she had climbed between her friend’s legs and was rubbing the erect nipples on her large breasts against Maria’s clit. Holding one luscious globe in either hand, she alternated between them, caressing her friend’s sweetest spot a few strokes with each of the cute pink nubbins. The hard ridges against her sensitive and swollen clit were making the Hispanic woman writhe on the bed and moan and cry from the intense pleasure. Kelli knew Maria was almost ready to come, but she wanted to use her mouth to bring about that wonderful event.

When Kelli had moved up to mutually pleasure her nipples and Maria’s clit, she had removed her beautiful pussy from the mouth that had been worshiping her there. Alyssa knew how Kelli liked to use her breasts to caress another woman’s clit, and that her body would soon be back where it belonged so she remained lying on her back to wait. While being patient, she removed her own pajamas and tossed them on the floor. Completely naked, Alyssa waited for Kelli’s pussy to return to her eager mouth.

Ready to bring Maria to a momentous climax, Kelli slid back down on the luscious body and wrapped both arms around the shapely brown thighs. The lovely Hispanic was anxious to come so she raised her legs and draped them over her partner’s shoulders. Kelli, taking advantage of the opportunity, zeroed in on the swollen clit that awaited her, wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. As the brunette’s talented mouth pleasured her clit, Maria’s movements became even more frenetic, until she loudly announced she was coming.

Except for Alyssa, all the other women paused briefly in their sucking and licking to listen to the loud cries of ecstasy and to watch Maria’s pussy ramming upward into Kelli’s face. The pause was brief because, although they enjoyed the sight and sound of their friend coming, they were more interested in achieving that goal themselves and in bringing their partners of the moment to it. When Maria climaxed, arching her back and jamming her pussy into Kelli’s face, they paused again, smiled, and resumed concentrating on their own pleasures. Alyssa didn’t pause at all; she was so happy to have Kelli’s delectable blonde pussy fucking downward against her mouth that she kept licking and sucking and relishing the flavor and aroma of the plentiful juices.

After Maria’s great climax, Kelli devoured all the delicious juices that had been produced before concentrating on what was being done to her own pussy. Wonderful things were being done; Alyssa had started by licking the swollen labia and was, by then, squeezing her agile tongue between the inner lips, exploring under them and probing the rim of Kelli’s pink hole, which was wet from all the fragrant juices that dripped out into the brunette’s mouth and became smeared all over her face.

From the heavy flow of the nectar and from her moans of pleasure and the way her pussy was fucking down against Alyssa’s face, it was obvious that Kelli was ready to come. The cunnilinguist who had brought her to that enviable state pulled herself forward and wrapped her lips around the clit that was presented to her. The delectable morsel was so swollen with lust it had pushed its way out from under its protective hood and Alyssa was able to draw it into her mouth to suck on it, while her tongue caressed the sides and top.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit,” Kelli urged her dorm mate.

The urging was unnecessary for Alyssa wanted nothing more than to do just that. Holding tightly to her friend’s ass, she sucked and licked while Kelli thrashed blissfully above her, until she cried out in joy: “I’m coming! I’m coming! Keep sucking my clit!”

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