Pam , Zach – The Right to Bare… All

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These are our stories, embellished, but true. Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually somewhat happened.

The Right to Bare….All

I took Pam’s hint serious. That she wouldn’t mind, in fact, she’d hoped that, I would get her naked in places other than our home. It isn’t that she wanted us to have sex in public, but rather, just a desire to be at risk of being caught undressed. And she wanted me to initiate it. It wasn’t as if she was going to strip herself and walk around in public. The thrill was in not knowing when or where it might occur.

Looking back at first, when she was so embarrassed to be naked in front of me because she felt her breasts were too small, to now, her wanting that thrill of possibly being seen naked by strangers, Pam has certainly come a long way. I wanted to help her fulfill that fantasy. I started looking for situations to do just that.

The opportunity came when we were invited to a wedding that was held at a luxurious mansion right on the upper Delaware River. The bride was one of Pam’s wealthier cousins. We were invited to spend the weekend in the mansion, which we immediately accepted.

“Just look at this place,” Pam gushed. “It’s freakin amazing.”

And it was. A three story French style stone structure at the end of a long gated driveway which ended circulating around a huge fountain. When we got out of the car we were met by a bevy of beauties that were the bride, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.

There were hugs all around and pleasantries exchanged before Pam realized she hadn’t introduced me yet.

“Oops. Sorry. Nicole. Girls. This is Zach. Zach this is my cousin Nicole, my cousin Jackie, Greta, Shane and Lisa.”

“I’ll try and remember the names and faces before the weekend’s over. I promise.”

“You gotta see inside. C’mon,” Nicole shouted as she led the pack toward the entrance. I picked up our bags and followed behind.

As the girls ran from room to room, oohing and awwing at the luxury of it all, I made my way up the elegant main central staircase to the second floor. It opened to a wide floor area with rooms on both sides.

We had a large plush bedroom with a high ceiling and a view of the river that ran behind the grounds. Being a restored historic structure, there was no en-suite, but one of the two baths on this floor was just two doors away.

There were also three other bedrooms on this floor. On the third floor was another bedroom with an en-suite as well as a gigantic master suite with a huge bath, walk-in closet and sitting area. The shower in that bathroom had so many shower heads and steam jets it looked like a miniature car wash.

I went downstairs and Pam grabbed my arm and gave me a tour.

“Zach. Look at this place. There’s this amazing library, a billiard room, a room with a complete bar and fireplace. There are two kitchens, a butler’s pantry and a ginormous dining room with another fireplace. We’re gonna have a great weekend. I can’t believe luxury could make me this horny.”

And with that she reached down and grabbed my dick.

“If we had this place to ourselves, I’d fuck you in each and every one of these rooms,” she continued. “On the pool table and even on top of that big granite island.”

Hearing that, and with her hand still on my dick, we both felt it stiffen and throb.

“Who says we have to be alone for that?” I joked.

That made Pam’s eyes open wide and her lips tighten.

“Calm down tiger. Don’t get carried away.”

And with that, she gave my dick one last long squeeze and led me out back to see the grounds.

There was a large stone patio with umbrella tables and chairs and a stone path that led to another stone patio in the center of the yard that was decorated with tables, chairs, an arbor and hanging lights.

At the end of the yard was a garden shed. Beyond that was a wooden boardwalk that went over the marshy area and ended at a wooden deck that sat over the river’s edge. We walked down to the deck and looked out at the river and the other estates on the other side.

“I bet this is beautiful at night,” Pam remarked. I knew right then, that this was the place it would happen.

The remainder of the day was taken up by eating and drinking, music and conversation consisting of Pam reminiscing with her cousins, their spouses and all the others, followed by the rehearsal and it’s ensuing dinner.

It was late when we finally excused ourselves and went up to our room. bursa escort bayan The others were still partying, the noise and the music reverberating through the lower level and up the staircase.

Entering the room, Pam immediately stripped and flung herself onto the bed.

“I am exhausted,” she proclaimed.

“I never thought I’d see you too tired for sex,” I replied.

“Oh, I’m not THAT tired,” she chuckled. “I just need a few moments to unwind. Then I’ll shower. Then we’ll fuck. I’m not gonna waste a chance to orgasm on this gigantic comfortable bed.”

“Okay. While you unwind, I’ll get cleaned up. Just don’t fall asleep on me.”

“Not a chance. I’m going to lay here, staring at the sky through that big window and wondering if it will hold up to me leaning on it when you take me from behind.”

And with that she tossed a pillow at me and said, ” Now go get washed.”

I got naked, grabbed my toiletries bag, wrapped a towel around my waist and exited the room, headed for the bathroom.

The hot water felt good after the long drive and an even longer day of activities. Pam was definitely right about opulence having a sort of aphrodisical effect. After washing my body and shaving my balls, I found myself soapy and playing with my nipples and stroking my cock as I took in the marble floors, the chandelier, the ornate mirrors, vases of flowers and plants and the view of the treetops from the window. Wanting to save my orgasm for Pam, I brought myself just close enough to be able to stop.

“Okay Pam. Your turn. Go get squeaky clean,” I remarked as I entered the bedroom, only to see her pulling on her nipples.

“In a second. I’m just having a remarkable moment. God! This place turns me on. It was all I could do to keep from rubbing my clit.”

And that said, Pam leapt from the bed, wrapped her arms and legs around me, planted a hard kiss on my lips and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I felt her press her obviously wet pussy against my erection as she squeezed her body hard to me. I returned the favor, engaging her tongue with mine and grabbing her ass, pushing our loins together.

Pulling her face back, Pam looked me in the eyes and declared,”I’ll shower after you cum inside me. Right now I want to fuck.”

She unwrapped herself from me, led me by the hand to the window, leaning and placing her hands on either side of the window frame, spread her legs, looked back and said, “Take me now.”

I stepped between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting pussy. Feeling it enter, Pam arched her back. Grabbing her waist, I began to slowly fuck her. I could see in the reflection of the window that her eyes were wide open. Pam was staring out at the river and the lights from the houses on the other side.

“I wonder if anybody else is getting fucked right now in those houses across the way?” Pam queried.

“I wonder if anybody over there is watching you right now,” I shot back.

“I hope so.”

That said, Pam started pushing back to meet my now accelerated thrusts.

“That’s it. That’s it. Oh God that’s good.”

I moved my hands from her waist to her hips to give me more leverage. My balls now slapping against her ass with each thrust.

“What if there’s a guy with a telescope looking at you. And he’s got his dick in his hand, jerking off watching us,” I prodded. “Or, just maybe there’s some girl on her knees sucking him off.”

That set her off.

Pam reached back, her fingers finding her clit, rubbing furiously. She dropped her other hand to the window sill and pushed her ass hard to meet my every plunge.

In minutes she was stifling a scream, rising up on her toes and clenching my cock with her pussy, her thighs pressed together. The spasms seemed like they wouldn’t stop. I could feel my cock drenched inside her.

Grabbing the window sill with both hands she pleaded,”Don’t move. Stay still.”

I could feel her pulse pounding around my still hard cock.

We remained frozen, until Pam finally said,” Okay. Okay. I’m good now. You can pull out.”

I did so, gently.

Knowing I hadn’t cum, Pam led me to the bed and told me to lay down.

Then she slid between my legs, took my soaking cock in hand and began to lick her juices off it. Cupping my balls with her other hand, her mouth moved back and forth, from them to my cock, licking me clean.

“I know I haven’t had you cum in my mouth in awhile. I do miss that. And although now seems like a perfect time, it’ll have to wait. I gorukle escort promise it’ll be soon. But now I’m just gonna suck you a bit. Then I’m gonna climb on and fuck you.”

Since she instantly took me into her mouth, I felt no reply from me was required, so I laid back and let Pam’s mouth work it’s wonders. It was incredible to be this hard for this long. Her well versed lips and tongue found every erogenous spot between my legs.

Finally, sensing I was on the verge, Pam raised her body up and spread her legs outside my hips, reached back and directed my throbbing member into her pussy.

She settled her ass on my thighs and began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her clit on my abdomen. Her hands going to her tits, fingers on her nipples, her eyes closed. She knows I last a long time in this position, so she used that opportunity to get herself on the verge as well.

Reaching that point, Pam took her hands and grabbed my wrists and placed them above my head, holding them there. She raised her ass and started slamming up and down on my cock.

“Cum inside me!” she moaned.

I lifted my hips to meet her every slam. We crashed together over and over until I couldn’t stop from cumming.

I grunted loudly as I shot stream after stream inside her. Pam stopped, her eyes closed and a smile grew on her face. She bit her bottom lip as she let her chest down onto mine. We stayed that way for quite a while.

Pam reluctantly rolled off of me and grabbed her towel to take a shower. She opened the door, naked I might add, to see if the bathroom was empty. The noise from downstairs had subsided some, but there still seemed to be several people talking down there. Unflustered, Pam stepped out of the room naked, walking down to the bathroom dragging her towel behind.

In a bit, Pam strolled back into the bedroom, still naked, her towel wrapped around her head.

“My, my. Aren’t you getting to be the daring one.”

“Am I? I hadn’t noticed,” she smirked. “It’s just something about this place. It feels so hedonistic.”

Saturday. Wedding day.

The morning was beautiful so we went for a run. Just an easy 5 miles, to clear our heads and loosen up our bodies after what was previously a long day. We chatted aimlessly, making catty remarks about other guests, as we are prone to do. Nothing vindictive. Just us being our sarcastic selves.

The afternoon was spent relaxing on the patio, munching breakfast and lunch and watching all the preparations and the setting up for the wedding that evening.

Around 4:00PM, Pam and I returned to our room to dress for the event.

“C’mon,” said Pam. “Let’s play in the shower. Nothing too too much. Just some fun to keep these feelings I’m having about this place on high.”

And that we did. Facing one another, running our soapy hands all over each other’s body. Laughing. Lingering in places longer than necessary. Masturbating each other almost up to the point of release, but not going over the edge.

“I want us to go without underwear tonight, if that’s okay with you,” I asked Pam while we were drying off.

“I was thinking the same thing. Do you know why that was on my mind?”

“Because it’s the closest we can get to being naked in public?” I answered.

“Well, that too. But I wanna be able to really feel your erection when we’re slow dancing, when I’m rubbing my pussy against your thigh as I’m whispering dirty things in your ear.”

Then laughing, she attempted to snap my bare ass with her towel just before she wrapped it around herself and returned to the bedroom.

The ceremony was nice. Pam got joyfully emotional for her cousin when the vows were being read. Pictures were taken. Drinks were consumed. Dinner was eaten. The reception commenced, taking place inside. A DJ provided the tunes alongside the dance floor set up in the now empty dining room which adjoined the room with the bar and fireplace.

We both were enjoying ourselves, mingling and dancing. When Pam requested the DJ to play “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones, she took my hand and led us to the dance floor.

“Now’s the time I’m gonna talk dirty to you,” she whispered as we clung and rubbed our bodies together, moving slowly and swaying around the room.

“I’m thinking about how I had you almost naked while I was sucking your cock against that rock in the woods. How hard you felt with my lips around you, my finger playing with your ass.”

My cock instanty swelled. Pam could feel it. She bursa merkez escort bayan reached down and straightened it out so she could rub it as she continued, first nibbling on my ear.

“Think about how it felt when you were blindfolded and tied down naked and I was sucking your nipples while some other girl had her lips around your cock, licking and sucking on you.”

“You’re killing me,” I said

I could feel my cock leaking. I think Pam felt it too.

The song ended and we passionately kissed. I took her hand and led her outside, passed the few people sitting on the patio, down to the walkway that led to the river’s edge.

We stood facing the river, our backs to the celebration taking place. Pam in front, leaning against me. Both of us staring at the river, the starlit sky, fireflies and the lights emanating from the mansions on the other side.

I kissed her head. Pam was wearing a simple short black dress with a plunging neckline and back with thin shoulder straps. I took my hands and lifted the straps off her shoulders and slid the dress down passed her hips, exposing her nakedness to the scene before us.

“Hold onto it,” I said, as Pam, moaning with delight, grasped each side so as not to allow it to reach the ground.

I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was coming to join us. My body blocking Pam’s from view.

“I truly love you,” I whispered in her ear as my hands found her breasts, gently fondling them. My fingers toying with her nipples, already firm from our erotic slow dance. I lingered there awhile before sliding my fingers down, over her taut stomach, through her tiny patch of now damp pubic hair and touching the folds of her awaiting pussy.

Pam’s knees buckled just a bit as I slid two fingers inside her, my thumb beginning to rub her clit.

“Mmmmm, yes,” Pam moaned softly.

I kissed her neck before whispering in her ear, “Now think about if that guy you imagined last night was watching you now, seeing you naked with my fingers in your cunt.”

Pam hands clenched tighter to her dress. Minutes passed.

“Or maybe it’s that woman watching you while he’s between her legs. Licking her pussy as she plays with her tits. Using your pleasure to get herself off.”

“Oh fuck. Oh God….Don’t stop.”

“I won’t.”

Minutes past.

“Now she’s pressed against the window. Staring at you as he fucks her in the ass.”

That took Pam over the top. Her orgasm crashing suddenly as her body went fully tense, pressing her knees together, before going limp. A long slow satisfying moan emanating from her pursed lips. She let go of her dress, allowing it to fall to the ground.

Pam turned and kissed me hard, her fingers undoing my shirt as she pulled it from my pants. Her hands sliding over my chest before finding my nipples.

“Oh God,” was all I could muster when her lips started sucking on one as her hands started unbuckling my belt.

“Pam. Pam. Don’t. Someone will see us.”

“I don’t care,” she responded, looking up at me.

“Please… Please.”

“Okay,” she said,reluctantly. “Not tonight, but it’s gonna happen soon. You better hold on to them then.”

I took hold of the waistband as she undid my belt and button, pulling my zipper down and exposing my now dripping cock.

Pam dropped to her knees and began sucking me off. Her hands all over my cock and balls.

I looked down, watching her lips move back and forth along my cock, seeing her beautiful ass and her total nakedness. Regretting that I didn’t have the courage to let her get me naked right there and then.

She looked up, saying, “I promised you I’d let you cum in my mouth soon,” before returning her lips to my balls as she stroked my cock.

“Now you imagine that couple watching you. You getting sucked off just yards away from a crowd of people.”

Her mouth then devoured my leaking, throbbing shaft.

That thought had me contemplating letting go of my pants to play with my nipples. It pushed me past the brink as I erupted into her mouth. Pam sucked and stroked every drop of cum out of me. Even after I had no more to give, she continued licking me clean before standing up and kissing me, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. allowing me to taste myself.

She stared back up into my eyes, tucking me in and zipping me up, never even caring that she was still completely naked. Wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing herself into me, she whispered, “And I truly love you.”

I bent down and lifted her dress back up, guiding it over her hips as she slid her arms through the straps. She buttoned my shirt and redid my belt. We then turned, my arm around her shoulders, and walked slowly back to the party, gazing at the stars, the people and lights on the patio and listening to the music escaping the house.

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