Panty Power Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 doesn’t have very much sex in it but concentrates more on panties and their look, feel and smell

Two weeks after shaving my pussy, my hairs had begun sprouting again and a thin layer of fuzz covered my mound. The hairs were sharp and bristly and ever so often caused my whole pubic area to itch like crazy. In a way it was excruciating as I couldn’t just dip my hands under my skirt and scratch. At the same time though it caused my pussy to drip as you can well imagine what an itch in the groin can do!

I had some unfinished leave and if I didn’t take it, I would have had to forfeit it. So I decided to go and spend some time with my parents. I arrived there on a Saturday and it was really good seeing them and my brother too. The weekend was really restful and a lot of fun catching up on news.

Having slept in on Monday morning, I awoke to find the house empty and quiet. Everyone had gone off to work and I was all alone. I washed up and then pattered out into the living room and lazed on the couch with my coffee and the morning newspaper. I turned on the TV and was mindlessly watching MTV, with nothing better to watch or to do.

As I was watching, it hit me that the music these days was so full of sexual innuendo and the corresponding videos bordered on erotica. I wasn’t complaining and found myself appreciating all the pretty women in the videos with their skimpy outfits and perfect bodies. The men were looking great as well and it was at this moment that my pussy started its itch.

I slipped my hand under the nightdress that I was still wearing and gave myself a good scratch. It was such a great feeling to ease the itch while watching beautiful people on the screen. It was also a sure way to work myself up. My nipples were starting to get erect and I was getting hot and bothered. I needed to do something else!

I decided to poke around my brothers room, maybe there were some porn movies stashed away or something. I grinned as I recalled my college days when I had poked around and found an old Henry Miller novel, Sexus. It wasn’t at all hardcore but there were some sex parts in it and I remember getting so wet between the legs.

My brothers room had that familiar look about it, bringing back a lot of childhood memories. I sat on his big oak bed, bouncing up and down and remembering how we used to jump about and wrestle on it. All of a sudden it had stopped and that was because I had developed my breasts, started bleeding between my legs every month and became very self conscious of my body. He seemed to understand though although for a long time I hated how he looked at me, with leering lecherous eyes.

I went to his wardrobe and opened it seeking for the drawer key that I knew he kept hidden under his folded t-shirts. I smiled again as my fingers located the key and I quickly unlocked the drawer. His passport and other important documents were there but no porn. I was about to close the drawer when my eyes picked up a brown envelope sitting underneath all the documents. I fished it out and noticed a Singapore stamp on the envelope. The postmark was only a couple of days old too.

Intrigued, I poured the contents out and found two photos, a letter and a zip lock back. The photo’s were of this gorgeous Chinese girl dressed in nothing but panties in one picture and completely nude in the other. She had beautiful ivory skin and her tits were ample with the darkest areolas I had ever seen. Her hips and buttocks were tiny and her pussy was neatly shaved. The two photos were signed Linda.

Next I pulled out the letter and read it. It was neatly typed and read:

As requested I wore these panties for a little over 48 hours. My own hygiene requirements adana escort mean that is the longest I will wear them for. I enjoyed your email thoroughly and I was wearing these panties as I read it. I was so hot reading your email that I became wet and I could smell myself which made me even wetter. As promised I have sent you a picture of me wearing the panties. Can you see the yellow patch in the picture? I hope you like my panties and hope you enjoy the smell. I look forward to more orders from you. Love Linda.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I realised my brother had ordered soiled panties from the net! I pulled out the zip locked bag and saw immediately that these were the same pair that the girl in the picture was wearing. With bated breath, I opened the zip lock bag and withdrew the panties.

Oh My! They were so sexy. The panties were white and extremely sheer. The front had a lacy design and the gusset was stained a dark yellow with another dark brown patch in the middle. My nipples were poking out of my nightdress as I lifted the panties to my nose and sniffed at it.

It was licentious! The smell was unbelievably strong and it was putrid, almost like rotten fish, but not quite. My initial reaction was that it was too strong to be enjoyed but on the second sniff, I got the aroma of pussy juice. The panties were truly dirty and definitely soiled very thoroughly but that would happen if they were worn for so long. It became even kinkier when I realised that the panties had been worn for such a long time and I sniffed deeply again, trying to discern the aroma’s of juice, pee and sweat.

I felt like a connoisseur of fine wine except this was soiled panties. It was such a turn on and I was dripping the more I sniffed and pressed those filthy panties against my nose. The smell was so strong and the whole idea of sniffing a strange woman’s panties was so erotic and kinky.

For a brief moment I wondered if the panties actually belonged to the beautiful oriental girl in the picture or did it belong to an ugly unattractive woman. It didn’t really matter because soiled panties were kinky in its own right, regardless of whose they were.

I contemplated licking and sucking on those panties but since I didn’t know where this girl had been, I decided against it.

Seeing that I couldn’t do very much more with these panties, and with my excitement reaching higher levels, I placed the items back in the envelope and back into the drawer. I closed and locked the drawer, placing the key back in its secret hiding place.

I ran out of my brother’s room and into my parents room. I needed to check the laundry hamper there. Quickly I opened the laundry hamper and was delighted to see that it was still full. Mom must have been too busy chatting with me over the weekend to do the laundry and that was my gain.

The hamper was full of Dad’s things as well and I decided to dump the hamper out on the floor rather than have to sift through his things as well. Men’s underthings did absolutely nothing for me except when I was in the act of taking them off.

As I filtered the clothes in the hamper, I began to see that Mom had indeed taken on a new approach. Gone were the usual cotton panties I had seen hanging on the clothes lines. Every single piece of undergarments in the hamper was something sexy, right up to her bras! Mom was already in her 50’s although she hardly looked it. We were often mistaken for sisters and it was only the lines on her face that betrayed her age. Her large breasts still looked amazing although I had never seen if they flopped without support. She had definitely put on some weight, especially around the stomach but she still looked amazing,

Obviously afyon escort she thought she looked amazing too and she obviously felt very sexy. I imagined that Dad would be fucking her silly and for a moment even wandered if she was getting something extra on the outside. Still, if she was wearing all these sexy panties at home, at least Dad was getting some too!

There were easily 10 pairs of sexy panties there. Lacy panties; sheer panties; panties with floral designs on them; there was even a crotchless pair of panties! I was amazed at this and what was even more amazing was that the sides of these crotchless panties were wet! Mom must have gotten fucked in them just this morning!!

I felt a tremor of excitement shoot through me as I parted the white lacy material and stared at the open crotch. Dark brown stains covered the sides of the open crotch and there were even a few strands of matted pubic hair on them. I shivered with lust as I lifted them and gave them a good whiff. I was right! The smell of fresh pussy juice was very evident. I inhaled deeply, revelling in the smell and the thought that I was sniffing the juices of my recently fucked mother. It was so depraved and downright kinky. I placed the crotchless panties aside and picked up a sheer black pair.

The good thing about a black pair is that you can see the white streaks of pussy juice but you miss out on the full effect of sweat stains and pee stains. This black pair didn’t have many white streaks but there was a small whitish patch on the gusset. I lifted them to my nose and sniffed and was rewarded with the strong ammonia smell of pee. Very strong and almost noxious and underneath it all, it was the pure scent of a woman. The small white patch smelled delightfully of pussy and I got the lovely musky yet sweetish smell.

I tried to figure out why there was such a concentration of pussy juice in such a small area and figured that maybe my mother had pressed the material into her or something. It really didn’t matter though. I went through the remaining panties, enjoying the different yet similar smells. I had to admit that my mother’s panties smelled a whole lot more delightful than any of the other panties I had sniffed, including mine.

Her smell was very citric and florally and oh so womanly. There was a certain sophistication to her smell that made pressing her panties to my nose all the more exciting. There was one particular pair that I liked. It was red lace with black flowers on it. It looked so sexy but smelled even more delightful. These panties were crusty at the gusset with her dried up juices and as I sniffed on them, I stuck my tongue out and licked at the crusty gusset.

Her taste was fantastic! It was slightly salty yet fruity and sweet all at the same time. It was almost like I was licking her pussy and that’s what I imagined I was doing as my fingers toyed with my clit and dipped into my own honey pot. I knew I would never ever have lesbian sex with my mother so this was the next closest thing.

I picked up another pair of her panties and rubbed them up and down my slit, moaning hard as I chewed on the crusty gusset. The gusset was already damp with all my saliva and the taste seemed to amplify as I greedily sucked her juices out of those panties.

I slurped and chewed on her panties as I freed my hand and mauled at my nipples while my other hand danced in my pussy. My hips thrust up to meet my marauding fingers and I pinched my nipples hard as I continued sucking on my mother’s panties.

“Aww Fuck….yeahhhh” I moaned out through the panties as I finger fucked myself almost violently. I could feel my long awaited orgasm starting to build in me and alanya escort I thrust harder on my fingers and strummed my nipples.

“Yeeeeaaa….yesaaa……ohh Mommmm Mommmmm oh yesss fuck meeeee!” I cried out as I sucked the final bits of juices out of those panties. My hips bucked and I squeezed my nipples harder as my body was racked by one of the most intense self induced orgasms ever.

I threw the panties back into the hamper and opened my mother’s panty drawer to see what else she had in there. I was surprised to find that there were some thongs and g-strings as well – so unlike my mother. I poked around a little more and found a really old anniversary card from my mother to my father. I opened it and a small piece of paper fell out. It was in my mother’s handwriting and it read:

I’m sorry I’ll be away on our anniversary this year. It will be the first time ever that we wont be together but I’ll be back tomorrow. You know I will miss you ever so much but I promise I will make it up to you when I return tomorrow. I’ve left you a little present that I know you will like. My used panties, filled with my juices as I masturbated with them, are in a small bag in the cupboard under the bathroom. I didn’t want the kids to find it. Hopefully they are still wet and you can sniff them, wrap your hard lovely cock in them and remember that I love you. If you jerk into them, put them back in the bag and when I return tomorrow, I’ll suck your cum out of my panties as you bury your hard cock deep in my pussy. I love you always and ……

It carried on with some lovey dovey stuff but it was the sexual part that was so hot! It was exciting to know my parents were so kinky too! Now I knew where my panty fetish had come from. Dad was a panty lover too and apparently Mom practised Panty Power! It was incredible. Panty Power ran in the family!!

I was horny again and I decided I was going to give my brother a present. I recalled years ago how he would sniff on my used panties and I’d find his cum in them later. I recalled checking Mom’s panties too and finding them caked in cum and I always thought my brother was doing it. Now I knew it could have been my father too. Or maybe Mom had worn her panties as she was being fucked and the caked panties were a mixture of her juices and my fathers. This was all too much of a turn on for me.

I rushed into my room and chose a nice white cotton hi-cut pair of panties. I stripped my nightdress off and pulled the soft white material up to my hips. I pulled the gusset tightly and slid it between the lips of my gaping slit. I ran the material back and forth between my lips in a sawing motion. The friction on my clitoris was exactly what I need and a short while later I shuddered in orgasm. A thin smile formed on my face as I pulled the panties off and realised the pure white of the gusset had turned to a pale yellow. The sawing motion between my vulva had soaked up all my juices as well as remnants of pee. I sniffed it tentatively and it smelt of marinated pussy – for after all, I hadn’t showered from the previous evening.

I placed the panties on my brothers bed with a short note. It simply said:

“I know what you like. Its our little secret. Enjoy! Vi.”

I showered and went out shopping where I bought my mom a pair of extremely sexy panties. It was black lace and shaped like a ‘T’ with an extremely thick garter and a wide gusset. I would say it was like a thong except that the gusset was thick and covered the whole pussy mound and ass. More than enough to capture all her juices.

I returned home and placed the wrapped package on her bed. I had left a note inside – something really mushy that just said how much I loved her and hoped I liked the little gift I had got her. I somehow knew that she would understand that I had found out about her use of Panty Power. She was after all my mother and I finally understood where my high sexuality came from.

Panty Power ran in my family and I loved it!

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