Paradise Isle – The Mermaid Pt. 04

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Paradise Isle, The Mermaid, Pt 4

(fetish, Mermaid)

Mermaid life.

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read Parts 1 – 3 of ‘The Mermaid’, first.

When they awoke in the morning of their seventh day in paradise, they could hear the rain falling outside. Robert wandered out onto the patio to check it out, and came back in predicting that it would be stopping in an hour or two. They decided to just relax, have their usual room-service breakfast and wait it out.

Several hours later, the squalls did clear and the sun came out, so they headed out for another normal day for a mermaid in paradise. They toured the big pool, took a break for lunch, floated and swam around for a while, and then returned to layout and sun for an hour before moving back into the room for a nap. Easy, restful, and boring.

Back in the room, Robert found he had a voice mail on his island cellphone. Johnny had called and invited him to hit a bucket of balls with him and the other guys from their foursome from the other day.

“Would you mind? We’ll probably get a few beers afterwards. I may not be back until dinnertime.”

“Sure, go ahead, have fun. I’ll just relax.”

Julie laid in her pool, and read for a while before she laid back and closed her eyes, intending to nap, but sleep wouldn’t come. Instead, she began thinking about doing something to alleviate the boredom.

She wanted it to be exciting and fun, and probably sexy too. After all — Paradise Isle.

But what? They’d certainly seen a lot of erotic people and practices, over the past week, and she was already living as a mermaid, what else could she do? She couldn’t think of anything that had caught her attention. She was happy enough, and challenged enough by her mermaid fantasy.

Alright then, she continued thinking, what had turned Robert on. Besides naked women with big breasts. And then it hit her.

She called Giselle immediately, not wanting to talk herself out of her plan.

Giselle happily answered. “Oh, my dear, getting your nipples pierced will be easy, the island clinic will handle that for you. They have a lot of experience with that procedure, and with their process, you’ll heal quickly. That’s the most annoying problem, I understand, with simple parlor piercings. They can take weeks or even months to heal. But for our guests we understand the need for speed. Our clinic can provide piercings and tatous, too if you’re interested, and they’ll heal in a phenomenally short time.”

She paused for a moment to catch her breath, before continuing. “As you can imagine, both of those procedures are very popular with our clientele. In fact, sometimes it seems like almost all of our female guests leave here with either piercings, tattoos or both. If they don’t have them already, that is.” And she laughed.

“Excellent. But will I be okay going back in the water after the procedure?”

“Yes, or so they’ve told me. We’ll make sure before the procedure. And Julie, I’m curious. What brought this on? If you don’t mind.” Giselle asked.

Julie chuckled, “well, like you said, we’ve seen a lot of piercings around here, and we met a beautiful woman, yesterday. Robert was so very distracted by her breasts, and their rings it got me thinking. He’s been so accommodating with me and my mermaid challenges, I decided to give him a gift.”

“And a wonderful gift it will be, for him and for you too. A lot women find them to be a huge turn-on.”

“I understand. I’m already excited.”

“That’s good. There is one issue we’ll have to deal with though. I’m certain that it will take more than an hour for you to be transported to the clinic, get the procedure done and then be returned to our resort, and your pool.”

“Ah, I understand, and that would cost me a penalty.” Julie interjected,

“Probably three, I’m afraid.” Giselle said, sadly.

Eighteen more hours as a mermaid, Julie thought. And she had already added one whole day’s worth. Damn!

But she was already too excited to back out now – she decided to go through with it. For the hell of it, she’d get her nipples pierced and ringed, and spend even more time as a mermaid.

“Giselle, I’ll need your help on one other thing. I do want this to be a surprise. Any suggestions on how I can hide it from Robert? Can we do something to keep him busy while I duck out and get the procedure?”

“Hmm, Bostancı Escort let me think.” Julie waited while the girl thought. “I just arranged for another guest to join a deep-sea fishing charter session, tomorrow. I could sign Robert up too. He’ll be gone all day, have a good time and then return to his second gift.


When Robert came back from his fun with the boys, Julie was waiting with the news that she’d arranged for him to join a fishing expedition, in the morning.

He was surprised and pleased, and thanked her profusely for the gift. He admitted that he was getting tired of the days of just floating around the resort. Julie admitted that she was too, but that was the life of a mermaid. Robert hadn’t signed up for the mermaid life. He had signed her up for it. But she was happy enough with the gift he had arranged.

They went out for dinner, once again, and swam over to a restaurant specializing in Asian food. Robert harassed her when she ordered Sushi. “You’re eating your cousins.” He said laughing.

Julie smiled as she shoveled another bite into her mouth. “Mermaids’ gotta eat. And we can’t survive on just seaweed.”

Robert was excited, and it showed. He spent much of their dinner time talking about deep sea fishing, gear, boats and Blue Marlins. But he was also charmingly concerned about her. “You’ll be home alone again. Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“No worries, I’ll find something to do. I may just rest in the room; binge watch on the TV. I can use the break. Just be careful not to hook a mermaid, you already have one of your own.”

He laughed, enjoying the kidding and relieved to no longer feel guilty about leaving his lover behind while went out and had fun.

He was also looking forward to a break from mermaid escort duty. Although he didn’t mention that to his lover. He still felt guilty about springing the whole mermaid deal on her, even though she certainly seemed to be loving it.

That night they just cuddled in the water, laying intertwined on Julie’s couch, while they watched a movie and just enjoyed holding each other.

Both of them were dreaming of the exciting day they had planned for the morrow.

The next morning, Robert gobbled down an early breakfast and after a kiss and a hug he headed out to the resort’s pier to catch his ride.

“Remember, no mermaids.” Julie called out, before he closed front door of their suite.

“I already have the loveliest one of all,” he answered back.

Giselle showed up twenty minutes later, and using the mermaid wheel chair loaded Julie into a shuttle van for the trip to the clinic.

“It’s no trouble; it’s part of my job.” She said in response to Julie’s voiced appreciation.

It took both the driver and Giselle to lift her and place her into the oversized seat. Julie was terribly embarrassed, by the whole procedure.

On the way, Giselle spoke quietly to her, cautioning her. “Julie, you know what Paradise Isle is all about, don’t you?”

“Sexual pleasures?”

“Yes, of all types. You’ve been to the fet resort. That entire place is dedicated to the more exotic and deviant aspects of sex. Some of them are very unique or even aberrant. At the clinic you may see some of that, I hope you won’t be offended. They may even be upsetting.”

“Giselle, my friend, thanks for the warning. I’ll be okay. Hopefully we can just get in, and out quickly. I don’t want to accumulate many more penalties.”

“I understand.”

The van pulled up to one of the clinic’s entrances, and Julie had to suffer through more manhandling before she was deposited into a dental-type chair in a procedure room.

Before long, a nurse had carefully swabbed her bare breasts with an antiseptic, and injected a local anesthetic. Then, when she was numb, a technician had come in and used some star-wars device that looked like a weapon from the movies, to puncture her two holes. She didn’t feel a thing.

The nurse then gently massaged first one and then another ointment into the piercings.

An hour later, as the anesthetic began to wear off, and she started to feel an ache, a doctor came in to check her and verify the results.

“That procedure is quite unique and was perfected in Brazil. By tomorrow your beautiful nipples should be healed sufficiently for whatever activity you’d like. And in a couple days, the holes will be quite permanent. They will never close up, like the more standardly administered piercings might.”

“Thank you doctor. Will I be able to get back into the water? Today?”

“You’re quite welcome. And, yes, you can get back into the water immediately. I believe that’s a requirement, right?” He said, looking meaningfully at her tail.

“Yes, it is.”

“Well then by all means, swim away. Just remember to apply the salve we provided, liberally and often.”

Julie smiled, and nodded.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another procedure. One of the staff will be here in a moment to proffer a selection of jewelry Ümraniye Escort for your new piercings.”

“Thank you, Hans.” Giselle said as he left.

A moment later a girl knocked and entered, carrying a display tray of piercing jewelry, which she showed to Julie, piece by piece.

Giselle looked on and provided her opinion on which looked best.

Under the philosophy, of ‘go big or stay home’, Julie settled on a substantial pair of rings, in gold. They were a hefty 10 gauge, and an inch-and-a-quarter in diameter.

“Those are pretty large.” Giselle commented, in awe.

“I understand, but I’m sure my husband will love them.”

The girl then explained that there were several methods of closure available. Hinged, closed segment, beaded, or permanent.

“Permanent?” Julie asked, curious and inexplicably intrigued.

“Yes, miss. With the thicker rings, like the ones you’ve chosen, they can include a one-way closure, that once shut and sealed with a little epoxy glue cannot be removed. Oh, they can be cut off, of course, but otherwise they must stay in place.”

Julie found herself aroused by the concept of permanence. She could feel her pussy getting wet. The feeling was unfathomable, but she was definitely turned on by the thought.

Enamored with the idea, she blurted out, “permanent, please.”

When she glanced over at Giselle, the girl was shaking her head in wonder.

I am nuts, July admitted to herself, but like the girl had said, she could always have them cut off. She giggled and turned to Giselle. “If I ever get tired of them, I may not be able to convince Robert to cut them off.”

Giselle smiled. “I hope he likes them that much.”

“Oh, I’m sure he will.” She replied. She sure hoped he’d like them.

With the rings in place, it was once again time to be loaded into the van and taken back to the hotel. Julie made certain that her long red hair was arranged to cover her new decorations. She was used to swimming around, not walking, hah, with her breasts exposed, but she was now a little embarrassed by the idea.

When she looked at the clock on the dashboard, she saw that she was already past three hours out of the water. Damn!

And, wouldn’t you know it, there was an accident on the road back, that made them even later.

“I’m sorry Julie, but I’m afraid you’ll have accumulated twenty-four additional hours, a full day of penalty by the time we get you into your pool.” Giselle said, gloomily, as they at last neared their resort.

Finally, back in her suite, Julie thought about what she’d just done. Not only did she have permanently pierced nipples, they were permanently ringed too. And the rings were big! She’d never be able to go out braless with those things tenting her top. Unless, of course, she wanted to draw attention to herself and drive the men crazy. That could be fun…

In her swimming suits, when she went back to wearing them, her rings would certainly be obvious.

Yet, all of those concerns, just turned her on even more! This island had affected her, just like it had Robert. Her libido was driving her to do crazy, sexy things she’d never, ever dreamed of. Or was it things she’d dreamed of, but never had the courage to try?

As she examined her jewelry in her hand mirror, she again reminded herself that she could always cut the rings out, and go with smaller ones, or nothing at all in her piercings, but she was convinced that she’d never back away from what she had. She already loved them, and they kept her so excited, and happy, she did want to keep them forever.

She might even add more…

With that final thought she applied her ointment, and then settled back onto her couch to rest and await the return of her man.

She snapped awake when she heard the door to the suite open.

“Hi my lovely mermaid, I’m home. I had a great time, hooked several fish, drank a lot of beer, and got sunburned.”

He laughed happily, and then added, “and I’m exhausted.”

She chuckled, “I hope you’re not too tired. I have a surprise for you.”

“Another one?” He asked as he stepped over to her pool.

“Well, this one is much more personal.” And she turned and sat up so he could see her decorated breasts.

He stopped dead in his tracks and just stared, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, for a full minute, before he started stammering. “You got pierced? For me? I never expected that. Those rings are big. I love them. What got into you? I never thought you were into that.”

When he finally ran down, he dropped to his knees in front of her and reached out tentatively, wanting to touch them, but afraid, so he held back.

She chuckled. “They’re not just for you. You can touch them, just be gentle. They’re supposed to heal really fast. By tomorrow, even. They only ache a little right now.”

He sighed, excitedly, and reached out, gently sliding a finger around the ring of her distended right nipple.

“They’re beautiful,” he murmured. “But I don’t see any closure. Anadolu Yakası Escort No ball or hinge.”

“There is none, they’re sealed permanently.”

He almost fell head-first into the pool! “Permanent? Really? You’re going to keep them in, always?”

“That’s my plan. I can’t take them out. I’m sure they could be cut out, but I don’t intend to do that.”

“That’s so cool, and kinky. I never knew. What got into you?”

“The island.”

“And the permanence?”

“Well, I wanted us to have a memento, something long-lasting that would always remind us of our good times.

“And keep us excited.” She added with a sly grin. And she reached up. Pulled him closer and gave him a long, loving kiss.

“Oh, they’ll keep me excited, forever,” he laughed, when they finally broke off the kiss.

“That’s good. I like that idea.”

He chuckled and started to strip, clearly intending to climb into the pool and ravish his lover, but Julie stopped him. “Hey, not so fast. I’m hungry, let’s have lunch first. Order room service; I’ve already been out once today.”

“Aw…” he moaned, pouting like a child.

“Nope. First food, then play.”

“Alright. What would you like?”

Only after she’d finished her meal, used the dip tank, and relaxed for a while did Julie allow her lover to join her in her private pool.

By then Robert was one horny and anxious lover.

They kissed and hugged, carefully, and then happily enjoyed mermaid love.

Robert had a difficult time keeping his hands off his wife’s decorations, but he didn’t want to hurt her. She appreciated his care and control, and assures him that they’re supposed to be ‘usable’ by tomorrow. So, with difficulty he resists the temptation, and begins looking forward to more play then.

As they lounged in the warm water, afterward, Robert remained excited, but also confused.

“I still can’t believe you did that.” He murmured, lazily.

She chuckles. “I can’t either. It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“I think it was!”

“I admit, I did it on a whim. I hope it works out.”

“Me too. But I’m sure I can cut them, if you decide to get rid of them. I’d hate doing it, but I would.”

“We’ll see.”

He turned and kissed her, “what now? Any plans for this afternoon?”

“How about we just stay in and relax. I want to give my nips a chance to heal, and I’m not ready to show them off out in public.”

He chuckled. “I hadn’t even thought about that aspect. Are you going to be embarrassed, or proud to of your decorations?”

Julie looked at him, thinking. “A little of both, I guess.”

“I’ll be proud,” he laughed.

“It figures.” She replied before leaning over to give him a kiss. “Now get out of my pool. Take a nap or something. I’m just going to read and relax until dinner.”

They stayed in the rest of that day, and evening, having dinner delivered and eventually going to sleep after watching some television.

Julie’s nipples didn’t bother her, which was a relief, but thoughts of them kept Robert awake until late.

The first thing Robert did when he woke up was tip-toe over and sit down, quietly, on the edge of Julie’s pool, to once again examine her new rings. Looking down at his sleeping mermaid, he was enthralled by the sight of her decorated breasts. He still found it hard to believe that she’d actually gotten her nipples pierced and ringed.

She’d never, ever mentioned any interest in body mods, in all of their years together. And he’d never mentioned how it was the center of one of his sexual fantasies. He’d always found pictures and stories and the sight of women with piercings and tattoos, to be very sexy, and great material for masturbation sessions.

Now, his sexy mermaid wife had actually given him one of his dreams. Damn! This island was great!

While he was still sitting there, his cock hard, Julie somehow sensed his presence and opened her eyes.

Blinking, she smiled up at him. “Good morning lover. What’s up?”

“I was just admiring your rings. I absolutely love them.”

She glanced at his cock, standing up hard and red between his legs, very near.

She reached up and stroked him. Her wet hands wet and warm. He groaned and shifted position a bit to provide her with better access.

“I can tell.” She said with a chuckle. She rolled onto her side and propped herself up to wrap her lips around him, chuckling as he groaned, and shivered.

When he began slithering towards the edge of her pool, intending to slide into the water, she pushed him back. She let the cock slide out of her mouth for a moment, “stay there, I’ll finish this.” And then she sucked the thing back into her mouth and resumed tonguing its head and licking its length.

It felt wonderful, and excited by his wife’s instruction, he relaxed and let the enjoyment take over.

It wasn’t long before he felt himself start pulsing and then his cum began pushing its way up and out, into his lover’s mouth.

She didn’t blow him often, but when she did, he absolutely loved it. She never swallowed, and that didn’t bother him. It was just a little messy as she had to find somewhere to spit out her mouthful. This time that was not an issue as she simply spit it onto the water. The filtration system, would take care of it.

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