Park at Your Own Risk

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Our backyard looks out onto the intersection of 2 relatively quiet streets. It’s mostly farmland around here which is why we like it. No close neighbors. I work out of my home, so the fact that we are so far away from the area’s business centers is not a hindrance. It’s just me, a balding 43 year old architect, and my 40 year old wife of 19 years, enjoying our home and meticulously cared for backyard garden.

Although our youth is long gone, we are still quite liberal when it comes to sex. We enjoy adult films and have a few videos of our self hidden away in a closet. We have even met several fortyish couples over the Internet through a swinging website, although I wouldn’t classify ourselves as swingers. Of course, we would love to become involved with a much younger couple, but that will probably never happen. I guess we just enjoy sharing fantasies and pushing the limits a bit.

A couple months ago, we were getting ready for bed when we were startled by loud screeching brakes and muffled noises. I looked out the window and saw a silver Lexus sitting in our yard. It sat on top of my wife’s pride and joy white and yellow tulips. The bushes which surround our yard had been flattened in one spot. It had been raining heavily throughout the day and the car was spinning it’s wheels in the mud. It was obvious after 30 seconds that this car was going nowhere any time soon.

Cautiously, I went out the back door with a flashlight and approached the car. The driver got out and started to humbly apologize for the damage. He was just a kid. The passenger door opened and a girl about the same age got out. She also began to apologize.

“Whoa,” I said, holding up my hand motioning them to silence. “First things first. Are you kids alright”?

“Yeah, no problems,” was his response, and the girl nodded.

“Good. Well, I guess we need to call the cops. You might as well come inside or the mosquitoes will eat us alive out here.”

We took off our muddy shoes and entered the house. My wife was waiting and I told her to get the phone book so I could find the police number. I didn’t think this qualified as a ‘911’ call since it really wasn’t an emergency.

“Sir, if I paid for the damage could we forget about calling the police,” the boy politely asked.

“Why?,” I replied half joking, “You have something to hide”?

“No, I just don’t want my parents to find out,” he stammered .

I suspected there were other reasons. Although the kids appeared to be acting normally, my instincts told me they had been drinking. They seemed to have a little more trouble balancing themselves when they took off their shoes than they should have. Also, they sure seemed relaxed considering the what had just happened. Besides, how else could you explain the car shooting off the road into my yard?

“There’s about 300 dollars worth of damage out there. Have you got that kind of money on you?” I inquired.

He replied “No, but I can pay you in a couple weeks”.

I looked at the pitiful kids and thought to myself…stupid irresponsible kids, they are really in a tight spot…stuck car, property damage, and probably a DUI. An idea entered my head.

“Please excuse us for a minute,” and I gestured toward my wife and we left to go upstairs.”

My wife was upset about her garden and she wanted to call the cops. I told her I had a better idea. “How about we have some fun with them?”(She knew what I meant by “fun”.) “They may do almost anything to avoid the cops,” I finished.

“You’re crazy,” my wife replied.

Building my confidence up I laid out my thoughts, “Wait. Think about it. If we call the cops, he faces losing his license for a long time. That’s like death to a boy his age. We just have to hope that she cares enough about him to go along.” My wife started to contemplate the entire situation and her initial anger subsided a bit. “You know, they are cute kids. It would teach them a lesson” she contemplated. We returned to the kitchen.

I spoke with authority, “OK, here’s what I think. You both have been drinking. If we call the cops, they will probably find out and you could loose your license. My guess is that car in the yard is registered to your parents and if the cops don’t take your license, your parents could take the car. How am I doing so far?”

The boy lowered his head and said, “pretty good.”

“Actually, it’s my parents’ car,” the girl added.

I looked at the girl, “Is this your boyfriend?”

“He’s my cousin,” she quickly replied.

My wife interrupted, “Oh, I assumed you were girlfriend-boyfriend. How old are you?”

“I’ll be 19 on Monday. He’s 6 months older,” she answered.

“Screw it,” I thought to myself. “I don’t care if they are related, I’m still going to give it a try. Besides, the cops don’t need the hassle.”

Speaking calmly and slowly now I offered, “Ok, here’s the deal. I can either call the cops, or you two can agree spend the rest of the night here and work off gaziantep ofise gelen escort the debt. If you stay, be aware that you will have to do anything, and I do mean anything, that we ask.” There was no response from the kids so I continued, trying to be friendly and hinting at what to expect, “I don’t really expect you’ll be interested but when your car landed outside, we were being romantic…or to be more direct, it’s our 20th anniversary and we were having a special evening.(Not true, but then they didn’t know that). Now, you have the option of either joining us for a romantic evening or explaining your accident to the cops.”

The kids exchanged looks, trying to figure out we had in mind, and what the other was thinking I suppose.

“What do you want us to do?” he asked.

“Like I said, it could be anything. I haven’t given it much thought. My wife and I have been trying to spice things up and I think you two may be what we need.”

“It would only be one night. In the morning I’ll help get your car back on the road,” I smiled, hugging my wife trying to look as non-threatening as possible.

My wife sensing things could go either way added her calming words, “You don’t know how much you would be helping us out, and I like to think that spending a night with us is a lot better than dealing with angry cops and parents”. “We can’t. My parents aren’t a problem, but her parents will notice if she doesn’t go home,” the boy said, but the girl straightened up, “It’s ok. I’ll call Mom and say I’m spending the night at Kim’s. Can I use your phone?”

My wife took her to the phone and the girl had a short conversation with her mother. Meanwhile, I told the boy that I had some plywood in the garage that may help get the car out of the mud in the morning.

Still plotting, I said “Well, since there’s no cops tonight, how about a beer to calm us all down”. He accepted, but she just wanted water. Actually, I simply wanted to keep his blood alcohol level up in case they changed their minds and I still had to call the cops.

“Oh, I know, I’ll make myself a Pina Colada,” my wife said. She then moved quickly, throwing everything into the blender. We all watched silently. When she was done, she said, ” Oh, I think I made too much. How about trying a little,” she asked the girl. She accepted.

We all drank, talked about the accident, and got acquainted.

The kid’s had no idea what we had in store for them, but from their perspective, anything must have seemed better than facing the cops or parents.

My wife noticed that all of us had muddy feet. You all better get cleaned up. She pointed the kids at the downstairs bathroom and gave them each a towel. “Take a shower, you will feel better”. The girl went first. I exchanged names with the boy. He was Frank and his cousin was Ellen. My wife went upstairs to also get cleaned up.

I got the ball rolling asking Frank, “What do you think of my wife?” He looked confused and replied “she seems nice.”

I leaned back and decided to drop the bombshell. “My wife and I have an unusual relationship. We like experimentation and you 2 are going to participate tonight. What I’m thinking is you’ll have fun with my wife and I’ll have some fun with Ellen”.

Frank’s jaw dropped open in shock, “You can’t. She’s too young. I’ll do it with your wife, if that’s what you want, but Ellen won’t agree to anything like that.”

Anticipating this reaction, I already knew what my response would be. “Ok, I understand. I’ll give you an alternative. My wife and I will watch you and your cousin. Of course, we could still call the cops if you prefer.”

Frank sat there quiet, thinking through his alternatives. I guessed the chances of him and Ellen actually accepting my bizarre offer was less than fifty percent. Finally he said, “Let me talk to her when she get’s out of the shower.” I switched the subject and we made small talk while the ladies were getting cleaned up.

When Ellen opened the bathroom door, Frank quickly got up and crowded her back in and closed the door. My wife came back and sat with me. I filled her in on what was happening.

They both came out of the bathroom and sat down. Frank looked up and said, “We will do it together”.

“Great,” I said. “It’s your turn to shower”.

He took his shower. My wife made small talk with Ellen. Ellen was visibly shaken by the events of the evening, and the prospect of what was to come. Luckily, my wife has a knack for making people feel welcome and comfortable. Ellen started to calm down and even shared a nervous laugh or two with her. I also think the unusually strong Pina Colada started to kick in.

Finally, my wife said, “It’s none of my business but have you ever been with a boy”.

She replied, “No”

My wife gave council to the inexperienced girl, “There’s a first time for everyone. I lost my virginity to my cousin. It one of my most cherished gaziantep öğrenci escort memories. Are you and Frank close?”

“I guess,” Ellen replied. My wife cheerfully continued, “That will make it so much easier. It’s much better that your first time be with someone you care about.”

As I listened to the females quietly talk, I tried to hide my smile. You see, my wife was lying her ass off. She has always hated her male cousins.

When Frank came out of the shower, my wife led us all upstairs to our bedroom. My wife said, “Frank, I hope you appreciate what Ellen is doing for you. She’s so pretty and sweet. This is a special moment for her you be gentle. Turning to me she said, “I want to film this. Go get the video camera.” I left as the kids were objecting to the use of the camera. When I tracked down the camera, and returned, my wife had somehow quieted their objections. (Later, she told me she had promised never to show it to anyone, and convinced them it would help everyone to relax if we pretended to be making a movie.) My wife is the master of bull Shit.

I went around the room, closing the shades and turning on all the lights.

My wife began, “Let’s see. I’ll be the director. You,(meaning me) be the camera man. Ellen honey, you sit in the chair. I want to start by just talking. Frank, could you go into the bathroom and close the door for a minute. I want to start with a little private girl talk. Then I’ll want to talk to you while Ellen waits in the bathroom. I had no idea what my wife was thinking but played along.

Frank exited as requested. Ellen sat in the chair.

Playing her role as director, my wife laughed saying, “lights, camera, action”.

I kneeled and brought Ellen into focus. My wife began talking to Ellen but I never took the camera off Ellen. To the best of my recollection, the conversation went something like this…

My wife questioned Ellen, “Honey, are you comfortable”? Ellen:”I’m fine”. Wife: “Are you scared”? Ellen: “A little”. Wife: “Have you ever seen Franks penis before”?. Ellen (blushing): “No”. Wife: “Not even when you were little? Did you ever take baths together?”. Ellen: “No. I don’t think so.” Wife: “I think Frank’s cute. What do you think?” Ellen: “My friends think he’s good looking.”. Wife: “Do you think so?” Ellen: “Yeah”. Wife: “Do you think he has a big one (laughing a little)?” Ellen: “I don’t know…Maybe (also giggling, but still showing signs of being tense)”. Wife: “Will you be offended if we talk a little dirty tonight”? Ellen: “It’s ok. It can’t be any worse than what my friends say”. Wife: “Is there anything you would like to try tonight?” Ellen: “No. I don’t want to try anything weird though”. Wife: “Don’t worry. We will keep things simple”.

The interview with Ellen was over. I had a huge bulge in my pants. Ellen went into the bathroom and Frank sat down. His interview began.

Wife: “Are you nervous”? Frank: “Yeah”. Wife: “Why, Are you a virgin?” Frank: “No”. Wife: “Then why are you nervous”? Frank: “Because you’re here… It’s my cousin..”. Wife: “Have you ever tasted a girl’s vagina”? Frank: “Yeah”. Wife: “Do you like it”? Frank: “It’s ok”. Wife: “Do you think your cousin’s pretty”? Frank: “She’s ok”. Wife: “Will you work with me to make this night special for her”? Frank: “Hey, You’re the director”.

My wife called to Ellen to come back and the four of us were together again.

The director took charge. “Frank, please get undressed.” He did so slowly, and with a sigh, pulled down his briefs revealing a non-erect cock. He was circumcised. I filmed the quick striptease and everything that was to follow. Ellen did not look in Frank’s direction when he disrobed.

“Lay down on the bed,” the director instructed Frank. To Ellen she gently asked, “Could you sit on the bed and hold his penis.”? She shyly did this and it was so cute how gingerly she picked up his limp cock and closed her hand around it. I zoomed in on the cock. It grew quickly, even though she made no motion with her hand.

“You see dear, he likes the attention. Now take off your clothes and take hold of his penis again.,” my wife instructed.

Ellen hesitated, probably realizing this was the point of no return. To my surprise, Frank helped touching her back saying, “Don’t’s worry. It’s ok.”.

Suddenly, I started to look at the situation thru Frank’s eyes instead of my own. Shit, a horny teenage guy is having a pretty naked girl, a girl he has probably lusted for in the past, being handed to him on a silver platter. Of course he was going to cooperate. I was dying to get a look at this young girls body. I already knew her face was cute. She removed her bra, and her smallish tits pointed their pink nipples proudly forward. “Magnificent,” was my opinion. Her panties came off to reveal a light brown bush, the same color as her medium length straight hair. I judged her to be about 5′ 3″ tall. Her cousin was about 4 or oğuzeli escort 5 inches taller. Her stomach was flat and hips nicely curved. Frank should thank his lucky stars that I had came up with this arrangement.

“Take his penis in your mouth dear. All boys love that,” my wife advised.

Ellen’s attempts at a blow job were slightly clumsy, and tentative. Even so, Frank’s cock was rigid.

“Dear, would you like to learn how to do it better”?, my wife asked.

“I suppose,” Ellen replied.

My wife told me, “Put down the camera for awhile and let that bulge out of your pants”. I had my pecker out in 5 seconds.

“Watch, and do like I do,” she told Ellen.

My wife slowly consumed my manhood as she has done thousands of times before. Ellen mimicked on Frank’s hardened meat what wifey did to me. This went on for five minutes.

“Ellen, pay attention. This is the most important part dear.” Knowing me so well, she knew my cum was only a few more pumps away from spurting. She pumped furiously, opened her mouth, and extended her tongue. My cum shot forth all over her lower face. What went into her mouth she retrieved with her tongue, and extended for all to see. Then she pulled it back into her mouth and swallowed.

Proudly my wife claimed, “That my dear is how you finish a first rate blowjob.. Don’t worry if you can’t do all that your first time, but that is one true way to separate the women from the girls. As you mature, you will discover that there is nothing gross about something so natural. Now you finish with Frank. Maybe you should stand up Frank so it’s easier for her.,” the director concluded.

Quickly, I picked up the video camera and taped Ellen’s much improved technique. The skin on Frank’s cock now appeared to be stretched to it’s limit. His balls were riding higher in their enclosure. In short, the money shot appeared to be very close. Frank gasped. “Oh yeah, I’m, gonna shoot”. Ellen did exactly as my wife had shown her. My wife clapped her hands and cheered as Ellen caught several spurts in her mouth.

“Show us his cum. Show us his cum,” my slut wife shouted joyfully as Frank finished ejaculating. I did a close up on Ellen’s face as she extended her gooey covered tongue. Smiling, Ellen closed and swallowed. She seemed embarrassed but somehow proud. “Good girl,” my wife exclaimed.

“How you doing Frank?,” my wife chuckled.

“Excellent,” Frank said.

“I’ll bet,” my wife again chuckled, as did we all, even Ellen.

We took a break. I got us all soda’s (no need for any more alcohol), and my wife got some mouthwash for both of the women.

“Well, let’s get back to it. Time is money people,” my wife commented with a smile. “Ellen, your on the bed. Frank, you need to prepare her. Use your mouth and be very gentle. I’m counting on you being skilled enough to relax her.” “Ellen dear, you’ll need to spread your legs some more”.

Ellen’s pubic area was nicely groomed, and a faint tan line was visible.

Frank fumbled around as I zoomed in on the action. Flashes of Ellen’s pink insides came and went as Frank used his fingers to open her flower, but perhaps in fear of being too rough, lost his grip and it repeatedly slipped closed. Frank licked the exterior lips. I began to suspect he lied earlier when he claimed to have done this before. Ellen was not responding. I felt like pushing him out of the way and showing him how to properly eat a pussy. My wife also grew impatient.

“Cut,” my director wife yelled. I turned off the camera. My wife put her hand on Frank’s shoulder and spoke reassuringly, “You know, eating a pussy is probably the most difficult sexual act for either sex. Most men don’t ever figure out how to do it properly. The problem is we have a very nervous girl here. Would you be too embarrassed if my husband demonstrated on me how I like it done?”

Frank said, “Ok by me”.

My wife got undressed in front of these teenagers. She is just ever so slightly overweight, and her breasts didn’t look as perky as Ellen’s, but on the whole she still is attractive. She had disrobed in front of strangers before. Her extremely minor shortcomings didn’t seem to bother her. I also got undressed. Putting the camera aside, I told Frank, “get close so you can see what I do and how she reacts”. Frank watched intently as I briefly opened my wife’s pussy. I folded back the skin around her clit and explained that this is to be ignored initially but given great attention later. I then ate my wife out. It took my wife only three minutes before she announced her orgasm with a yell.

Now we were all naked. Frank was ready to try again. Ellen again spread her legs. Frank seemed to have learned well, but Ellen was still slow to respond. Eventually, after almost 10 minutes, she began to squirm. I was pretty sure her own wetness was now mixed with Frank’s saliva. “Ok, that’s enough,” the director announced. “It’s time honey,” my wife told Ellen. My wife surprised me by sitting down next to Ellen’s head, and in a motherly fashion, started running her fingers thru Ellen’s hair. “You will need to tell us what your feeling, so we can make you as comfortable as possible. You know it will be uncomfortable for a little while, but then it will be wonderful. This is your special moment. Try to remember everything. Look at Frank’s body, his muscles, his long beautiful throbbing penis.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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