Party Favors

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A flared shadow fell across the coffee table, shading the image on the laptop screen. Julie looked up from her composition to find her roommate wrapped in a plush bath robe with a glass of red wine in hand, her face scrunched in an awkward stare. Perturbed by the look, Julie swished her hair over her shoulders and straightened her back against the couch. “Hey Kat,” she said cautiously, “what’s up?”

Kat sipped her wine, then said nothing. She rounded the coffee table and flopped onto the chair off the end of the couch. The robe peeled apart — all the way up her bare thigh. Another sip. Then a smile.

“What’cha doin?” she chirped.

Julie shrugged. “Writing ad copy for the new sports coupe. Haven’t come up with anything — “

“–You have a boyfriend, right?” Kat interrupted.

Julie frowned. “Um…not right now.”

“But you have had boyfriends, right? Like, you like boys, yes?”

Snapping the laptop shut Julie twisted to face her accuser. “Wwwhat is going on?”

Kat sighed and gulped more wine. After a moment of silent deliberation, she rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the stem of the glass. “I need to ask you something,” she droned, “buuut I kinda don’t want to because I don’t know how you’ll react aaand I don’t want to freak you out buuut I could really use a hand sooo…can I ask you something?”

Julie shrugged. “After all that I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

Kat paused, sizing up the pretty redhead in the tortoise-shell readers. She took one more swig and decided to let it ride.

“Okay. So you know how once a month or so April comes by to hang out for a bit before her and I go out dancing?” Julie acknowledged but didn’t interrupt. “Right. Well April’s out for the next few days with Covid, sooo…I was wondering if, maybe, yooou would like to go with me instead?”

Julie mulled the offer. Kat hardly ever asked her to hang out. She was cool, and they got along great, but Kat worked odd hours, which made it difficult to sync their free time. And when they did Kat was usually busy with April, or one of her other friends. A night out with Kat could be fun. But…there was work.

“I have to finish this for tomorrow,” she replied, “so, I don’t think I can.”

“For tomorrow?” Kat probed. “Or by tomorrow? Because if its for tomorrow, you have all day tomorrow to do it.”

“Okay,” Julie snickered at the parsing of her words, “that’s not exactly accurate, but–“

“–Oh come on, you’re always working! Don’t you ever have any fun?” Kat’s tone oscillated between frustration and pleading. “Is it me? Do you think I’m not fun?”

“I think you’re fun!” Julie insisted. “I just have all this….” She stared at the computer. Kat was right, she didn’t need to be finished by tomorrow. She had time.

“You know what? Fuck it. Let’s go.”

“Yay!” Kat clapped her hands, narrowly avoiding a spill of the remaining wine. “It’ll be fun!”

“It better be, I’m skipping out on work for this.”

“I promise you’ll have a good time. Except…we’re not going dancing.”

Puzzlement. “Wait, what?”

“Dancing. We’re not going dancing.”

“But…you just said–“

“–I know, I know! But that’s not what we’re doing.”

Julie rubbed her eyes. “I am so confused right now.”

Kat leaned forward in the chair, setting the glass on the corner of the table. Her blonde curls swept forward, bracketing her face. She clasped her hands under her chin. Sighed.

“April and I don’t dance,” she explained. “We go to a…party. We go to a party, and…we have a lot of fun, and…I think you might have fun too…if you went.”

There was a moment of quiet. Julie shook her head and stretched out into a more comfortable position. Cocking her head to the side she fixed on the woman perched across from her.

“Why are you being weird about this? I’ve been dancing before. I go to parties. What’s the big deal? And what was all that stuff about boyfriends?”

Finishing off the wine Kat eased back into a slouch. Crossing her arms over her lap she reluctantly began to explain.

“Well. Me and April, and my friend Luna, we um…weee started a club. Aaand once a month we pick a new spot, aaand the club gets together, aaand…we have sex.”

The word pricked Julie’s ears. “You do what?”

“We have sex,” Kat repeated. She said it so matter-of-factly Julie still wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “We all get together, and we fuck. But April is sick this week sooo…we need a fill-in fluffer, and I thought…maybe…you might be interested.”

A blizzard of thoughts buffeted Julie’s brain. She tried to slow them down — allow herself to process one before the next one slammed into it. Kat was in a sex club? With April? And Luna? The quiet curly-haired lifeguard at the Y two blocks from their apartment? How long had this been going on? How did it start? How many people were in the club? Who were they? And most importantly….”

“What…what is a fluffer?”

Kat winced. “I knew this was a bad idea,” she Çeşme Escort muttered.

“Well I’m sorry I’m not as well-versed in sex club lingo as you are, I’ve never been part of one!”

“Okay,” Kat conceded, “all right. When they’re shooting an adult movie, the fluffer is the girl responsible for keeping the guys…ready…while they’re waiting their turn on camera.”

Julie’s jaw dropped. “You film these??”

“No, of course not!” Kat recoiled in the chair. “That would be crazy!”

Julie wrinkled her forehead, trying to make sense of her roommate’s description. Keep the guys ready? How? What was that supposed to mean? The gears turned slowly, taking their sweet time to wind a picture into place. She pursed her lips, wringing her hands.

“So,” she began, “you want to me to go to a party, with you and Luna, and…give blowjobs to strangers…so they can fuck you??”

“Well, they’re not strangers,” Kat argued, “we know them all.”

Julie gaped, incredulous. Kat threw up her hands, springing from the seat.

“You know what? Forget it.” She snatched the empty glass from the table and swept toward the kitchen. “Forget I said anything. I’m sorry, I never should have brought it up.” Depositing the glass on the counter she scampered upstairs, avoiding eye contact when she passed. A door slammed. Then the house was quiet.

Julie stared at the floor. The first time in forever Kat wants to hang out and its to give head at a party so she can get laid? What happened to dancing? Or bar hopping? Or seeing a movie? Her chest swelled with a deep breath as she turned back to her laptop. And that’s when she felt it. The dampness between her legs.

She froze, confounded by her body’s reaction. Was this really happening? Was this turning her on? She shifted again, the moistened fabric of her panties clinging to her labia. Her pulse quickened. Heat bloomed in her cheeks. She swallowed hard and glared at her reflection in the tabletop. Had she been buried in work so long that she’d forgotten how to cut loose and chase a thrill?

She sat still a while longer, her arms weak, a chill crawling over her skin. Her body took over from her paralyzed brain and pushed her to her feet. Her thighs burned as she climbed the stairs. At the top she shuffled along the hall to Kat’s room and quietly twisted the latch, cracking the door open and peeking inside.

Kat stood before the dresser in black lace panties, studiously fastening the clasps of a matching bra. She lifted her eyes, catching Julie’s gaze in the mirror. She raised her eyebrows but said nothing. Julie shoved her hands into the pockets of her sweats, looking everywhere but at her roommate.

“Sooo…,” she fumbled, “…what should I wear?”


“Are you sure you’re good with this,” Kat asked for the hundredth time since they’d left the house.

Julie scowled. “If you keep asking me,” she warned, twisting her hair into a messy knot. “I won’t be.”

She tucked the fly-aways behind her ears and set her purse on the floor between her feet. Resettling in the passenger seat of Kat’s Mazda she sighed and looked herself over. Frayed denim shorts exposed most of her thighs to the cool night air. And the light fitted tee and knit open-front sweater did little to stem the chill. But damn she looked cute.

“How many people are in your club,” she asked, watching traffic in the side mirror.

“Usually,” Kat replied, “about eight or nine guys. Most we’ve ever had was twelve.”

The redhead laughed nervously. “Twelve guys?”

Julie’s tone seemed to trouble her roommate. “Listen, it’s going to be fine. There will be drinks, everyone’s super nice, and you’re going to have a blast–I know you will.”

Julie nodded, folding her clammy hands in her lap. Her pussy tingled, leaking grool between her lips. “Anything else I should know before we get there?”

“The club has three rules,” Kat offered. “Number one; everyone participates. No one gets left out because that’s shitty and the whole point this is to have fun. Number two; everyone respects everyone’s boundaries. No means no, and no one tries to make you do anything you don’t want to. And number three; everyone cums. Including you.”

They turned into the parking lot of a popular extended stay hotel. “You can take care of yourself if you want,” she added, pulling into a space not far from the entrance. “But if you want help, you’ll have plenty of options.” She shut off the engine and opened the sun visor, checking her makeup in the mirror.

Julie sat quietly, heart pounding, pussy humming, head filled with wild thoughts. She watched Kat snap the visor shut and pluck the key fob from the center console, the shifting creases of her patent leather jacket assaulting Julie’s ears with squeaks and ruffles her lizard brain interpreted as arousing. She held her thighs together and tried not to think about what she was about to do.

“Ready?” Kat chirped, hand on the door handle.

“Yeah,” Julie lied, hiding the Çeşme Escort Bayan nerves in her voice. “Let’s go.” She tucked her purse under her arm and followed Kat through the doors of the hotel.


The elevator opened on a quiet fourth floor lobby. Julie followed Kat down the hallway, crunching the coarse gray carpet beneath her sneakers. Ahead Kat’s ass swung back and forth like a pendulum, wrapped snuggly in a stretchy charcoal dress. She was tall, with broad hips and long legs — a perfect complement to her choice of attire.

They stopped outside suite 402. Julie listened, expecting raucous voices and thumping music. But she heard nothing. Confusion clouded her face. Kat gave a sharp knock. Straightening her dress she smiled at her roommate. “Relax,” she whispered.

The door eased open on a fit young woman in a yellow tartan skirt, white crop top and knee socks. She flicked her tight brown curls out of her face and gave Julie the once over, before turning to Kat and signaling her approval. “Everyone’s here,” she said. “Just waiting for you.”

The door snapped shut behind them, the clunk of the lock rippling through Julie’s chest. She glanced back at it, questioning her decision one more time. Her brain was unsure. But her body was curious. Curious enough to keep moving forward.

The generous suite was divided in two, living room and kitchen in one space, bedroom and bath in the other. Scattered about were eight men of varying ages, races, types and builds: sipping drinks and talking amongst themselves. When Kat set her handbag on the counter they all turned and looked, their gaze flitting quickly between the three women.

Julie scanned their faces. The youngest seemed about 20, the oldest 55 or so. Some dressed business casual, the others more relaxed–save for one man in a suit. They drank soda from cans, beer from bottles, and whiskey from shallow glasses. The diversity of the group surprised her. But they all had one thing in common; they all seemed easy and pleasant.

“Hey everybody,” Kat declared, swiping a bottle from the ice-filled basin of the sink, “welcome to the first Protein Party of the new year!”

The men all raised their drinks in a cheer. Julie laughed to cover her bewilderment. Protein Party?

“Its going to be a little different tonight,” Kat continued. “April isn’t feeling well so she won’t be joining us. But, my roommate graciously offered to fill in for her. It’s her first time at a party and she’s a little nervous, so I promised we’d take it easy. She’s only fluffing tonight, so let’s all respect that and have a good time!”

Kat slung an arm round Julie’s shoulders, pointing with the bottle in her other hand. “Everyone, this is Julie. Julie, this is Trevor, Mike, Theo, Alan, Marco, Josh, Cooper and Nate.” Each gave a nod or raised a hand when his name was called. Kat turned to Julie. “No one will be offended if you forget a name.”

A chuckle rose from the group. Luna retrieved a small Bluetooth speaker from a purse on the floor and placed it on the end table.

“Luna’s been working on something new this week,” Kat explained. “So we’ll let her kick it off and then…we’ll get started.”

Luna tapped her phone and music swelled from the speaker. She sashayed to the living room and twirled round the coffee table, spinning up her skirt and flashing her bright blue thong at the group seated on the couch. Kat settled on a stool at the kitchen counter, swaying to the beat and sipping her drink. Sneaking past her into the kitchen Julie leaned on the fridge, a curious eye on the rest of the room.

This clearly wasn’t Luna’s first tease. Every swivel, shimmy, and thrust was carefully choreographed, accentuating the curve she wished to display. She worked the room, gliding from man to man, dipping her cleavage or grazing her thigh against each before switching the target of her affection. Julie noticed the bulges beginning to form in the laps she left behind.

Bending backward over Marco, Luna peeled off her top and draped it over his head. Her ample breasts mounded over her chest before hanging plump and firm when she twisted round and framed his face between them. The others shifted in their seats. Some leaned in, closer to the action. Others slouched back, feeling for their belt buckles.

Julie eyed her roommate. Kat’s jacket had disappeared. The youngest looking of the group — Cooper — stood next to her, nuzzling her neck, a hand tugging the zipper on her dress toward the small of her back. He raised his head, catching Julie’s eyes and flashing a smile before returning to his work. She swallowed the lump in her throat and fought the urge to scratch the itch in her sex.

In the living room Luna circled the table. Within arm’s length of Theo she bent at the waist and flipped her skirt up over her ass. Peering over her shoulder she wiggled her rump and arched her eyebrows in silent query. The thin man hooked the waistband of her thong and rolled it down over her Escort Çeşme curves to settle around her ankles.

Luna stepped out of her underwear and spread her feet. Reaching back between her legs she dipped a finger in her snatch. It emerged slick with her juices, delicate strands clinging to her labia. Straightening up she turned to face him and sucked the finger into her mouth. A collective sigh rose from the group. Drinks clinked on coasters and men rose from their seats. The party, it seemed, had officially begun.

Unsteady and unsure what to do, Julie inched her way out of the kitchen. She watched Luna sink to her knees. Theo slid down in the cushions, raised his shirt and thumbed open the button of his jeans. A long, dark cock emerged from the denim, stretching straight as it reached toward her. Wrapping it in both hands Luna leaned forward, her tits wedged between his thighs, and closed her lips around the shaft.

As her curls bobbed in his lap several hands grazed her shoulders and back. Flanking the pair, Alan and Josh closed in. Oxfords sluffed from their shoulders and khakis from their waists and moments later Luna was obscured by the stocky figures in dark boxers teasing her hair and feeling her hands creep up toward their groins.

Kat’s pendulous breasts were free of her dress, one cupped in Cooper’s right hand, the nipple of the other pinched between his lips. Nate sidled up from the opposite side, skimming over her bare thigh and up under her dress between her legs. She sighed as he reached his target, splaying wider and reeling him in by his neatly trimmed beard for a hard kiss on the mouth.

Marco rose from the recliner in the corner. He towered over the others, the top of his head just short of the curtain rod over the windows. He crossed the room in three strides, covering Kat with his shadow. She motioned him closer as he tossed his tee shirt back on the table and pushed his jeans to the floor. She squeezed the outline in his underwear before fishing out the thickest cock Julie had ever seen.

She had only a moment to marvel before Kat curled forward and stretched her mouth around the head. In her periphery she caught Trevor take Marco’s place in the chair. His pants at his knees and his eyes fixed on Luna he pushed his uncut cock through his fist, exposing the glans briefly before shrouding it again in a slow, steady game of peek-a-boo.

Her view of the quiet man was blocked by the textured weave of a bold blue blazer. She sharpened on the figure in front of her. From the gray in his beard and lines on his face she assumed he was in his late 50s or early 60s. But he was handsome, with a strong jaw and kind eyes, and a well-fitting suit. She smiled at him, tucking stray hair behind her ear.

“Can I help you?” she sputtered, her voice cracked and raspy.

Mike chuckled, twisting a cufflink free of an eyelet. “I certainly hope so.”

The bass in his voice turned Julie’s legs to jelly. Thankfully she wouldn’t need them for a bit.

Soaking her panties she sank to the floor. Her fingers found the old man’s fly and carefully lowered the zipper. He aided her with his belt and button, parting his shirttails like the curtain on opening night. In the shade of his shoulders she couldn’t quite make out what was concealed before her. But when she dragged his underwear down his thighs she freed a monster she hadn’t expected to find.

Semi-erect it pulsed in her hands, plump and heavy, curving slightly toward her face. She gave it a long, firm stroke, as if to ensure it was in fact real. It flexed closer. The blazer fell over the stool next to her. The room began to narrow, moans and murmurs fading away until Julie found herself alone with Mike’s cock. Unable to resist any longer, she took hold of the root and slipped it between her lips.

They rounded as she took it inside, tightening as she worked past the head. She pushed down, taking him as far as she felt comfortable. Sliding her hand up his shaft she set her thumb to her chin, then pulled her head back for a glimpse. About half of his member protruded from her fingers, flush and bulging and rearing to go. Salivating like a starving animal she slurped him back inside.

A breath rumbled in his chest as she went to work dipping him in to the depth of her fist and out to the barb of his glans. It was smooth and warm on her tongue, gliding effortlessly through well-lubricated lips. She waited for a hand on the back of her head to steer and push the tempo. But there was none. Only a low baritone growl urging her to continue exactly as she was.

“Fuck that’s good,” she heard him sigh. “Like a warm moist pussy.” She smiled to herself. She was confident in her skills. But a compliment was always appreciated — especially from a man she assumed had enjoyed more than his fair share of head in his time. She worked him in a little deeper, torquing her wrist as her lips bumped her finger. His cock strained, strong and firm.

There was a rustling in her ear, followed by a thin metallic zip. Something dense and fleshy poked her cheek. She fumbled for it with her free hand, wrapping another cock in her fingers. This one was smaller, but already rock hard and curving upward. It was young and eager, leaking precum over her wrist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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