Passing Airport Security

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I was flying from Providence to San Diego on the Saturday before Easter. I did not realize that this was such a low-volume travel day until I arrived at the airport for my 1:30 flight at 11:15 am. There was no line at the TSA check-in. I handed my boarding pass and drivers license to the young TSA representative.

See looked at my documents and looked at me in an official way and said, “you look suspicious, what can you say to verify your good intentions?”

I was taken aback. She was quite, pretty, but young. Probably only 23 or 24 while I am in my late 30’s. I decided to play along with her game and said “I can’t say anything to verify my good intentions, I can only demonstrate my fine character.”

She said, “well, I am thinking of a number between 1 and 10. Tell me what it is an I will let you pass.”

I asked if the number was inches or some other measurement. She said, “inches.”

So I responded 8.

She said “impressive.”

I replied, “hey, my flight is not for two hours. If you want to do your job right, I think you better strip search me.”

She indicated that she agreed but that her supervisor would have to be involved. I said, “oh no; who is your supervisor?”

She pointed out a tall blond woman about 35 with what appeared to be a healthy chest in spite of the attempts of the TSA uniform to minimize it.

I said, “well, whatever it takes to please you two…”

She called another TSA person over and that person took her place at the check point and she told me to follow her. She went up to her supervisor and whispered in her ear. The supervisor looked at me and smiled and then the three of us walked to the office area.

We proceeded to a private office and I was ushered in. The younger girl followed me into the room and then the supervisor came in and locked the door.

The supervisor took my boarding pass and said, “Mr. Borelli you have been selected for an in-depth search as part of the TSA security system at this airport. Do you consent?”

I asked if I had a choice to which the younger lady replied “we prefer our customers to be voluntary applicants.” I said, “well with two lovely ladies, how could I not volunteer?”

Then the supervisor said, “very well, please remove all of your clothes.” At this point, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, but as I started to remove my shirt, so did the young TSA agent. By the time I was down to my boxer shorts, she was dressed only in her bra and panties, so I knew this was a good decision.

I hesitated to remove my boxers although altyazılı porno my cock was approaching full erection. This indecision was quickly erased when the supervisor removed her TSA shirt and bra and let her 38 D’s lose. I dropped my boxers and pointed my 8″ cock at each of them. The younger TSA agent came closer and examined my cock up close and stated that I was not lying about my 8 inches. By this time the supervisor was equally naked and was also examining my cock. The young TSA agent had much smaller breasts, but they were capped by outstanding, large nipples, just begging to be sucked. I love to provide pleasure to women and sucking on nice hard nipples is one of my favorite pastimes.

I indicated that the only way I could demonstrate my good intentions was to suck some pussy and I wanted to know who would test me first. The supervisor hopped onto the table and laid back bringing her knees up into the air and spreading her legs affording me an outstanding view of her pussy and asshole. She was a true blond and her pussy was covered in only a downy soft nap of blond hair.

I immediately went down to her pussy to do what I love to do most – give a woman oral pleasure. I can not understand why more men do not like to do this. Bringing a woman to orgasm with your tongue is the ultimate act of pleasure. Feeling them lose control while you are licking their clit and sucking the cum out of their hole is such a rush. I love to do this for them.

While I was licking Ms. Supervisor’s pussy, the young agent decided to suck on my cock. Normally, I do not like someone distracting my pussy eating by sucking my cock. But young agent had a nice touch and it was obvious she liked to suck cock. She was fondling my balls that were hanging in her face while she alternated between deep throating my cock and licking the shaft and head.

I was trying to concentrate on the meaty pussy lips of Ms. Supervisor, licking her from asshole to clit and back again. She seemed to tense a bit when I was at the bottom of her pussy, near her asshole, so I decided to go and lick her asshole a bit on my next pass. I was up sucking on her clit and I put my index finger in her pussy and pushed her clit into my mouth from inside her pussy. Then I licked my way down the left side of her pussy, past my finger that was plunging in and out of her cunt, finger fucking her. My tongue went around my hand and finger and went straight to her asshole where I licked around her hole and then stuck my tongue into her hole. She went crazy. Her cunt clenched my finger as her orgasm took mobil porno over he body.

I kept finger fucking her pussy, while my tongue danced around her anal rosebud and I moved my thumb up to her clit to apply a little pressure there and intensify her orgasm. She was cuming in waves and my finger was soaked. Her cum dribbled out of her pussy down to her asshole, providing me with a wonderful flavor. I kept my thumb on her clit, removed my finger from her cunt hole and dove in with my tongue. She grabbed my head and pushed it further into her pussy while she moaned in pleasure. The younger TSA agent sucking my cock stopped and got up from the floor to see what was going on although she kept my balls in her hand.

She said, “oh Sue, Mr. Borelli appears to be doing a wonderful job on your pussy. I hope he has time to do me too.” Then she went back down to continue administering to my cock.

Now that Sue’s orgasm was subsiding and I was cleaning up the cum from her pussy and ass, I could concentrate on the blowjob Ms. Young Agent (I still did not know her name) was giving me. As I was softly licking the clit of Sue, I felt the unmistakable feel of an impending orgasm of my own. Sure enough, I was soon pumping a load of my cum into Ms. Young Agent’s mouth. She did not hesitate a second and swallowed as I short spurt after spurt of man juice down her throat.

After I stopped cuming, Ms. Young Agent stood up and leaned over the table and gave Sue a big open mouth kiss. They were swirling their tongues around each other and when they finally stopped.

Ms. Young Agent said “isn’t that the best tasting cum you have ever had?” Sue agreed saying that “it is better than some of the teenagers I have had. What is your secret Mr. Borelli?”

I said it is all a matter of diet, but “rather than talk about me, I think there is another pussy in this room that needs satisfying. However, could I first suck those luscious nipples a little first.”

Sue said, “oh Mary loves to have those big nipples sucked, don’t you honey?” and then Sue leaned toward Mary and sucked her left nipple into her mouth while runner the index finger of her left hand through her own pussy.

I wasted no time and sucked on Mary’s right nipple. It was at the end of a nice, firm breast and grew even larger and harder in my mouth. Mary’s breathing increased so I moved my right hand down her stomach toward her pussy which I found to be thoroughly soaked. Sue stopped sucking Mary’s nipple and got off the table, so I picked up Mary by moving my hand sex izle from her pussy, down passed her asshole and picked her up by the ass and laid her on the table. Once down on the table I returned my hand to her pussy and moved two fingers right into her hole. She was so wet, they slid right in.

Sue returned to sucking Mary’s left nipple so I moved my mouth off her right nipple and started kissing my way down to her pussy. I stopped momentarily at her navel to suck on that for a minute. When I finally got to the top of her pussy, her clit was sticking out, very swollen and ready for a good sucking. Not that Sue’s pussy was not wonderful and delicious, but young pussy is always a treat. Mary was very responsive to my activities. Her clit easily slipped into my mouth with the smallest amount of suction. Her pussy was wet on my fingers and her whole body jerked when I left her clit to lick up some accumulated cum and then went back to giving her clit the attention it deserved.

My fingers were so wet from finger fucking her cunt hole that I slipped one of the two fingers I had in there out and put slipped it directly into her hot asshole. Her asshole swallowed my middle finger up to my knuckles in one easy motion. Mary responded by lifting her ass off the table pushing her cunt into my face and moving both of my fingers deeper into her pussy and asshole. I started to rock my two fingers back and forth slowly alternate-fucking her pussy and ass while I continued to suck her clit. Meanwhile Sue was sucking my cock, but I was enjoying Mary’s pussy and ass so much I hardly noticed. I love pleasing women so much that I do not focus on someone pleasuring my cock.

Mary moved her hand down to her pussy and I could tell she was trying to massage her clit herself. I recognized this as an invitation to move from sucking her clit to sucking the cum filling her hole. I removed my index finger from her pussy and glued my mouth to her hole sucking and tongue fucking her while she played with her clit. After a few minutes of this her hand again moved toward my face so I moved my mouth to her asshole, removing my fuck-finger from her rosebud and started to lick her asshole like an ice cream cone. I could hear her finger in her sopping wet cunt right next to my ears as I licked her ass. Mary had her second and third orgasms as I licked her ass.

When she calmed down, I licked her clit one more time and then shot a significant load of cum into Sue’s mouth.

Mary looked down to the floor at Sue cleaning my cock with her tongue and said “I think we better let Mr. Borelli catch his flight.”

Sue let go of my cock and said “isn’t that Laura’s flight?”

Mary said, “I think it is.”

Sue said, “I think you should bring Mr. Borelli to the gate and introduce him to Laura. After all, it is a long flight to San Diego.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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