Passion , Perspective Ch. 12-13

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Chapter 12

As the days went on, I discovered Molly was really turned on by having had two guys one after the other, and we discussed the vagaries of the evening for quite a few of the ensuing nights. We may have set a modern record for days of sex in a row. In her wisdom Molly decided not to suggest Pat again, I’m sure she realized I had ambivalent feelings about the way the other man and I had touched, although we both recognized that he was a more than competent lover. We also fantasized about having three, four or even more partners for Molly in a night, or even at one time. Molly reconsidered a group event in which she was the center of attraction, but except in fantasy she was concerned it might get out of control. “What if one of the guys started hitting me, or didn’t want to use a condom, or something like that?” In the end, it remained a pipe dream.

The week before Valentine’s Day I got a call from Mark. “Listen, Don, I need to know how you’d feel about something. You know I like Molly quite a bit, and in the romantic spirit of the season, I’d like to take her out some night. Of course, I don’t want to interfere with anything you’re doing . . .”

I saw where he was going, quickly decided it didn’t bother me in the slightest. “Don’t worry about it, take her out, let her know how you feel, have a great time. When were you thinking about inviting her?”

“Either the eleventh or the twelfth, depending on schedules. If that doesn’t work, perhaps the week after. I’m sure you’d like the weekend to yourself.”

“That’s very thoughtful.” This was a little odd, coordinating Valentine’s Day with my wife’s boyfriend. “Just one thing, Mark, don’t go overboard if you get her a gift, we don’t want to make it a competition or anything.”

So I wasn’t at all surprised when Molly asked me if she could meet Mark on a Wednesday evening and I quickly consented. I waited up for her, she was home before midnight, and she wore a red knit dress, not too short, a bit conservative even. “How was it?” I started.

“Lovely, really nice. He took me to a nice Italian restaurant and gave me these,” showing me a pair of red heart earrings that sported her lobes. They were simple metal, but I could tell Molly fancied them, or at least the sentiment behind them.

“And then?”

“Oh, we went back to his place, he was on his game tonight, we began in the kitchen, went to the living room, ended up in the bedroom.” It was then that she turned the charm on me, we made love passionately, if not acrobatically, but the time we spent was a bit short owing to the hour. “Dear,” she said as we were preparing to sleep, “you know how much I love you, right?”

“Of course I do.”

“Well, I appreciate that you let me see Mark, but I just have to tell you that if there was ever a time I had to make a choice, it’d be you, hands down. I wouldn’t think twice. You know that, don’t you?”

“Of course I do! But I don’t think you’ll ever have to make that choice. Don’t worry about it.” And we nodded off to sleep, naked and cuddling.

Molly made arrangements for the weekend, we drove up into the mountains to a resort, had a deluxe suite with a jacuzzi, there were hiking trails through the snowy forest, the restaurants had specials for the romantic weekend. My gift to her was a crystal wine carafe inscribed with our names enclosed in a heart, she had a new, quite expensive, wrist watch for me. The room was filled with candles and flowers, and on Sunday afternoon, we were almost ready to swear off sex but, of course, that didn’t last very long.


That week over dinner Molly told me, “I got a call from Mark today. One of his clients gave him four tickets to the play at the John Fitzgerald Center Saturday night, and he wanted to know if we were interested.”

We’d been thinking about that comedy and I was interested. “Do we have anything going that night?”

“There’s a cocktail party over at the Stoneson’s. I don’t think they’d be upset if we cancelled.”

My mind went to the thought of a threesome, “Why not? Let’s go. Wait, did you say four tickets? Is Mark bringing someone?”

“Yeah, his date is going to be his ex-wife.” We knew about her, how they still saw each other from time to time, so sex wouldn’t be a part of the evening. Still, it sounded better than another stupid party. We accepted the invitation.


We showed up at Mark’s house about 5:30, had cocktails and got to meet Dee. I escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları sized her up, a medium height blond which made her the shortest of the group by far, her dress was a conservative frock, a bit tight for her noticeably overweight frame. She had an aggressive demeanor, I noticed she was critical of the water spots on her wine glass, Mark just ignored it. We drove into downtown and ate at a cafe Mark was familiar with, then headed for the play. I thought the entertainment was amusing if not superb, at intermission Dee remarked that the lead actress had a very soprano voice, it came across at times as shrill.

After the play there was a quandary as to if we should have a late snack in the city, or head for Mark’s, he had a cake, and the decision was made for the condominium. At a stop light Dee pulled Mark to her for a kiss, Molly and I followed suit.

In the apartment the romantic atmosphere continued, Mark turned the fireplace on and while Molly and I sat on the couch, Mark sat on a chair, Dee at his feet, she stroked his leg suggestively. The conversation was about culture and travel, Dee seemed to have seen every play, gone every place, had an opinion about everything. I noticed at times she’d look at me, wink or perhaps lick her lips. After the coffee and cake, and an after dinner drink or three, the conversation slowed, and Dee climbed into Mark’s lap. My wife and I picked up on the ambiance, started kissing. Soon we noticed that other couple was doing quite more than kissing, Dee had Mark’s shirt open, his hand was a long way up her skirt.

When in Paris, eat at the sidewalk cafe, I figured, so without resistance I began to strip Molly, she did the same for me. The other couple was more advanced than us, though, Molly didn’t object when I watched Dee get down to bra and panties, then Mark removed the bra revealing heavy breasts, a bit droopy, and when Dee stood in front of her ex-husband, facing us, and looked me straight in the face as she dropped her panties, I got my first look at a naked woman, other than my wife, in decades.

Dee sat in the chair, Mark went down in front of her, performed cunnilingus upon her, and Molly, now dressed as Dee was, laid upon me and whispered, “Dear, I think that if I went over to Mark, Dee would come over here. Would you like that?”

Sex with another woman! Did I want that? And I came to a quick decision, “No, dear, I want you.”

We continued at our pace, the other couple loitered at theirs, and Molly didn’t mind that I watched Mark and Dee copulate because at the same time, Molly and I were linked in love. I heard Mark and Molly’s familiar keens, Dee’s were loud and exuberant, and I added to the chorus. It was rousing watching Dee’s large breasts sway as Mark took her from behind, and I came watching the other couple in cowgirl, Dee’s plump behind whirling rapidly, Mark’s penis visibly pumping in and out of his ex-wife.

After forty minutes had passed, all four of us were drained, Molly and Dee strolled to the kitchen for more coffee arm in arm, their backs deliciously exposed. “Well, that was interesting,” I observed.

“You two ever do anything like this before?” Mark asked.

“No, but there’s nothing like the first time, is there?”

The girls returned, we sipped the liquid, another slice each of the cake was consumed, there was no shame being dressed as a pair of Adams and Eves. I felt that Dee was taking inventory of my assets, and although there was no desire in my body for her, I felt a new chink in our joint pastime had been opened, I wondered where it might lead. A half hour after the sex, Molly and I were in the car, heading for home. “You didn’t want her, did you?” Molly asked.

“No, not really.”

In a concerned, kind voice she asked, “Why not? I’m sure she wanted you. Is it because you don’t want to have another woman?”

“No, that isn’t it. It’s just that, well, her attitude about life turned me off.”

“I know what you mean. An opinionated little bitch, isn’t she? I can understand why Mark doesn’t want to live with her.” We both laughed at that. Then Molly continued, “But you liked watching her and Mark, didn’t you? As much as you like watching me with Mark or somebody else?”

“I did enjoy it,” I admitted.

“You old pervert,” Molly laughed, “I can’t wait to get you home.”


Chapter escort gaziantep bayan telefonları 13

One Saturday morning over coffee Molly asked, “Are you planning on watching basketball all day? It’s that stupid tournament, isn’t it?”

“I might watch a little bit, but it’s only the second round, nothing important, why?”

“I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight. There’s a new restaurant open out by the highway that I’ve heard quite a bit about.”

“Okay.” I didn’t think anymore about it until about 6:30 I heard the shower running, I went up and got in, soaped Molly’s back, may have played with the front. She didn’t ignore me, but stopped short of letting me release into her mouth. “Save it for later,” she demanded, “I’ve got plans.” I complimented her on her get up, a little sexy with short skirt, halter top under a three quarter sleeve blazer.

We headed for the restaurant, it was one of those that have lighting so low you can’t read the menu, after a forty minute wait we shared an appetizer, a bottle of red and ordered steaks. It was after ten by the time we were done, and as we passed the Marriott on our way home, she said, “Let’s stop for a nightcap.” Molly needed to head for the girl’s room, so I waited for her on a bar stool. I was a bit surprised when she decided to sit on the opposite side of the bar, as she had those many months ago. Fifteen minutes later I watched as she was approached by a man, middling height, thirty-fiveish, brown hair. She let him sit next to him, accepted his drink, went into full flirt, her hand on his arm, smiling, playing with her hair, perhaps a hand on his knee. I could see them chatting, and after she finished her drink she led the man to a booth. After a few moments, Molly let the gentleman kiss her, his hand was on her thigh, I could feel his desire. Soon her hand was in his lap, I could sense the question he asked.

It was then that Molly gestured to me, demanding I join them. I strolled to the table, sat beside her. “Peter, let me introduce Don. Don, this is Peter. He wants to go to a room with me. I told him I would. But, Peter, here’s the thing. Don likes to watch me when I have sex. Is it okay if he watches us fuck?”

As I would, he looked skeptical. “Is this some kind of a scheme? Are you going to blackmail me or something?”

“You’re not married, are you Peter? Of course not, you’re not wearing a ring.” It was possible that a few hours before there had been one on his finger, but it was naked now. “So how could we blackmail you? No, the only thing I’m interested in is seeing how big of a dick you’ve got. And then what it feels like. Is there anything of mine you’d like to see, to feel?” She took that moment to lean toward him, let him smell her.

“Well, I guess so.” He still seemed a little hesitant, wondering what stroke of luck had come his way, what entrapment there might be in the offer. But he bit. “Yeah, sure, I’ll show you a good time.”

“All right then,” and she pushed him out of the booth. “Get the check, dear,” after laying a bill on the table I had to hurry to catch up with them. We grabbed an elevator, Molly pushed the seventh button, and when the door closed she pressed into Peter, kissed him thoroughly. “Oh, I can feel it, you’re hot for me.”

The elevator opened, Molly led us, almost as a trot to room 724, opened the door with a key she had. Inside she turned on the desk lamp and the two bedside lights, then brought her pawn to the bed. “Kiss me, Peter,” she requested in a sultry voice. They began foreplay, Peter looked to me once or twice, but then seemed to decide he was in high water, might as well start swimming, and he grabbed for Molly’s breast. Molly took a moment to toss me her purse, commanded, “Get the camera out, dear, go ahead and take pictures.” Whoa, wow! I’d asked her before to let me document her indiscretions, but she’d resisted the request, and now she was going to let me go ahead!

By the time I got the camera turned on, Peter had her halter down, was kissing a nipple, Molly started moaning, but I knew it was fraudulent, meant to excite Peter. I started snapping, there was plenty of light, she had her breast in Peter’s mouth, then the blouse over her head, Peter was wondering which teat to pay attention to, Molly was stripping Peter of his shirt, they were lying next to each other, their chests meeting. I photographed the escort gaziantep bayan videoları next act, Molly’s skirt flying off, the zipper of his pants being unfastened, the garment surrounding his knees as Molly took his rather ordinary penis into her mouth. Unlike Molly’s, his groans seemed quite realistic. Another scrum as the rest of their clothes were discarded, then Molly was on her back, her nipples extended as Peter was sucking on her clit. Her noises now seemed more genuine, but I couldn’t ascertain the graduated gasps that are the audible sign of her orgasm. Five minutes passed, Molly let him get into 69 above her, they sucked together. Another shift, you could tell Peter wanted to climb aboard but Molly entreated, “You need to put a rubber on.”

“It’s a lot better without one,” he whined.

“I know, but Don always insists I use one.” He reluctantly accepted the packet, she helped him wear it. Before she let him go any further, she turned to me, “What position would you like, dear?” She’d never asked me how she should use another man before, I wondered why now. “What do you think would make the best pictures?”

“Oh, probably you on top of him,” I suggested.

“Good, I think so, too.” She pushed him onto his back, kissed him, I heard her say, “You’re going to have a good time. Try not to come too fast, I want to use you for awhile.” Then she straddled him, I snapped pictures as she rose above him, pointed the clad pony toward her innards, smiled for the camera as she slowly sunk down. Then she went to work, pleasuring herself, slow movements up and down, her hips in a circle. I flipped the switch to video, the camera captured the action as she bent to meet his mouth, rose into the most erect of postures, moved a leg onto his arm, let the staff massage her interior, you could tell she was close, and then the camera caught her gasps as she burst, then quickly came down from the height. She opened her eyes, stared at her comrade, “That was wonderful, Peter, just what I wanted. Thank you for taking your time with me.” She got off him, sat beside him, wanked the still erect penis, ensuring that the condom was still situated as she excited him, and asked, “Your turn, what would you like?”

Unsurprisingly – there was nothing astonishing about this man – he wanted to be above her, and she let him position her as he craved, and soon he was between her upraised knees, she used a hand to point the tool at his desired spot, and he immersed himself. He began to thrust with force almost at once, Molly rose to meet him, and smiled broadly, it’s a wonderful portrait. In less than a minute, his breaths came hard, then he actually stopped breathing, he shuddered once, twice, slowly forced his way inside one more time, he was finished.

He was a sport about letting me photograph him taking the condom off, a long thread of spunk dripping onto the bedclothes, Molly spread her legs for the camera, her vulva puffy and rosy with the amorous exercise. Peter put his clothes on as Molly covered up in the bed, “Thank you so much.”

“Sure, no problem,” he responded.

“Can I ask you a question,” Molly requested. “Peter’s not your real name is it?”


“That’s okay, mine’s not Anne, either. Have a wonderful night,” and the door closed with him in the hall. Molly looked to me, “Would you do me a great favor, dear? Go into the trunk of the car and get the suitcase.”

By the time I got back, Molly was in the bed, I saw only uncovered shoulders, I was more than sure the rest of her body was wearing the same. As we kissed I smelled the sweetness of soap, the flower of her perfume, in the few minutes I’d been gone she’d showered for me.

She encouraged me to undress, join her, soon I was embedded in my wife, we were utilizing our favorite gentle position, and with kisses on her nipples and a massage of her clitoris I had her in an orgasm more powerful than Peter would ever have managed to bring out of her.

A few minutes later, when she was competent of speech, I began the discussion. “You had this all planned, didn’t you?”

“I’ve been working on it a couple of weeks, did it please you?”

“Immensely. It was quite a surprise.”

“Do you know what this day is?” She asked. I didn’t have a clue. “It’s our second anniversary. Two years ago, right in this room, I had another man, Keith, for the first time.”

“Remember how you were so reluctant back then?”

“It sort of seems silly now, doesn’t it? I was a afraid of what it would do to us. But it hasn’t harmed us at all, has it? In fact, we’re even happier now than then, aren’t we?.” I had to agree, our marriage seemed better, stronger. And then I was making her come again, happily, and I joined her in heaven.

The next morning, as soon as she rose, she took the SD card from the camera, put it in her purse. Sometimes, we watch the home made pornography together.

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