Pauline and Her Younger Nephew Ch. 03

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I thank you for your patience. We have kept this story unfinished for quite a while. I hope you enjoy this new installment– which is not the final one, of course.

Pauline took her sweet time giving Teddy everything he wanted. She knew that the next weekend, both Teddy’s big brother Roger and her husband Steve would be out of town for the entire two days. Saturday Pauline would finally take young Teddy’s cock into her cunt and orgasm on it as he came inside her.

Pauline was looking forward all this as she entertained Roger in her bedroom that Wednesday night. As she leaned back on a pile of pillows, Pauline spread her legs and brought her knees up almost to her ears for her nephew. Roger, for his part, was standing just a few inches from the bed, his cock erect and ready.

Even though Pauline was fucking Roger, she was also thinking about Roger’s little brother. Teddy’s cock was big and thick, compared to his. She played her fingertips up and down the length of Roger’s cock, spreading massage lotion all over its length. Since jerking Teddy’s fat prick all over her face that last Saturday, the sheer size of it was occupying her mind. She had decided that this week, the best use of Roger’s smaller, yet still quite beautiful cock would be to simply fit it into a smaller place.

So Pauline was preparing to introduce Roger to the pleasures of her asshole. She added more cream to the hard shaft and took a deep breath.

Pauline canted her ass upwards a bit, and kartal escort dabbed the tip of his shiny, oiled cock against her tight anal opening. She looked down, past her tits, to watch Roger’s hard prick. His glans was already spreading her asshole open. Glancing towards the bedroom door, she hoped that Teddy was watching and enjoying the show– masturbating as he had so many nights before.

Pauline turned back to the matter at hand. “Oh, darling!” She gently pushed back, encouraging her nephew’s cock into the entrance. “Fuck, that’s good…” she breathed. It hurt, but she liked that. “Yes, mmmm. Push it into Auntie’s asshole—deeper, honey…”

Roger and Pauline were finding their rhythm, fucking more and more forcefully as they got comfy with their positions. Pauline’s clit was all tingly, her cunt shifting and distending from the size of the thing she was accepting up her ass. For his part, Roger had never felt anything so tight and slick around his prick. He’s been sucked off and fucked by his horny Auntie dozens of times in the last few weeks, but she’d never invited him to push his hard cock up her tender little shitter until tonight. He could already feel the semen gathering in his balls, getting ready to pound down the length of his prick and shoot out the end into her ass.

Pauline loved the plowed-open feeling of being anally fucked. She silently resolved to use Roger this way all week, and save her wet, juicy cunt for his little brother Teddy with the oversized horse-cock. cumhuriyet mahallesi escort Teddy had never fucked any woman’s pussy before, and Pauline wanted his prick to get very tightly gripped and caressed by her cunt that weekend. So she decided to secretly dedicate her pussy to Teddy all week. Nothing else would penetrate her until his cock did– on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Roger, poor dear, was grimacing as he tried to hold back from shooting off too soon. Pauline looked up at his face, his eyes tightly closed in concentration. His hot hard cock was now buried up his Auntie’s shitter to the hilt.

Pauline was moaning and crying out– the pleasure- pain combination of anal penetration was overwhelming her. Hearing her moans and cries, Roger opened his eyes and looked down at his slutty whore Aunt.

Pauline had her ankles up near her ears. Her fat, full tits were pushed together by the position of her arms and thighs. Roger saw that his older lover’s nipples were fully erect, pointing up at him in invitation to be pinched and pulled. He lowered his gaze to his Aunt’s gaping cunt. There was pussy juice dribbling out, across her perineum. As he eased his turgid cock slowly out of her asshole, the juices deposited along the length of his prick, glistening. Now his erection was even more lubricated than it had just been when it was deep inside Auntie’s ass.

Roger raised his eyes to his Pauline’s. Her eyes were filled with tears. yunus escort She smiled through them. She was in intense pain and orgasmic pleasure both.

“Roger, darling?” She whispered “Pinch me?”

Roger knew what she wanted- what they both did. It was more than pinching. Leaning over her, he took her erect nipples between his fingers and tugged them, twisted them, pulled them upwards. In an ecstasy of pain, Pauline arched her back towards the marauding hands. Suddenly Roger pulled harder and simultaneously plunged his quivering cock back into her body, slamming his balls against her ass.

He might last one more stroke, if he concentrated.

He slowly drew his cock out again, and looked up into his uncle’s wife’s face. “Yes…” Pauline whispered. “Pinch me, dear, and fuck Auntie’s asshole….”. They were both at the edge of orgasm, Her fat titflesh quivered liquidly as Roger pulled her breasts back and forth, using her nipples as handles to control her. Roger squeezed her nipples and bruised them with his hands. His quivering loins performed an excruciating, sensitized, intense push into Auntie Whore’s tender, tight anus.

Suddenly, Roger knew. Auntie Pauline was moaning and crying out, orgasming as he savagely controlled her huge breasts. She was impaled on his cock in her ass. Now his fat, rock-hard cock was erupting inside her, deep up inside. He felt the cum pumping out, greasing her passage and his prick as he pumped her hard and fast, his cum oozing out all around the base of his shooting cock as he lost all control of his body and finally came.

That was Wednesday. Three more days before Roger and Steve left for the weekend. Outside in the hallway. Teddy was indeed watching. His penis was shooting a hot load of cum all over the hardwood floor.

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