Peach Fuzz: Henry Goes To Church

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This is the sixth installment of the continuing adventures of Henry Wilcox, the 67 year old man who just moved into the neighborhood, and Debbie Blair, the naive 18 year old girl down the block. Reading the previous episodes is probably necessary.


As the service went on and on and Henry Wilcox’s 67 year old buttocks protested the hard bench they had been subjected to for almost an hour it was all the senior citizen could do but not jump up from the pew and run out the back door as fast as he could.

The only thing that held him back – or had enticed him to attend the church in the first place – was the lovely lady sitting in front of him and just to his left. Surrounded by Mom and Dad, the young woman was the picture of innocence as she stared straight ahead at the long-winded preacher, wiggling in her seat occasionally and crunching up her nose.

Was her butt sore too, Henry wondered? Was it only the bench that caused that? Was her anus still hurting after the night before, the result of another of Debbie’s nocturnal visits to his home?

This time Henry had been expecting the late night knock on the door and in fact he thought that she had come over because he willed her too. All evening he had been thinking about Debbie, trying to send a message down the road and across the street, and in fact if she had not come to see him he might have risked paying her a visit himself since he knew where her bedroom was now.

“I knew you would come,” Henry managed to blurt out after he opened the door and the teen flew into his arms and smother him with kisses and hugs while reaching into his boxers and yanking savagely on his flaccid dick.

She had to have it. That was what she said in so many words, and it was their afternoon play combined with a late night phone call to her grandfather-loving cousin Jennifer than finally had her running down the darkened road to his door.

“I knew I could never fall asleep feeling like this,” Debbie insisted, and when the old man’s hand was brought down between her thighs and he found the downy opening dripping wet he was a believer.

“I want to feel your dick in my ass so bad,’ Debbie whimpered, no schoolgirl talk of his thingy or her bottom now with her in heat, and when Henry took her down the hall to his bedroom she only hesitated briefly before allowing him to bring her there for the first time.

Her pajamas flew off, her nubile body – still in the unfinished stage with her small breasts, tiny belly and full butt promising to become even more enticing as time went on – was bared in no time and her over-sized nipples that were already popped out showed how horny she was.

“Look at you,” Henry said after turning on the little lamp next to the bed, and in the dim light Debbie eskişehir escort suddenly seem to realize where she was and that tempered a little of her lust, although she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“I like it when you do that to yourself,” Debbie said as she watched from a few feet away as Henry stepped out of his boxers and pulled on his rubbery cock.

“I like it more when you do it,” Henry said, and then Debbie came to him and went to her knees on the carpet without being coaxed.

For a girl who had never done anything like this before the past week Debbie had proven to be a quick learner and was now able to go down on almost the entire stiff 6″ with her hands squeezing his bony butt hard enough to bruise.

“Oh Debbie honey,” Henry moaned as her slurping sounds filled the room, and he felt her body jump when after he brought his hands down to her shoulders Henry let his fingers slide under her arms to stroke the moist patches of peach fuzz, resulting in her sucking harder and faster. “Henry knows what his Debbie likes.”

“Too good,” Henry said soon after, and then those fingers lifted Debbie up onto the edge of the bed.

Kneeling much less gracefully than Debbie had, Henry positioned her legs over his shoulders and spread her slightly pudgy thighs apart so he could observe her beauty before he ravaged it.

Debbie’s pussy, the sparse golden hairs unable to hide the moist lips of her sex, was tempting and he wanted to stick his cock in it more than all of the dozens of young pussies he had savored over the years combined, but that wasn’t what Debbie wanted.

She wanted his cock in her ass, not his thingy in her bottom, and as he leaned Debbie back and looked at the impossibly tiny pink ring he let his tongue slide over the ridges while the girl squirmed in the bedding.

Henry’s long tongue first caressed and then penetrated the balloon knot, and as he did his hand groped into the drawer of the night table, finding the lubricant and then deftly opening it to slather on a copious amount on his still stiff dick before poking a greased finger into her.

It was time, and although he could have eaten the girl’s ass out all night he knew that the more he waited the more guilty he would feel. He struggled to his feet, and there was an awkward moment when he had to position Debbie onto all fours with her knees on the edge of the bed and line her up right.

Henry pulled his foreskin back and put more lube on the cone tip before bringing it to the opening. He was starting to lose his erection and it wasn’t because of desire. He pushed the tip of his glans into the ring while squeezing the base of his cock hard.

“Please Henry – don’t tease me,” Debbie said to the bedding gaziantep escort her face was in. “And if I cry don’t you dare stop or I’ll hate you forever!”

“Tell me honey,” a frustrated Henry said and he tried to get as hard as possible. “Tell me what you want.”

“Put your cock in my ass Henry – please! I want to feel your big dick in my… owww!!”

Once the tip of the head popped in, Henry pushed forward and the vice-like oven his cock was now in made him as hard as a rock once again, and the howls that came from the no-longer virgin did nothing to harm that.

The girl sounded like a seal as Henry thrust into the girl with short and brisk movements, and as he put more of his cock in with each thrust Debbie yelped louder and louder.

The girl’s fists clutched at the sheets while Henry held onto her fleshy hips and pounded into her, all of his cock impaling her as their skin slapped together.

“You like it honey?” Henry said as he leaned forward, and while her reply was garbled it was affirmative.

“Yeah!” Henry cackled as he began pulling his cock completely out of the tight anus and then sliding it back in, causing Debbie’s seal-like noises to become more like she was getting the wind knocked out of her with his impaling.

The old man watched the head of his pale vein-riddled manhood slide in and out of Debbie’s orifice, the pink ring reddening and getting more stretched with every passing minute, and as he felt his orgasm near he heard the girl gasping

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Debbie yelped as the old man kept thrusting despite the protestations his back was making, and when he heard that Henry leaned over Debbie and asked her if she wanted him to stop.

“No – want to feel your baby batter shoot in me,” Debbie gasped as the senior citizen wrapped his arms around the girl and let his hands slide all over the front of her sweaty body, plucking her nipples and sliding his fingers through her drenched fuzzy armpits.

“Here it comes honey – can’t hold it anymore,” Henry moaned as he pulled himself almost all the way out, and after the first jet of his seed spurted into Debbie he let his cock push all the way back in to let the rest of his semen coat the girl’s bowels while Debbie groaned and collapsed onto the bedding with Henry soon following.

“You okay honey?” Henry asked as he climbed off of Debbie.

“Yeah – am I bleeding?” she asked. “Feels like it.”

“No honey,” Henry said as he wiped his oozing sap from around her bottom, the red ring angry looking but undamaged. “You’re fine. Was it good for you?”

“Yes Henry,” Debbie gushed as she spun around and put her arms around his neck and smothered him with kisses. “It hurt but it hurt good too, and when I felt you shoot it felt giresun escort so neat. I want to do it again.”

“Maybe some other time,” Henry said as he fell back at look at the ceiling. “I’m dead.”

“I think I want you to – you know? Put your thingy in my…”

“In your pussy?” Henry said after Debbie couldn’t get the word out and then she nodded.

“Yeah. Jennifer says it’s even better that way, and being a virgin is boring. I think I’m the only one in school.”

“Well, we’ll see,” Henry said, and as he looked at the angel who hovered above him he suddenly felt a pang of guilt.

He had only taken a couple of virgins in his life, and with the way the young ladies were so promiscuous these days they were a rare commodity.

“Your first should be someone special,” Henry told her.

“You are special,” Debbie declared and then made a face at the clock. “Gotta get up in a few hours and go to church.”

“Say a prayer for me,” Henry had said before walking Debbie back across the street, but after seeing Debbie get into the family car just down the road that next morning he changed his mind about attending and the result was him filing out of the pew along with the Blair family as the service mercifully ended.

Debbie’s mother, after introducing their new neighbor Henry Wilcox to her husband, invited the senior citizen over for a brunch at their house that afternoon.

“Nothing fancy mind you, but afterwards we all get together and pray for awhile,” Mrs. Blair said. “Kind of like affirming the lessons we’ve absorbed here. We even sing a little bit. Debbie does a beautiful a cappella version of Amazing Grace.”

“I’m sure the young lady has a lovely voice and I thank you for the offer, but maybe another time,” Henry said. “I’m still unpacking.”

“It’s an open invitation. You drop by any time,” Mrs. Blair assured the old man, and as they left the church Debbie’s mother scolded her.

“You’re walking like an old lady Debbie!” Mrs. Blair said.

“My butt hurts,” Debbie said, giving Henry a subtle glance.

“I know the feeling,” Henry chimed in before bidding the Blair family farewell. “Those benches don’t have much give.”

“Amen,” Debbie said as she stifled a giggle and repeated, “Amen”.

“Oh! By the way Debbie,” Mrs. Blair said excitedly as something occurred to her as they all walked to the parking lot. “Guess who called while you were getting ready before? Your grandfather!”

“Grandpa?” Debbie said, putting a smile on her face while giving her senior friend a panicked glance.

“Yes honey. It seems that he has to come into town the end of next week to amend some retirement papers and he thought he would spend the weekend with us,” Mrs. Blair gushed. “Grandma’s not coming with him though.”

“Oh,” Debbie said.

“I thought you’d be excited honey,” Mrs. Blair said when she saw her daughter’s muted reaction. “He hasn’t seen you in a while and he sounded very anxious to see how much you’ve grown since then.”


Thank you for reading.

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