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I had been considering for some time looking into one of the various penis enlargement methods that are constantly advertised on TV, the radio and of course, the constant stream of email spam promising me three more inches in just days. My cock is only five inches long, so the advertisements are constant reminders of my inadequacy. I really want to experience the power of pushing a big, thick cock—MY big thick cock into a girl and watching her squirm and groan, trying greedily to accept every thick inch. I have a girlfriend who I have been with for a few months, I love fucking her but she doesn’t get as into it as I would like, and I think we can all guess why that is. She seems to get off a lot harder when I am using one of her toys on her, all of which are significantly larger than my cock.

The opportunity to try one of these methods came when my girlfriend left town for a month to go overseas. I figured that gave me enough time to get pretty far along in whatever treatment, medication or program and give her a bit of a surprise when she got back. But I didn’t know where to start. After some thought, I decided to just go in to the doctor and get some professional advice. I am pretty bad about going to the doctor regularly, only once every couple of years. I go to a university affiliated office where they bring in doctors fresh out of residency for a year or two, then they move them on to other more permanent locations. Usually this is a bit annoying since you never get to develop a rapport with your doctor because he/she will not be there for more than a year or two. But for my situation, asking for help to get my dick to grow into a respectable size, I was happy I would probably get some doctor that I would never have to see again. So I called and made an appointment. It was a little humiliating just setting the appointment up because the receptionist asked me what I would be seeing the doctor for and I choked a bit and finally mumbled something about “male issues”. I have the embarrassing tendency to get a hardon when I am nervous, so there I was blushing with a little tiny tent pitched in my jeans. I got so horny thinking about having a big cock that I jerked off twice after getting off the phone.

A couple of days later I was in the waiting room, excited, nervous and rather humiliated. My name was called and a nurse took my vitals and then lead me to an examination room. There I waited for the doctor. After a few minutes, a man wearing a doctor’s jacket entered.

“Hi, I am Dr. Clark.” I mumbled hello back, dreading that I would have to soon ask this man about growing my dick. Perhaps the worst part about it was that this guy looked like the type of guy who would have a huge cock. He was tall, ordu escort athletic, good looking and really confident. I had trouble maintaining eye contact with him because he seemed to, I don’t know, just together. He was probably going to get a chuckle out of this, something he might tell his other big dick friends about over a beer.

“I see from your charts that you haven’t been in to see us for a while. So in addition to the “male issues” that I see are noted as the reason for your appointment, I am going to conduct a full exam to make sure you are in good health.” He smiled. “Why don’t you go ahead and strip down to your underwear.”

I thought it was a bit early in the process to be stripping down, in fact, I would have preferred to simply ask him the question, get his advice and never even remove my shirt, much less strip down to my briefs. But a full exam cant hurt, I told myself, and stripped down.

He inspected my eyes, ears, respiration, etc. After a fairly routine check up he asked me, “So what are these ‘male issues’ you wanted to discuss.” His eyes bored into me. I felt myself getting nervous as I tried to explain to him that I had a small dick. Ugh, I got so nervous I started to get erect. His eyes never left mine as I stuttered through my interest in finding the right penis enlargement method, but I am sure he noticed my little, semi-hard cock tenting out the fabric of my briefs.

“Well, lets go ahead and take off the briefs so we can see what you are working with.”

I hesitated.

“They have to come off for the hernia check, as well as your prostate exam.”

Jesus. “Ok.”

The doctor turned and began rooting through a drawer and I slowly stripped down, my stomach turning as I realized that I was getting a full on erection and there was no way at all to hide it.

He turned back around and looked at my hardon. I thought I saw a flicker of a cocky smirk on his face, but it was probably my own insecure imagination. He said, “Its ok, that’s a typical nervous reaction. It works out well, though, because I want to get some exact measurements, so that if we put you on an enlargement program today, we can have solid base readings for your size prior to treatment.” He approached, one hand holding a plastic ruler. “Try to make it as hard as you can.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was so surreal. I found myself bearing down, trying (with great success) to pump more blood into my little cock. It stood straight up, as big as I have ever seen it get. “Good,” the doctor said and placed one of his hands on my cock. I jumped a little which he ignored and he bent my cock down so it was perpendicular to my body. I was so hard that it ached rize escort painfully to be bent down. Placing the ruler next to it, he said, “almost five inches.” It was so humiliating.

“Turn around please and lean over the examination table.” Oh god, I had never had a prostate exam, and that seemed to be what was about to happen.

I heard the doctor put on a glove and felt him apply some cold lubricant to my ass. He seemed to apply a lot of it, generously rubbing it up and down my ass crack.

“Spread your legs.” With his slippery, gloved fingers at the entrance of my ass, I widened my stance, lowering my asshole a bit. A fingertip penetrated and my cock jerked, slapping the vinyl padding of the exam table. He slowly began working a finger into my ass. In and out. I had always thought the doctor just pushes a finger in, feels for something and then its done. His finger sawing in and out of me was driving me nuts. It sent little tingles arcing into my balls and cock which stiffened even more.

“Hmm,” the doctor said, “I will need to use another finger.”

I groaned as he slid the second in alongside the first. At first it seemed like too much and I inched up on my tippy toes, trying to limit his penetration. I gasped as I felt his other hand grasp my balls. Using his grip on my balls, he gently pulled me back down, pushing his fingers deeper. “I need to examine your testicles as well.”

He kept pushing his two fingers in and out of my ass while rolling my balls around in his hand. My hips rocked back and forth from his pistoning fingers, causing my little dick to continually tap the exam table. He ordered me to cough a couple of times and I could feel my balls tighten in his grip, my asshole clench on his fingers.

“You see, one of the reasons for having small genitalia is hormonal. Your testies, prostate and other internal organs produce a wide array of hormones that can affect penis growth, or in your case, inhibit it.” He paused. “Let me ask you something. The method of penis enlargement I am going to prescribe requires diligence and hard work. How badly do you want to have a big dick?”

“Um, really badly I guess. But isn’t… it just as, ugh, simple as… getting some of that Extenze stuff?” I was stuttering, losing concentration with his fingers still pushing in and out of my ass. He had picked up the pace a bit.

“Hah, no you don’t want that stuff. None of it works, well, at least not with any consistency. The best method I have found is a combination of hormonal therapy and physical therapy. We will start you on the physical therapy right away. In fact, that is what we are doing right now. Your prostate needs to be stimulated regularly like this, stimulated sakarya escort until you achieve orgasm. That orgasm will release a cocktail of hormones into your system that will help grow your penis over time. ” I didn’t want to tell him, but I felt like I was building towards an orgasm. “The only complication, though,” he continued, “is that you cannot manually stimulate your penis. You must achieve orgasm through anal stimulation alone.” As he said this, he pushed a third finger into my ass, squeezing my balls at the same time. I squealed as I shot a big load all over the examination table. He kept pumping his fingers into my ass well after the last drop of cum had left my cock. I started to groan, “please stop, its so sensitive.”

“Not quite yet, the more stimulation you get just after orgasm increases the hormonal release.” He mercilessly pumped my ass with his fingers for at least another minute. “Eventually, you will work towards having two or more orgasms per stimulation session, without break.”

He then withdrew his fingers, released my balls and went to the sink to wash up. I couldn’t move for a moment, leaning against that table, my asshole slippery and sore, my spunk cooling on the table. Finally I gained my senses and hastily began dressing. The doctor finished at the sink and then opened a locked cabinet and began to dig through it. “Since it would be too hard for you to use your own fingers for physical therapy, use this” he said as he handed me what basically was a dildo. And a rather large one at that. Maybe seven inches and pretty girthy.

“Does it have to be so big?” I asked, staring at it in my hand, half aware that I was still semi-hard.

“Oh yes. Over the next few weeks we will be increasing the size, giving you larger therapy tools to work with so that your prostate will release more of the hormones you need. I want you to use this at least twice a day. Remember, you must orgasm without touching your penis, which also means no more jerking off either in the upcoming weeks. You will notice there is a suction cup on the back end of it that you can use to mount it to the floor or a wall. And try to continue stimulation after your orgasm for at least a minute or two. I want you to check back in with me in three days so I can monitor your progress. If you do your exercises right, we can begin the second phase of addressing your problem.”

I continued to stare stupidly at the big, cock shaped “therapy tool” in my hand. The doctor handed me a large container of liquid. “Some lubricant… oh, and a bag to put them in, for your privacy.” He handed me a plastic bag that was mostly see through. I dumped the dildo and the lube into the bag and was horrified that you could still pretty much tell what it was. I wrapped the bag around the items several times to try and conceal them better, muttered my thanks and scurried out of the exam room.

“See you in three days!” I heard him call out behind me.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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