Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 08

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Double Blowjob

After Les left Janice went and sat next to her husband at the table where he was reading the paper. She remarked, “It was nice to see Les again.”

Danial replied “Yes it’ll be good to see more of him, we’ll be able to have a beer and catch up.”

Janice said, “Well babe, I’m feeling invigorated after the morning I’ve had, I think I’ll put on some sweats and go for a run, got to keep this body looking good!”

Danial smirked and said “Well you’d certainly be lubed enough to run well!”

Janice said “It’s not my fault other men keep bumping into me!”

Danial said “Well off you go and work up a sweat, you couldn’t smell more like a seasoned whore anyway!”

Janice said “I know, its wonderful!”

Janice changed into a hot pink outfit of tight short shorts, running bra and joggers and naturally she looked amazing on her way out Danial remarked “Nice camel toe babe!”

Janice answered “Hey I’ve got a pussy down there, what can I do?” and off she went.

After a good hour running along the bike paths she stopped to stretch and realised she was a long way from home and didn’t feel like covering that same distance again, so she took a shortcut through a seedy neighbourhood that she usually took pains to avoid.

As she jogged along she had to stop to retie one of her shoelaces and fortunately she wasn’t far from a bus stop, she stopped and put her foot up on the bench and bent over to tie the laces.

As she finished and was about to stand up she felt arms embrace her from behind as a bag was put over her head. Naturally she screamed until she was jabbed in the ribs and a rough voice said “Shut the fuck up bitch unless you want to get cut!”

She noticed being carried up some stairs and then carelessly tossed onto something mercifully soft. She tentatively reached to remove the bag from her head and her hands were slapped away.

Janice cringed and pleaded “Please don’t hurt me, I’ll give you anything.”

She heard laughing and then felt her clothing being cut away, then wolf whistles and murmuring of appreciation, then she felt her legs pulled open and what felt like someone trying to push what must have been a fist into her pussy.

She grunted at the insertion as her body was violated, a voice said “Fuckin’ slut is creaming all over my cock man!” there was laughter from she didn’t know gaziantep olgun escort how many voices.

Another voice said, “Roll the bitch over and well see if she can take a pipe up the booty too.”

She wailed to them “No please, please.” she stopped when she was cuffed over the head and a voice said “I told you once slut, ain’t gonna repeat myself!”

She felt herself roll until she was laying on a man who was very large and muscled and she realised it must have been a huge cock stretching her birth canal. and what was she about to take up her arse.

She grunted in a searing pain as what felt like the size of a small apple was pushed against her nether hole. as it started to enter her she thanked goodness that Les had arse fucked her only a couple of hours before as his semen still in her colon greased the way for the hose pipe being pushed between her cheeks.

Janice realised she must have blacked out in pain, as she came to she felt many hands on her as she was used in both holes. The pain had gone and her pussy and butt had adjusted to the size of the men using her.

Astounded at the meat pounding into her she started to enjoy it, ‘she was a slut after all’ she thought. she started moaning in pleasure and then spoke without thinking “Ohh don’t ever stop fucking me!”

There was much laughter as a voice said “Can you believe this fuckin’ bitch is enjoying it, fucking dirty slut, bloody hell, what a whore. The bag was pulled from her head and it took a while for her eyes to adjust.

Janice saw seven men four black and three white, all very fit and ripped and the sight of the five cocks she could see and the two she felt as she was sandwiched between a white and a black man both sweating heavily as they abused her was enough to send her off and she screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Juices spurted from between their bodies as she came.

Janice slumped back as she was slapped across the face. the man in her pussy slapped her and said “Dirty cunt just pissed on me!”

One of the black guys said “She squirted on you dumb fuck, that’s girl cum, the slut’s having a good time.

After what must have been hours Janice awoke on the floor, her clothes in tatters and covered in cum which was drying on her skin and face and steaming gaziantep oral yapan escort from her pussy and arse. She felt her holes and was not surprised at the degree of gaping of both.

Janice looked around and saw the men lounging, drinking beer and smoking. She quietly asked “Can I go please’ please let me go!”

One guy yanked her up by the arm, her clothing in tatters fell off leaving her wearing only her shoes and their cum. He said “There’s some old clothes here you can wear, they were here when we moved in. You really need a shower you dirty skank!”

He turned to the other men and said, “Guys this whore needs a shower”

They all got up and two grabbed one of her arms each and lifted and carried her into a back yard. They made her kneel on the grass. Janice was getting worried as they formed a circle around her looking very menacing indeed.

Then she felt warm water splashing on the back of her head and thought ‘Oh, a shower”, then quickly realised they were all starting to piss on her. She dropped her hands at her sides and sat back on her heels as seven big men used her as a toilet.

When they were done the clothes were thrown at her and they walked inside. Janice dressed in the dirty, foul smelling clothes they’d given her and realised there was no way out of the small wall enclosed yard other than going through the house.

As she was entering the front hall she was suddenly surrounded by the men. One handed her her ID cards and said “We know where you live bitch, you cause us any trouble; well use your imagination.” they followed her out the front and one said, Fuck off slut!” and they went back inside amidst back slapping and laughing.

When Janice finally made it home, she walked inside and Danial said, “Well finally, where the fuck have you been all day?”

Chantelle noticed the way Janice was dressed and said “Bloody hell Mum what happened to you?”

Janice stripping the dirty rags off and revealing some bruising said “I was taking a short cut home and was grabbed by seven men who took me inside and raped me. Then they shot loads all over me when I passed out the second time then they took me outside and pissed on me.”

Chantelle shocked said “Are you okay?”

Janice replied “Yes I’m fine but you could gaziantep otele gelen escort fit both your fists in my cunt and arse, I’m that gaped. Their cocks were abnormally large.”

Chantelle approached her now naked Mother and helped her sit down, then she spread her legs and started feeling around her pussy. Janice leaned back in the chair saying, “Careful sweetie I’m still a little tender.”

Chantelle pushed several fingers between her Mothers puffy flaps and her whole hand easily slid inside, Janice groaned as her daughter pushed in as far as she could and then withdrew her hand to find it completely covered in slimy cum.

Chantelle said “Wow Mum I could have fit both hands in there. What are you going to do about it.”

Danial just stood there with his pants visibly tented watching as his Daughter fisted her Mother. Janice said, “They know where we live and they threatened us if there’s any trouble and besides it was my fault really being out in public dressed so provokingly.

Janice continued “You can’t really blame those men for responding as they did, raping me was just a normal reaction but there is one good thing out of this.”

Danial said “What good possibly comes of being raped?”

Janice smiled and said, “I took not of the address, so I can pop in and see them again. Now I need to take a bath, I feel a bit battered.”

Chantelle said “Not before I eat you out, you’re full of yummy cum and she pushed her face between her Mothers legs and started licking and swallowing.

Danial was openly stroking his thick 10 inches as he watched his daughter eat his wife’s pussy. He said “I live with two sluts!”

Chantelle turned to look at her Father and pleaded “Daddy I think it’s about time you fucked me, I’m always super horny and I’m sick of waiting for your cock. I promise I’ll be a good fuck and you can do anything you want to me and I always swallow, so please!!”

Danial asked “Anything, really?”

Chantelle said “I’m a bit apprehensive of you fitting that monster in my tight little rosebud but I’ll grit my teeth and let you try.”

Danial chuckled and said “Well sweetie, we might think about it next week.”

Chantelle jumped to her feet tearing her clothes off and yelled “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, any man would be thrilled to fuck a young teenage girl like me so fucking well, FUCK ME, I want your big Daddy cock in every one of my dirty fuck holes, I want to feel you fill me with cum, oh please Daddy fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!”

Danial said “Janice honey why don’t you go and take a relaxing bath, while I take this little whore hound upstairs and test her gag reflex. Then when you come out refreshed we’ll see how much Chantelle bleeds on my cock when I pop that cherry.”

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