Perks of a New Family

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It happened after we had only been a family for six months. My dad had married a woman with two twenty-two year old twin daughters, and right from the start they had been goading me about sex and relationships. I was nineteen and had never had much luck with women, mainly due to not being able to find a job. No job meant no money and no money meant no girlfriend. It wasn’t that money was all women wanted but I couldn’t even afford to go out clubbing at night and find someone. I wasn’t a virgin but you could count the number of women I had been with on one hand and it was when we were all having a drink together one night, our first night together as a proper family, that little secret had come out. Ever since then Claire and Suzie had ribbed me mercilessly, always dropping snide little comments about my lack of experience, or telling me that they had heard me masturbating in my bedroom.

At first I just brushed the comments off but over time they became more and more regular until they eventually they were an almost daily occurrence. To make matters worse they were both stunningly attractive, and they knew it. Claire was five feet six tall with 36C tits, long brunette hair and a pert little ass and she definitely like to flaunt her body, always wearing skimpy tops and either shorts or miniskirts. Suzie was slightly taller at five feet eight, her tits were 38D and her ass was slightly larger but none the worse for it but she was more conservative in her choice of clothes, preferring jeans and t-shirts.

I knew I shouldn’t let them get under my skin but it was difficult not to. Most of what they said was true, even the fact that I used to lay in my room masturbating, but I was desperate for a job and the chance to prove that I was as good as they were. It just seemed that there weren’t any jobs, anywhere, in our little town.

I sat in my room staring at the jobs page on my kartal escort bayan computer, getting more down, when I decided that I had looked for long enough. The page wasn’t likely to change no matter how long I looked at it. I left my room and started to head downstairs to see what everyone else was doing when I noticed Suzie’s door was open slightly. That was unlike her she always made sure her door was shut, whether she was in or out, so I went over intending to close it but as I got closer I could hear Suzie’s television on low. Surely she hadn’t gone out and left it on, she was usually so tidy and organized.

Creeping up to the door I peered through the gap and saw Suzie in there, lying on her bed, and she was naked. I stood staring open mouthed. I had never seen her in even her underwear, and I had tried to catch her on more than one occasion, but now I watched as she massaged her gorgeous firm tits pinching her nipples as she did. My eyes looked up and down Suzie’s whole body, my cock stiffening quickly, and I noticed the slight golden wispy hair just hiding her pussy from view. I knew she would kill me if she found me standing there watching or, even worse, tell my dad but I just couldn’t walk away.

Suzie carried on playing with her nipples with one hand but, as I watched, she moved the other down slowly over her flat stomach and began to stroke the opening of her pussy. Opening her legs slightly she eased in her middle finger, letting out a barely audible gasp as she did, and started to rub her clit slowly. Her moaning became louder as she masturbated herself. My cock was completely hard now, and I put my hands into my jeans and began to slowly massage it, never taking my eyes off her.

Suzie stopped massaging her tits and reached over the bed, giving me a perfect view of her ass, and opened the bedside cabinet drawer. I looked at her ass and imagined being yakacık escort behind her slowly pushing my cock into her while pulling her head back with her hair fucking her anally as she screamed my name. I gripped my cock even tighter trying, but struggling, to wank myself in my jeans when she rolled onto her back again. In her hand she was holding what looked like a massive ten inch dildo and I couldn’t imagine her getting all that in her pussy.

As I looked on Suzie opened her legs even wider, giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy, and started to slowly push the dildo against herself. Watching in total amazement I saw inch after inch of the dildo slowly disappear deep into her pussy until all that was left was the bit Suzie was holding. As I reached up to my mouth to stifle a gasp of my own Suzie started to fuck her pussy, her breathing getting louder and faster, moaning loudly as she did so. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I slowly lowered my zip and released my cock, if anybody came in I was bound to be caught but I didn’t care, and started to wank myself slowly at the view before me. The faster Suzie pushed the dildo into her pussy the faster I wanked my cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. Cum erupted from the end of my cock and I gasped as the streams of my white milky liquid hit the wall next to Suzie’s door.

Panicking I quickly ripped off my top, I couldn’t leave any sign of what I had done, and wiped the wall my cock still erect with cum dripping off the end of it. As quick as I could I cleaned up my mess and I looked back through the gap and Suzie just as she was pulling the dildo out of her pussy. The dildo glistened with her pussy juices and, as I watched, Suzie began to lick her dildo clean. I put my cock back into my jeans and turned to go back to my room, not believing what I had just seen, when Suzie called out.

“Did hürriyet mahallesi escort you enjoy the show Michael?” She called out.

I froze to the spot. I had no idea she knew I was there and was stunned that, if she had, that she had carried on anyway.

“Come on Michael it’s a bit too late to be shy don’t you think?”

“I-I didn’t mean to watch Suzie.” I stammered back.

“Come in here Michael and stop worrying.” She shouted.

Slowly I pushed her bedroom door fully open and, keeping my head down. I walked slowly into her room.

“You might as well lift your head up Michael you’ve seen everything anyway.” She told me.

“I know b-b-but I shouldn’t have watched I know that.” I said still stammering.

“Look Michael maybe I should have shut the door or…” She started before letting the words hang in the air.

“Or what Suzie what are you trying to say?” I asked confused.

“Let’s just say I knew you were in and I knew that if I left my door open you wouldn’t be able to resist peaking so why can’t you look at me now?” She told me.

Slowly I lifted my head and looked at Suzie stretched out naked on the bed.

“Well you never did answer me.” Suzie said.

“Answer what?” I asked.

“Whether you liked the show I gave you.” She continued.

“Y-Yes I did you looked gorgeous but…”

“But what Michael I think after what I let you see you can ask me anything.”

“That’s what I wondered why did you let me watch you?” I asked her.

“Let’s just say I wanted to see what you would do.”

“I know but what if someone had come home?” I asked.

“Well my guess is you would have got into trouble for spying on me for one thing.”

“Okay I suppose that’s true enough I better go and let you get dressed.” I said.

“Yes you better and one more thing Michael.”

“What’s that Suzie?” I asked her my eyes still fixed on her nakedness.

“You owe me one.” She answered before winking at me.

I walked out of her room, glancing back once, and wondered what she could have meant by what she had just said. Knowing Suzie I was bound to find out soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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