Personal Service Ch. 03 – Home Visit

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Emma was apprehensive as she approached the big house at the top of its gravel drive. She was hit with a sense of foreboding as she realised just how little thought she’d given this decision before agreeing to it. She parked up to see Rebecca already waiting at the door for her. It would be hard to back out now and just drive away.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Rebecca said.

“Neither was I if I’m honest.” Emma responded. She could feel the knots of confusion inside her stomach. Thoughts of what she would be required to do seemed so much more intense than when she had been at home thinking it through. Now it was about to be real it was becoming terrifying.

“Well. You’re here. So come through to the lounge why don’t you.”

Emma followed the older woman, noting her shapely bare legs extending from beneath the blouse and tartan skirt. Smooth and womanly, without a hint of the cellulite she would have expected on a forty year old. Wide hips swayed sensually and she walked with a confidence that came with maturity.

“Take a seat. What would you like to drink?”

“Thank you.

Erm. Just an orange juice please.” She glanced around the room, slightly belittled by its plush expensive fittings and furniture. This woman was wealthy. No wonder she had offered to pay so much.

“Come now. We need to relax. Something a little stronger.”

Emma considered for a moment. She’d agreed to stay the night and already unsure what she was letting herself in for suggested a need for alcohol.

“Just a splash of vodka then.”

The whole bottle might be what she actually needed she decided. She sat in an armchair that sunk down threatening to swallow her up.

Last time she had seen Rebecca had been at the club her friend Kelly had introduced her to. That night of being fucked in public by a stranger just to pay her bills this month.

It had only been a week ago but she still remembered this woman’s eyes on her in that moment of ecstasy. Then after, when Rebecca had approached her with an offer for a night of personal service. She’d been intoxicated at the time and the lure of more money had made her say yes easily.

The intervening days had been a mixture of doubt and realisation that she was expected to perform a lesbian act. She was straight, she had no doubts. But then more rejection letters from job applications had re-enforced her dire situation. She was trying to keep a house and pay for food and heating. Unemployment Benefit was woefully short. She’d already performed two acts that she’d have thought beyond her so what was one more she’d reasoned.

“You live here alone?” Emma asked trying to make conversation.

Rebecca gave her that sweet smile again as she came back with their drinks. Emma suddenly noticed she was bare foot. It made her look younger.


My husband is a company solicitor. He works away a lot. In Spain at the moment. I think. It all blurs into one after a while.”

Emma was a little surprised

“Your married?

And yet…” she left the question unanswered.

Rebecca laughed.

“Yes. I’m married. He’s a sweet man and I love him dearly.

But he’s not always here.

And if you mean, why another girl? Well. With girls it’s not really cheating is it.”

Emma wasn’t so sure she saw it that way, but she didn’t argue.

“Come and sit next to me.” Rebecca patted the large sofa as she sat at one end with her legs tucked up. She looked like a wealthy housewife in an American soap opera.

Emma took a gulp of her drink noting ‘a splash’ didn’t describe the amount of Vodka in its contents. She decided it was no bad thing. Rebecca was still waiting expectantly so she placed the glass on an oversized table then went and sat down just a few inches away. She didn’t want to look unwilling, but also avoided any real closeness. Her heart was thumping with nervousness.

“Michael has always gone away on long trips. And I have a high sex drive. I need to satisfy my urges how I can.” Rebecca explained.

Emma wondered how he satisfied his urges while he was away, but it wasn’t her place to pry. Whether she liked her own description of herself or not, she was just the hired prostitute.

“Most of the time a girls little toys help.”

Emma flushed again at the thought of her own mechanical friend hidden away in a drawer at home.

“But every occasionally I need escort a little more.”

“That’s why you were at the club.”

“I like to watch.

But I like to fuck even more.”

There was a twinkling in her eye and Emma knew she was being tested.

Rebecca went on.

“You were amazing.

I know why you girls are there.” She averted her eyes as a little reality entered her words.

“I don’t judge you. People have to use what they have in life to get by when things go wrong. I can see you’re a good girl from a good background. That’s partly why I chose you.”

She leaned forward almost conspiratorially.

“If I’m honest I wish I had the guts to get up there and do what you did. It must be exhilarating.”

Emma smirked at the memory.

“Scary as hell. But yes. It was.”

“And tonight’s scary for you as well isn’t it.” Her tone warmed. Becoming supportive.

“I’ve never done anything like this before. Not with… You know.”

Honesty she decided. She’d ever understand her reticence or throw her out for not being what she thought she was. She wasn’t completely sure which she hoped for.

“I know. I can tell. It’s part of the attraction.” She grinned.

“I remember my first time. Drunk with a friend. Thought no way is this going to happen. But it did and I loved it.

Now don’t worry. Just relax.

It’s much less scary that you think.

Let me teach you.”

Emma felt Rebecca’s hand carefully massaging her thigh just above the knee as she leaned closer. The smell of perfume drifted into her nostrils and Emma glanced down at the woman’s legs where they curled round under her.

For a moment she wanted to reach out and touch them but she couldn’t bring herself to do that just yet. He mind raced between leaving and the promise of payment. She lay back into the sofa and let Rebecca get even closer.

“We all have a first time. Best bit about liking men and women. You get two first time’s.”

Another flush of redness hit Emma’s cheeks and she gave a nervous laugh as Rebecca muzzled into her neck. A hand began to tug at the buttons on her blouse and she felt them pop.

“You’re very beautiful.” She muttered before lips lightly brushed over her neck.

Emma closed her eyes and took a deeper breath. The desire to run still tugged at her thoughts but now something else, something more carnal stirred and began to have its say. Before she even realised what she was doing her hand was on the older woman’s thigh. More buttons popped and she felt the cooler air across the tops of her tits as her garment was ever so gently pulled open.

“Arousal is about touch. Tenderness. Knowing where to caress. Men are so rough. They miss the subtle points. And they never take their time.”

More kisses on her neck and tingles began to shoot through her. Emma couldn’t help but stroke Rebecca’s leg and she wondered in awe at its sleekness. So unlike a man’s. So strange to feel when it wasn’t her own.

“Fast and hard is nice sometimes.

But slow and gentle has a wonder about it. Taking time to appreciate your own sensations and enjoy the pleasure you can give to a lover.”

The kisses moved to tits that heaved inside Emmas thin bra and sent more involuntary spasms through her. Then as teeth nibbled at a hardened nipple through the material she felt the first wetness between her legs. She opened her eyes and glanced down a little shocked that she hadn’t noticed Rebecca’s hand rising slowly up her leg towards the dampness.

The perfume was intoxicating and she ran fingers through Rebeccas dark hair as it fell onto her stomach. Then putting her head back again Emma tried to focus on the elegant light fitting dangling from the ceiling above. Her legs parted all on their own to let the short strokes of a massaging hand extend, reaching further down. They excited her pussy through the denim material and a gasp escaped her lips as yet more dampness invaded her panties.

She couldn’t help but notice how much slower and more tender every touch was than when she was with a boy. There was no hurry, just time taken to caress and explore. Every fibre of her being screamed that it was wrong. And yet she wanted it.

She reached out with her other hand wondering what another girls tit felt like. Hesitantly Emma cupped one of the large mounds through the material, lifting it as if testing bursa eve gelen escort the weight. It was heavy and firm, like a bag of sand. She squeezed it, feeling good when Rebecca twitched and gave a long groan of enjoyment.

“Lets take this somewhere more comfortable.” The woman whispered.

Emma’s heart raced with a panic but she didn’t resist as she was led by the hand upstairs to a bedroom.

Thick soft carpeting, a bed dressed only how she’d seen in movies and rich wooden furniture, the room was as elegant as the rest of the house. And with the curtains closed and only wall lamps, the lighting was much less harsh. But then her eyes came back to Rebecca.

She was smiling as she flicked off her blouse and a deft movement of fingers let the skirt fall to the floor. Emma studied her body with the curiosity of another girl, almost forgetting that she was expected to excite it.

Legs with well defined shape, wide hips and large breasts that moved with every breath, restrained by a comfortable white bra.

“Now lets get you out of those jeans shall we.”

She stepped forward with smooth movements and Emma was devoid of her blouse in seconds. Hands continued to stroke her, down arms, over her stomach, a finger tracing along her spine. Breathing and heart rate rose and she fell back onto the bed, feeling it undulate under her weight.

Her jeans slid away with more ease than she had expected and suddenly her mind snapped back to what was happening with a flash of fear.

“Sorry. I..”


Lay back.”

Rebecca’s voice was soft and her eyes mesmerising. Emma couldn’t fight it. Instead her head fell back and she breathed in the sent laden air of the room. A woman’s room almost untouched by the absent husband.

“My. You’re wet already.”

Fingers traced Emma’s slit through the thin material as she moaned gently. She wanted to return the touch as suddenly the need to know how another woman felt gripped her see-sawing thoughts. She looked up again just in time to watch her panties come away and disappear over her feet.

“Oh fuck.” She breathed the words as she realised she was fully exposed to Rebecca.

Dark eyes and that ever present smile looked back at her as the woman unclipped her bra and flicked it away. Emma knew she was gawping but she couldn’t help it. Large firm white tits that swayed easily with each movement of Rebeccas hands stroking at her thighs. Deep red areoles centred perfectly by short thick nipples. The woman waited as Emma’s eyes feasted on the sight.

Emma’s mouth wetted and spittle linked her lips as they parted, suddenly wanting to know what a tit was like to suck. But Rebecca wasn’t done teasing her to new heights. Her hands gently prized Emma’s legs apart and her head went down closer. She blew long and slow over the swelling mound just inches from her face.

Emma felt it like a hurricane. Her head bounced back on the soft mattress and she stared unseeing up at the ceiling as her body took control.

“Oh my God.” Her voice reverberated with rampant desire.

Rebecca traced a finger up the damp dark slit eliciting spasms from the young girl. Then again slightly harder, parting pussy lips to collect her lubricating juices on her finger before seeking out the tiny pink nub that would end any doubts with the first touch.

“So sweet and young. I want to taste you.”

Emma’s mind was gone as soon as the finger circled its target. Desperate for relief she pushed her hips up finding Rebecca’s waiting mouth.

“Please.” She begged.

“Do it.”

Reward came with lips of mouth against lips of pussy. Lips that massaged and kissed before a tongue probed at the entrance to her tunnel. Hands kneading the flesh at the tops of her thighs and around onto her stomach. Emma panted with anticipation and frustration, as every stroke and flick of the probing tongue on her clit stopped just short of sending her over the edge.

Then with in one smooth movement Rebecca was on top of her with her legs around Emma’s head, almost without her mouth ever leaving her hot dripping sex.

Emma opened her eyes to the sight of a shapely arse and pussy just inches away. A pussy that dripped and glistened with its enticing nectar. Any doubts she’d had were forgotten as she reached up to pull the woman closer. She didn’t know or care görükle escort what was expected from her. All she knew was she needed to taste this new experience. Her tongue pushed out lapping up thick sticky juice that tasted so lovely. Sweet with just a hint of sour she found difficult to describe. Like warm tomato juice maybe. Whatever, it was better than a boys cum being torpedoed into her throat.

Next she explored with her tongue, passing it back and forth along the edges of the slit feeling the flesh part just slightly under her touch. Then with her fingers she prized it open, desperate to examine the pink inviting flesh hidden inside.

She studied it for a second with a hunger she hadn’t felt since the first time she’d been faced with a throbbing cock looking for access to her mouth. She saw that experience in a flash of memory. The fear she’d had that her teeth would be in the way, the gag of it in the back of her throat, and the saltiness of cum that had stuck in her gullet.

This was so different. Sweeter tasting and smelling and everything in her control. Despite her earlier apprehension she wanted this now. More than anything. She pushed fingers into the opening with a tiny squelch, feeling every fold in the tight tunnel and felt elation when her touch brought moans of pleasure from Rebecca as she began to writhe, pushing herself down harder onto Emma’s face.

In return fingers and tongue moved as one at Emma’s pussy driving up her heat. She lifted her legs to grip the woman’s head so tightly that she thought she might hurt her. Rebecca just licked and prodded harder.

Emma was hungry. She couldn’t get enough as she stretched Rebecca’s pussy wide and reached as far in and as deep as she could, mixing her spit with the juices that flowed down into her open mouth.

Then she found the clit. A red, hot, hard target that rubbed back against her lips and tongue as Rebecca ground herself into her face. She sucked and flicked it with her lips and tongue, taking time for the magic button to reach its tipping point.

Emma jerked with shock and excitement at the sudden arrival of a finger on her arse ring. Lubricated with her own juice it defeated the muscle wall with ease and slipped inside, wriggling as it went. Emma felt the intrusion like an electric shock, wave after wave of sensation as both holes were massaged as one.

Emma bit down on Rebecca’s clit. She feared it was too hard but she’d lost control now and she came with a loud guttural cry and spasms that engulfed her whole body.

Rebecca was only moments behind. Her legs clamped, holding Emma’s face tight to her pussy as she screamed and cum juice poured into the open mouth. Emma lapped it up, desperate not to leave a drop unconsumed as her own body continued to jerk and buck under Rebecca’s weight.

Finally the moment of primal passion subsided and she felt Rebecca climb off, manoeuvring herself to lay next to an exhausted Emma who still twitched with tiny aftershocks.

She giggled and Emma looked at the pretty face propped on an arm just above hers. She saw beauty. Large eyes that emanated kindness, with just a hint of wrinkles at their edges. And a mouth that was forever turned up into a smile. The older, experienced woman.

“That was wonderful.” Was all Emma could say.


We’ve only just started. Now you’re loosened up we can fuck properly.”

Emma’s eyes almost popped at the thought there was more to come. But then she reminded herself it was still early. She was being paid well for a full night.

“Good.” She whispered back.

“I want more.

Teach me to please you.” She meant every syllable.

Fingers reached over and played at the edge of Emma’s still in place bra. One slipped inside and circled a nipple like a hunter.

Emma waited with anticipation knowing she would jump as soon as the finger made contact.

“I still haven’t seen these today. And I bet I can make you come with just your tits.”

Her hand slipped fully under the material and her nipple was taken between thumb and finger with a twisting that sent shivers of pain deep inside her. Then Rebecca squeezed hard and she almost came again.

“Oh God.

Fuck me. Do whatever you want. Please.”

Emma wondered if she would be able to walk by the morning as she buried her face into Rebecca’s chest, desperate to fill her mouth with the woman’s glorious tits. Warm, soft tits that smothered her like fluffy pillows. Emma devoured them as Rebecca tore away that last item of clothing desperate to return the service.

Hard dark nipples stared up from Emma’s dusky mounds, moving up and down with each breath, demanding to be tormented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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