Pervert Boyfriend and a Nasty Plot

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Hi, my name is Fallon. I am an 18 soon to be 19 year old girl, I am 5ft 4 inches tall and weigh about 118 pounds. I have long red hair to just below my shoulders, green eyes and am of fairly small stature. I have a good body with decent curves mostly due to my cheer leading in high school and working out and palates, I am also an avid swimmer and am a regular at the local YMCA.

Well this story that I am submitting is an account of something I have never told anyone, not because I am embarrassed about it at all. I do though live in a small town and well rumors start fast, and well I would wind up the town whore over something stupid. Though I do tend to get wet thinking about it, hate to admit alittle lol. Anyway…

I used to date a guy older than me, go figure huh young girls today do. He was 25 and one night he got me a fake id so I could go out clubbing with him one Friday night, well the id worked and I passed off and we started out around 7:30pm. Well we were having a great time and had met up with a group of his friends there, had only seen one or two of my friends out though because most of them aren’t old enough to get out like this.

Mostly through the night it was me, my boy friend and a group of his guy buddies. Well that night I was on one of my Citrona mix drink kicks, and had so far had five of them and it was 10:30pm and I had spent no money. As far as that went I was comfortable, and after a while I had stopped noticing the drinks that ‘magically’ appeared in my hand, and all the guy’s were nice.

Well by midnight we were all dancing and having fun, I was pretty good and buzzed too. We wound up playing a drinking game after we were tired of dancing, and well we wound up taking shots. By 1:30am I was very drunk, I had 8 mixed drinks, and 5 shots of I think Southern Comfort bourbon. We eventually wound up in a cab, then next thing we were in my living room.

Me and my boy friend were kissing pretty wildly and he worked his hand up my skirt, my panties wound up missing, my skirt raised above my thighs and he was stroking me in all the right places. I was soaked and so was his hand as it massaged my sensitive clit, he wouldn’t let me get off though and I just wound up so hot I was cussing him to make me cum.

He told me to scoot my ass to the edge of the couch and spread my thighs as he started to kiss me again, not really caring why he wanted me to do that I did it anyway as we kissed. A moment later his fingers left my throbbing pussy and started pinching my nipples, just then I noticed my shirt was gone! I knew I was drunk but damn he worked fast, then I felt something weird start to glide up and down my gooey slit.

The second I was just about to open my eyes then came something that made me groan out really loud, I rokettube looked down between my spread legs and saw a big hard dick burrowing it’s way inside me. Confused and drunk off my ass it took me a second but by the time I was about to protest that big thing hit bottom, then I felt several hands rubbing and grabbing my breasts and stomach.

As the guy inside me quickly started to literally fuck the shit out of me, my protests seemed to melt away and strangely I felt this overwhelming drive for more. After a few minutes I looked up to see who was driving into my wet hole, it just happened to be Steve’s good looking friend Neil. I grinned a bit at him and then he just seemed to relax a bit knowing that I was actually enjoying this, he grinned back and kept up this great rhythm.

A few moments later, I felt it build and swell in me then I remember hearing myself groan out that I was cumming and Neil started jamming himself into me faster and I felt myself tense and as I yelled out at the peak of what was a great orgasm, then I heard Neil yell out he was cumming through gritted teeth. Then I started instinctively thrusting my hips up at him and I felt the expanding heat inside me starting to grow each time he buried himself inside me, he was cumming inside me and it felt too fucking good and it sent me off into another orgasm.

When he finally pulled out of me I could feel his hot seed start to drain out and run down my ass and onto the couch, that orgasm sort of sobered me up a little bit. Next we wound up in my bedroom with another guy just going at me, I was on my hands and knees sucking my boy friend Steve while his buddy fucked me from behind. I still don’t know his name!

The guy must have been small because Neil felt alot bigger, I had two mini climaxes with him before he got off and pulled out. Steve then got up and got behind me and was at least the same size as Neil, he made me moan when he slid into me to his balls in one push. I found myself kinda getting into this, it felt dirty but it also felt damn good too. A guy sat in front of me, dark complected skin, it was Mark my boy friends best friend.

He rubbed his hardening shaft across my lips, then I noticed that he was hung like a fucking horse! Neil was pretty big I thought around 8 inches, but Mark was something else though…guessing possibly near 10 inches, had to be damn close to it. I licked him all over wetting it good with my saliva and then took that big thing in my mouth and started to suck this big brown colored cock, I had never been with a man of color Mark was going to be my first.

Mark was moaning a few moments later as I sucked him as best I could, a few moments later Steve had me moaning and groaning around Marks ridged cock. Taking my mouth off Mark I threw asyalı porno my head back and moaned loudly as I came all over Steve, I was so damn hot with all this going on I could feel my inner muscles working him while I was cumming uncontrollably. Two minutes later Steve groaned out as he started cumming in me, shoving myself back at him while he grunted repeatedly.

It felt like my insides were on fire as Steve kept fucking me, it felt like he would never stop pumping his hot cum in me it had already started to leak out around his pounding cock. A few moments later he thrust into me once more and then pulled out of me, I moaned as I felt a stream of warm goo run out and over my buzzing clit. Mark then got up and started his way around to my backside, Steve then sat in front of me “clean me up baby” he said to me.

At this point I didn’t care I was so hot and into it at that point I took his half hard dick in my mouth and licked and sucked the thick gooey coating of cum off of him, licking it from his cock and balls. A moment later I felt Mark starting to work that bat of his into me from behind, god he was huge, minutes later he bottomed out and whispered to me that he had another inch left too.

Steve pulled his limp cock from my mouth and said that he and the other guy were going to watch Mark and me for a while, after eight or nine deep thrusts into me he grabbed my hips and just started to ram that big ass thing into me. I screamed and tried to get away reflexively from the pain I felt but the guy held me there and just kept at me grunting with each thrust, three minutes into it I came so hard I thought I’d black out.

I grabbed and screamed into my pillow red faced as Mark kept hammering everything he had into spasming pussy, I had never felt anything like it in my life! I could feel that huge cock slamming into the bottom of my cum filled womanhood, I felt so stretched and throughly impaled on this guy. Mark fucked me like a dog for a half an hour, I had to have cum at least seven times in that half an hour. He had me on my back my thighs spread so wide my knees were up to my chest, a few minutes later he exploded deep inside me. It felt like he literally exploded, I never felt cum shoot that deep inside me before and it almost burned it felt so hot.

I was crying out and wailing repeatedly with every big jet of thick hot cum, this guy had me going out of my mind as he kept impaling me over and over with that massive meat of his. After what seemed like forever he finally pulled out of me with a deep groan, I gasped and just and just laid there catching my breath covered in sweat my ass laying in a growing pool of warm thick cum trickling out of me from my depths.

After a few minutes Steve brought me azeri porno a cold beer, I sat up and drank it dehydrated. Not twenty minutes later though I wound up giving Mark and Neil head,after they were both hard as a rock I couldn’t help but get Mark down on his back and mount him. I kissed him deep as I slid the fat head along my slippery and still aching slit and then sat my weight down on him, I gradually slid down his long thick pole and moaned out as my ass came to rest on his balls and I had the whole thing inside me.

God it was huge and it made me so fucking hot knowing now that I could actually take it all inside me, I started slow and the longer I road him the more wound up I got!. Not long after he and I were fucking like animals in the center of my queen sized bed, moaning into each others mouthes he was grabbing my breasts with one hand and sucking each one while the other hand was on the small of my back as I ground my pussy down hard on him.

For about 10 minutes I road him for all I was worth practically wallowing in the pain and pleasure of this big black cock crammed I was cramming into myself, and once again I found myself arching my back and screaming and cumming my brains out. Then he held me by the hips fully onto him as I laid on him my 34c cups smashed against his chest, I felt something cold on my ass. I crooked my neck to see Neil spreading a thick lube onto the entrance of my ass, “oh my god…” I moaned out loud. Mark started sucking and nibbling my nipples, a moment later I felt Neil push hard against my ass and a few inches slid quickly in making me cry out.

He kept pushing until he had most of it in on the first push, “Ohhh…ahh FUCK!” I yelled out as Neil withdrew a bit and then completely rammed the whole thing in my ass. Soon Mark and Neil found a good alternating rhythm and just like that I had two big hard cocks sliding in and out of both of my tight holes at the same time, it felt weird but also so damn good at the same time. Over the course of the rest of the night they all had switched and had me that way, Mark had cum in me again during a double penetration.

After a while he recovered and I even let him have my ass, I couldn’t believe that I let him do that! Not to mention that he was actually able to do my ass for a damn solid twenty minutes, until he shot his cum deep up my backside with a growl. I was moaning and shaking uncontrollably as that big 10 inch meat throbbed over and over deep in my rectum, “Oh my God…oh my God…Oh my GOD!” was all I could say!

We both groaned loudly when he finally pulled that thing out of me, my ass felt like it was buzzing like a bee hive. Over the next couple of hours until probably 7am the guy’s took me anyway they could think of, I don’t remember most of it really. The next day I woke up around 8pm alone in my messy bed, it was a real mess and so was I. Dried come all over me and in my hair, my pussy was still leaking thick jizz and my ass and pussy were sore and swollen, and I staggered around the next two days!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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