PervUniverse 02: The Boy Master

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Year: 2017

Dana was in her mid-40s. She was not one of those physically well maintained curvaceous mom. She was a bit plumb, busty woman. She made for her physical fitness with her smartness. From a job as a maid, she had grown to be the principal of one of the top colleges of the state, within a span of 20 years.

A thin but good built boy in his 20 stood in front of her, his head held down. She could see bruises in his eyes and lips. Dana was in dilemma. It had been her adopted son Abhi and his friends work. She never expected such an act from him. They had a heated argument yesterday and he had left home. He had argued that he was innocent and the physical misbehaviour were his friends act, but he didn’t object when she enquired about the bullying of the kid. He had texted that he’ll be at his friend’s house for a few weeks today morning and that was calming.

Dilip had lifted his head up to face her by then. Apart from the bruises the kid looked very cute and calm. ‘No wonder he gets picked up the boys’ she thought to herself ‘And what should I do with him?’

Her thrive for success had left her single most her life. She did went out for dates and had some relations as well but never from her college. She had been strict on that. ‘Maybe she could break it for once’. Various thoughts kept rumbling in her. Most of which wanted to take in the calm boy there on the office itself. She felt like wiping the stuffs off her desk and pull out every inch of her clothing material and be taken on the table. She could feel her shawl sliding through her shoulders and one look up, saw his eyes lighting up.

‘This is no ordinary scenario. My son hurt him and I must help him’ she supported herself. She stood up, her shawl still clinging at edge of the shoulder, a thin line of cleavage visible, the kid was drooling. She came near him and he smell the awesome fragrance of her scene as she closed in. He never knew that sense through nose could get him a hard on.

‘Why don’t you come by my house today? I’ll make it upto you.’ She whispered with a wink and turned. ‘You may leave now.’

‘Yes Ma’am.’ He went out nervously. She couldn’t hide her smile.

By 6 she heard the doorbell ring. She had been ready for him. She opened the door in her robes and pulled him inside. Dilip took a moment to view the whole room as she locked the front door. With Abhi gone, she had the whole house to herself.

‘Don’t worry, no one will disturb us tonight’ she whispered from behind and walked ahead to drink a glass of water. She swayed her hips and Dilip took in the movement of the huge balls with awe. She offered him water and wine but he just shook his head.

The kid seem still nervous. Dana walked towards and pushed him to the couch. She pulled out her robe revealing a sexy transparent lace lingerie. One of those lingeries she had saved for this sort of rare sex occasions. Dilip was drooling all over. She leaned forward and placed her forefinger on his head, sliding it down, through his and pausing as it reached his lips. She parted his lips with her forefinger. His lusty eyes were still focussed on her busty breasts.

‘Are you nervous?’ she enquired softly. He nodded.

‘Do you want me?’ He nodded again.

‘Then take me. Let me make it up to you for what my son did. Don’t you want that? Take the mother of the boy who bruised you? Here I am. The most authoritative woman in your gebze escort college seeking for you.’ She said, each word with soft delicacy and lust.

He had taken of his look from her breasts and stared at her eyes for a few seconds. ‘Show me your bedroom.’ He murmured, but well enough that she could hear it.

Stunned by his sudden masculinity, she pulled his arms and guided him towards her bedroom. He didn’t know what was turning him on. The fact that the principal of his college almost begging for his cock or the fact that he was going to fuck the mother the bully who had hurt him.

As soon as they reach the bedroom, Dilip spun her around and pushed her towards the wall. She stood there, he back to the wall. He took his steps in calm patience towards her. She could hear his breath and so could he, hers. He brought his head towards her left shoulder and blew. His first touch on her naked flesh was that of his hot breath on her shoulder. He let his breath move towards side, towards her neck. Air was getting harder to take in as his breath came closer to her neck and in a second she could feel his lips on her neck. He began with a gentle smooch. She felt herself draining with his touch, her knees were trembling, it might bend any time soon. In a few seconds he had escalated his gentle smooch to that of a French kiss on her neck. He was like a vampire.

He left his kiss and face her. She was trembling. The most authoritative woman trembling before him with pleasure and excitement. He had his arms placed to the sides of her belly and then kissed her cheek. He was kissing her in with vast patience and accuracy. Each move with that of a surgeon’s precision. Dana was mesmerised by the kid’s sudden transformation. ‘He is so good at this’ she heard herself.

Of all the sexual partners she had, she had never met someone so calm with his work, she was already excited and he had not kissed her yet. She wanted his kiss. As he stood in front of her staring at her, she lunged forward for her kiss, but he stopped her with his finger. With a smile, he moved forward and placed a peck on her lips. ‘Is that all she’s going to get?’ she wanted to cry out loud but she felt his hands movies down towards her panty. He started rubbing her through her panty. She was dripping wet and she could feel his finger rubbing her wetness. He was smiling all this time. She struggled to hold her moan and then let out a gasp ‘Mmm… Ah…’. The kid was toying with her, but even his rubbing was perfect.

Dilip pulled out his hand and started unbuttoning his shirt and in quick, was out of his pants as well. He stood there naked in front of her. His hard boner almost stretching out to poke her, but he steadied himself. He unclasped her bra and relieved her off any clothing as he pulled off her panty. They were both naked now. She, with her voluptuous body and he in his thin skinny figure with a strong hard on. She could almost wrap around him, even though they were almost the same height.

Dana gasped at the boy’s cock. Although she have seen or had cocks larger and longer than that, she never remember urging for a cock as much as this was. He stopped her again as she extend her hands towards his cock. He wasn’t done yet. He kneeled before her and pressed her towards the wall. She had her left leg pulled up and placed on a stool beside him. She expected a kiss below but he göztepe escort was even lower, he was kissing her thighs. Oh kid, you are killing me. As if he heard her think, he moved his kisses from her thighs to her pussy. It was all wet for him.

He blew her gently from outside. Oh my God, he is turning me on even with his breaths. He kissed around her outer lips, still holding on to his patience, occasionally bringing his tongue for some delicate licks, nothing yet penetrating. Breath, kiss and gentle licks. He was masterfully using all three actions as she struggled for breath, struggled for strength to stand. She was melting. She never knew when, but his tongue was inside her by now. She wished to open her eyes, she wished to moan out aloud, but she could not. He was draining every inch of her energy.

After a session of oral pleasure, Dilip turned to the large king sized bed??. He sat at the edge of, his one hand on his hard on. He was waiting for her. As she stepped forward, he signalled stop and pointed down. She looked at him quizzically.

‘On your fours…’ he demanded. Dana was taken aback for a second. What had happened to this kid? But she obliged. She was on her fours and crawled towards him. He was owning her and somehow she was excited by that. A lift of power from her shoulder. She was giving up everything to this calm, precise, perfect boy.

Dilip awed at the beauty crawling towards him. Her big, busty breasts hanging down that he could stop her there and milk her like a cow, but he was done with the teasing. He needed her soon although he couldn’t let her know. He couldn’t let his guard down. Not yet… But the view was mesmerising. The big fat woman on her fours… Her huge round ass wobbling at the back. He was craving to grab that ass and spank it to red. But… Not yet… He kept his guard up…

She was enjoying this. Letting him take the power but she knew he was losing it too. She wanted him to keep that power. As soon as she reached she didn’t kneel up as he had expected. Instead, she bend even further, kissed his toes, licked them. He could feel him throbbing. She lifted her head up and levelled herself to his cock and then looked at him. He was urging for her and she could see it in his eyes. He may cover his desire with his authoritative voice and demands but his eyes were giving him out.

‘Do you want me to serve you, Master?’ She was giving him back his power. But it was too much. The call of ‘Master’ from the voice of the principal of his college, from the mom of the most athletic, smartest and popular kid was too much for him, but he couldn’t give up and he just nodded.

And with a smile, she blew to his cock. ‘Two could play this game’ and she couldn’t hide her smile. He was smiling too but his eyes were closed as if he was in a dream world. Her hot breath on his throbbing hard cock. Then a kiss, then a subtle kiss, a light lick. ‘Was she trying to outsmart him?’ she pulled out all the cards she hid before giving him a full blowjob.

It was exciting to drain back the power after giving him all of her strength. Her head bobbed in and out of his cock. Her long nail poking his back. Occasionally, she found time for his balls and pleasured them with her nails, lips and tongue.

As his strength drained his pleasure was escalating, his guards were all gone and by the turn of events he was on halkalı escort the bed and she was blowing him. She acted as if he still owned. She loved that. The authoritative man inside the skinny, lame boy. He regained himself as he gently pulled her hair and brought her towards him. He still hasn’t kissed her and her lips were drooling.

‘I want you… Lie back… Its time, I have you’ he grunted.

She obeyed and lied on her back. She watch him tower before her. He brought his cock before her lips.

‘Kiss him once more.’ He demanded and she did. She placed a smooch on his cock. He then let his cock slide through her. He was some sort of christening her, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be fucked right now. His cock glided through the gap between the huge melons and then her belly, poked her belly button and brought towards her entrance.

She thought he might need guidance but he was a pro. He slid inside her in slow. They were one by now. She could feel tears rolling through her with excitement. He moved, slowly picking up pace.

‘Ah…’ she moaned slightly, the loudness increasing with each stroke, so was his grunt.

After a comfortable pace… they fucked… In unison, she moaned and he purred. He had his hands on her breasts and her hands on his ass as if to pull him more inside.

They were at the peak of pleasure. Lust, excitement, pain, a mixture of emotion that was too much for both of them to hold on to.

‘Oh God’, ‘Ah’, ‘Fuck fuck fuck’, these seemed to be the only words she could voice right now. He didn’t speak, he just grunted.

He started to slow his pace and pulled himself out. ‘Turn around, I want to fuck you doggy’ he demanded.

‘Yes, Master’…

‘Oh fuck… again Master… Why is that word exciting me so much’ he thought to himself.

She was on all her fours by then, just like she a few minutes before. He grabbed those humungous melons. They were bigger than his hands could hold. He kissed them and then pulled out his cock to fuck her doggy.

The ‘Ah..’s and the ‘God..’s continued. He fucked her doggy, he pulled on hairs and slapped her ass. He was like a cowboy riding a horse. The fuck and slap acted in harmony. This time, both of them were drained off energy. He couldn’t hold anymore and after all this hours of power, he gave the last opportunity to her.

‘Where do you want your Master’s cum?’

She was surprised, she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t care, she could take his cum anywhere in her body. The boy had made her cum too.

‘Tits… Cum on my tits’ she blurted out finally.

She turned and lied on her back, watching him stroke before her. She muscled her breasts together awaiting the arrival of his cum, like a princess waiting for her prince… and he came… he came… he came a lot…

The night had just began, they resumed their fuck. After 2 sessions, they ordered pizza. They had pizza naked on the very bed they fucked. She held the last piece of pizza between her teeth and brought it toward him. He took bit from the pizza, their lips touched and soon did their tongues as well. They could taste the cheese and the spicy flavour of pizza and they kissed.

The fuck session continued late night. Trying out different positions and teases. The boy kept impressing her more and more. She couldn’t but wonder how he had learnt all this. He wasn’t a virgin for sure…

And that is a story for later…

Hi Guys, this is the second installment to my experimental venture PervUniverse, hope you guys liked it and it would be really motivating to have your feedback and response to proceed with this style. I’d also welcome suggestions or ideas that you’d like to see in the upcoming episodes.

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