Phantom Incest

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Tonight was the masquerade party that Josh’s parents were throwing for him, in honor of his graduating from high school. He had been back in New Orleans for a couple days and was just getting settled in at home. He was on a three-month long break from the exclusive private school that he attended. He was looking forward to relaxing during his long break.

By the time he arrived, the party was in full swing. Guests were swarming in and out of his mother’s immaculately groomed rose garden. Josh wore the mask that his parents gave him, explaining that he, as the guest of honor, would be the only one who wore a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ mask.

He made his entrance through the French doors opening out onto the patio. He was overwhelmed by the excitement he felt in the atmosphere as the guests cheered, and held up their glasses when he entered the garden. He joined the festivities and tried to guess who was who in the crowd. It was not an easy task, almost everyone wore big feathery masks that covered their eyes and nose and forehead. He looked for his Mom and sisters but hadn’t found them yet when his father approached him.

“Josh – – Hey, Josh – – Can you go get me a case of wine from the cellar in the guest house?” Bob asked his son. “I hate to ask you, but, you know I can’t carry those cases up the stairs,” Bob explained to his son, and couldn’t help it when a roguish grin crept across his face.

“Sure Pop, I’ll be back right back.” Josh told his father before turning to make his way down the dark winding path off the back of the garden.

He carefully followed the small stone pathway through the dense fog that inched its way up from the nearby swamp that night. It hung low, clinging close to the ground, making it difficult to see more than a few feet in front him. Josh had to rely on the hazy amber glow coming from the small windows in the old guest house to guide him in the right direction.

Josh knew his father had been using the old place as his photography studio for years. It had always been off limits to him and his sisters, so he was a bit surprised when his dad asked him to go out there, for any reason.

He found his way to the side of the old house through the dense fog. Passing by the window, he caught a glimpse of someone moving inside the house. Opening the side door, he went in to investigate. Peering around the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks. Afraid to even breathe, he saw a tall red headed woman dressed up in some kind of black leather get-up and wearing a huge strap-on cock. She appeared to be giving someone a brutal fucking. He could not tell who they were because they were both wearing big feathery masks, like everyone at the party. Curiously, he held his breath and moved in closer to get a better view.

Once he inched his way into the dark kitchen, Josh froze, hiding in the shadows. He stared in awe at the tall redhead, who wore a black leather harness that crisscrossed around her chest. Her heavy cantaloupe-sized breasts jutted out from the strappy outfit. Free from any encumbrance, the large melons jumped every time she thrust her hips at her.

Looking at the poor woman on the sofa, Josh could tell she was much shorter, a petite little thing compared to the tall redhead. Her short brown hair was done up in pigtails, tied with red ribbons. She wore a short red mini-skirt and white thigh-high hose that was garnished with small red bows around the top. She looked like a sexy little school girl, with her white shirt and shiny black oxford shoes.

He looked back at the redhead. The woman’s slim hips were almost child like, flaring out just a bit from her small waist. She wore a tiny black thong that did nothing to hide her sweet little heart-shaped ass. Her high-heeled black boots went halfway up her luscious thighs, and they made her appear to be taller than most men. Her long auburn hair swayed sensuously against her bare hips with each movement she made.

He almost fell over when he heard what was being said as they fucked.

“Take that cock, you little slut!” The tall redhead yelled as she bucked violently at her tiny cunt.

The woman dressed as a school-girl was kneeling on the sofa, bent over, with her plump little behind up in the air. She quickly buried her face in the sofa cushions when the redhead yelled at her. Josh could make out muffled grunting noises coming from her with each violent thrust from the big rubber cock.

The tall woman gave her a slap on the behind and continued to say the nastiest things. “Tell momma you like her big hard cock in your pussy!”

The little woman turned her head and tried to answer, but it was too late. The redhead looked angry as she quickly pulled the big cock from her pussy. She lifted the cock up high and swung down hard, making a loud slapping sound when it hit the woman’s fleshy behind.

Josh could see the big red imprint rise to the surface of her ivory flesh, just seconds after the vicious blow.

“Turn over slut!” she ordered. “Momma wants to see that little pussy!”

The escort kartal small woman howled in pain, but quickly recovered and rolled onto her back.

“Spread them!” the tall lady told the little brunette.

The woman dressed as a school-girl spread her legs wide open, holding them in her arms presenting her pussy to the tall lady.

Josh felt his cock throbbing against his tight blue jeans. He had never seen anything like this in his life. He swallowed hard, anxious to see what would happen next. He quietly unbuttoned and slowly unzipped his pants. Slipping his hand into his underwear, he stroked his rock hard dick.

“Oooooow!” The little one screamed when the tall redhead lifted the big fake cock and slapped it against her tiny cunt.

“I said open up! – – I want to see that little clit!” the red head yelled.

The woman on the couch pulled her pussy lips apart until her little clit stuck out.

“That’s a good girl,” cooed the tall woman, reaching down to pinch the her swollen clit between her fingers. “Momma’s got a surprise for you,” she told her, turning to grab something off the coffee table.

When she turned, she paused for a split second, and Josh thought he was caught. His heart raced, waiting to see if she would call him out of his hiding place, as he stood there watching from the shadowy kitchen.

Turning back to what she was doing, the redhead lifted a shiny metal thing with a long silver chain on it. He watched as she squeezed the thing open and clamped it onto the woman’s little pussy. Josh almost jumped out of his skin, startled by the shrill sounding noise when she screamed, shrieking in pain.

He heard her speak for the first time. “Oooow! – – Momma No! – – Please momma, I’ll be good! – – I promise, I will! – – Take it off, it hurts, momma! – – Pleeease!” she cried, still screaming in pain.

The tall woman smiled. Ignoring the other’s pleas, she bent down and gave the woman a quick lick along the length of her pussy, before standing and taking aim with the big cock.

“Momma will make it all better, baby,” she cooed, as she rammed the huge cock into her again with one hard thrust.

It stretched her so wide that Josh thought it would rip her in two. He watched as the tiny pussy took the length of the big fake cock. The redhead grunted with each hard thrust into the other woman’s pussy. He wondered if the women were playing a game or if they were really related. ‘Could a mother actually fuck her own daughter like that?’ He doubted it was possible. As he watched, the cock disappeared again and again in her small cunt. The cock was stretching her painfully open to accommodate its massive girth as it was being brutally thrust into her tiny pussy. Josh inhaled deeply, catching his breath in his throat. He was still fisting his cock in his pants, just about to cum when he heard the tall woman speak.

“Get over here Josh!” she demanded, bucking her hips into her.

Too stunned to move, Josh stood there frozen in place. She saw him! He thought about running, but the redhead already knew who he was. ‘How the hell, does she know who I am?’ he thought to himself. He tried to compose himself, pulling his pants together. Just as he got them zipped, the woman interrupted him.

She was yelling at him. “Get over here, NOW!” she ordered. “You need to learn how to listen! Leave that cock where it is son, we’ll take care of it,” she told him, not missing a beat while she fucked in and out of the small woman still impaled on her big fake cock.

Josh hesitantly stepped out of the shadow thinking. ‘How did she know what I was doing?’ He finally spoke aloud. “Um, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to – to, um…” he stuttered, and then added, “I’ve got to go… My Dad is waiting for a case of wine.”

“Too late for that now!” she told him reaching for the woman’s legs to hold them open wide. “Come here, there’s something I want you to see – – And, besides, maybe Sara here, would like to see a real cock,” she added with a mischievous chuckle, continuing to fuck the big dick in and out of her little hole.

“Wouldn’t you Sara?” she asked. “You want a real cock, Sara?” she asked again, tugging on the silver clamp painfully squeezing her clit.

“Yesss!” Sara howled. “Uhhhh, oh, Momma!”

“Not yet Sara, you’ll cum when I tell you to!” the red head told her sternly.

Josh was close enough to them to smell and hear the fucking. The musky scent was intoxicating; his hand went for his cock to rearrange the uncomfortable member inside his pants while he listened to the smacking noises of cunt meeting cock over and over again.

“Get down here and hold this,” she told him, handing him the chain still attached to the clip on her engorged red clit.

Josh took the chain, still too stunned to do anything but follow orders. He held it in his hand as he stared intently at her pussy. He watched the puffy lips open, spreading wide again to swallow the huge phallus. It looked so painful that he was shocked to hear her moaning uğur mumcu escort under her breath, begging for more.

He watched her roll her head from side to side and he heard her whisper quietly, “Momma, oh, yesssss!”

“Okay Josh, pull on the chain, I think we’ll let Sara have a good cum for us to watch,” the tall woman said in a low husky southern drawl.

He reluctantly gave a tug, and watched as she bucked up and howled like an animal. He was so turned on by what he was watching that he gave the chain another tug, this time holding it back, lifting her swollen clit up from her puffy little pussy lips. He was so turned on that he gave a couple quick jerks and he could actually see her cunt spasm when she screamed out in pain.

“Owwww! – – Ohhhhhh, fuck, ohhhh Momma, here it coooooomes!” she screamed.

The tall woman pulled the big cock from her cunt just in time for them to see a small spurt of clear liquid squirt out of her little pussy, just before it spasmed closed. Sara bucked and squirmed through her orgasm. Josh, not thinking about what he was doing, held the chain in the same hand he used to adjust his throbbing cock. He was startled by Sara screaming when he pulled hard on the little silver chain as he reached for his dick.

“Ohhhhhh, mommaaaaa, yesssss!” Sara squealed, cumming for a second time. Josh jumped, jerking the chain hard, causing Sara to howl in pain.

“Okay, let go Josh,” the tall lady told him when she thought Sara had had enough. “Now take the clip off of her clit and kiss her pussy to make it better,” she ordered.

Josh completely forgot the reason he was even there. Nothing mattered at that point but tasting his first pussy. He very slowly bent down, getting on his knees; he removed the clip and placed a tentative kiss on her swollen clit. The musky scent caused his cock to throb in his pants. He found the taste to be kind of nice, bitter sweet, and actually pretty pleasant.

“Lick it for her Josh, stick your tongue in her hole and wiggle it around,” the woman ordered while she unbuckled the belt around her waist to remove the big strap on cock.

Josh did not have to be told twice, he dove in, licking and sucking on her pussy until the redhead told him, “Enough, now stand!” she ordered. “Sara, go get yourself cleaned up,” she said dismissing her from the room.

He watched her stand, straightening her little skirt. She looked at them and gave the woman a loud exasperated sigh before leaving the room through the kitchen.

Josh finally had the courage to look up at the tall red head and ask, “Who are you?”

“Call me Lisa,” she replied. “Now, come – – We’ve got a little surprise for you down the hall,” she said flatly.

Josh’s curiosity and arousal got the best of him; he was so turned on that he could cum in his pants at any moment.

She took him by the hand and led him down the hall to the bedroom. Opening the door, she ushered him inside. The room was filled with a glowing red light coming from a lamp beside the bed. Josh looked around, he saw a woman lying across the big four-poster bed; she was covered with a thin white satin sheet. The bed was in front of a backdrop that was painted to look like a typical southern mansion surrounded by majestic magnolia trees. In the small room, the red light seemed to make the white colors in the background glow, creating a surreal contrast against the lovely woman in the front of the picture. Josh’s mind raced again, wondering what kind of photography his father really did in this old house.

He couldn’t see her clearly in the red light. Josh recognized the mask from the party, but had no idea who she was. He could see that her hands were tied to the bedpost with what appeared to be scarves.

“Come closer, Josh, I want you to meet Betty Lou,” Lisa said in a husky southern drawl, climbing onto the bed beside the bound woman.

Josh approached the women, who were only a few feet from each other on the big bed. Betty was stretched out across the bed, her back arched up just enough to accentuate her small firm breasts as she struggled against the bonds that held her arms in place. She writhed around, twisting from side to side and moaning. Her movements only aroused Josh even more, watching her struggle turned him on for some reason. The outline of her body was almost more erotic than seeing her naked. Every subtle curve was accentuated by the silky sheet covering her small body.

Lisa pressed her hand against the woman’s crotch, forcing her finger, and the sheet, into her cunt. Betty moaned and pushed her hips up at the invasion, obviously attempting to allow better access for Lisa. When Lisa removed her hand, there was a noticeable wet spot on the sheet, evidence that it had just been inside her wet pussy.

Lisa reached for the sheet. Yanking it from he bed, she unveiled the beautiful woman in one quick movement.

“You may do what you want with her,” Lisa motioned with her hand. “Or, you can sit back and let us please çavuşoğlu escort you,” she told him, dropping the silky white sheet into a crumpled pile at her feet. She untied the woman and placed the silky piece of material back around the bedpost.

“What the hell? Shit, man,” Josh said, his eyes wide with surprise. “You mean I can do anything I want with you two?” he asked staring at the blonde beauty waiting for him on the bed.

“Yes, Josh, we are here to please you,” Betty spoke quietly, but he could still hear a distinct southern accent as she motioned for him to come to her.

“Um, okay, this is, just, um… Never mind,” he stuttered, trying to compose himself in a situation he had never even imagined could happen. “Is there a light switch?” he asked. “I can hardly see a thing in here,” he told them, not wanting to miss seeing what he was doing in the strange red light.

“It is beside the cabinet, over there.” Lisa nodded her head in the direction of the tall cabinet against the wall. “But, the masks stay on,” she told him in a stern tone.

Josh nodded in agreement, deciding that he wasn’t too concerned with their faces at this point anyway. He found the switch beside the tall cabinet. Noticing the doors were opened just a bit, he peeked inside. He saw a barrage of costumes and several other interesting items on the shelves inside the cabinet. He flipped the switch; soft pink light filled the room. It was enough for Josh to see how beautiful the women were. His cock twitched in his pants at the thought of what he was about to experience with two women at one time.

Josh swallowed hard; he had no idea where to start with them. His cock was throbbing, struggling against the prison of his clothing. Self-conscious about them seeing it, he tried to hide his raging hard-on from their view with his hands.

Lisa stepped off the bed and approached him. She pulled his hands from his crotch, and unzipped his pants. She slowly ran her hands around his waist, slipping a finger beneath the elastic waistband of his under shorts; she pulled back and snapped him with the band. Josh jumped, a little surprised by the sting.

“Come, sit Josh, we will take care of everything,” she drawled in her thick southern accent. Noticing his embarrassment, she whispered hotly in his ear, “Josh, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, we are here to take care of that little problem.” She smiled as she pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles as soon as he was close to the bed.

He did as Lisa instructed, he turned around and sat beside Betty, while Lisa removed his shoes, socks and then pulled his pants from of his legs. Anxious to get started, he quickly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it in the pile on the floor.

He sat completely naked beside Betty, his hard young cock proudly pointing north. He felt her small hand wrap around his stiff dick. The warmth of her touch was almost enough to make him cum. She stroked him a couple times, not realizing he was already on the brink of cumming right there in her hand. Betty took Josh’s hand and quite deliberately placed it against her chest.

“Touch me,” the blonde told him sweetly as she gently pumped his stiff cock flicking her finger over the engorged head.

Josh, excited at the chance to touch the delicious woman, fumbled with the little pink buttons on her small breasts. He managed to get his hands over both breasts, squeezing them in his hot palms before Lisa sat on the other side of him. Lisa reached across him, pressing her hot fleshy breasts against his cock; she pulled on one of her nipples, eliciting a small squeal from Betty. Lisa sat up and gently pushed Josh onto his back. Reaching for Betty over him, Lisa took the her and kissed her deeply, sliding her tongue in and out of the other woman’s pouty mouth.

Josh sat back and watched as Lisa pinched Betty’s nipples, squeezing them between her fingers until they were sticking out like pencil erasers. He heard Betty’s moans muffled by the passionate kiss. Lisa pulled away from Betty, still holding her head in her hands. Lisa pushed Betty’s face into Josh’s crotch.

“Suck his cock Betty,” Lisa told the Betty. “Suck it for him.”

Betty moved around and knelt in front of Josh, positioning herself between his open legs. She took the tip of his cock into her small hot mouth, licking circles around the engorged head before swallowing the whole thing down to his tight balls. Betty cupped his balls in her hand, gently massaging the small sack while she sucked fiercely on his cock.

Josh closed his eyes, letting out a long groan. He was lost in another world when he felt her hot mouth descend on his throbbing dick. He moved his hips up at her, instinctively pumping himself into her wet mouth. With his eyes closed, he committed every sensation to memory, as he enjoyed his first blow job. Feeling warm kisses on his neck, he opened his eyes to see Lisa kissing a path down to his chest and back up to his mouth. Her kiss was gentle, light fluttering kisses.

Josh was too far-gone; he needed to feel her mouth. He grabbed at her, pulling her to him. He kissed her hard, with a passion that surprised both of them; devouring her mouth while he was pumping his hard dick into Betty’s mouth. It was more than he could take.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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