Phones Ch. 02 – Catching Mom

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Jade Venus

Everybody’s 18 blah, blah,blah


For the next few days, nothing. Molly had a pile of clothes heaped in her closet, blocking my little peek-a-boo. I’m pretty sure she didn’t see the hole, she’s just a slob. I was reduced to replaying my sister’s masturbation vid for my own horny pleasure.

Then, it was Friday. Some time after lunch, some dick yanked the fire alarm at school. By the time it all got settled they just sent us home. Everybody knew that’s why the dick pulled the alarm, but some of us thought it was one of the teachers. I was happy to get out of school early on a Friday. I cut through the Finster’s back yard, like I do every day, and slipped in the back door of our house, in stealth mode, dropping my backpack and shoes in the mud room.

I eased the door to the kitchen open and paused. The TV was on. But, it sure wasn’t ‘The View’. The familiar sounds of porn drifted in from the family room. Under that, I heard voices, female voices. I knew Molly had some field trip today so she must have gotten home before me. I pulled out my phone.

There was no way I was going to be able to peek around a doorway without being seen. I moved as close as possible but the best I got was three, very naked female legs. I could hear something, but the TV faced me and the sound of fake sex overwhelmed the real thing, I thought. I was hoping it was Sarah, Molly’s bestie and my second fav wank doll. I had to find a way.

There was a pass-through between the family room and the kitchen. There was a lot of stuff on the shelf and I saw a spot where I could prop the phone. I was behind the TV now so the voices were clearer but my only focus was getting my phone in place unseen and getting the fuck outa there before my sister caught me.

I reached up slowly and tucked my phone in the middle of some dense plant. I hoped neither of them would catch the movement. I couldn’t see the screen so I had to trust luck that I was on target. I slipped out of the kitchen, and out of the house, just to be safe.

I went to Matt’s house and hung out. He didn’t ask why I had no phone and I sure as hell wasn’t telling him about what was on it.

When I got home a couple of hours later, everybody was home and dinner prep was in full swing. I saw my chance and grabbed my phone out of the plant. gaziantep sahibe escort I swear my cock was getting hard as I left my sister and mom in the kitchen and ran to my room.

Battery dead. Shit. My charger had crapped out two days ago and the new one wasn’t here yet. I’d been borrowing anybody else’s that was available. There was no way I could borrow a charger and say I was going to my room to use it. We just left our phones on the kitchen counter to charge. I was going to have to wait. I sat down to dinner, staring at my phone charging on the counter.

Dinner was pleasant. Mom talked about going out to eat with her friend Laura, and then they went to a small cat show at the community hall. Molly talked about her field trip to some dumb museum, and I told everybody about the fire alarm. Molly was busitn my balls askin how I managed to get away with it and what I did for the rest of the day. Mom joined in, nosy about where I went after that. She asked if Matt’s parents were home when I was there. She thinks we steal booze. We do, just not today. I lied and said they were. Finally, after family TV, it was bed time. I grabbed my phone and headed for my room.

It took forever for the family to settle down, or it seemed that way. Once I knew I was safe I opened up the phone. My card was full, I expected that. I made sure my door was shut, listened for a few seconds, then stripped, got my towel and got back on my bed.

My framing wasn’t perfect. I couldn’t see their heads if they were sitting on the couch, just legs and boobs. It was off center but, good enough.

It seemed like they had been at it for a while. Nipples were hard and red, and wet like they had been sucked. Two furry pussies, one blond, one brunette were in full flower and very wet. I stroked my cock and listened.

It was not my sister’s voice.

“So, you never licked a pussy?”

Hands stroked each other’s leg, moving towards the top.

“No, was that your first time?”

A giggle, “Yeah, I liked it. You wanna try?”

A beat of silence then, “Yes, yes I do.”

I watched, stroking my cock, as my loving mom, the PTO member and warden of our church lay flat on our couch and helped her long-time friend Laura, who I still called şahinbey escort “Aunt” Laura position herself so that her furry pussy descended on my mother’s mouth as Laura pressed her mouth into mom’s bush. I came hard as my mother and her friend Laura ate each other’s pussy.

I’ve never seen my mom naked. I’d never even thought about her. She’s an older version of my sister. A little softer in the middle, but still real good looking. Aunt Laura was taller, thicker and she had big tits. I’d never thought of my mother as a sexual being, even though I’ve heard her and dad fucking. Now, I can’t think of her any other way.

It wasn’t like the shit on porn sites. They didn’t talk at all. I could tell when one of them came, they stopped tonguing the other and panted a lot. Aunt Laura, ha, won’t be able to say that with a straight face after this, had her hands pulling mom’s butt open and she slid a finger deep in her ass. That set mom off and she came hard. They lay there and pleasured each other for ten minutes. I didn’t bother trying to count how many times they came. Me, four times.

They finally stopped licking each other and sat on the floor panting, and laughing.

“Wow, that was fun. I’d never thought about another woman.”

Mom rubbed Laura’s naked thigh, “Me either, till that night. I was so into the action, I just went with it. You taste nice, by the way.”

Laura laughed, “Oh shit and you come like a fire main!”

“Sorry, Laura, I should have warned you.”

Laura leaned in and kissed mom. The kiss got hotter and they were swapping tongues.

They broke the kiss, panting. Laura ran her hand through mom’s hair, “I loved that you filled my mouth. I want to do this more, just you and me.”

Mom smiled and caressed Laura’s neck, “Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. I want that too. Right now we gotta clean up, my kids will be home soon.”

Laura laughed, “Oh boy, imagine if they saw us like this!”

They laughed, I laughed, too late mom.

I trimmed the vid to that point.

A fateful mistake

There was no way I was losing this. I got up, booted my laptop and copied the vid of Molly and the vid of mom and “Aunt Laura” into my ‘sports legends’ video folder.

Of course, I forgot to şahinbey escort bayan shut off the phone, so by morning, I needed to top it off. Mom’s phone was charging on the kitchen counter so I put mine next to it, thinking I’d hook up when she was done. I went back up to my room to finish getting ready for school.

I came back down and hers was still on charge. The bus was coming so I grabbed mine and hoped it would last all day. I had a date in the boy’s room with that video. As I waited for the bus, I shut it off in my pocket. Ah, the anticipation.

Hall pass in hand, I slipped into the last stall. I reached into my pocket and turned the phone on as I shoved my pants and briefs around my ankles, releasing my already hard cock. I settled my hand around my shaft and picked up the phone.

I had the wrong phone.

I had moms.

She had a text, from “Aunt Laura.” It was a conversation.

“I loved that. I’m still buzzing.” Laura wrote.


Oh shit. A close up of Aunt Laura’s pussy, soaking wet and wide open. I got hard.

Mom replied, “Oh fuck, you’re so bad. So you liked your first time?”

“Mmmmm. Are you going to tell Tor?”

“Let’s wait till our next party. I’ll tell him when Lars is fucking me. He can’t get jealous if he’s letting me screw your husband, or maybe we can keep this as our little secret.

“LMAO sounds like a plan.”

Mom sent one more, “I needed a little more today.” She was on her bed, spread eagled, with a fat dildo up her drenched pussy.

I beat off, of course. This is so hot but so strange.

My safe, predictable world was turning into a sea of too much knowledge. Maybe mom and dad were right, you sneak around too much and you do see more than you wanted. I stuck the phone back in my pocket and went for lunch with my friends.

Half-way through afternoon classes, I started shaking. If I had mom’s phone, she had mine.

The final bell rang. Time to go home.

Normal, incredibly normal. I got home and saw my phone on the counter, I put mom’s next to it. Everybody was home and we had the usual evening. After dinner, dad and I watched a baseball game and mom and Molly walked the neighborhood. Everybody took a shower and headed for bed. I noticed mom poked each phone, assuring that she had hers before she went up. Molly wasn’t saying much, but she can be like that sometimes.

I lay in bed, naked and poked through my phone.

Both videos were gone. Mom knows I recorded Molly, and her and Aunt Laura. Shit. Oh, and she’ll know I read her text convo with Aunt Laura, shit times two.

I saw the knob on my door slowly turning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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