Piano Bench

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“ Sex is simple – Sex is discovery – love is painful. ”

I arrive late from the office, tired from the long day at the office, looking forward to seeing her, as I slip quietly in the front door, I hear the sounds of the Adagio from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata being played on the piano in the music room, Marina is a classical trained pianist. I walk slowly over to her, say nothing, but place my hands on her neck and give a little squeeze – she turns to look over her shoulder, smiles, then returns her attention to the piano. She looks so beautiful sitting there, with perfect posture, in her pink panties and grey t-shirt, thick blonde hair cascading down her back, glistening in the glow of the twilight, her long legs as smooth as silk, her slender fingers on the keys – and in that moment all I can think of is how much I want her. I step over to the window, draw the curtains, turn the lights down, come back over to the piano bench, then nudge her forward a few inches to the front as I sit down behind her, my legs straddling hers on either side, wrapping both arms around her stomach – I lean in and place a soft, wet kiss on the back of her neck – she giggles, shivers, but keeps on playing. I slip my left hand up under her t-shirt to those gorgeous firm breasts, I so adore and begin caressing them, rolling her nipples gently between my thumb and forefinger, left and right, by turn, then slip my other hand slowly down the front of her panties, tenderly stroking the growing wetness between her legs with my middle finger, while bearing down slightly on her clit with the fleshy part of my palm, and slowly rocking my hand side to side.

Marina is still trying to eke out a few more bars of the Adagio, but is beginning to make mistakes as I place more and more wet kisses on the back and sides of her neck, nibbling her earlobes, stroking her tits, probing her pussy with my fingers, ever more urgently, till she lets out a purring sigh, and turns her head to kiss me with a passion that threatens to swallow me whole – and in that moment I know her piano playing is done for now, and I know I have finally secured her full attention. Suddenly she stands up and turns to face me, and I wonder if I’ve upset her somehow, whether I’d moved too fast, or maybe she isn’t in the mood, but as I open my mouth to ask if she is okay, she places a finger against my lips and smiles, then motions for me to pivot my legs and sit straddling the bench.
She slips both thumbs into the waistband of her panties, sliding them down her beautiful legs to the floor, and in one graceful motion she pulls her t-shirt off and over her head and stands there for a moment nude, smiling as she drinks in the look of lust and adoration on my face. She sits down opposite me on the bench, draping her long, luscious legs to either side, then reaching down, she unbuckles my belt and unzips my trousers, and gently draws out my growing erection, sliding her index finger across the dewy drop of pre-cum on the tip of my cock, touching it to her lips, saying ” mmmm,” with a smile.

I let out a delighted sigh as she then leans down and begins licking the tip of my dick, rolling her tongue slowly round and round the head, up and down the length of my shaft, over and over, till she finally takes me full in her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat, again and again, expertly sucking me to full hardness. She whispers that she loves that she can give me such pleasure, but that she has more in mind. She stands up again, smiles and winks at me, then moves close, straddling the outside of my legs, wrapping her graceful arms around my neck, and pushes her right nipple up to my mouth, which I proceed to suckle and lick with delight, my hands grabbing her ass, pulling her towards me. As I continue to kiss and nibble her tits, she teases the tip of my hard cock with her dripping wet pussy, sliding forward and back, working her swollen clit against me, driving me to madness. Then finally, ever-so-slowly, she lowers herself onto my shaft, telling me how she loves the feel of my soft cotton shirt against her tits, how she loves the feel of my brushed wool pants against her legs, how she loves the feel of my cock filling, filling, her. When she finally has taken me fully inside, our mouths meet, and we share a kiss of voracious abandonment, all tongue, teeth and lips, biting and licking as if to devour each other, which serves to excite and entice me all the more. She rocks her hips like a belly dancer, side to side, up and down, and as she squeezes on my dick, I thrust up into her, in and out, faster, slower, faster again, on and on, then I slow it down, taking her right to the edge with me, backing off just slightly, telling her over and over how much I love her, reveling in the wondrous feeling of it all.

I feel delirious, like I’m floating, and I tell her that it’s time to let go, that I love her so very much, and she moans my name as she starts to cum, I cannot hold back, her spasms nudge me over the edge, too, and for an instant there is no more her or me, we are one, we cling to each other, suspended in time and space, convulsing together in orgasmic fusion, savoring the love we are making, the love we are sharing, the love we are living. Then as the moment fades, she feels my hard cock slip out of her, I stand up slowly, her arms still wrapped around my neck, her legs now around my waist, I carry her to our huge bedroom. I sat her down on the bed and looked her in the eyes. ” Now, you’re going to be a good girl?” She nodded her head. ” Good.” I sigh looking at the creamy skin of her thighs, knees and calves. ” You’re beautiful.” My hands caress their way back up her body. I hear a soft whimper from her and feel my thick cock twitch. I continue to caress her all the way up to her full breasts. I squeeze the firm mounds in both hands and then pull bayan escort gaziantep away the material of her top to reveal her pretty pink nipples. She gasps when I took one in my mouth. I play my tongue all over one and then the other. Her skin is so soft and she smells so sweet. I’m intoxicated by her. I work my way down her body, pushing her top off as I went. I needed to see all of her. When her top fell away, I gazed at her a moment and feel my cock throbbing. I needed her again. I needed her in an animalistic way. She cries out when I became impatient and tore the panties from her body, no doubt leaving a mark. I smiled as I considered how many other marks I will give her tonight.

Not giving her a chance to recover, I spread her legs wide open and thrust my tongue into her pussy. She squirms in response, wiggling her hips from side to side to trying and dislodging my mouth from her pussy. I growled her name, ” Marina!” She stilled immediately. I slowly return my mouth to her mound, breathing warm air onto her slick pussy. She shivers. ” You’re much more aroused than I had anticipated, Marina. . .” I mused aloud. Marina just whimpered. She gasps every time she sees my monster cock, it is the biggest thing she’s ever seen. Marina wasn’t a virgin, but my cock sure made her feel like one. She always worries when I penetrate her, if it will fit inside her. Marina’s insides clench at the thought of my cock delving into her wet folds. She is incredibly turned on. She is dripping wet. She knew she will never want any other man but me. I climb onto the bed and cause a new wave of shaking to overcome Marina. I towered over her, my cock bumping against her thigh as I made my way up her body. Then she feel it at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly tease it across her slit, smearing her wetness all around. I never took my eyes off hers. She is now captured. ” You ever had someone like me Marina?” I asked, meaning a sexually driven man as I suck a nipple, bringing trembles and soft moans from her. Too dizzy to fully understand what I meant, she said, ” No,” and grunted, as my knee came into contact with her pussy.

She had been seduced so easily by me, but she also knew in her mind and heart, it was mainly to do with me being so wealthy and her sexual need. Marina was surprised by me being a fucking machine at my age. She lay naked under me,
I rose above her and sank my monster cock into her quivering, and volcanically heated slick pussy. She moans into my neck, she is full, she has never been this full, her ex husband had been big, but I out did him easily. My hips are like lightening piston rods, whipping in and out of her at an fast rate. Marina’s tameness, and slight submissiveness is made to measure for me. This beautiful woman is helpless under me, but she didn’t want saving or rescuing, she wanted to be fucked hard the way I’m doing right now. Even harder if I could. Two years had passed since she last made love and her body is letting her know that this was it, the right time, the right man, and definitely, the right cock, a monster cock. Marina in the last two months has learned my sexual prowess, my ability to fuck long and hard, knew I had seduced many women. But I was a little awed by her, she is 35, beautiful and sexy. I’m in absolute heaven, to be on my bed in the middle of the night and fucking her ass off, was any man’s dream, it had to be.

Marina is holding on to me so tight, her legs and arms are like the pincers of a huge Preying Mantis. She has no intention of letting me go until I had finished what I had started, and satisified her hunger. The friction my cock is causing on the walls of her pussy to burn, her body orgasms for more lubrication, and on I went, her body responding every time to me, until the moment of my enormous eruption. My mouth drops onto hers, she swallows me in her kiss, I almost drill a hole through her with the last violent thrust of my powerful hips. I grunted and mumbled as I came, Marina feels it filling her, her soft slick walls expanding away from my cock as it spreads throughout her pussy, cervix and womb. She tightens her pussy muscles to force me to give her all I had, as cum spit out, there is no where else for it to go, I had ejected so much at such speed, Marina thought she might drown. Then her final climax just about knocked her out, she went dizzy, darkness spread around her, she went limp under me. I smiled, I knew what I had achieved, I had seen it before. Marina is my thirty five year old lover, she had fainted the first time I had fucked on her on my desk after we worked late at my office.

Marina slowly came back to life and I slide off her, but I keep her in my arms, I want more of this woman, this 35 year old blond beauty needs to be fucked regularly, I intend to do just that. ” You feeling okay Marina?” I ask quietly, letting her build a response to me. ” Oh yes John, but its all a bit of a surprise, I had noticed you looking at me, and guessed you thought I was Hot!” She told me in between my kisses. ” Yes Marina, you got it in one, you are hot, beautiful and so sexy. While we are in a relationship, you and I are going to be at your ‘hot’ spot as often as possible!” This made Marina giggle, but said, ” Our relationship must not be public, my personal life must remain private, please?” ” We will take the utmost care, but you keep yourself available at all times for me okay?” ” What do you mean?” she asked. ” I mean,” I said, ” you don’t wear anything under your clothes, I want you to be there for me at all times, for a quickie, or a long love session, I don’t care, but you will be open for business any time I want to shop, okay?” Marina laughed again, I’m so serious, yet so funny, the way I said things, she liked them. She got the seriousness in my voice though, the vibrancy, the dominant way I told her these things. The glint in my eye told her there would be no option but to be there as I told her to be. She liked it.

I squeezed a nipple and sucked on the other, the rapidity of it made her throw her head back, her body arching, and a low moaning growl came from her throat. She knew now that what I wanted, I would get. I said, ” Once more Marina then we can go back to bed, but I’ll be fucking you every night.” ” Just every night,” she smiled, ” why, will you be too tired?” and she laughs quietly. I answer that by ramming my thick prick hard into her. Marina gasps loudly at the sudden hard intrusion, her pussy welcomes its new partner fully, and cemented it with a huge orgasm that she is barely able to stifle. I gave my young lover a hammering to beat all hammerings; Marina had to cling onto me for grim death, her climaxes hitting her from all sides. All that is in her mind is the imagery of my hard thick long cock beating a path to her door every two seconds. Eventually I came for my second time, leaving her ragged of breath and weak to the ninth degree. She lay under me and slowly recovering, she feels wonderfully satisifed, and her thoughts of being fucked while she had sat in front of her piano, wishing it was her being battered by the big pricked man on top of the rag doll beautiful blonde. Now it has become a reality. She hadn’t gone looking for it, it had found her, and it is in the shape of a 55 year old billionaire.

She grabbed a robe off the chair in the bedroom, I kissed her hard outside the bedroom door, and crushed her nipples even harder making her wince and screech under her breath. ” Just so you don’t forget me, Marina,” I whispered to her. ” How can I, after what you’ve just done to me down stairs, and again up here!” She murmurs, feeling for my prick quickly. It is nearly 8pm, she went into the shower and thought on the events that had just taken place, she knew she would never be able to deny me. She is here under my roof, even if she didn’t want to, she would be vulnerable to me at all times. And more so, the memory of me seducing her so easily and making love to her. My cool, so sure and dominating, but in a delicious violent way, in the way I had, was already something she knew she would want again, and as soon as possible too. We dressed and went out for dinner, then came back and went to bed. Marina
slept like a dead person for the next three hours, I staggered bleary eyes downstairs to the kitchen for coffee. Then I dived into bed with Marina. She awoke with a scary scramble, not knowing what is going on, only to see me smiling broadly at her, I showed her my cancelled schedule. She read it, realization dawning on her that she and I would be alone for about the next 5 hours.

Her libido took off at breakneck speed, seeing me in all my glory whittled away at her imagination. I’m up on one elbow giving her a look that said, ” Today Marina, you are going to get it, and you going to get it big time!” Marina can’t stop the shuddering of anticipation racing through her. ” Come here you,” she whispers to me, already on her back and in submission mode. The knowledge that in a few seconds my monster cock is going to invade her totally, made a ripple of an orgasm races through her pussy. I myself can’t wait to get my cock back into the beautiful 35 year old blonde lover. I thrust it in without gentleness, immediately Marina is receiving another battering, she bounces off the bed as I engaged in getting myself off. I almost forgot Marina, I’m just fucking a blond beauty, that’s all that mattered to me. My primal enthusiasm for her fires Marina up to the point of no return, she is orgasming from the humongous fucking I’m delivering to her. My eyes are glazed over as I increase the pace, the ferocity, though controlled mania is personified. Marina has no answer to my exuberance, power and stamina to give her what she wants, while making sure I got mine. She is climaxing continouosly, she has only ever experienced one orgasm with her ex-husband. She now experiences multiple orgasms at a time with me, she is water going over Niagara in power, intensity and volume.

I spit out my cum so hard she feels it rocket up into her, the heat and content filling her and blowing her over the top to meet me tumbling down the other side. Even I can’t remember coming this hard, or this much, it actually hurt the end of my prick as my body forced my cum from me. All the experience I had learned over the years is in a short time span now being brought to bear on the blond fuck toy I have under me. As I fully impale my thick cock in her time after time, she is writhing and whimpering. At 55 years of age I’m a master seducer; my rugged looks, charm, charisma, and wealth are my best attributes. Lots of women find me almost irresistible if I concentrate on them, Marina is such a woman. But the difference between some and Marina is immense. Marina has beauty, sexiness, well educated, wealthy, and independent. I had the know how, of how to get to her as I have amply proved. I flip us both over and Marina is on top of me, her eyes closed as she feels the full pressure of her own body forcing her down on me, the tightness in her produced by my cock is overwhelming, she came once more on her 55 year old suitor. Then she begins to take in the awesome sight before her, this beautiful older man. Marina fell onto me with as much grace and passion as she can, she scratched my chest, she bit me, kissed me, sucked me in.

Her knees tighten to a vise like grip on my waist, her feet hooked over my thighs. Her hands went under my shoulders to hold herself in place, then she drove her hips up and down on my cock. Her mind, along with her hot pussy, is filled with big cock, my big cock. Marina lost in the climaxes she is having, my cock is a climax controller, it is the ignition key, it is turned up to high, and she burns on it. I’m looking at her in awe, she is the best fuck I have had in a long time, Suddenly Marina cries out, the orgasm is a massive one that hit her with all the force of a hundred knot gale. She fell off me and flailed her arms around, trying to make sense of where she is, what had just happened. I took full advantage, I force her on to her stomach, got between her knees, leaned forward and rammed my cock into her cum soaked ass. She screams, I jam the covers into the sides of her head to keep the noise down and went for it. I almost brutalised her, when I had first fucked her in the ass, she fought me, but I subdued her by holding her down on the bed, with the thrusts in her ass. There is no chance in hell of getting me off, she realized that and surrendered. I held her down with my body weight, keeping my cock securely lodged deep in her ass; I grabbed her wrists and shoved her arms out wide, my knees spreading her to prevent any escape. Then I fucked her, she cried and pleaded for me to stop. But I went on and on until she became limp under me, she had submitted.

Now I relaxed and took my time, I let her wrists go; my knees gave up space between hers. I rose on my elbows, and looked down at submissive beautiful Marina. I had cornered her, trapped her and taken her. There are no other words for it. I had fucked her into submission; I took ownership; I’m a very happy man! I fucked her; she begins to respond simply because she has to. She knew her place now. What I decided, I would do and she would give it up. I slide my hand under her and stroked her sore clit, but it added fuel to her simmering fires, her embers are being stoked. Another set of fingers got a nipple, a superbly erect, proud and stunningly sensitive nipple, and Marina took off once more. This time there is no doing it because she had to, she is going for it because she wanted to. Her body is demanding total satisfaction, and if that meant giving up and giving in, then so be it. I creamed her ass with cum, it expanded to make her feel shockingly full, she feels as if she is being pumped up by a pressure pump stuck in her. My prick is the pump, my cum is the medium filling her. She came around me, how many times she had cum since I had first seduced her she has no idea, all she knew now that my cock, and me will be her priority from now on. She had heard the rumors and stories about me, that my nickname is the bull, owned, subjugated, and total submission. ‘Well,’ Marina thought, ‘is that my future now. To crave my cock, to love me,’ She didn’t know, and at this moment in time she cared less. All she knew is she had a cock in her ass that is driving her insane with lust and desire for it, pure submission to me, I’m now controlling her how I liked.

I slide away and she is sure she hears a plop as it came out, she didn’t move, she dare not. She manages to turn her lovely head to me, and whisper. ” Oh John, where have you come from, who are you, what are you, what have you done to me John, what?” ” I guess Marina that I have done nothing more than to love you,” I said, ” to make love to you, and in the way that you so desperately needed to be loved.” She realized that I’m 20 years older then her, I knew exactly what she needed, wanted to be fucked and loved. I knew what to say to a woman too, the things she would want to hear without being patronizing. She also knew her ass would hurt like hell for a week! We got up and showered then went to bed to rest. We woke up and had something to eat.

Then we went upstairs to the bedroom, ” Are you ready to be bred by your bull, Marina?” I asked. She shivers at how thick with lust my voice was. She slowly nodded her head. I smiled and pressed into her. Slowly at first, because she was so tight. I made small thrusts, feeding her an inch at a time. Waiting for her to stretch to accommodate me. She feels too full. Her slick folds parting to take my big cock deep inside her again. She is always surprised how much of me there is. I didn’t stop until I was seated at her deepest area. It hurt when I bumped her cervix, but amazingly, she didn’t mind. She feels satisfied. She feels stretched. She feels full. No one has ever filled her up like this. I waited for several minutes before I pull most of the way out and then thrust my entire length back in. This time when I hit her cervix, Marina cried out.

It is all I could take. Marina cried out again as I thrust deep inside her and I feel my need to fuck, to breed, to take over again. I want to fuck Marina like a cow in heat. I groan as I pick up my pace and thrust into her sore battered pussy again and again. Marina cried out with each thrust, but soon she is out of breath and whimpering. I slowed as I realized I may be hurting her. I reach down to caress her face and wait for her to look at me. When she did, her wide eyes had that same fear, but also that spark of primal lust. I’m surprised when she spoke. ” Fuck me, John. I need you. Please!” She closed her eyes and threw back her head and bit her lip, holding onto a moan. I can’t stop now. I quickly flip her onto her stomach, pull her hips back to meet me, and impale her with one thrust. She is so tight, so wet, moaning, and thrashing beneath me that I can’t hold onto my control. I feel the tingling in my balls as my come welled up within me. I feel my cock throbbing deep inside her, stretching her further, and as my seed bathes her womb, I feel her muscles contract and spasm as she came with me. They both cried out as they shared the intense waves of pleasure until they both collapsed on the bed. I held myself up on my elbows, catching my breath, looking down at Marina. I’m not ready to pull myself from her just yet, I want to savor the moment. Marina lifts her head and smiles at me, still catching her breath. ” Well,” she said, between pants, ” if I had known it could be like this, I would have taken a bull sooner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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