Playing Games – Fun In The Bedroom

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Several years ago a bunch of us got together to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons. My brother, Richard was the Dungeon Master and the rest of the group were the characters. The group consisted of my Uncle Rick, Uncle Jim, my sister, Clarissa, her boyfriend Mickey, Mickey’s younger sister Amy,(18 years old at the time) Myself, my mother and several cousins and friends. Whenever the core group gets together for this game we usually play for atleast 24 hours at a time. This particular time, I had to work later the next day so this was going to be a shorter game for me.

On this particular night it was the first time playing for Amy. She was the virgin of the group in more ways than one. We all settled in for a long night of gaming. We had been playing for a couple of hours and Amy was seated next to me as I am one of the founding members of the group and yet still on the younger side of the group. I helped Amy to learn how to play and the little tricks to helping her gain experience points as well as gaining as much of the treasures as possible. She caught on quickly and was soon enjoying herself. As she began to relax, I decided to start enjoying myself alittle too.

During the game, whenever she would lean forward I would place my hand behind her perfect lil bubble-butt. When she would set back I would cup her ass and give it a gentle lil squeeze. The first few times she would snap her head my direction and stare at me. I would just smile and ask her if she was having fun. She just smiled and asked me if I was. I said ofcourse and that the night was going better than usual. We continued the little back and forth for a while as well as writing each other little notes on our tablets of paper.

The game progressed for hours as well as my advances. I progressed from playing with her ass to coping a feel of her lower breast to placing my hand between her legs.

She was nervous that everyone could see what I was doing and what they would think.

She would stop me when she felt that I was going too far or fast.

We had been playing for maybe 12 hours or so and the sun was just coming up when Amy was getting tired and leaning against me falling asleep. When she was completely out I told the group that she was out of it and that I needed to quit myself. I said that I would put Amy in our spare bedroom and was going to bed myself.

I carried Amy to our spare room and laid her on the bed and turned to leave. As I reached the door I decided that I wasn’t ready for the fun to end just yet and locked the door. I walked back to the bed and I reached over and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She woke up and asked what I was doing. I told her that she shouldn’t sleep in tight clothing and she just laughed and said that I just wanted to get her jeans off. I smiled down at her as she lifted her ass off the bed so that I could remove her jeans. As the jeans slipped off her hips, a pair of pink cotton string bikini panties came into view. I stopped to admire them for a moment and Amy started moving her legs trying to get her jeans off. I finished removing her jeans and folded them and layed them on the dresser. When I turned back to the bed, Amy Esenyurt Escort was now sitting up with her arms over her head waiting for me to remove her blouse. Once it was off it revealed a tiny white bra holding a small but by far the most beautiful set of breasts.

I quickly reached behind her back and released her bra hooks and she let it fall away from her chest. When it dropped a perfect pair of twin creamy white breasts with lil pink nipples came into view. They we atleast a ¼” long and ended at a small dimes size areola with lil bumps on it. She tossed the bra and blouse at me with a giggle. I laughed and tossed them on the dresser with her jeans.

I stood next to the bed and softly asked her how far she wanted to go with this. She looked down and said that she was still a virgin and that she was scared but really wanted to be with me. I said that we could go as slow as she wanted and could stop at anytime. (although I hope that we wouldn’t have to.) She smiled and reached for my jeans. As she unfastened them I removed the shirt. I kicked off my shoes as my jeans dropped down my legs. I yanked off my socks just before she reached for my boxers. As she slowly pulled down my boxers my erection came into view.

I am not huge in that department ( 6 ½” long but on the thicker side.) but I could see the scared look in her eyes. I leaned over her and kissed her, our first. Our tongues soon met and she pulled me onto the bed. We kissed and held each other for what seemed like hours. I slowly cupped one of her breast in my hand and caressed it, playing with her lil nipples. She moaned as I squeezed her nipple between my fingers. I took that as a good sign to further explore her nipples with my tongue. I tongue bathed both of her tits before latching on to one of her nipples. She squealed as I sucked them, alternating one after another.

She reached down and grabbed my cock and just held it in her hand. She wasn’t stroking it or moving her hand at all, but it felt so amazing. I slipped one of my hands down to her panty covered crotch and started to rub her thru the panties. She took a deep breath as I rub her gently. Her breathing became more rapid and labored as I continued sucking a nipple and rubbing her twat. I stopped long enough to slip my hand inside the leg-band of her panties. My fingers made their first contact with her wet slit. A soft moan escaped her lips as my fingers ran the length of her slit. I had still not penetrated her lips but she was on fire as I could feel the heat coming from between her legs.

I continued exploring her slit with my fingers as she started bucking against my hand. I concentrated on preparing her for more to come without getting too aroused myself and ending the party before it really began. I had to taste that virgin pussy if it was the last thing that I ever did. I released the nipple from my mouth and heard the disappointment in her moaning. I told her to lay back and enjoy the ride as we were far from done. I slowly slid down her body – licking every inch the I came in contact with until I reached her panties. I quickly noticed that the crotch of her cotton panties were Esenyurt Escort bayan soaked with her arousal. A satisfied smile crossed my face as I knew that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I lowered my lips to her inner thighs and kissed my way around her slit without actually touching it with my lips or tongue. She was thrashing from side to side on the bed and was begging me to stop teasing her. I finally decided that I couldn’t wait any longer myself and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. I was now greeted with a hairy bush that covered her tiny lil slit. It was still completely closed around her inner labia and clit. I ran my tongue from the bottom near her ass to the very tip of her clit without penetrating her as she gasp from the sensations. I gently pushed her legs apart as I wanted to explore her inner depths, as her legs opened her slit remained closed until her legs were almost completely opened before they finally revealed the secret that they fought so hard to conceal. Her slit opened enough to reveal the soft pink pussy dripping with her female juices as well as a tiny but aroused lil clit. The cutest clit that I have seen even to this very day.

I dove into her and licked her juices from ever inch that I could reach with my tongue, before attacking that cute lil clit. She was moaning and even lightly screaming as I attacked her slit with every trick I knew. Her pussy was the softest and sweetest pussy that I have ever tasted. She was grabbing my head and trying to force more of her pussy in my face. I thought that if she pulled my hair and face any harder that my tongue would come out of her mouth. She was on fire and I started questioning if I could really handle this wild one. After her series of small orgasms she followed it with a huge one. I was exhausted and I had not even broke her cherry yet.

I slowly crawled up her body and started kissing her. She didn’t hesitate to explore my mouth with her tongue even though I had just been eating her. She sucked on my tongue and lips as if she was starving and I had the last drop of food in my mouth. I rested as she explored her own flavors and scents from my mouth.

Once I had rested enough to catch my second wind I pulled my mouth from hers and asked her if she still wanted to continue as there would be no turning back in near future. She kissed me and pulled my ear closed to her mouth and said be gentle but to make love to her NOW! I was only to happy to comply. I slowly lined my cock with her slit and eased the head up and down her slit, coating it with her juices.

She moaned and started bucking up at my cock. I slowly started inserting the head of my cock into her and she held her breath as the head of my cock hit her hymen that was trying its best to stop the intrusion. I pushed a little harder and it still would not relent. I pulled back and pushed again with more force. This time her hymen had no choice but to allow me entrance to her innermost untouched areas. She let out a little yelp as more of my cock entered her. I stopped and let her adjust to the intrusion before continuing my journey to her depths.

After a Escort esenyurt few seconds she signaled me that she was ready to continue and I forced the rest of my cock into her. She moaned when I hit bottom and my balls rested against her ass. She finally started breathing again after holding her breath for so long. I laid there on top of her buried to the hilt in her velvety soft twat enjoying the sensations.

I started slowly pushing in and out of her until she started bucking up again, where I started giving it to her in long hard thrusts. She let out several screams that I was sure that the entire house could hear – maybe the whole neighborhood. I continued pounding her not caring who heard as long as she remembered who was giving her the sensations that she was now experiencing. I wanted her to never forget this moment and did everything I could to make sure of it. When I was ready to blow my load, I thought about pulling out and spraying her incredible body with it but I decided that it felt too wonderful to stop and just deposited my load deep in her womb. I knew that she wasn’t on the pill and that we were not using a condom but I figured that if it was meant to be, so be it.

After resting for about 20 minutes I asked her if she wanted to try it again,and if she wanted to try another position and she said that she trusted me and would do anything that I wanted. I laughed and told her that I might just hold her to that, she just laughed and said that she knew that I would.

I had her get on her hands and knees on the end of the bed as I stood at the foot of the bed and slowly penetrated her again. In this position I knew that I could get a very deep penetration and that she would enjoy it as much as I would. I grabbed her hips as I hit bottom and started driving again. God – she was so tight that I thought that she might squeeze my cock right off. This time she threw her head back and moaned for the whole world to hear. Neither of us cared who knew what we were doing this time and we went for broke. We continued in this position until she coaxed another load from my balls. We both hit the mattress completely exhausted and were soon sleeping soundly.

Later that day my brother knocked on the guest bedroom door and asked if I was going to work. I woke up from what I thought was just a dream to see Amy naked laying in front of me. I said that I was too tired and that I would call in to work and let them know. He just laughed and said that from what they all heard that none of them were surprised. I just laughed and said thanks for the wake up. As he walked away he could hear Amy giggling as we went at it again.

We tried several more positions and variations. She says that her favorite is riding cowgirl as she gets to be in control. I never mind her taking control and riding her way to a climax. My favorite is 69 as we both enjoy both giving and receiving.

Several hours later we both dressed and walked downstairs to get something to eat and grab a shower. Everyone was laughing and teasing us both except her brother Mickey.

He wasn’t happy that his little sister was no longer so innocent. She just smiled and said too bad, it was her life and not his. He was mad then but boy was he pissed a few months later when he found out we were having a baby.

He is now an uncle of a 5 year old nephew Brian Jr. and 3 year old niece Kaitlyn and now another one on the way.

Some games really are worth playing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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