Pleasure in Denial Ch. 08

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A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia and Felicity are excited by what they wear.


Felicity clambered to her feet looking shaky and emotional. “I don’t think I have the energy for hill climbing anyway, but I really do want to go out wearing that triangle top. I want people to look at me, and I think you’ll enjoy seeing their reaction? So how’s about we fast-forward to cocktails?” she suggested.

“Yes, let’s do it. It’s still hot out. I could do with something cold, long and sugary to perk me up.”

“Am I too much for you Julia?”

“Never too much of a good thing, my lovely.”

Felicity unclipped her sexy black bra and dropped it on the floor with all the other discarded clothing. I watched her as she walked to the kitchen and back, her naked beautiful body fully on display as though this was perfectly natural in front of a much older woman who, to be honest, she hardly knew. She obviously trusted me.

I wrestled with my innermost needs. I knew I was growing to like her, very much, and I’d miss her once she’d gone. But she was right. We have until morning, and that’s plenty of time to fulfil some of my deepest lusts and desires.

I heard the shower running. ‘Cocktails’, I mused. I knew just the place, and just the right outfit.

I selected carefully from my extensive ‘seduction’ wardrobe and pulled out a top, a skirt, a sexy bra, some very exciting knickers, and coordinated shoes. But I too needed a shower to freshen up and, sadly, to wash away the very distinctive natural scent of another woman on my skin.

Considering my semi-permanently simmering state of arousal, it was a big mistake to turn the hand-held shower accessory from ‘soft deluge’ to ‘narrow jet’ but I love the feeling. I played the powerful water stream all over my skin, which had suddenly become one huge contiguous erogenous zone, and especially on my nipples and clit. The sensations penetrated my deeper emotions and triggered a desire raised to quite another level. Desire for Felicity, yes of course, but also a desire for something more basic. More animalistic, more irresistible. But I managed, just, to resist, to avoid going too far. So again I successfully staved off a much-needed orgasm, for at least a few more hours anyway, and I derived a certain satisfaction from that.

I turned the shower ring to ‘soft mist’ and rinsed off the last bubbles of gel from my ultra-sensitive skin, dried off and dressed. I knew Felicity was going for something brightly coloured and revealing so, not wanting to be upstaged, I’d selected a bright pineapple yellow sleeveless wrap-over top and a raven-black skirt, also in a wrap-over style, that finished about half way down my thighs. Under the top I’d chosen to wear an expensive deep-plunge black push-up bra that I’d only worn once before because the effect on my boobs is quite extreme. It pushes the smooth firm flesh of my 34D breasts upwards and together giving me a very pronounced cleavage which looks very alluring. When I wrapped the top around myself body and tied it off on my left hip-bone, the bra itself was not visible, even to the point that it might appear that I wasn’t wearing one, but that was all part of the game we play.

By comparison, the skirt looked quite modest. But then who would know that underneath I’d chosen to wear some very special black knickers? They consisted of a wide stretchy lace waistband that comfortably sat low on my hips, with several narrow lace-decorated spaghetti straps that dropped from the centre-front and centre-back. These were all then connected between my legs to two short strings of artificial pearls. Normally these swayed nicely as I moved, constantly reminding me they were there. But when I pulled the waistband higher on my hips the effect was to pull the pearls deep into my vulva, nestling tightly either side, between my inner and outer lips. Even more thrilling was the way, when I walked, they would trap my clitoris and create a delicious rhythmic pinching and sliding movement that was impossible to ignore. I’d only ever worn these indoors before so walking the few hundred metres to the cocktail bar would be interesting!

I finished my deliberately showy look with a pair of very special glossy strappy shoes in a strong yellow to match my top, with about a four-inch heel. I was delighted to have found these about a year ago in a specialist shop just close to this same apartment. They do them in a range of exotic bright colours and they’re made locally, I think.

I rearranged my hair, going for the rough unstructured look as my light auburn ringlets fell down the sides of my face. I quickly dabbed on some mascara, yellow eye-shadow and russet-ginger lip gloss. I sprayed on some classy perfume and slipped rings on my fingers and toes, some bracelets and bangles on my wrists and I was ready to hit the early evening crowds. I also picked up a little something from my more exotic jewellery box for Felicity to wear.

I walked through to the lounge and she was already there, looking görükle escort bayan totally stunning. She smiled at me and complimented me on my look, including using a lovely line I remember from some obscure American TV series ‘That bra makes your tits look amazing.’

As expected, she was wearing that neon pink triangle top with the bejewelled choker collar, paired with the short white flared skirt and those trashy shoes from the market with the five-inch heels and platforms.

“You can’t wear those ridiculous shoes baby you’ll break either them or your ankles,” I advised. But Felicity just giggled and posed cheekily, which, combined with the fact she’d put her hair in two bunches, tied with pink ribbons she must have found in the kitchen, only conspired to make her look even younger than she probably was. I loved it and told her so.

“Well sweetie it’s obvious you’re not wearing a bra,” I observed and she smiled broadly, adding “no undies either, Miss Julia.”

“Good, Now come over here because I have a little something else for you to wear.”

She tottered over to me and held out her hand.

“No. Pull up your skirt and open your legs.”

Felicity looked confused, but obediently presented her pretty pussy to me. I reached up, and she flinched when I attached the first of 3 small clips to one of her inner labia (her ‘flappy bits’).

“What the fuck?” she exclaimed and tried to look down to see. I told her to keep still as I attached the second clip to her other lip, then finally the third to her clit hood, just above its treasure. The three clips were all interconnected with three delicate gold chains that hung loose and had a few glass beads threaded onto them. I’d worn this cute adornment set before and knew just how good it felt on me, but it looked especially promising on Felicity, sitting nice and free to swing and sway in the generous gap at the top of her thighs.

She tried to walk over to the tall mirror by the door, but only made it half-way before stopping and looking at me.

“This is just for inside, just whilst we’re in the apartment, right?”

I shook my head.

“Oh no, no, please no. I can’t go out like this. I’ll have an orgasm after the first 50 metres.”

“Not allowed sweetie.”

“‘I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

“Yes you can, Flix. Positive thinking, Flix.”

“Yeah, dead right. I’m positive it’s going to be unbearable.”

“That’s all part of the excitement. Anyway, you don’t know what I’m wearing, Flix,” I pouted, coyly.

“Nothing like this I doubt.”

“You’ll be surprised” I replied with a wink, “as you’ll find out later.”

“Can’t wait, Miss. OK,” she sighed, “I’m ready as I’ll ever be. Shall we go?”

I took her hand and led her to the door, both of us stepping carefully, trying not to create the wrong kind of hip movements.

“Cocktails, baby!” I announced, and pressed the ‘down’ button in the glass elevator.


As we stepped cautiously along the narrow streets that led a couple of blocks back from the beach, neither of us spoke much as we were both focussed on the feelings between our legs. Occasionally I had to stop for a moment to regain composure by squatting slightly with my hands on my knees. Felicity copied me and agreed it did help to suppress the powerful stimulation our pussies were being subjected to by our ‘adornments’.

Suddenly Felicity stumbled. I heard a loud crack and she grabbed hold of me for support.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Heel,” came the unsurprising reply. The heel had broken clean off one of her cheap market-stall shoes and she sat down on a doorstep.

“Do you want to go back?” I asked, but she had a different idea.

“Break the other one off.”

“How will that help?”

“Remember I’m a dancer. I can walk on just the platforms.”

I wasn’t convinced, but she kicked back her leg like a horse at the farrier; I took hold of the heel and it came away easily.

Felicity tried to walk and it wasn’t easy, but I had an idea.

“Read what’s written in the bottom of my shoe, Flix.”


“Just read it.”

“Hellenic Heels.”

After a couple of searches on my phone I told her to follow me (carefully) and minutes later we were outside a small independent shop looking at all the brightly coloured shoes in the window.

“Do those neon pink ones with the double ankle straps look familiar?”

Felicity recognised they were identical in design to my yellow ones, and their colour almost perfectly matched her top. We went in and the saleswoman brought her size. She carefully checked they fitted whilst I browsed the other beautiful shoes on display. Soon Felicity was walking out wearing a brand-new pair of bright pink strappy shoes with four-inch heels, and guess who’d paid!

As we left and walked towards the cocktail bar, Felicity told me that the effect of the chains and swaying beads between her thighs seemed even stronger now she’d changed shoes, and her clit was throbbing strongly. She pleaded to be allowed to take altıparmak eskort them off as we were almost there by then but I insisted she wait, which she did, obediently. I laughed and warned her it would be worse – or better, depending on what excites you – if her clit went numb, because then she’d have to contend with the secondary wave of intense pleasure she’d experience when we took off the clips and the blood flow returned.

She also laughed … nervously.

I wasn’t sure if it was the clips, the shoes or just Felicity’s dance training, but the way she walked was so seductive. Her legs looked 100 miles long and every step was a delight to watch. She was attracting a lot of attention, which seemed only to galvanise her into an even more provocative and sensual display. Head held high, her long lean arms swinging in perfect harmony to each step, her shoulders back and her pink top singularly failing to hide the beauty of her cute little breasts and especially her delicious nipples, which were so obviously full and erect as they poked against the thin material.

I dropped behind and watched the spectacle from a different viewpoint. Her entire smooth tanned back, with its tight, well defined muscles and her narrow waist, was almost totally bare and from the rear it would be easy to assume she was wearing nothing but a choker. People stopped and admired her as she passed by and some whispered behind their hands. Others took photos. But no-one seeing her on the street could possibly guess what lie concealed between her upper thighs.

She looked amazing and I was proud to be with her. I told her so, and that watching her was turning me on. She asked if it was actually her, or my mystery special knickers that was arousing me so strongly and I admitted it was both. The pearls (which she didn’t know about yet) were still as stimulating as ever and I did have to stop and lean forwards a couple of times, which Felicity found amusing.

“Why do you do this to yourself if it’s so awkward?”

“Because I love it, my sweet. The feelings now, and the expectations for later. That’s why. Same as why I enjoy walking the street next to an incredibly attractive young woman.” She glanced sideways at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Just watching you turns me on, Felicity,” I continued. “and the evening has hardly started.”

Occasionally she’d also stop and hold onto me, looking down and taking a few deep breaths before continuing.

“Shoes hurting?”

She shook her head. I knew exactly the real reason and empathised with how she was feeling.

We arrived at the bar and I asked the attractive young waitress for a secluded table outside. She seated us at a nice high one with stools and a view of the sea. The cocktails list ran to 12 pages so we asked her to come back in 10 minutes as we needed time to choose and had to go to the ladies’ room first. She pointed out that she’d need to see Felicity’s ID if she wanted to order alcoholic drinks. I explained that wasn’t possible but that from my knowledge of Greek law, I could order for her as we are related.

“Are you really now?” she enquired, sarcastically.

“Yes, she’s my Niece” I replied.

The witness muttered something about her sister being the Queen of Sheba, and left.

I took Felicity’s hand and led her to the washrooms. There was just one very spacious, very clean cubicle with a big mirror on the wall, pretty decor and soft music playing and as soon as I locked the door Felicity grabbed me, pushed me back against the door and kissed me wetly.

“I don’t know how I’m holding this all together Julia,” she sobbed, the words tumbling out in an emotional stream. “It’s almost too much and I’m afraid I’m going to let you down by coming too soon. This is such a struggle and I don’t think I’m going to make it through to midnight. I’ve never done anything remotely like this before and having you tell me what I can and cannot do is such a turn-on and I don’t want it to stop but I don’t know what’s going to happen next and that scares me but being scared of you is part of the excitement and oh fuck Julia I need to come so badly. I can’t, I can’t … ”

I put one hand over her mouth to silence her and tried to reassure her: “Yes you can do this, Flix. Yes you can.”

She wasn’t convinced, but I continued with my plan anyway. “Bend over. Hands on the seat,” I said, sternly, which she did, without question. I lifted the back of her white skirt, kicked the insides of her pink shoes; she obediently spread her feet apart, her tight bare bum high in the air.

“Be gentle with me Julia, please. My clit’s gone numb, and you said …”

“Quiet my sweet, just focus on the feelings.”

I heard her breathing erratically, in short tense gasps. First, I carefully detached the two clips from her labia and left the chains hanging for a while, now attached only to her clit. I flicked them a few times with my fingertips to make them swing and tease the insides of her thighs. She moaned and her body shuddered. I liked that.

“Please nilüfer escort Julia, just do it now. I’m ready. Don’t make me wait, that just makes it worse, or better. I’m not even sure I know the difference anymore.”

“Only when I’m ready, Flix. When I’m ready.”

“But I’m so ready Julia, just do it, now, please!” she begged. “I want those feelings now, … I think …” and she rotated her hips, making the chains sway more.

I like to hear a woman beg. It excites me and I felt my juices moistening the insides of my thighs.

I counted to 10, slowly, out load, then released the clip from her hood and she screamed as the blood flow did indeed return to her clitoris. She panted, eyes tight closed and she spoke all manner of expletives as the throbbing peaked, then slowly subsided.

I helped her to stand and she fell against me, resting her head on my shoulder. “So close, Julia, so fucking close. So nearly there. Please don’t ever do that to me again. I wouldn’t be able to hold back next time.”

“Yes you would, Flix. You must. That’s what we agreed.”

“I know, but I didn’t know then about all these things you’d be doing to try to make me come.”

“I’m not trying to make you come, I’m trying to show you how many ways you can enjoy not coming.”

“Same thing isn’t it?”

“Maybe,” I replied. “Maybe.”

Felicity closed her eyes for a moment, took some deep breaths to regain some composure and just said: “Wow.” We both peed and tidied ourselves up before returning to our table.

“Long 10 minutes,” the waitress commented, with a smirk.

Felicity browsed the cocktails list and asked me what I’d suggest. I read out the names. Most were at least provocative and some downright explicit. Felicity settled on a ‘Wet Pussy’ but I played safe with a ‘Sex on the Beach’.

We chatted whilst we waited for our drinks and Felicity told me how boring family holidays had been or her as a child, but once she sipped her drink she changed the subject.

“She noticed!”

“Who noticed what?

“The saleswoman. In the shoe shop. She looked up, she looked right between my legs whilst I was sitting down and she was fitting these divine shoes. She must have noticed I had no undies on.”

“Yes, I know she did; she winked at me.”

“Do you think she noticed the clips and chains?”

“No way of knowing, unless we go back and ask her?”

“No, no, let’s not do that! Especially as there’s something else I’m sure noticed she that I don’t think she was so happy about.

“Oh, and what’s that, little miss observant?”

“You were touching and stroking a lot of the shoes on the shelves whilst she was busy with me – and I’ve noticed too, Julia, you do seem to have a thing about shoes, right?”

I tried not to look sheepish. “Can’t deny! Yep, feet and shoes are amongst my passions.”

As we talked, Felicity tried to draw me on what my other ‘passions’ might be but there simply wasn’t time to list them all. She also ran the side of her shoe up and down the back of my calf, and bit coyly on the nail of her little finger, looking me in the eye. I sensed she’d registered something on a mental ‘To Do’ list.

She downed about a quarter of her drink in one go and gave a little cough. She looked embarrassed, but quickly cleared her throat and asked me if I’d tell her about my ‘special knickers’.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself instead?” I suggested and I wriggled my bum forwards to the edge of my stool, lifted the front of my skirt and guided her hand to the stretchy lacy top of my ‘knickers’.

“Don’t be shy. Explore.”

Felicity felt the broad waistband and commented on the lace, but I encouraged her to move lower.

“OK, I’m getting some thin straps,” she described.


“You want me to finger your pussy through your panties, in public?”

“Yes, and no. Anyway, no-one will notice.”

Felicity probed lower, then looked at me with disbelief in her eyes as her small fingers explored my vulva. “What the fuck?” she exclaimed as her fingertips followed the route traced by the pearls, either side of my clit and then buried deep in the folds of my warm wet lips. “Some kind of necklaces? That’s awesome, Julia. No wonder you were struggling to walk. I bet that feels amazing, doesn’t it?”

“Why don’t you try it on the way back?”

“You mean, me wear your ‘special knickers’?”

“Sure. They’re very stretchy; they’ll fit well to your smaller hips.”

“I don’t doubt that, it’s just … you mean … for me to wear undies that you’ve already been wearing?”

I nodded and smiled.

“… with your juices already on them?”

“Oh my, I’ve so wanted to but I didn’t dare ask.”

“Maybe not, but you have picked mine up and held them and rubbed them against your face and body, right?”

“How did you know?”

“Just watching you.”

“You spied on me?”

“yep, and I bet that excites you even more, I suspect … my dirty slut.”

Felicity blushed bright red and downed another long gulp of drink.

“On your knees … slut” I instructed.

Felicity looked around, unsure if people would see, and disappeared under the high table, her head inside my wrap-over skirt. I heard a muffled voice exclaiming something unintelligible as she reached up and began to ease the tight lace down off my hips.

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