Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 8

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Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 8

Doreen’s Birthday Treats

November 2013


Doreen’s car was already parked when I arrived at Brenda’s house. I let myself in and as I entered the living room, I could hear soft sounds coming from upstairs so onwards and upwards climbed the intrepid adventurer.

Through Brenda’s bedroom doorway I could see Doreen on her back, pillows under her backside lifting it well clear of the mattress, her legs were high and wide apart, with Brenda’s arms between them pulling them back.

Brenda was in her favourite 69 mode, her head down to allow her to eat Doreen’s labia, and invade her vagina with her tongue.

Doreen of course had her face between Brenda’s thighs. Giving thanks for a superb central heating system, I eased my trousers and underpants off and added them to the pile of clothing on the floor then I advanced with my stiff cock at the ready. Lifting Brenda’s head up, I motioned her to retreat, but Brenda, as always, had a different, but good, idea. She said, to Doreen:

“I bet you’d enjoy having something hard sliding in there now wouldn’t you?”

Doreen replied that she didn’t want Brenda’s vibrator inside her, she’d been promised a long session of Sapphic sex for her birthday and she was thoroughly enjoying herself eating Brenda’s sex without any interruptions, thank you!

Brenda replied that she rather thought that Doreen would enjoy having this inserted as it was a birthday surprise and anyway because Doreen had been promised as much sex as she could cope with, that was what she was going to get!

At this point, I climbed gently onto the bed so that Doreen wouldn’t feel any undue rocking.

Brenda reached for and held my erection then commenced moving slowly backwards as I moved forwards with Doreen still unable to see me because Brenda’s body was above her face, but finally Brenda was able to insert the head of my erection into the entrance to Doreen’s vaginal passage.

Doreen was in the middle of again, telling Brenda that she did not want her to use her vibrator, when Brenda scuttled backwards as I leant forward and thrust myself into her, my arms at either side of her head. Doreen couldn’t help herself, her legs went round me, and her heels pressed against my back.

I enjoyed Doreen’s body slowly for 45 minutes with a steady rhythm, just for the sheer pleasure of feeling a vagina gripping my cock and for the pleasure of seeing her breasts bouncing and rolling around and knowing that it was giving Doreen pleasure. Except for the slapping of my groin against Doreen’s vulva, her soft grunting, and the slight squeaking of the bed, there was no sound.

To give me a breather at that point, I stopped thrusting and concentrated on massaging her large, soft, breasts and teasing her hard, erect, nipples.

At this point, my lovely assistant Brenda came in with some soft cord and handcuffs with the words:

“I think we should practice restraint in these proceedings.”

She slipped a soft handcuff over one of Doreen’s wrists, clipped the cord to the ‘cuff, threw the other end under the bed, and carried out the same manoeuvre to her other wrist. Straps were fastened around Doreen’s thighs and then cord once again used to connect them. I was told to get off Doreen, and very reluctantly, I obeyed. We left Doreen there and went downstairs to the kitchen, made ourselves coffee, got some biscuits and a glass of milk with a straw, then returned upstairs to sit in chairs at the bedside.

We sat, and as we had our snack, told each other how exceedingly erotic the scene was and what experiences we thought Doreen would like her body to have now. Brenda wanted to eat Doreen again whilst I said that at some point today I wanted her standing up because she was going to experience sex in an upright position instead of whilst she was laid flat on her back, kneeling or bending.

Doreen told us that we were being cruel because she couldn’t move and she would like something to eat and drink as well.

I explained that today she could have only milk Ankara Escort until midday after that she could have whatever she wanted, providing that, until then, Brenda and I could have whatever we wanted. Doreen muttered under her breath about retribution being exacted, but she did agree therefore we allowed her to sit up a little to have her snack, but while she was having her snack Brenda was teasing her clitoris and I was fondling her soft, and oh so pliable, breasts.

When Doreen had finished her milk and biscuits, she lay back; and once again, Brenda straddled her, applied her mouth to Doreen’s now very wet labia, and then lowered her own sex onto Doreen’s mouth whilst I amused myself playing with all the soft and interesting bits belonging to both of them.

It was inevitable that I could remain in the presence of so much arousal material without actually inserting something into somewhere so I did what I am programmed to do. Brenda was assaulted from behind. Doreen was now getting a close-up view of a very large, solid cock, disappearing steadily, albeit slowly, into Brenda.

I had climbed onto the bed, and introduced my erection to Brenda’s soft and silky opening, and she very obligingly opened her legs wider to provide me with better access. In the end, the strain of keeping her mouth clamped on Doreen’s sex whilst simultaneously granting me full access rights to her proved too much so she settled down onto Doreen’s stomach, which was a comfortable place to be, and concentrated on extracting as much enjoyment as she could from her situation.

Of course, this left Doreen in a bit of a quandary, should she keep trying to lick Brenda’s clitoris or should she just lay back and watch? She licked and generally interfered as much as she could with Brenda’s equilibrium. It was a glorious end! Brenda climaxed in a spectacularly loud fashion at the same moment that I lost control and came.

Having recovered a little composure we untied Doreen and escorted her downstairs, she was still nude and with her hands now fastened behind her back. I kissed her and explained that I still had not had several pleasures from her body and one of them was fucking her standing up which was an omission I was about to rectify.

Some time ago Brenda and I had screwed ring hooks into the top of the kitchen doorframe, but had never got around to using them so Doreen was about to become our tester. We untied her wrists, but before she could move away, we guided her to the kitchen and tied her wrist cuffs to the cords already in place on the rings. She was now standing in the open door way with her arms up and outstretched. A perfect position for playing with a woman’s body. She is a warm, soft, well-endowed woman with breasts and vagina that just love to be used, and they were certainly going to be used today.

We spent time playing with her body, we stroked her breasts and nibbled her nipples; we pulled and flicked her nipples until they were hard and standing proudly from her tits. Brenda played with Doreen’s clitoris as I played with her anus, then we changed places and did it all again. I eased my erection against her labia so that she anticipated penetration but she didn’t get it. I rested the head of my cock against her anus and gently pressed into the opening, but only for half an inch, then I withdrew.

She was moaning and begging us to fuck her. Brenda put her strap-on on and did exactly as I had done with the added bonus that if she was at Doreen’s front door then I was knocking on the back door then we’d change places again.

I went and brought a single bed mattress down and laid it on the floor in front of Doreen then covered it with a sheet and placed some pillows there. I went to Doreen; kissed her, fondled her, and slipping a finger into her vagina, which was literally running with juices, I asked her if she would like some sex now. She told me exactly how eager she was for that to happen and begged me to fuck her, so I had to explain that I hadn’t meant to imply that she was going to get the sex, she was going to be allowed Eryaman Escort to watch Brenda and I indulging in it.

We lay side by side on the mattress for a while, just cuddling and kissing, but gradually the intensity of the cuddling and kissing and fondling and stroking grew. Brenda lay on top of me and allowed me to guide my cock to her labia then by lifting my buttocks I got half my length into her vagina. At that point we rested, merely a gentle rocking movement to keep my cock interested while I turned my attention to her breasts.

They got a great deal of attention nearly every day, but they never seemed to tire of it. They were fondled; squeezed, sucked, nibbled, and pulled, with each passing minute the moaning and panting got louder and lasted longer, and that was from both women!

The moment arrived when Brenda could contain herself no longer, she sat up straight to enable her to lower herself down my cock, which she did with a look of extreme bliss on her face.

Finally, I was in up to my groin in soft, warm flesh. It never ceases to amaze me that it is said that only the first 2 inches of a vagina is actually sensitive to sexual stimulation and that most vaginal sheaths are only around 6 to 7 inches in depth. Well, I do not claim to have had a whole host of sexual partners, in fact those that I have had are all in my complete diary, but of those that I have had the pleasure of pleasuring, three of them could take my full length with little more than a grimace on the first few encounters, and after that there was no problem at all.

The first 2 inches of sensitivity may well be correct, but just think what a sensation that must be for the length of time that excitation lasts just going in, and then the return journey begins! What every one of them definitely loved was the girth. It appears that the fatter, the better, wins it.

Brenda allowed me to soak for a few moments then began rotating her groin so that my cock received a first class massage. Brenda’s face suddenly took on an expression of pure lust and I knew that playtime was now at an end, she placed her hands on my chest and raised her body until my cock was about to leave her vagina then rammed herself downwards and grunted as my cock head hit her cervix. She repeated this action again and again, the time between each cycle becoming shorter and shorter as her climax drew near.

I reached up and held her breasts for a moment and that was all the time I had because the moment my fingers touched her nipples she screamed and exploded into a tremendous blur of motion and I felt her juices beginning to run down my still rampant cock. Brenda was a spent force! She collapsed in a sweat soaked heap onto my chest, and after a few moments, rolled off to the side, gasping for breath.

I had to do something about my own situation so I got off the mattress, went over to Doreen, stroked, pulled, and sucked her nipples whilst running a finger over her clitoris and into her virginal passage. Once I was certain that she was suitably attentive I removed my finger and mouth from her body; brought my old tubular fold-up sun bed from the store room, slid it under her, lay down on it with my head between her thighs to enjoy the wonderful, close-up view of her labia and clitoris.

They were within easy reach of my fingers and mouth, which I demonstrated immediately. I spent a long time just teasing her, but as always, my faithful assistant had joined the party, and now had her mouth clamped on my erection, which began to make my concentration wander. I could wait no longer, so I stood up and removed the sun bed then undid the ankle ‘cuffs and used my hands to keep her thighs apart.

Asking her to excuse me for being so abrupt, I bent my knees thus allowing me to get between her legs and insert you know what into the entrance to you know where. I then got my hands under her thighs and lifted her up as I straightened my legs.

Once I had a firm grip, I began to slide one rigid cock into one wet vagina and then lowering her down it to commence using her soft Escort Bayan body for my own carnal pleasure. I didn’t feel ashamed because I knew that although I was taking her, it was exactly what she wanted me to do, just not necessarily in the manner in which I was doing it. She would remember this for a long, long, time. So would I!

These women were always thwarting my carnal designs. Doreen wrapped her legs around me, squeezed me tightly with her thighs to make certain I couldn’t pull out of her, and then Brenda’s hands appeared and unfastened the handcuffs which allowed Doreen to wrap her arms around me and hug me close.

She turned into a rampant, lust driven, limpet! She used me as an anchor so that she could lift herself up and then ram herself down in order to take control of the situation and fuck me until I could hardly stand up. Brenda had very kindly opened up the sofa bed, and put the mattress and the sheet on top so it was at a good height for me to carry her to the bed and lower myself onto it.

I was now on my back with a very rampant, demanding, lust driven, woman forcing me to impale her.

I do not know how long she rode me for, I do know that I was having the better of the exchange because Doreen was the one putting in all the effort, I merely had to lie there and watch her lovely breasts bounce up and down

Eventually she ran out of steam. She stopped moving, and with an expression of sheer pleasure on her face, she sighed and leaned forward to lie on my chest with her legs apart and my still rigid cock buried inside her. Once again, I was hold a soaking wet woman in my arms as her sex juices ran down my cock. It was nice and warm where I was, but my cock slowly deflated, leaving me happy, although a little frustrated.

I would love to be able to say that I then extracted my own sexual release from either; or even better, both, of my companions, but I have to admit that I didn’t really have the energy.

It had been just after midnight when I left Brenda’s bed, and we hadn’t been sleeping, so I told them that they would have to excuse me as I was heading home for a shower and a rest. I reminded them that I was expecting them at my place for coffee and cake in the afternoon and then Doreen could have the presents that Brenda and I had bought her.

The wind had risen and the rain had really started to make its presence felt when they arrived at my place, they had to dash in from Doreen’s car, not that I minded if they felt the need to strip off their wet things. Unfortunately, they had been inconsiderate enough to have wet weather gear on, so no luck there.

Brenda set the table while I brought the coffee and cakes out, bought cakes I hasten to add, as I’m no use at making such things.

We gave Doreen her presents. A laptop, a wireless router, and a printer. I had spent the previous week showing her to work it all on my own set-up so she wouldn’t be at a complete loss. She knew how to put it all together and the ISP had been sorted so she was ready to run, we hoped!

They went back to Brenda’s so she could change as we were going to a good country hotel for a birthday treat dinner. I changed and drove myself to Brenda’s then followed them in Doreen’s car to her place so that she could drop off her presents and change.

While she was getting ready, Brenda and I set up Doreen’s new toys then off we all went in Doreen’s car to the hotel and had a good meal and entertainment. I drink very little so they had taken the opportunity to let their hair down and consequently I drove two very merry women back to Doreen’s place. I don’t really know what was going on in the back, but it did sound more like something was coming off, and the effect had met with approval.

Brenda and I were supposed to carry on home in my land rover, but there had been a change of plan hatched on the drive back so I ended up with just a little surreptitious fondling and a goodnight kiss, and then away I was sent.

I had an idea of what I might find when I got home and sorted. I switched my laptop on and I wasn’t disappointed. They had taken a few revealing pics and e-mailed them to me. That was not fair, now I was getting a hard on and nowhere to spend it.

Revenge would certainly be sweet!

End of Ch. 8.

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