Plumpy Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: This is my ‘FIRST’ submission in Literotica.

This story is a Trilogy.

Part-I: This being the beginning is a slow starter. Building up the romance and gradually indulging into a sexual explicit.

Part-II: It is an out and out sexual over-dose, at times going even over-board.

Part-III: It indulged in a revenge thriller of different kind.

Punjabi women in general are pleasantly plump. They possess everything ‘BIG’! Big eyes, big boobs and big butts. Another asset of the Punjabi beauties are their body hair! The profusion of armpit hair and pubic hair are un-parallel to any other region in India. If you are a ‘Hair Fetish’ person, then a Punjabi beauty is the ultimate choice.

That being the general description about Punjabi women, and Ritu in particular let’s start the story… It’s 80% fact and 20% fiction. The fiction portions are to garnish the story with some flavours. Enjoy reading. Your liking and comments would help me to excel…



CHAPTER: 1 — Ritu The Vivacious Beauty

Ah Ritu!

She was a true Punjabi in all aspects. Her Hindi and English speaking accent had a typical over-tone of Punjabi. The way she used to stand and walk had a strong Punjabi attitude. The way she used to laugh had a sublime Punjabi carefree under-tone.

What was more important — her body!

Every part of her body had a Punjabi by nature feeling! Large and extra large body parts! Her stature — she stood at 5’9″ tall! Her weight was close to 175 pounds — which made her look pleasantly plump! Like a typical Punjabi female she had straight, long, dense, black hair literally kissing her opulent hips.

Her oval face had chubby cheeks and dimple chin are a beholder’s delight. She had really big and beautiful eyes and thick and long eye-brows. Her long nose was sharp and straight. On top of it she had a really husky metallic voice which suited to her personality like a cherry topping on a black forest, fresh cream, eggless premium cake!

Now let me take a deep breath before describing her body features and vital statistics. Everything about her was big! Big and wide shoulders, big and round boobs, big waist, big hips, big ass-cheeks, big and fleshy thighs.

Her bra size stood majestically at 40-‘E’. And about her massive and solid butt — she had an envious bottom of 48″! Whenever she used to walk around; despite the most expensive and best fitting under-garments she wore; her boobs and ass-cheeks used to jiggle to an ultra fine rhythm!


CHAPTER: 2 — Introduction To Ritu And My First Meeting

But; the million dollar question is — who is Ritu; and how I came to know her? Well, Ritu was the wife of Mr. Satish; who was a Keralite by birth. Satish was then a Vice President for a software multinational firm. Ritu was working in the middle-management position in the HRD of the same firm. It was a short love affair before a quick marriage and a long honeymoon over to Kulu, Manali, Rohtang, Kasauli, Shimla and Kufri.

There was a twelve years age gap between Satish and Ritu. When they got married, Ritu was 24 and Satish was 36. For this very reason Satish many a time treat Ritu like a baby and used to call her ‘Babee’. They have completed their 5th ‘Marriage Anniversary’, which made Ritu 29 and Satish 41.

Both of us — me and Satish were staying in the same society. Mine was a ground floor house; whereas Satish was staying in the first floor two blocks apart. Both the houses were otherwise like identical twins — drawing, dinning, TV lounge, kitchen, four bedrooms with attached restrooms. The only difference was — my house had three side open lawn and garden; whereas Satish’s house had three side open balcony.


It was on a lazy Sunday winter morning. I was totally engrossed in reading an interesting topic in the news paper sitting in the front lawn while sipping my mug of lemongrass-ginger tea. There was the typical sound of opening of the main gate. I glanced over. That was the first time I saw Ritu entering our house. She introduced herself as our neighbour; shifted recently from Bangaluru.

Shortly after that Satish stepped-in. It was an instant interaction which resulted in an intimate relationship. There were certain common traits between me and Satish. Both were MBAs from reputed institutes. Both were working in top management position in different multinational companies.

But what became an instant hit between me and Ritu was — we both were avid book readers. Added to the advantage was most of our favourite authors were common — from Jeffrey Archer to Lee Child; from Alvin Toffler to Arthur Herley; from Wilbur Smith to Clive Cussler.

My TV lounge had a wall to wall cabinet full of books collected over a period of time from my college days. Best of my hunting places were airport lounge book stores, Crossword and Landmark. Ritu became literally mad and was in absolute awe looking at my book collection width as antalya escort well as depth. The collection of Robin Sharma to Shiv Khera; from Sunil Batra to Paulo Coelho caught Ritu’s attention as well as interest within no time.

She borrowed three selected books from me in the very first visit. Though I was a bit reluctant to give my books to outsiders; somehow could not say no to Ritu. Probably because of two reasons — one she was one of the rarest of rare species who shared a common interest with me to that very extent; and reason number two was probably there was a very fine cord or bonding which I developed for Ritu’s overall attitude and personality the moment I saw her for the very first time.


CHAPTER: 3 — Pinjour Garden — Opportunity Galore!

I still clearly remember the day — it was December 23rd. I was on a marathon tour over to Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh and was on my return trip. My favourite staying place in Chandigarh was the Government tourist place in Pinjour Garden about 15 kilo-meters off the main city. In the afternoon and evening Pinjour Garden is a favourite spot for the Chandigarh locals as well as tourists. But as night creep in the entire place became totally silent. As the garden lights too switched off post 8 pm; the surroundings became dark and lonely.

To be very honest; I always love such places to stay. No much of a chaos or noise. Because, in such a secluded place I find solitude — which indirectly an inspirational point for me to do my in-depth analytical works for the empirical data findings for the company’s objectives.

I was in my suite with a large scotch of Chivas Regal; doing my usual analysis in my HP laptop (that was the No. 1 brand then). Suddenly my Nokia phone which was in a vibration mode started to blink (Nokia those days were commanding a 75% market share). I peeped into the coloured screen on my fancy Nokia mobile (Well, coloured mobiles were a rage those days; coming at a fancy price tags; with only 3 to 4 models available in a metro like Delhi and a market like Connaught Place — CP).

It was Ritu on the line. I picked up the phone and said


-‘Hello Mr. Ranjan; it’s me — Ritu.’

-‘Yes I know. I’ve saved your number.’

-‘I just had a talked with Didi (elder sister in Hindi, she was referring to my wife Sangeeta); and she said that you are in Chandigarh.’

-‘Yes, that is true. I have just returned from Shimla and staying in the Pinjour Garden Resort.’

-‘I know that. Didi had already briefed me about your trip.’ She said as a matter of fact tone, and then asked, ‘What are you doing right now?’

-‘Well, I’m indulged in some official work.’

-‘Is it very important?’

-‘No, not exactly; but then why?’

-‘Well, I’m also in Chandigarh.’

-‘Hey that is great and a surprise. But how come you are in Chandigarh?’

-‘No surprise. My parents stay here.’

-‘Yes, you told once; but I forgot.’

-‘Doesn’t matter. If not very busy; why don’t you drop-in at our place for dinner?’

-‘Well, it is so nice of you to invite me over to your place. But; to be very frank — now I’m middle of a crucial analysis. And can’t leave it at this stage.’

-‘Oh, I see.’ Then there was a pause and Ritu continued, ‘Actually I shall be in Chandigarh for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is Satish’s birthday. I have bought a surprise gift for him.’

-‘And you intended that I should give your surprise gift to him.’


-‘In that case I would come over to your place.’

-‘No. Please don’t bother yourself. For heaven sake don’t leave your important official work half way through.’


-‘Your resort is about thirty minutes drive from my home in a foggy winter night. If I leave right now; will catch you up at half past eight; and would hand over the gift to you. Will that be OK with you?’

-‘Of course, that is absolutely fine.’

Saying so, I hooked off the mobile. Got up and changed into a sober evening wear. Put the room in order. Sprayed the restroom into a subdued mood of lavender fresh aroma. Called up the dinning in-charge to book a window side table for two with a red wine specially imported from Santiago, Chile.

I was at the resort lobby five minutes before eight thirty. As I looked out; to my surprise it was drizzling. It is quite natural in this part of the country to get intermittent rains during peak winters. As Chandigarh is located right at the foothold of Himachal Pradesh (HP); as and when there is a snow fall in HP; Chandigarh does receive its share of chill rain fall.

Ritu’s SUV came to a skidding halt at the portico; as the tubeless tires made a typical noise. Opening the driver-side door she moved out and yanked the rear door to pull out the gift pack and walked into the lobby with long and brisk steps. She had worn a long winter coat of sun-set bronze colour; which was literally extended up to her knees. The denim jeans was visible only from her knee and below.

Her dark and long hair was slightly wet owing to the artvin escort mild drizzle and chill breeze. Water droplets were shinning on her smooth and fair cheeks creating an illusion of a million diamonds. While wiping the rain water from her left cheek she just removed the wet strands of hair from her face.


CHAPTER: 4 — Converting Situation To Opportunity Is An Art!

I came near her first took the gift from Ritu’s hand; then guided her over to the dinning area. On reaching our reserved table; first pulled her side of the chair so that she could move in; then helped her to remove her over-coat; so that she could comfortably settle down into her well cushioned chair.

I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the dinning management. They had put a small hot air blower right under our table. It was an instant relief. Ritu removed her boots and extended her woollen-socks clad feet near the blower to get immediate warmth. She rubbed her palms, wiped her face then looked up at me and gave her trade-mark million dollar smile. I smiled back and broke the silence:


-‘I never expected the weather to be this bad,’ exclaimed Ritu.

-‘In the very first place you shouldn’t have come.’ I made a statement.

-‘I know. I shouldn’t have. But I did. Because, I’m like that only. A bit whimsical. Once decided means no backing off.’

-‘That is a good trait. But not in all circumstances. Here in this situation; instead of your coming down to my resort — I could have gone over to your place.’

-‘No, that is OK.’

-‘No. It’s not OK. I’m feeling bad as well as guilty.’

-‘Please don’t think that way.’

I took a break purposefully. Opened the red wine bottle and poured in equal proportion into two classic wine glasses. With the brief formality of ‘Cheers’; Ritu started again:

-‘So, how come you are in Chandigarh today?’

-‘Well, I’ve more than 300 retail outlets to control as the head of operation in the Northern Division of India. As a basic plan of operation; I always made it a point to cover the entire retail stores once in every six months.’

-‘That’s pretty tough.’

-‘Umm not exactly. It is pretty exciting. If you like your job; then you don’t even have to work for a day.’

-‘That is pretty smart thinking.’

-‘Yup — this time I just covered three states — J&K, Punjab and Himachal.’

-‘Despite whatever you say — it got to be hectic and tiring.’

-‘Depends how you take it. More over I had also finalised the opening of three mega stores — one in each of the states.’

-‘That’s great.’

-‘Tomorrow I shall be finalising a 9000 square feet store in split floors at Mani Majra, off Panchkula.’

-‘Wow — that is amazing. So, cheers for your future expansion plans.’

Ritu raised the toast. I gestured her excitement. By then the waiter had brought us some pre-decided starters — which included boiled baby corn-mushroom-bamboo shoot in oyster sauce; spicy potato chunks and chicken drum sticks. The moment Ritu saw the starters she exclaimed in awe:

-‘How come you knew my taste?’

-‘In MBA one of my favourite subjects was ‘Customer Psychology’ — studying customers’ perceptions, beliefs, motives and behaviour pattern. The same is also applicable in reality of human interaction too.’

-‘That is simply great.’

-‘See how excited you are to see your favourite dishes on the table. The expression on your face is absolutely mind boggling and made my day.’

Ritu became a bit shy. Taking a sip of wine from her glass she said:

-‘I’m flattered.’

-‘If you liked — it is my privilege.’

Saying so I started to fill her plate with starters; while Ritu poured wine into our empty glasses. While I took a sip, Ritu bite a chicken drum stick and murmured:

-‘Uummmm… it is really yummy.’

-‘Thanks to the cook. I only ordered.’

-‘You’re witty.’

-‘Thanks for the compliment.’ I said while forked a baby corn into my mouth ‘There is an excellent quality about you.’ I made a statement.


-‘Your expressions.’ I paused for a moment took a sip of wine and continued, ‘You’ve a god gifted facial expression; which is seldom seen in today’s materialistic world.’

-‘That is a big compliment I suppose.’ Ritu said in a low and polite tone while giggling a bit.

-‘Of course it is a compliment. There is another advantage with you.’

-‘What is that?’

-‘Your smile.’

-‘My smile?’

-‘Yes your smile. It is nostalgic. It shows your open heartedness as well as you can express a lot without even uttering a single word.’

-‘Now I’m really feeling slightly uncomfortable.’ Ritu said while looking at me and whimpering slightly on her well cushioned dinning chair.

-‘No. I’ve not completed my sentence yet.’ I said.

-‘What more?’

-‘With a smile like that you can easily make a foe your friend.’ I said looking into Ritu’s big expressive eyes.

-‘I must tell you one thing,’ Ritu paused for a moment.

-‘Please tell,’

-‘You know how beylikdüzü escort to impress people. No wonder you are doing so well in your retail business.’ She smiled at her own statement; I joined her in her statement of a lighter moment.

The waiter appeared again. This time with a full bowl of butter chicken and two stuffed butter ‘Naan’ (an Indian Punjabi bread — big, spongy, cooked in a typical earthen hearth). Ritu looked at the main course and then looked back at me:

-‘You are simply incredible.’

-‘Thank you. Hope it is a compliment.’ The later sentence I copied from her statement some time back.

-‘Of course, it is a compliment. And this time I won’t ask you how you knew my taste; or else you will again start off with your para-psychology of perception and belief.’

We both laughed at her saying. Without much ado we started enjoying the dinner. I glanced at my Omega wrist watch — it was 9.30 PM. No wonder I was feeling really hungry. Because my usual dinner time was around 9.00 PM., munching away a breast portion of the butter chicken I said:

-‘Incidentally butter chicken is also one of my all time favourite.’

-‘But; how you know my choice?’

-‘Let us keep it as a little secret for some more time.’

-‘OK,’ Saying so Ritu concentrated on her portion of butter chicken and stuffed butter ‘Naan’.

Dinner was more of a sober affair. In about next ten minutes we finished our dinner. The waiter came with two finger bowls. Dipping her finger into the warm water Ritu said:

-You know Mr. Ranjan, what is the best part of today’s dinner?’

-‘What?’ I asked while wiping my face with the face towel.

-‘The finger bowl! The warm water is a blessing in disguise!’ Said Ritu with a tinge in her voice.

We both laughed.

-‘You are just incorrigible.’ I said.

Ritu giggled while pressing her lower lip with the symmetrical set of upper incisor teeth. She was really looking pretty beautiful in that expression.

The waiter once again appeared. This time with deserts; he had two crystal clear and clean glass bowls of cassata with hot chocolate and double scoops of vanilla ice cream and again hot chocolate on top of that vanilla ice cream again.

-‘Surprise after surprise after surprise! I’m just floored!’ Ritu blurred out in an exasperated voice. Saying so she literally piled upon the dessert bowl. Taking, mouthing and gulping a large portion of her dessert almost in an instant; she started say something which was not clearly audible to me because of partially her mouth was full and partially because of the numbness of her tongue owing to the sub-zero ice cream.

-‘You know I just love cassata with hot chocolate and vanilla ice cream.’

I smiled and said politely:

-‘Yes I know for sure.’

-‘But the million dollar question is — how do you know?’ Ritu asked almost impatiently.

-‘It’s a question of your interest. For example — you have bought a surprise for Satish, right?’


-‘And that surprise is definitely a thing of Satish’s liking.’

-‘Quite obviously.’

-‘So, how simple it is.’

-‘No. It is not at all that simple. I and Satish are married for five years. We’re living together. We know each other’s liking and disliking too.’

-‘There you go. Both of you know each other’s liking and disliking.’


-‘Between you and me who is the common factor? Obviously he is Satish.’

-‘There you go. Now I know, where from you got the details.’

-‘Look it’s all about one’s inquisitiveness in regard to another person. If I personally feel you are special. Then you are special to me. Thus, collecting those tit-bits about you always pays off.’

-‘So, you think I’m special?’ She asked looking into my eyes.

-‘Any doubt?’ I questioned back, ‘Special is a related ideal. It is not necessarily a reciprocal two way process. It is purely a perceived phenomenon and more of a sentimental issue.’

-‘By god, now you are talking dogmatic.’ Ritu stipulated.

-‘Well, I will put it as pragmatic!’ I countered.

-‘Now tell me how it pays off?’ Ritu ducked my statement.

-‘Simple. Our dinner as such was not very special or expensive. But; at the end of it I see contentment in my guest’s eyes; which means I’ve hosted well.’

Ritu smiled, put the empty dessert bowl back on the table and said:

-‘One thing I must say you have a flair for understanding people to the core.’

-‘You are right. But not all people. Only the special ones.’

-‘Like me?’

-‘Yes like you.’

-‘How many in your list?’

-‘I can count them on my finger tip.’

-‘I’m flattered.’

-‘You deserved.’

Suddenly Ritu started sneezing. She pulled out a couple of paper napkins from the napkin holder and utilised those. I asked:

-‘Are you OK?’

-‘Yeah I’m fine.’ Suddenly her voice had started to change a bit.

-‘But from your tone I can get it — you are going to catch a bad cold shortly.’

-‘Might be. Bad weather. Getting partially drenched is always injurious to health.’ Ritu said intermittently while sneezing.

I saw my wrist watch again. The time was five minutes past ten. I was a bit worried. A lady on a lonely road in rainy winter night driving back about twenty five kilo meters is not very prudent and safe.

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