Polly Takes Control

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Anri Okita

Malcolm spent the weekend in a daze, the image of Mrs Polly Urquhart’s tits was burned into his brain forever, the image of them surrounding his face as they bulged and bounced around his nose whilst his throbbing cock released its load repeatedly into her vice-like smooth relentless pussy. All he wanted was to get his hands on her again, his dick up her again but she played the innocent wife and mother all weekend. Her outfits during the weekend were at best suggestive of the bounteous curves that lay beneath.

At times he thought he must have imagined the slut that played her daughter and husband for fools as she milked the cum from his young balls time after time. To Polly, Malcolm was a bit of fun, not great with his young thin body and hard 6 inch cock which had no resistance to her grinding hips and smooth velvet tight pussy. She enjoyed, however, the fact that she was an obsession for the young man, that he would have sold his own mother and disowned his girlfriend for 10 more minutes on top of her.

It was Sunday evening and Malcolm needed a lift back to the station. Bernard had liked the lad, he was clearly clever and had a potentially good future. Malcolm was meek and well mannered all weekend although at times Bernard thought the lad was lost in a fog of deep thoughts. He was; thoughts of what it had felt like to have his cock deep in Bernard’s wife whilst his balls churned every last drop they could produce to be pumped into her.

Bernard left for his regular Sunday evening drink with his friends in the local pub. Vicky bounded up to her mum:

“Thanks for a lovely weekend, I am so glad it has gone well. I think Malcolm and I have a real future.”

“Are you thanking me for my cooking and being mummy or are you thanking me for not showing him my hot body dear?” Polly asked with a smile.

“Oh mum, I am sorry about that. I do trust you and I know Malcolm would never do anything with my mum,” Vicky said.

“Well,mmm, but we both accept that I could fuck him if I wanted to; you accept that he couldn’t resist me, don’t you.”

“Mum don’t start this, you don’t need to be so insecure, dad loves you very much, he worships the ground you walk on.”

“So does Malcolm honey, all men do,” Polly said softly. “I am going to give him a lift to the station. You do trust me, don’t you darling?”

Vicky turned away to see Malcolm standing there. Polly slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, all eyes were transfixed on her as she sexily removed her shirt to reveal a black elasticated top which clung to her huge boobs, it showed no cleavage but a lot of her glorious toned tanned stomach. Her tits were encased in this clinging material, they looked huge, firm, glorious and she knew it.

Polly seductively beyliikdüzü escort peeled off her long skirt to reveal matching elasticated black shorts that clung to her fantastic arse and left nothing to the imagination. Her glorious tanned legs were suddenly on show again. She bent to pick up her handbag and turned sideways to allow Malcolm to admire her amazing body in profile.

She walked to the door, opened it and without looking back lifted one hand and snapped her fingers sharply. Like an obedient dog Malcolm followed her out of the house without even saying anything to his girlfriend.

She walked seductively to her white 2 seater sports car and slid in crossing her amazing legs and allowing Malcolm to stand and gawp at her incredible body.

“Other side honey” she said smiling.

He walked round and got in as Vicky stared from the door. Polly turned her back on Vicky so she could not see her in the car and slowly painted her lips with dark red lipstick. Malcolm thought that her lips looked like these were designed to suck cock.

“I kept expecting you to fuck me this weekend,” she said, pouting playfully.

“How, uhh, when?” Malcolm stumbled his words, lost in her amazing eyes and tanned voluptuous body.

“A man with aching balls tends to find a way,” she said casually unzipping him with one hand and easing his straining cock out of his trousers.

Polly suddenly turned the engine on and reversed sharply before skidding the car to a halt in front of the front door. Vicky was 3 or 4 yards away from the passenger side door and couldn’t see Polly’s hand slowly going up and down on Malcolm’s cock as she stood at the door.

Polly hit the electric window button and the passenger window slid down.

Polly lent across Malcolm, her right hand wanking him furiously out of sight of her daughter.

“Tell Daddy I am just going for a workout, won’t you darling,” Polly said to Vicky smiling innocently.

She adjusted her position a couple of inches and her straining black top pressed against Malcolm’s face, he was her toy and she was playing with him.

“Mum, please…”

“We understand each other don’t we Vicky, you bring your young men home and I,…”. She smiled at her daughter and squeezed her hand around Malcolm’s balls and felt him lose control. He erupted and groaned and grunted. Vicky looked on in horror as cum spurted across her mother, streaking across her shiny elastic black top and forming a pearl necklace which dripped from her chin. “I look after them honey. Only the best will do, I don’t want men who can’t control themselves just because I am pretty. Malcolm, you need to learn control,” she said laughing.

“But what bodrum escort about Dad, you should love him, be faithful to him, we are a family,” Polly said, shocked by what she was seeing. “Did you fuck him on Friday night?”

“Of course honey, just like I have fucked all your other boyfriends. I haven’t been faithful to your father since before we were married, not even on our wedding day. You would think he would realise he was married to a slut one of these days,” Polly said with an evil twinkle in her eyes.

“He will find out now,” Vicky replied fiercely.

“He will not believe you, he trusts me and loves me and I will drive you away from him if you tell him.” This was the moment of truth for Polly, all the years of dominating her daughter came down to this challenge.

“Am I even his daughter?”

“Good question Vicky, you are my daughter and the fruits of one of countless affairs. I am a total slut Vicky but men can’t get enough. It’s my body you see” she said grabbing her tits and pushing her huge pair up to her chin, straining her black top spectacularly. “So your loyalty is to me, I am your mother. Bernard is just the man who slogs himself to pay for everything we need. He isn’t even your daddy.”

“How could you be so cruel?”

“I enjoy my life and he is blissfully ignorant about my fun and games. Phone him now and tell him I am going to the gym. Do it?”

“Why should I, I love him. He is still my dad”

“No he isn’t. He is just the man who looks after you, pays for everything, you exploit him like I do. You are my daughter and you owe your loyalty to me.” She pressed her tits out of the window and held her firm solid mounds for her daughter to admire. “Come and lick him off me, come suck your boyfriend’s spunk off my tits.”

Before Vicky quite knew what had happened she felt her mother’s massive tits in her face and the taste of semen in her throat. She gobbled it, God she wished a man would shoot down her throat.

“Do you want to taste Lance baby, I will let your former stud of a boyfriend shoot all over my naked tits again and you can taste him.”

“Mmm, yes please,” said Vicky, lost in a sexual fantasy.

“Only if you phone Bernard now, only if you promise to deceive him, act as my alibi when one of my lovers needs to see me. Only if you accept that your boyfriends all belong to me and will never fuck you.” She felt Malcolm stiffen and spray another load underneath her, streaking cum over her body as her hand worked him remorselessly.

Vicky replied: “I will, I will if I can taste Lance.”

“You can eat him off my tits if you tell me where your loyalty lies.”

“Give me the phone, I never knew this could be so hot, thanks for bolu escort letting me join in mum.”

“I am going to humiliate your father like never before, the ignorant wimp and my own daughter is going to help,” she laughed.

“Can I share them in your bed, share your studs, your lovers I mean?” Vicky babbled excitedly.

Polly slid back into the driving seat with a broad smile on her face. It had worked perfectly. “Of course not honey, I am going to humiliate you too. As I said, things are going to change around here.”

Polly sped off out of the drive and soon Malcolm’s hands were all over her big tits and toned thighs as she steered with one hand and wanked with the other.

She saw Bernard stumbling home on the other side of the road after a few pints. She pulled up on the other side of the road but didn’t stop pulling on Malcolm’s chain. Again she slid across him and opened the window to speak to he husband just 5 yards away. Malcolm was pinned in his chair fighting the urge to cum a third time as Polly’s hand relentlessly teased his cock as it pressed into her firm stomach and once again her massive mammaries bulged inches from his face.

“I am going for a work out Bernard.”

“Jesus Polly, what are you wearing? Bernard exclaimed.

“Ah honey, are you jealous. You know I am always faithful to you baby,” groping Malcolm’s balls sharply and feeling him shudder and spurt cum against her – out of view of her trusting husband.

Malcolm was terrified as his body betrayed him and he tried to prevent himself lurching and humping against her. Bernard was walking towards the window. Not enough time for Polly to back off and speed away and she had a rampant cock spurting against her body. She lent forward pushing her head and huge tits out of the window to meet him. Bernard’s eyes were transfixed on her massive rack giving her a couple of seconds to think.

“I have a present for you in the boot darling. I hope you like it.”

Bernard instinctively walked to the back of the car and opened the boot – empty.

“What, Polly there is nothing in here,” he said slamming the boot.

“Vicky must have taken it out, ask her for it. See you.”

Polly sped off leaving a bewildered Bernard to stagger home.

Polly phoned Vicky: “Uh fuck, Vick, there a loads of sexy tight tops I never wear for Bernard in my locked cabinet. The key is in my jewellery box. Take one out and tell him a got it to wear as a present for him tonight. You will do that for me whilst Malcolm fucks your mummy, won’t you? Oh fuck yes, right there honey!”


“You can suck Lance’s cum off the top you select so make sure you pick a sexy one so that he creams a lot.”

“You promise.”

“Uhhh, just do it and be grateful for the scraps I give you. Compare me with her Malcolm.”

Vicky heard Malcolm groan: “Fuck you are so hot and she is nothing, just like your wimpy husband.”

“Get the tightest one you can find Vicky, I’ll fit these cans in somehow.”

“Yes mum.”

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