Pool Party Ch. 02

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Around 8,000 words, should be around 3 pages.

I have been helped with this tale by one of the volunteer editors. I’m not sure if he wants me to acknowledge his help or remain anonymous, so for now I won’t give him a shout-out. But, he knows who he is and he knows how grateful I am for the help he’s given me.

This is part 2 of what will probably be, at least, a three or four-part series. Again, there isn’t loads of sex in this but I think it is building nicely. There is some pissing action in this story, I know that is the point of much of what I write but I still feel the need to warn people as that’s not everyone’s kink.

If neither of those two things has put you off, read on and enjoy.

As always, everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


I hadn’t slept well. Last night Amy and I watched porn and masturbated together. As a result, my dreams had been exotic, and erotic, and arousing, and when I eventually awoke, my morning chubby was a little more prominent than usual.

I stumbled downstairs. I was a near zombie without my first coffee, albeit a zombie with a semi between its legs.

As I passed Amy’s bedroom door, I could hear muffled voices, hushed tones interspersed with nervous giggling. I glanced at my watch, 9 am, which was early for her to have visitors. I strained to listen to what they were saying, but all I got were odd phrases. I heard one of the girls, Zoe I think, ask, “You’re sure that’s what he wants,” followed by a hushed reply and a shocked gasp.

I tapped on the door.

“Hello?” Amy called back.

“You okay in there?”

“All good Daddy.”

“You got Charms and Zoe with you?”


“They’re early?”

“We’re just getting ready. We’ll see you by the pool in about an hour,” she said, solidly ignoring my implied question.

That hour seemed to drag on forever. I’d showered, eaten, dressed, and applied sunscreen and still had over twenty minutes to wait.

I selected a book from my small library and wandered down to the pool. Amy’s words from last night, please don’t fuck this up, kept repeating and I was determined to keep today as casual as I possibly could.

It was one of those glorious English summer mornings. Blue skies, no clouds, spectacular sunshine. The day felt fresh, and clean, and new, and somehow that newness, that sense of the world being refreshed, fed into my feelings about what the day might bring. However careful and casual we were with each other today, there was no doubt that it would mark the start of a new chapter, and curiously I took comfort that it seemed to be reflected in the weather.

The sounds of their arrival drew my attention and I looked up in time to see the door slide open. The three girls spilled out, giggling. I watched them over my book and gave them a warm smile as we caught each other’s eye.

“Morning, ladies,” I said, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

“Morning,” they chimed in unison.

Each wore matching pure white dressing gowns and in the strong morning light, they were stunningly bright.

They walked down the few stairs between the house and the pool deck. Each step brought the reality of what they were about to do into sharp focus and the expectation and anticipation ratcheted with each passing moment. By the time they reached the bottom step, the giggles were replaced with nervous, expectant silence.

The girls glanced at each other to coordinate their actions then took a deep breath and shed their gowns in unison.

Suddenly I was in heaven. A beautiful heaven, a heaven with blue skies and bright sunshine. A heaven filled with shimmering tight teen bodies, young cunts, and firm tits. A heaven filled with opportunity.

I suppressed the groan that was building in my chest. I suppressed the desire to stare at their cunts. I repressed the desire to grab them and fuck them.

“Nice. Very nice, girls. Beautiful. Do you like them?” I said, desperate not to come across as a pervert.

“They’re beautiful, Alan, thank you,” Charms answered first.

Zoe hesitated slightly before she spoke, “Yes, thank you, Mister Cummins, I love mine too.”

I had asked them both to call me Alan a couple of years ago. Charms had switched immediately, her natural confidence and self-perceived superiority to the others of her age meant she had no problem viewing me as an equal. Whereas Zoe had found it difficult, and whenever she got nervous, she would revert to Mr. Cummins. I often thought that if we did ever end up in a ménage et tois, Charms would be the senior of the two. She would almost become the replacement wife and Zoe would be our surrogate daughter.

“They are beautiful. You all look beautiful in them and I’m glad you like them,” I said, as I deliberately diverted my eyes from their deliciously tight teen bodies.

I spent the next couple of hours concentrating on my book, although even now I couldn’t tell you what I was trying to read. It was difficult, one porno izle of the hardest things I’d ever done. I know you can imagine how hard it was (pun intended). I studiously, and with great effort, pretended to read, only occasionally glancing across to where the girls lay sunning themselves.

It took Zoe and Charms a couple of hours to relax, settle into position and get comfortable with how exposed they were. They didn’t swim. They stayed on their loungers, their legs demurely crossed at the ankles, but I didn’t mind. I fully understood Amy’s point that this was going to take time for them to get used to, but it was Amy who initiated the next step.

“Wow, it’s hot. Does anyone want a drink?” she asked.

“What were you thinking?” I replied, taking her cue to break the awkward silence that was starting to develop.

“Whatever you want. Mimosas maybe? We’ve got champagne and orange juice in the fridge.”

Charms and Zoe sat up attentively at the suggestion of champagne. Neither of them had enjoyed it on first taste, but they did love the sophistication of it. So they had learned to enjoy it, and it beat the cheap corner-shop beer they were likely to have in the fridge at home.

“Mimosas it is then. Shall I get them?” I offered.

“No, it’s okay Dad. We’ll get them, won’t we girls?”

“Yes we’ll get them,” they said in unison.

“Okay, thanks. That’ll be lovely,” I said as I laid back down.

For the next few minutes, they busied themselves gathering the ice buckets, bottles of champagne, and the fresh orange juice, setting it all up poolside.

I caught Amy’s attention as the other two were inside. “I take it we’re not just having one then?” I said nodding towards the bottle of champagne she held in each hand.

She gave a casual shrug. “Nothing wrong with keeping our options open, is there?”

I smiled and shook my head slightly. “Nope. Nothing wrong with that at all.”

Eventually, we had all that we needed, and the girls poured themselves a tall drink. I admired their teamwork. Amy set out the glasses, Charms poured the champagne, and Zoe topped it off with the juice.

Then it came to my turn. Amy walked towards me, glass in hand. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a strut, but she stood tall and proud as she walked towards me, her body in full view. She was followed by Charms and Zoe.

In the bright midday sun, the see-through swimsuits shimmered exotically. As Charms walked toward me, I had an unrestricted view. I was able to check her out properly under the pretense of waiting for my champagne.

Fuck she was magnificent. She was lithe, nubile, and every bit as mouth-wateringly sexy as I had allowed myself to dream. Her breasts were glorious mounds of softness, about the size of half a large grapefruit. They sat high and proud on her chest, topped off by her deep brown nipples. Her pussy lips were completely smooth. Only the barest hint of carefully trimmed dark hair was visible. It formed a tiny arrow that pointed towards the delights below.

I held my glass forward and offered it to Charms and she bent forward to fill it. She was so close I could feel the radiant heat from her breasts on the back of my hand. She had to pour the champagne carefully so that it didn’t fizz too much and that gave me time to enjoy her display. She knew I was looking, knew I was turned on, and kept glancing at my tight shorts as they revealed my expanding lust beneath. When she finished, she stepped away with a sexily little shimmy to make room for Zoe.

Zoe stepped forward in her tiny two-piece bikini. It covered so little, but that barely mattered. The bits that did cover her were so transparent she might as well have been naked. I knew her tits were small, but it wasn’t until they were revealed that I realised just how small. They were little more than rises, swellings really, on her chest. They revealed inches of her rib cage between each mound and were topped off by delicate pink nipples, barely any darker than the surrounding skin, and puffy areolas.

She stepped forward to pour the juice and, under the pretence of watching her fill my glass, my gaze lowered to her pussy. Her thin slit and small but puffy outer lips only served to highlight the width of her thigh gap. She was fully shaved, and her young cunt looked delectable. It was all I could do not to groan as I imagined what it would be like to have it wrapped around my cock.

“Thank you, girls,” I said as the drink reached the top. I was still thinking about their cunts as I added, “That looks delicious.”

Over the next hour or so we had another couple of drinks and by midday, we were all nicely buzzed. I was just about to suggest lunch when I noticed Zoe looked uncomfortable. She kept clenching her thighs together and swinging her legs. She stared at Amy with a look of desperation on her face. She then whispered something I couldn’t make out. Whatever it was, Amy gave her a firm nod back and mouthed, “Yes.”

They both glanced across at me. Amy looked pleased altyazılı porno and gave me a wink, but Zoe’s face was a mixture of terror and desperation. She turned to Amy and whispered something else and, once again, Amy gave her a firm nod and a firm yes.

Zoe looked at me as she stood her face painted with a clear picture of, I can’t believe I’m doing this. She waddled towards me, keeping her thighs as tight as that gap would allow.

“Mister Cummins,” she whispered as she neared.

“Yes, Zoe?” I replied as encouragingly as I could.

“Amy says you want this?”

“She’s right, I do.”

“You’re sure?”

“I am, but only if you’re okay with it,” I whispered encouragingly.

Her eyes were near watery with desperation and she nodded nervously.

“Okay,” she whispered.

“Come closer, Zoe.”

Hesitantly she moved closer and stood just inches from me. I could feel her heat, smell her scent, and hear her faltering breaths. I could sense she was nervous to the point of near terror and, as a result, she was tense. My gaze went to her face and I gave her the most reassuring look I could.

“Just relax Zoe, I promise this is what I want, you don’t need to be scared.”

“Are you…,” she started to say before she interrupted herself. “Oh fuck!” she cried, as she gave an involuntary spurt. It was so powerful I heard the hiss as it shot past her tight lips and through the material of her gusset. Her knees buckled and she had to grab the arm of my chair to stop herself from falling.

My eyes reached her sex just in time to see the last few drops dripping from her gusset and running down her legs.

“Oh fuck! That is beautiful,” I growled, letting Zoe know the strength of my feelings.

Hearing how turned on I was, seemed to give Zoe a bit of confidence, and she stood a little straighter, a little taller, her legs slightly further apart.

“It’s coming, Mister Cummins,” she promised nervously.

There were a few more false starts but eventually she managed a steady stream of piss and it was beautiful, just fucking beautiful. Emanating from that smooth cunt, it forced its way through the material of her gusset and reformed into a thick stream before running down her thigh.

She gasped with every false start and then settled into a contented sigh, almost a purr, as her body relaxed. She sounded so sexy, so alluring. I could easily believe that she was actually enjoying it, enjoying the freedom of public pissing. I had convinced myself that whatever happened today, we would take it steady, nothing more than flirtation and voyeurism. However, watching this gorgeous young creature piss herself for my pleasure, I couldn’t resist advancing to touching her.

I slid my hands between her knees and she gasped at that first contact, but she didn’t pull away. I stroked her sodden thigh as her hot piss washed over my hand. I moved higher and higher until I stopped in that delectable gap just inches from the source. She gazed into my eyes and witnessed the depths of my passions as she pissed on my hand, and I could see that she was turned on too. There was still a hint of nervousness, but there was no doubt in my mind that she was enjoying this first time.

Eventually, the stream eased off to a trickle and then a few final drops as she fully emptied. I gave her thigh a reassuring squeeze as I said, “Amazing, Zoe. Thank you.”

“Did you, did you like that?” she whispered.

I glanced down at my crotch. My hard cock was clearly visible through my tight trunks.

“I think you can see that I did.”

It was the first time we had admitted to each other the effect they had on me, and she just nodded in response. I wanted to ask whether she had enjoyed it too, but I doubted that she would like to confront that in herself so soon after her piss play journey had begun.

“Zoe, why don’t you freshen up in the pool,” I suggested.

“I might do, in a while,” she responded.

My heart leaped at the idea that she might want to enjoy her self-created wetness for a little while longer. This was going better than I could have ever hoped.

As Zoe returned to her lounger, my attention was drawn to the other two. They were both sitting upright, they were both flushed, and both looked like they’d been holding their breath for the entire time. They saw me looking and smiled back. Amy’s smile was a triumphant one. It seemed to say, ‘I told you we could do this.’ Charms’ smile was more circumspect. Perhaps she wondered whether she could, in fact, ‘do this.’

Thirty minutes later, we sat around the patio table and ate lunch together, enjoying the goat’s cheese salad that Amy had prepared. Even though they were practically naked, their breasts and tight nipples on clear display, our conversation was remarkably natural, perhaps lubricated by a little more champagne than had been strictly necessary, but we all felt very comfortable in each other’s company. Zoe even managed to call me Alan a couple of times.

Certainly, any sex hikaye tension that might have been created by the escalation in the nature of our dance seemed forgotten. At least it was until Charms started the wiggle of a woman who had a need.

Her desperate eyes flashed around the table. I don’t know exactly what she was looking for, sympathy, encouragement, a hall pass perhaps, but she didn’t get that. Instead, she got excited amusement from her friends, and from me, well, I was desperate for this magnificent young woman to join my piss play game, and I knew my face showed that.

“Alan, I… I don’t know if I can,” she stuttered.

Zoe laughed at her predicament. “Oh no, you don’t,” she said, “I went through with it.”

Her eyes pleaded with mine, and, for a moment, I took pity. “Charmaine, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” I knew that despite my words, my face still told her I wanted her to go through with this.

She glanced at the other two. They weren’t going to contradict me but their faces made it clear that they expected her to play her part. Tentatively Charms stood with her thighs pressed together. She looked like she might be starting to relax into letting go but I wanted her closer and beckoned her near.

She looked so vulnerable as she walked toward me. Gone was that swagger, that air, that superiority that she carried so easily and I found watching this normally confident young woman struggling to find the courage to pee for me unexpectedly erotic.

Perhaps it was the alcohol making me a little bold, perhaps it was the lack of negatives arising from me caressing Zoe’s thigh, perhaps it was my raging lust, or perhaps it was just the sight of this gorgeous young creature standing in front of me. Still, whatever it was, I decided to push the boundaries.

I pushed my chair away from the table and tapped my knee.

“Come and sit here.”

Her eyes flashed me a questioning look, and I nodded in response. Slowly she came closer. I found myself once again marvelling that such a beautiful creature could exist.

She went to sit on my knee, but as she lowered herself, I was suddenly overcome with a desire to feel more. I pulled her towards me so that her fine ass landed firmly on my crotch. The other two gasped and giggled with a mixture of excitement and shock at the sudden escalation.

She overwhelmed my senses. The weight of her young body pressing down on my growing lust; the perfume of her suntan oil mixed with the slightly musky scent coming from between her thighs; the curve of her ass as it met my crotch; the taper of her slender waist as I wrapped her in my arms, all conspired to feed my raging lust. Then there was that heat, my crotch bathed in the radiated warmth of her tight, young snatch as she nestled into my lap.

She turned to me still slightly in shock, her bright eyes wide, her cheeks flushed, her face just inches from mine, I could feel her breath on my lips. I nearly kissed her. The desire to close that small gap and press my lips to hers was almost overwhelming but I resisted.

“Alan, I really need a wee,” she said weakly.

“I know,” I replied, trying hard to hide my rising excitement.

“But I’m sitting on your lap?”

“I know.”

“Here? You’re sure?”

“I am,” I said, my voice thick with desire.

My cock was responding to the weight of this young beauty and I felt it push against her luscious behind. I know she felt it too.

She buried her head in the crook of my neck, unable to make eye contact with me.

“I can’t hold it any longer,” she whispered.

“Good. I don’t want you to.”

“Oh god,” she gasped, as she could hold it no more.

That wet heat spread from her centre and enveloped my whole groin, my whole sex. Her wetness enveloped me, filled me, fuelling the flames of my lust, and, at that moment, I wanted to fuck the world. I instinctively thrust my hips seeking the pressure my cock demanded. I was fully hard now and my cock was jammed against the barely covered pussy of this amazing eighteen-year-old girl and she felt it.

She was still pissing on me, and I could tell she was still scared, but that earlier terror was slowly being replaced. I could sense it. I could hear it. I could feel it. Her body softened against mine, her breathing became less laboured. She pressed her weight against my straining member, positioning herself so that the pressure of my thrusts landed on just the right spot and the pressure of her stream tickled my cock.

She gasped as her blossoming wet lips met the engorged crown of my cock and I moaned my approval as I thrust to connect us. If it wasn’t for the two thin layers of material separating us I would have been inside her, fucking her piss-soaked pussy, but that felt like a leap too far and so we settled for the wettest dry hump ever.

I sat there revelling in the force of her stream. It tickled and danced and caressed my cock as she slid her dripping pussy along my full length. She tilted her hips forward, pressing her clit against me, and, as she found the pressure she craved, she whimpered like a little girl, quietly gasping, moaning, and swearing. Incoherently whispering her growing desire. Seemingly incapable of forming complete sentences.

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