Pool Side Sluts

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My name is Jamie, I am 18 and this is the story of how my Mom, my best friend Dana and I became Gang Bang Whores.

It was about 11 A.M. on a beautiful summer morning. That day it was about 88 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I had just woke up and I was wearing panties and a small white tank top. I walked down the stairs and saw my Mom in the Kitchen.

“Morning Mommy!”

“Hey Jamie, it’s a beautiful day for our new pool!”

“I know, I can’t wait. I think I’m going to tell Dana to stop by!”

“Great idea honey!”

My Mom and I live together because my parents divorced when I was young. I rarely ever see my Father because he had cheated on my Mom so I don’t want any involvement with him. My Mom and I are really close, she is my best girlfriend and we do everything together.

Mom had her bathing suit on, it was a pink bikini and she must have caught me looking her over.

“How do I look?”

“Drop dead sexy”

My Mom is only 36; she was my age when she gave birth to me. She is a real exercise freak that has long brown hair, beautiful long legs and an amazing cut and chiseled 6 pack on a 5’8 and 125lbs frame. Not to mention huge 38C tits and an ass to die for to match a fantastic tan.

I’m not a lesbian, in fact I would say I’m Bi even though I’ve only been with two guys but I was standing there practically drooling at the site of my Mom’s knock out body when she snapped me out of my daydream.

“Why don’t you call Dana and tell her to stop by?”


“Heeey Gurrrrlllll, what’s going on?” I said to Dana after a few rings.

“Hey, Hey, Hey! Nothing, I’m so bored out of my mind and horny” Dana admitted.

“Haha, oh your always horny!”

“You have no idea! Hahaha.”

“My Mom and I are christening the new pool today, you should come over!”

“Count me in! I’ll be by within the hour.”

“Great! Ill see you in a bit, kisses!”

When I hung up the phone I looked over to tell my Mom the news and saw she was rubbing down the crouch of her bathing suit and caressing one of her right breast.

I acted like I didn’t notice and snapped her out of her daydream as she acted like nothing had happened by telling Dana would be over in an hour.

“Excellent! Now get your hot ass up there and put on a suit!”

I got to my room and closed my door as I peeled off my panties and my tank top and looked at myself in the mirror.

I have very big tits, 36D to be exact, with small areola. I’m very slender for my frame of 5’6 and 120lbs but very cut, with shoulder blade length brown hair.

I was thinking about my Mom so boldly rubbing herself through her suit as I began to notice my hands proceeding to travel down my 6 pack abs to my bush.

I shave my pubes into a small V shape; I usually keep a little bit of pube hair and shave it in different styles because it makes me feel so sexy.

I turned around and looked at my ass. I have a small tight butt to go along with my long tan legs. As I was staring at my ass in the mirror I noticed was rubbing my clit furiously.

I realized Dana would be here any minute and forced myself to stop playing with myself and pick out a swimsuit. I went through my bikinis and selected one of my favorite ones.

It’s a very skimpy white bikini that when it gets wet you see right through it. It covers my tits just barely and covers my ass just enough that its not a thong but just barely.

I put on my suit and was modeling it in the mirror and was saying to myself how good I looked. Just then I heard a doorbell.

“Can you get that?, It should be Dana.”

I continued to look myself over and decided that I’d look even better if I were to add a pair of High Heels to my suit. I looked through my closet for my white heels and heard the doorbell again.

“Mom, GET THE DOOR!!!”

I found the heels and put them on and commented to myself of how sexy I was looking when I heard the doorbell again and decided to get the door myself.

As I went down the stairs I looked into the kitchen to see my Mom still in the kitchen. This time her hand was reached down under the front of the crouch of her suit as she was playing with her pussy as her other hand was caressing one of her tits.

She was really going to town, and you could tell because she didn’t hear the doorbell. It was making me hot but I was hoping she’d snap out of it before Dana came inside.

I stood there really turned on seeing my Mom masturbate in front of me without her knowing but I didn’t want to embarrass her either. I looked down to see I was getting a bit wet because my bikini bottoms were beginning to be a bit transparent.

Just then I heard the doorbell again and rushed to the door and answered it.

“Heyyyy girrrrllll” Dana exclaimed as we kissed and hugged.

“Hey, hey girlfriend! Sorry you were waiting long I was putting on my suit.”

“Oh don’t worry about it, besides I saw your neighbor and his friends outside in the street and they were practically ogling me standing here.”

I şanlıurfa escort smiled acknowledging her slutty mentality.

“Haha one of them had a camera and was filming me so I was teasing him a bit. I totally saw a few of them feeling up their shit.”

“Ewww, Mr. Long and his friends are like 60 something. You really are a horny tramp, Haha.”

“Haha, what can I say?”

Dana is your typical blonde in that sense of the matter. She’s always getting attention and is such a tease.

Dana was wearing a green tropical floral bikini top and Daisy Duke cut off jean shorts. I didn’t even realize I was staring and looking over her body.

“Well are you going to invite me in? Or are you going to take a picture because it lasts longer.”

“I’m sorry, where are my manners?”

As Dana walked into the kitchen I was hoping my Mom wasn’t still exploring her body.


“Hey, Ms. Gucciano!”

“Hey sugar, you know you can call me Gina.”

“I know, sorry about that Gina.”

“Not a problem, Now lets go and enjoy the new pool!”

“Yea!,” Dana and I cheered in unison.

We set our stuff down on the reclining pool chairs. Dana then proceeded to take off her daisy dukes to reveal a mini string thong bikini.

Dana has a big ass, not fat or anything but just really big and nice shape so her ass looked amazing in that thong.

Her ass makes up for the lack of tits she has. I’d say Dana is about a 34A with large fat nipples and is about 5’4 and 110lbs.

My Mom and I stood there with our mouths open in sheer awe of Dana’s thong.

“Hahaha, you girls look like you’ve never seen a thong before, do you like it? I just got it”

“You look fantastic Dana!”

“Aww, thanks Gina, Last one in the pool is a prude!”

We all jumped in, the water was kind of chilly so we all had our nipples poking through our suits. My entire suit was soaked by now and you could see everything.

We were playing in the water, teasing and splashing each other and having a great time.

“I don’t know about you girls but I’m getting all wrinkled from being in here too long, I’m going to get some sun” my Mom claimed.

“I agree with you Gina,” Dana had said as I followed suit.

We all got out of the pool and began drying ourselves off, but my suit was so soaked still that you could see everything, even my pubes! I was practically naked.

Dana was bending down in front of my drying off her legs with her big 18-year-old supple ass in my face.

“I love your ass in that thong!” I said as I slapped Dana’s ass.

Dana turned around and put her hands on my hips on the strings of my bottoms and pulled the back all the way up my ass crack.

“That suit looks better as a thong” Dana responded as she grabbed my ass cheeks and held them with a nice firm grasp.

“I hope you girls don’t mind but I don’t like tan lines,” my Mom said as she proceeded to take off her bikini.

I’ve seen my Mom naked millions of times because we usually walk around the house naked but for some reason she looked even hotter then usual.

I couldn’t take my eyes off my Mom’s perfect tits and especially her neatly trimmed bush, which was shaved into the shape of an X.

“Great idea Gina!” Dana commented as she began tearing off her bikini.

I was shocked to see Dana was totally shaven bald. The times I had seen her naked she had a long thin trimmed landing strip which made her pussy lips look thick. Now though with a shaved pussy you could see a nice defined camel toe on Dana.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” I said as I began taking off my bikini.

I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of being outside and being butt naked, it makes me feel so naughty.

Soon enough we all started talking about boys and our sex lives.

Dana was talking about all the guys she’s fucked, and believe me she’s had sex with a lot of guys.

I’ve seen her fuck guys, even multiple guys at a time at party’s and at bars. She’s not a whore or anything she’s just always horny.

I kind felt intimated because even my Mom has slept with more guys then I have so I kind of embellished a bit on my sex life.

It was kind of odd though hearing your Mom talk about all the crazy sex things she’s done in the past and all the guys she’s slept with.

It was also kind of hot hearing it from Mom because I had never heard her talk about her sex life.

Dana on the other hand that wasn’t anything surprising because all she ever does is talk about sex.

We were all getting a hot and wet and then I looked up and noticed that we were all playing with our clits furiously.

“Oh, girls we should get some sunscreen on. Here Ill get you girls if you do the same for me,” my Mom stated.

She took the bottle of sunscreen and squirted some on our backs.

“Oooo, it feels like some guy just busted his load on my back,” Dana said.

“Hahahaha, you got a one track mind gaziantep sarışın escort Dana,” my Mom said as she began rubbing in the sunscreen.

“Ooooo, Gina that feels great!,” Dana moaned as my Mom started to get bolder and started rubbing the sides of our tits.

“Mmmmm” Dana and I both responded in pleasure to my Moms experienced hands.

Mom then started fully rubbing our Asses as she would ever so slightly brush against our slits.

She noticed we started getting wetter; she took advantage of this and slipped her middle fingers into the both of us at the same time. Our response was dynamite, as we couldn’t stop moaning.

She then started rubbing our clits with her thumbs. Dana and I rolled on our sides and started groping each other’s tits with our free hands and open mouth kissing each other as we lay next to each other.

My Mom then started eating out Dana and let me tell you Dana loved it. You could tell by the look on her face that she was in pure ecstasy.

As I was watching my Mom go down on Dana I was intensely fingering myself, I was so wet and kept squirting everywhere.

My Mom caught eye of my squirting and then locked her mouth on my hot gash. I lost control and started cumming so hard all over her face. She was covered in my cum and did her best job to slurp up most of my juices.

I nearly passed out and then my Mom open mouth kissed me sharing my love juices with me and then proceeded to swap my juices with Dana.

“Mmmmm, Jamie, your cum taste delicious!,” Dana had said.

“You’re damn right, I wouldn’t expect anything less from my baby girl!”

My knees were weak but I moved over to Dana and laid her back on the reclining pool chair and started to munch on Dana’s rug.

My Mom had taken advantage of Dana lying there and straddled Dana’s face.

It was just a matter of time before my mom squirted all over Dana’s face due to Dana’s excellent oral skills and my mom fiercely rubbing her clit.

Dana’s pussy tasted very sweet. I used my tongue to play with her clit. Before long Dana couldn’t take it anymore and she exploded on my face. She had then bent down and licked her juices off of my face.

I saw my mom had laid down on the chair next to Dana to catch her breath. I wasn’t going to let this go to waste as I locked my mouth on to my Mom’s steaming hot gash. As I was eating her out Dana lay beneath me and was eating me out as well.

I played with my Mom’s clit with my tongue and fingered her at the same time. Mom exploded on my face and it turned me on so much that I had made my Mom cum so hard that I began squirting uncontrollably on Dana’s face.

We all sat up and three-way open mouth kissed to swap our juices as we all played with our clits and tits.

All three of us were so caught up in the heat of passion that we didn’t realize we had an audience until we heard clapping and cheering.

We turned to see our neighbor Mr. Long and seven of his friends one of which had the camera that Dana had mentioned earlier and was filming as all of them were walking into our yard through the gate of the fence we shared.

“Oooo, Mr. Long who are all of your friends?,” my Mom asked as we sat on the reclining patio furniture playing with our twats.

“These are a few of my old Navy buddies. Mike, John, Gary, Phil, Larry, Tim and the one the camera is Ray.”

“We had seen this blonde piece of ass earlier at your door and she had given us quite the show, flashing us her tits and licking them,” Ray stated as he did a close up with the camera on Dana.

“We were in the middle of a poker game when you ladies came outside. Ray caught everything on tape, from when you girls were in the pool all the way up until now,” Mr. Long said.

All three of us were now had our hands rubbing furiously on our twats and we were squirting everywhere.

“This is getting me so hot!,” Dana had yelled out.

“You can say that again, we were all pawing our junk until Mike suggested we come over here,” Gary replied.

“Then whip out these motherfucking cocks and we can give them some attention!,” I blurted out without even realizing.

“That’s my girl Jamie!” My Mom cheered.

As all the guys walked up with their cocks in hand as Me, Mom and Dana knelt down next to each other as we continued to vigorously fondling our twats.

They all had begun by slapping us in the face with their dicks and balls while jerking their cocks at the same time.

Ray who was still filming had a decent size cock with a purple helmet.

Standing next to him was Tim who actually has a small dick but a nice sack of big balls.

Next to Tim was Phil had a really long dick. I’d say about nine inches long but his cock was very thin.

Larry had quite the choad, it was small as hell but it was defiantly the thickest.

Gary had an average sized cock.

Mike had by far the nicest wang. It had to be at least twelve inches long and as thick as my wrist.

John şehitkamil escort had a nice dick too but not as nice as Mike’s.

Mr. Long on the other hand defiantly went by his name, he was GIGANTIC and he was also uncircumcised.

I’ve never felt hornyier in my life being in the middle of a blow bang with my mom, my best friend and eight 60 some odd year olds. The concrete patio beneath us was soaked from our squirting.

We rotated between sucking the different cocks. This was the first time I shoved two dicks in my mouth at the same time and the first time I deep-throated cocks.

I alternated between all the dicks and I could see Dana and Mom were using the same technique.

“I LOVE sucking dick as much as the next slut, but can can I get some cock in me?” Dana stated after she spat out Tim’s penis.

“Aye aye,” all the guys said in unison, as their Navy training didn’t escape them.

Dana immediately jumped in to John’s arms, almost knocking him over as she wrapped her legs around his hips as he began to ease his cock into her steaming hot gash.

Within the drop of a hat I told Mike to lie on the reclining patio chair as I said I was going to fuck his brains out.

I had a very hard time trying to fit Mike’s gigantic wang into my insanely tight slit. I soon got his entire meat into my twat as I began to buck up and down on his shaft.

“Now be a good little fuck slut and suck my cock!” Larry said as he stuck his cock in my face.

Larry’s dirty talk really turned me on as I returned the favor by inhaling his cock and deep-throating his dick down to the base as I bounced up and down on Mikes schlong which felt like it was splitting me in half.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Ray was walking around with the camera shooting all of the action.

I could hear him narrating by taking dirty and jerking himself off and occasionally pulling the camera off of all the action to capture himself jerking off.

After giving Larry a good polish job he stepped down saying he needed to take a breather as he kissed me on the forehead.

“I’m sorry babe, but I got to get me a piece of that blonde. She looks crazy. You were a fantastic fuck though,” Mike said as he pulled out of me.

“My mouth is free for any takers, my pussy on the other hand will need a break after Mike’s huge cock,” I announced after thanking Mike.

Tim walked over and stuck his small cock in my face and then I decided to be a real bitch.

“What the hell I’m I supposed to do with this small little thing? I can barely see it” I teased.

Tim didn’t really like that as he soon shoved his cock down my throat and began face fucking me.

“Yea you like that bitch? You say you don’t see it but I’m sure you feel it now.”

I let Tim continue face fucking me for a little while longer and then spit out his cock.

“Nope still don’t feel it!”

“You say your pussy needs to recover right now but your asshole is free!,” Tim said as he he flipped me over on the recliner.

“WAIT! I’ve never been fucked in the ass before! I’m still a virgin in that department”

“Not anymore you Whore!” Tim yelled out in an animalistic manner as I let out a loud yelp.

My Mom saw that Tim was being a little rough and fucking my ass pretty hard and talking mean and dirty to me.

“Hey You Fuck! Be gentle with my little Princess” my Mom exclaimed after she spat out Mr. Long’s uncircumcised dick.

“Its alright mom, his dick isn’t big enough to hurt and besides I kind of like it rough!”

“Way too go Princess!” My Mom responded as she continued rubbing her clit and sucking off Mr. Long, Gary and Phil’s cocks.

As Tim kept fucking my virgin ass I returned it by pushing my ass and hips back to shove it deeper. I then realized Ray’s camera was in my face and capturing all the action.

“I need a copy of this tape Ray! I’ll be your personal fuck slut if I get a copy of this tape. Hell, Ill be everybody’s fuck slut if I can get a copy of this” I said as I looked into the camera.

“You got it you dirty bitch” Ray agreed as he then stuck his dick in my mouth and I went to town blowing on his cock.

Then all of a sudden I heard Tim groaning and could feel his balls tightening and his pace getting faster.

Tim then blew a decent sized load deep in my ass. He then pulled out and squirted out whatever leftover cum he had in his dick on my ass as he slapped it with his dick.

Ray then removed dick from my mouth and moved the camera behind me to get a shot of the result.

Dana had seen what just happened as she was bent over blowing Mike while John was licking her asshole.

Dana stopped servicing her guys and she walked over sucked off Tim’s dick and cum on my ass and then she sucked some of Tim’s cum out of my ass.

“The camera loves you baby!,” Ray said to Dana as she began swapping Tim’s cum with me.

I could taste my ass off of Tim’s cum and Dana’s lips, and it tasted outrageous.

“Get that thing hard again, it may be small but you know how to use it” I said as I looked over to see Tim sitting down and jerking his small flaccid dick.

“Who wants to run a train on us?” Dana said as she laid on the recliner next to me and spread her legs wide open.

“Why don’t you hold the camera as I join the train,” Ray said to me as he lined up with the rest of the guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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