Poolside Surprise Pt. 02

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“How long until he gets here?” Sara asks Kate.

“About 25 minutes.” Kate responds.

“Well, we should probably put our pants on for first impressions.” I say with a chuckle. “And maybe rinse all this cum off too.”

“Good idea.” Sara says to me. “I should shower quickly too.”

Kate echos “Definitely.”

I head to the pool house bathroom, hang the trunks up that I’ve been holding, and take a leak.

The door opens and in comes Kate, followed by Sara.

Kate leans in the shower and turns on the water, and begins pulling off her bikini. Sara does the same. Both of their tan lines are deeper now after the afternoon sun. These ladies are so fucking sexy to me. I wonder again if I’m dreaming, years of pent up sexual energy and curiosity seemingly out in the open now; it feels surreal.

The pool house shower is small, and definitely isn’t room for the three of us in the shower. Sara says, “Me and Kate are going to rinse off first.”

Kate and Sara are tightly wedged into the shower now rinsing off. Both of them have long hair that almost touches their asses, great tans, and deep tan lines. They look so fucking good soaping up their bodies together.

My dick is swelling again as I stand outside the shower. I’m still amazed at how the afternoon brought us to this moment..

“Fuck.” I let out.

“What’s that?” Sara asks.

“You two are so fucking hot.”, “I’m hard again.” I answer.

“So you are.” Sara looks at my cock and giggles. “Save it for later.”

Kate grins and nods in approval.

The girls finish showering and dry off, they both put on little maxi dresses wearing only bras underneath. I hop in the shower and quickly wash the cum off of me, and the pussy from my beard. I changed into my shorts and t-shirt.

The sun is getting low and it’s time to put dinner on. Sara says she and Kate are going to make a salad in the house, and I fire up the grill. I suspect that Ace will arrive at any moment.

I just put the steaks on the grill, when Ace comes around the corner of the house heading to the pool yard. He’s got a bottle of wine in his hands.

I walk to the pool yard gate to greet him. “You must be Ace.” I extend my hand to shake his, “I’m Jeff, Kate’s brother-in-law, nice to meet you.” I can see that he’s got a USMC “Semper Fi” warbird tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.

Ace is about 6’2″ with an athletic build. He’s got dark hair and eyes, his hair is trim on the sides and a little longer on the top, it’s pushed off to one side of his head. He’s wearing a pair of what I’d call “hipster” glasses and has a thick stubbly 5 O’clock shadow. He reminds me a little of Robert Downy Jr.

I tell Ace I just put some steaks on, and that the girls are in the house getting a salad together. I offer him a beer and put the wine on ice in the pool house. We chit-chat a little bit before the girls return.

He tells me he just left his best friends’ sons’ graduation party. He and Kate met through a mutual friend at a BBQ last month, and have had coffee a couple of times.

I pull the steaks from the grill to let them rest, and a few minutes later the girls come out of the house carrying a tray with salad and some cooked veggies.

“Ace, you made it!” Kate says gleefully and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

Sara likes to hug, so she introduces herself and gives Ace a big hug. Then pulls back from him and looks him up and down and says: “Sister, you were right, he is hot!” playfully. You can see Ace blush a bit as he smiles.

We all sit at the table and have dinner, we open Ace’s bottle of wine; and get to know one another a bit more.

Ace joined the marines right out of highschool, he got deployed after 9/11 but never saw combat. He had an accident on base shortly after deployment that blew his right knee out. He was honorably discharged shortly after, and put on disability. He used the GI bill to become an accountant, and runs a small CPA office in his hometown. He was married for 17 years and has a 16 year old son.

After dinner we head into the pool house and play some cards, we’ve since opened another bottle of wine as the evening wears on. Kate and Sara are pretty tipsy and doing their fair share of flirting with Ace. Ace seems to have taken a bit of interest in Sara as well, the two of them being a bit aggressive in their flirting.

Around 9PM Sara suggests we should all get in the hottub, everyone agrees. We pack another bottle of wine into the Çorum Escort ice bucket, grab some towels and head out to the tub.

The lights are off in the tub and it’s a pretty dark night, I can barely see as Sara pulls off her dress and drops her bra to the ground. I watch Kate follow her lead and strip down to nothing. I can see Ace in the twilight, pauses for a second to take it in. He doesn’t say a word and just follows along, stripping down and slipping into the tub. I do the same.

I turn on some music, and turn the lights on ever so softly in the tub, and cozy up next to Sara.

You can just barely make out the girls’ breasts when they are above the water line and bubbles, otherwise we’re all pretty concealed. We all get comfortable and continue on chatting as we have been for a few hours.

After a while, Ace asks, “Is this a normal thing?”

“What’s that exactly?” I ask for clarification.

“Um, the 3 of you naked in the hot tub together?” Ace chuckles a bit as he asks.

The girls giggle, and Kate says. “Well it might become normal after today.” with a grin on her face.

“What does that mean?” Ace asks inquisitively, “What happened today?”

“We did some daytime skinny dipping before you came over.” Kate nervously answers the question.

I turn the jets down and the lights up in the tub. Everyone has a much clearer view into the water now.

Ace is intrigued, he’s looking at Kate’s naked body next to his and I see him peering across the tub at Sara’s as well.

“I wish I was here earlier.” Ace says excitedly after a long stare at Sara.

“So do I.” Kate says, glancing in my direction with a smile on her face.

I can see that Ace is starting to grow under the soft bubbles, I look at Sara and she seems to take notice as well.

“That’s not all that happened today.” Sara says cheerfully. I’m wondering how much she’s going to divulge to our new guest.

Ace, even more curious now asks “Well, what else happened?”

Kate chimes in and adds. “I watched Jeff eat my sister’s pussy.”

“Wow!” Jeff says. He’s definitely not turned off by the idea, he’s staring in Sara’s direction. I can see he’s got a full on erection under the water now. “That must have been fun to watch.” he smiles at Kate.

Kate stands up in full view out of the water and sits on the tub edge, spreading her legs. Her smooth pussy is in full view for Ace. My cock stands at full attention in response to this bold act.

“It went something like this.” she says, recounting what Sara had said to me, but instead says it to Ace. “Ace, why don’t you come show my sister how you eat pussy.”

Ace’s face lights up, blushing hard, I see he begins stroking his cock under the water.

Sara adds. “Um, Ace, sissy is waiting.”

“Oh Shit!” The wine must have dulled his reaction; he apparently didn’t realize it was a real request and not a reenactment.

Ace rolls towards Kate on all fours, and leans into position. He fans his tongue out and takes a long lick from the bottom of Kate’s opening to her clit. He pauses at the clit and swirls it a bit with his tongue. Kate shuts her eyes and softly moans. “Mmmm.” He repeats this a few times and each time she reacts the same.

Sara has started stroking me under the water as we watch what’s happening; I slide my hand down to her mound and find that she’s clearly worked up already; her clit is so swollen. I tease her a bit as she continues to play with my dick. After watching for a few minutes we slide over next to them in the tub.

Sara says in a whisper, while looking down at Ace between Kate’s legs. “Something else happened earlier too.”

“Hmmmm?” he says muffled, as he’s lashing his tongue across Kate’s clit. I’m intently watching Kate’s face and she makes eye contact with me, and moans softly. “mmm hmmm.” Fuck my cock flexes in Sara’s hands, Kate looks amazingly sexy right now. Ace has her close to cumming, she leans back and starts to squeeze one of her breasts in her hands.

Sara pulls herself up out of the tub and sits alongside Kate. She spreads her legs open and runs her hands down her clit to her opening, diving 2 fingers inside of herself, she swirls her clit with her thumb. She’s staring intently at Ace, he’s eye locked with her at this moment..

I hear Kate building to an orgasm, her breathing is fast now, she’s squeaking again like she did for me earlier. “Oooh, mmm, fuck yeah.” she mutters. Ace drives a few fingers Çorum Escort Bayan into her pussy and she lets go. “UMM HMM.” I see her shutter as she squeezes Ace’s head between her legs.

Ace sits back in the tub, and looks at what Sara’s doing with herself. “What else happened?”

“I let Jeff eat Kate’s pussy too.” Sara says in a sultry, shallow breathed, almost about to come tone.

“Holy Fuck!” Ace says, he eagerly strokes his cock under the water while he watches my wife finger herself.

“Then we both sucked his cock.” Sara again says in this slutty, sultry voice.

Kate adds, “and Sara made me watch while she fucked him.”

“Oh wow.” Ace says in amazement, his hand still happily rubbing his dick under the water.

“Hot right?” Sara says in that same sultry voice.

“It’s so fucking hot, I want it too.” Ace says brazenly.

“Oh, you want to taste me too?” Sara says as she pulls her fingers out and spreads her pussy open.

My cock wants to explode at this question, her assertive, sexy tone drives me wild.

Ace now stands up in the pool, in all his glory, it’s the first time anyone has gotten a full look at him. He’s got a pretty chiseled physique, almost all of his abs are showing, and he’s got a good sized cock. It’s got a bit of bend to the left, but it’s at least 7 inches long and pretty thick. I can see now that he’s also got both nippples pierced. But the bigger surprise is that it appears Ace has a barbell stud piercing right through the head of his cock.

“I wasn’t expecting that.” Sara says, staring at his jewelry.

“I do want to taste you.” Ace says aggressively, “But I want to fuck you first.”

Ace moves closer to Sara as she grabs him by the cock. He leans in and starts making out with her, Sara leans back on the tub edge as he kisses down her neck, and sucks a little on her right breast. She pulls him by the dick closer to her, and helps him find her pussy. I hear her gasp as his pierced cocks enters her.

I watch as Ace enters her, I grind my teeth a bit. Maybe it’s the booze, but the silverback rage is building in me for a moment; I stuff it back down. It’s not the first time someone else has had Sara, but I normally give the nod first. The assertiveness of both parties just took me off guard.

Kate eagerly chimes in, “There sister, I brought someone to share.” with a big smile on her face as she makes her way around that coupling and finds me.

“Mmm hmm” I hear Sara moan and acknowledge her.

Kate immediately climbs over my legs, I feel her pussy against my thigh. She leans in to find my lips and starts to kiss me slowly. She kisses more like I do, she pulls my lips apart as she kisses me, grabbing one or the other at a time. Our tongues find one another, it feels more passionate than I imagined it would. Kate and I have never made out before, we’ve pecked and lightly kissed for 25 years; this is much more intimate and way hotter than expected.

I reach into the water and grab Kate by the hips, I pull her over my dick. I can’t stand water sex, so I don’t even try to penetrate her at the moment. I just rub her pussy over my cock, back and forth, I have one hand wrapped behind her and a finger buried in her. She leans her back in delight as I tease her slit with my hard cock. I’m kissing her neck and chest at this point, I want to fuck her so badly; but I want to taste her again first.

“Stand up.” I whisper at her. She stands in the tub over where I’m sitting and I grab her by the ass and pull her towards me. I lean my head back against the tub edge as I draw her mound to my mouth. I spread her lips with my tongue as I lick up her slit, looking at her tower over me and her tits hanging down softly; she’s looking down at me and staring in my eyes. She’s so fucking hot from my angle.

“I love your fucking tongue.” Kate whispers at me, “But I want to feel your cock inside me.”

I push her away from me, and I stand up in the tub. I spin her around and she puts her hands alongside Sara on the tub edge.

I stand up besides Ace and move into position behind Kate. Ace still has Sara on her back and is driving his cock into her. Sara is watching him fuck her, and rubbing her clit at the same time. She sounds like she’s about to cum.

I lock eyes with Sara as I get in position behind Kate. I see her mouth “Love you.” and smiles at me. Fuck she drives me crazy, this type of love we have for each other really is special. She looks Escort Çorum ridiculously fucking sexy as she’s taking Ace’s dick.

I take my hard cock and put it up against Kate’s tight little slit, and drag it back and forth against her engorged clit a few times to tease her. She reaches down and pushes my cock harder against her clit as I pull it in and out, her pussy is now drooling onto my shaft. She squeaks a little in excitement. “Mmmmm”. She can’t take it anymore and she pushes my cock into her pussy. It feels amazing, she is so wet, and she’s surprisingly tight. I hear Kate gasp as I push it all the way into her. “Uuhhhh.”

“Oh my God Jeff, that feels so fucking good.” she whispers to me.

“Your pussy feels so good.” I whisper back. I start driving into her, slowly at first, with long deep thrusts.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.” She responds to every thrust.

I begin teasing Kate’s tight little asshole with my finger, she likes it. I push my finger in her ass. “OH MY GOD YES!” she calls out. On every thrust of my cock I drive my finger into her, she is loving every second of it.

I hear Sara let out a familiar, “I’m cumming” sound and it draws my attention. She’s eagerly rubbing her clit, Ace is really driving his dick into her. He has one hand on her shoulder and she’s got her stomach muscles tensed, her head curled towards him, their eyes locked on one another.

“MMM, Ace that’s so fucking good!” Sara blurts out.

Sara’s sounds of ecstasy have always pushed me close to the edge; tonight is no different. Both her and her sister’s feedback make me want to cum so badly.

I pick up the pace, slamming my hips into Kate as I finger her ass. She’s squealing now. “eeeeee, mmmm.”

“I’m gonna cum.” I say in between breaths.

“Ok.” Kate responds.

“Can you cum?” I ask her.

“Uh Huh.” she says, rubbing her clit while I’m thrusting away at her. I continue on pumping her as fast as I can. I’m holding her well rounded ass and hips and driving into her as deep as my cock will go.

“OOOOHH, FUCK YES JEFF!” she finally screams, I feel her pussy gush on my cock, I can’t last a second longer.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” I call out, and Sara looks me dead in the eyes with a surprised look on her face.

I slam into Kate a few more times as I dump my load deep inside of her.

“That’s so fucking good!” I cry out.

I’m staring at Sara as I cum, her eyes opened up wide. Her mouth hung open in what I assume was surprise of what was taking place. Our eyes meet, and I smile at her; she gives me the evil squinty eyes like I’ve done something wrong.

I hear Ace yell out, “I’m gotta cum.” suddenly. Sara’s attention draws back to Ace.

“Mmmm.” Sara moans as Ace is thrusting into her rapidly. “Oh fuck yes, fill my married pussy Ace.” She uttered in a throaty sultry voice. I’m still balls deep in her sister as she stares back in my direction while making this request.

Ace thrusts into her a few more times and releases with an “Oohhhhhh, mmm, fuuccccck!”

Without hesitation, Ace pulls out and drops to his knees and starts licking Sara’s slit. He’s lapping up his own cum and her juices at the same time. She looks a bit surprised at this, but grabs him by the back of his head as he works her to another orgasm. She’s cumming quickly now.

“Oh, oh, eeeee, mmmmm, Ok, Ok, Ok.” she says in a shallow breath as she pushes his head back away from her, her clit is too sensitive.

“You are fucking amazing Sara!” Ace exclaims.

I sit down next to Kate in the tub and find our wine glasses. I can’t help but wonder if she’s feeling left out by letting Sara have Ace first. Maybe she doesn’t care, maybe she really just wanted the trade that Sara proposed earlier. My ego would like to think that’s the case.

Sara slides off the pool edge and next to me in the tub, she leans in and gives me a kiss. Her face and chest are sex flushed. I look into her eyes. “God you’re beautiful like this.” I whisper at her.

“You can scratch that off your bucket list honey.” She says to me and giggles.

I laugh back at her and say “Yep, I can die now.”

Kate overhears this and says laughingly “Yep me too.”

Sara shoots her a look, “I fucking knew it Kate!” and starts laughing.

Ace announces he needs to head out shortly, we say our polite goodbyes. He assures us it’s the best “meeting of the family ever.” We all share a final laugh.

We sat in the tub for a bit, sipping our wine in silence. I put my hands under the water and placed one on each Sara and Kate’s thighs. I look down at their naked bodies in the tub and again my dick begins to swell.

I love how open our family is to sharing love, I think to myself. I hope it will continue from here on out.

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