Power… Girl? Ch. 02

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When I awoke the next morning for a blissful, brief moment I honestly couldn’t remember why my body was so tender, particularly my ass. Then every excruciating detail hit me like a flood- what she’d done, what I’d done; fuck, what I’d agreed to. I hobbled to the bathroom and threw up, gasping for breath. I was panicking, gasping down air, before a strange sense of calm came over me. Sure, I was in an absolutely awful situation, but there was nothing to be done about it. A quick search of the apartment revealed it to be empty, though two of the doors were locked. Seeing nothing else to do I limped into the shower briefly, though on emerging I realized I didn’t have any clothes. Given the circumstances I figured there wasn’t anything to do but watch some TV and chill in the rather splendid apartment.

Obeying some universal law, the first channel the television switched on to was live footage of the apartment’s occupant catching an airplane in free fall above some crowded Japanese city. No sooner had she set it down and flashed the sincere, all-American version of her smile than she disappeared. Predictably she stepped down into the room almost immediately afterwards. The smile was replaced by a frown, and she had an enormous suitcase slung over one shoulder.

“Would have beaten the broadcast home if someone hadn’t had all his clothes incinerated yesterday.” she said by way of explanation, unzipping the trunk. “Still, this’ll make do, at least in the short term.”

I stood up, inexplicably feeling stupid and embarrassed at being naked in front of a girl who had banged me like a barn door in a hurricane, and summoned up my most natural grin. “In my defense, I did manage to hold onto some clothes, but someone burned them off for some reason.”

“I can’t imagine who that would have been.” she replied, and pulled a suit out of the trunk. “Try this.”

“No underwear?” I asked.

“Personally I prefer you without, and I think after last night we both know who’s making that kind of decision around here.” The smile had returned to her face, the smile I knew to be afraid of.

“So why do I need a suit?” I asked, trying to deflect what looked like an imminent molestation as I pulled the clothes on.

“Two reasons- firstly, I need you to have something to do with your days so you’re not bored while I’m out saving the world. A friend of mine has got you a job at one of the papers in the city, mailroom stuff but it keeps you close-by.”

“Thanks, I actually really appreciate that. Wait, what’s the other reason?” I think I already knew the answer.

“Because I absolutely cannot wait to tear it off you when you get home tonight.” She stepped over to me, walking rather than hovering, and gripped my dick in her hand, kissing me fiercely. When she withdrew, I was suffering pretty badly, especially without underwear.

“Hmmm, this won’t do. How can you be professional at work with something like this distracting you?” she asked me, pouting. “We’ll have to do something about this.” She dropped to her knees and gently unzipped the suit trousers, releasing me from confinement. Without any use of her particular talents, and painfully slowly, she kissed the head of my cock. I raised a hand and stroked the side of her head appreciatively, and she took my head into her mouth and sucked softly. I groaned and closed my eyes.

The sensation almost instantly ended, and the smell of cleaning fluid made me open my eyes. Looking around, I was in a toilet cubicle, still sporting an almost painfully hard erection. For a brief second I almost contemplated finished the job myself, but I knew I had to see what situation she’d dropped me in. I struggled, but managed to tuck my penis back into my trousers and have it at an angle where it wasn’t immediately obvious I was sporting wood, and opened the door. Immediately the attractive young woman standing at the nearest sink screamed and ran out the door.

I muttered thanks, knowing she’d be able to hear me, and followed woman out of the door. I found myself in an extremely pleasant Art Deco hallway, with the girl from the bathroom talking to a stout looking older guy.

“The little pervert was hiding in the stall Perry, look, there he is now!” She shouted, pointing at me. In a panic I looked around as though for an escape route, and saw my salvation.

“I am so, so sorry” I said, approaching. “I thought it was the men’s, I’m new around here. The sign confused me.” I gestured at the rather stylized brass engraving on the door I’d emerged from.

“It’s not the first time those blasted signs have caused problems” The man I assumed was called Perry said, shaking his head. The woman glared at me, but didn’t say anything. “No malice Lois, I wouldn’t worry about it.” She snorted and stormed off, and he turned to me. He extended a hand, which I shook. “Perry White, I’m the editor here at the Planet.”

“Pleased to meet you sir, I’m Clark.” I replied, delivering a particularly Kurtköy escort bayan unimpressive handshake. I shook my head, trying to find my manners. “Clark Grant. This is the offices of the Daily Planet I take it then?”

White looked at me, bemused. “Well yes it is, and you were supposed to be here half an hour ago. Come on.” He turned, and I followed.

“Got to admit I don’t particularly like taking on staff in my newsroom because upstairs says so, but when it comes from the top it comes from the top. You write much?”

“Not really.”

“You a photographer?”


“Well, that won’t matter. Here’s your desk.” he said, gesturing to a table stacked with folders and files in the corner of the room. There was a full floor to ceiling window next to it. “Hope you’ve got a good head for heights, though it was requested you get a window. Just try to keep your head down, deliver these to who they’re for, and collect new files from over there.” He pointed to an in tray near the desk. “Anyone wants something delivered take care of that. Apart from that just don’t fuck up too bad and I’ll write you a glowing letter of recommendation to take to whichever college your parents are paying for.” He turned away.

“It’s actually not like that.” I insisted, though I’m not sure why. It’s not like I could really explain how I got the job.

“Sure, I come into work with a sealed letter from the office of Mr. Wayne to take some kid on, but it’s not for one of his friends’ kids. Don’t worry about it, not your fault your parents are loaded. I don’t care as long as you work as hard as everyone else.” With that he stalked off, barking orders at people.

I spent most of the rest of the morning rushing around delivering stuff to people. I kept an ear out, but there didn’t seem to be any stories about my rapist/benefactor other than the plane save of the morning. It wasn’t till lunchtime that I finally got a chance to actually sit at my desk and relax. There was a light tapping at the window, and I turned to face it, though immediately scooted back on my chair when I did. She was hovering there, grinning at me, her eyes aglow with lust. She’d breathed into the window and written “Hi”, with an arrow pointing down towards her crotch. There, predictably, was her cock. She was hard, and her skintight costume was stretched taut to accommodate that beast. Looking now I could not for the life of me work out how my ass had done the same. My attempt to escape my tormentor had taken my chair into the desk of the woman I had already angered, who I now knew as Lane, L.

“What the hell are you doing kid?” she said angrily. I bit down a retort about us being basically the same age and pointed at my window. “Yeah, I get it, you’ve got a great view on your first day and those of us who have been slaving since graduating are stuck in the middle. What’s your point asshole?” I turned and saw that the view out of my window was completely unblocked by any superpowered sex offenders, and wordlessly retreated to my desk. Sitting there was a note that said simply “I couldn’t wait.” I looked around the office, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Looking back down at the note I nearly screamed to see her sitting under my desk, looking uncharacteristically nervous.

“I thought we might finish what we started earlier.” She said, smiling seductively. She pulled me towards her, and this time I offered no resistance. She unzipped me and reached a hand inside, and grinned at feeling me already hard. “Did seeing me all hot and bothered get you the same?” She didn’t press the point though, and quickly got back to where she’d left me last time. In an attempt to avoid getting accused of anything unfortunate again, I kept both my hands firmly above the desk, but it was a struggle to avoid squirming at the sensation of a girl that could probably inhale coal and cough up a diamond sucking ever so gently on my cock. One hand gently stroked as her tongue went to work, swirling around my head, and groaned involuntarily. A few heads turned, and I tried to turn it into a yawn to cover it up.

“Am I boring you?” she said from underneath the desk, and she simultaneously took my full length into her mouth and throat, and mercilessly thrust a finger into my still tender ass. This time I could do nothing but grip the sides of my desk and hold on for dear life, and a second finger soon joined the first. Despite her domineering nature, this was clearly something she had a lot of experience with, and I could feel myself getting close.

“I’m going to come.” I whispered, trying to be a gentleman and warn her. Unfortunately, all I did was ruin my chances of getting to enjoy the sensation, for as soon as I said it she was gone. I looked down, and stuck on the end of my still wet cock was a note saying “Supply cupboard. Now.” I readjusted myself and hobbled the half room over to the supply cupboard, looked around to check no one saw me, and darted in. Inside Escort Kurtköy it was pitch black, but two glowing lights showed me I wasn’t alone. The lights came on, and I could see that her costume was already folded into a neat pile at her feet, and she hadn’t gotten any softer since earlier. She reached out to me and pulled my in by my jacket, kissing me hungrily. I felt her undress me and didn’t resist, kissing back, and I actually found myself aiding in my disrobing. Soon we were both nude, and pressed into each other. Again she took the lead, turning me and pushing me up against a shelf of paper. She broke our kiss reached between us with both hands, one stroking each of our dicks. Even with her standing on the floor hers came up higher than mine, and she clearly got a kick out of that.

Then, unexpectedly, she descended back onto my dick. One hand grasped my shaft firmly as her tongue danced down from the head to my balls, and then further. I practically jumped when her tongue flicked against my hole, probing. The sensation was incredible, and again I found the only thing stopping me from covering the cupboard in cum was her vice like grip on the base of my shaft. After all to brief a time, she stood up again, with that manic look of lust in her eyes.

“You know how many times I’ve jerked it to the thought of doing this to you today?” she asked me, as she gently parted my legs with hers and lifted me onto the shelf. “328, and I didn’t let myself finish once. I’ve got a big, big load saved up for you here.” She gestured to herself as she said it, and took her cock in one hand. On a decent sized guy like me it would have looked big, but on her it looked enormous. She carefully positioned, and then smoothly thrust up. I started to yelp in pain but a hand over my mouth stifled my cry.

“Still… sore.” I whispered through gritted teeth. She apparently saw fit to show some mercy and retreated slightly.

“OK, fair enough. Here, this’ll help.” She reached down into my jacket and produced a small bottle of something, then opened it and poured a fairly liberal amount on her straining cock. A decent amount of the rest went onto her hand, and she took my hand and placed it on her dick. Her other hand moved to behind me, and I felt 2 fingers slip in fairly easily, if not entirely painlessly.

“You seriously had that in my coat all day? What if someone had found it?”

“Then you’d have come up with some clever explanation.” she kissed me quickly then moved back into position. This time the head slipped in without any real resistance, and the rest followed smoothly. “Still so tight, even after yesterday. I like that in a boyfriend.” At this angle, with me basically only stopping myself from getting impaled by supporting my own weight, I could really feel her rubbing against my prostate. I reached managed to find a shelf that meant I could avoid taking any more of her monster if I rested my feet on it.

“Nuh-uh. I want you to feel the whole thing!” she said, grabbing my hips and pulling me off the shelf, my legs dangling. She reached down and pulled them around her waist, then contorted my back so she could kiss me. My own cock was now feeling the friction between our stomachs, and her gentle thrusts were just on the border of making the combination of that and pressure inside me feel good without feeling quite good enough to send me over the edge. It felt calculated- neither of us was going to finish anytime soon. This of course massively increased the chances of someone walking in on us, which I’m sure is what she wanted.

“Please, harder.” I found myself saying. I don’t know what other than her got into me.

“Didn’t quite- ah- catch that.” she replied, continuing the slow, grinding thrusts. I nearly said something about super hearing, but I didn’t think it would do anything to help my case.

“Harder!” I said, perhaps a little too loudly, though I had to bite my lip to avoid shrieking with pain at the response. She immediately pulled almost all of the way out, or rather, lifted me fully off of her cock so just the head was sitting inside. Then, she stopped supporting my weight, causing me to descend back down on to her. She did this twice more before settling on a more controlled rhythm, her hands on my hips setting a fairly blistering pace. Once again I was left with no real choice but to hold on and let it happen, as each thrust tickled me from within as well as rubbing my dick. Looking down her eyes had that aggressive, completely lust driven look from before, her only thought being to use me as savagely as possible.

“This -Ah!- angle doesn’t quite -Unf- work for me.” she said, twisting us around and propping my shoulders against a wall, my lower body supported only by her arms. From here she could really get her thrusts into the work, and I had the perfect angle to see it. I couldn’t do anything except stare down at that impossible length as it appeared then disappeared into me again and again Kurtköy Rus Escort like I was some spectacular conjurer, my own useless dick bouncing above hers, still humiliatingly hard. As I watched she slowed, and at the end of each thrust pushed fully into me and held it there for a second, grinding hard within me. I realized she was getting close, and the precision with which she bottomed out had me also at the end.

“So bitch,” she said, all the previous loss of control gone, replaced by either malice or mockery. “Do you want me to finish in here or your mouth?” It was a difficult question: on one hand there was the shame of letting her breed me truly again, though uselessly. My mouth also seemed a little messy, but then I remembered the size of her load from earlier and how much had flowed out of me despite my best efforts. At least in my mouth I could swallow the evidence.

“My mouth, please!” I panted. “Though-” I stopped myself just in time to prevent further humiliation.

“Though what?” She asked, apparently genuinely curious.

“Let me finish first?” I said, my nervousness and shame completely overcome by my own horniness. “I’m so close.”

The inevitable laughter came then. “God you’re such a slut; I love it! OK, get ready for something unforgettable.” she said, then supporting me now with only my legs on her hips and one hand below me, she reached her other hand to my straining penis. A firm grip as she bottomed out in me one last time brought me to the very brink of the abyss, and her other hand squeezing past her substantial cock to gently brush my prostate sent me all the way over. She stared into my eyes as I came, and I felt powerless to look away, but couldn’t stop myself crying out without a hand over my mouth. Even after I came, she kept pumping away, and I felt a load bigger than all others put together coaxed out by her ministrations.

“My turn now!” she said, gently lowering me to the floor, her dick slipping out and slapping me in the face. An idea struck me, a daring and stupid idea but one I couldn’t lose. As I took the head of that monster into my mouth, and my left hand started to rub down the base of her shaft, my right hand strayed to my own spent cock, where I gathered some of my semen on my middle finger. As her sighs grew in volume, bizarrely feminine compared to what was causing them, I reached up and quickly slid my lubed up finger inside her just as she had to me, stroking her prostate quickly. Instantly I was ‘rewarded’ with a flood of warmth, thick and rich. One hand on each side of my head held me steady as the flow had no sign of abating, the only place to go down my throat. Looking up her eyes had returned to blue, but the mocking had not left them, and she gently, almost unconsciously, thrust deeper until after an impossible length the river abated.

“Careful, I’m a virgin back there.” she said as I thrust a little deeper, licking and cleaning her tool now. It rapidly returned to the previous, deceptive size, and once again I was the man in the relationship, at least by appearances. I stood and surprising myself, kisser her deeply, a kiss she returned. Then it was her turn to surprise me, as she pulled back, raised my finger to her mouth and swallowed it to the knuckle, cleaning it instantly. Then she winked, and in a flash was back in her costume, before she dropped to her knees. I was still softening, but there was a decent amount of cleanup to be done, which she started with gusto before stopping suddenly, as the door opened to reveal a group of newspapermen investigating the noise. I’ve got to hand it to her; she made a great show of being shocked before disappearing in a blur.

There was silence for a good 5 or 10 seconds, my dick still hanging limp, before everyone erupted at once. I struggled to pull up the trousers as I was hauled out, apparently not in trouble though. Most of the sentiment varied between impressed and envious, and I felt I was going to drown under the tide. I was rescued however by a guy about my age, dressed formally in a suit and bow-tie.

“You lucky bastard, all I ever got was this fucking watch!” He said, but it was with a smile. “Come on, let’s get to the cafeteria. You probably need to recharge your batteries after that.” My stomach growled in protest, already full, but I couldn’t think of a single good response that didn’t feature “sorry, I just swallowed a gallon of super-spunk, maybe later” so I resignedly gestured for him to lead on.

At the end of a working day where I spent the entire time unable to sit down properly, and certainly unable to walk at better than a hobble, I was somewhat disappointed to find myself having to make my own way home. There was an address tucked into my breast pocket, and I wearily started walking, cashless. I hadn’t gone more than a block before a limousine pulled up next to me, a door opening and a voice that was the very model of old money said “Mr. Grant?” Without really thinking, and expecting this to be another torment, I stepped in. What greeted me was entirely unexpected, a man in his mid-twenties, but not out of place in his extremely well cut business suit, was sitting there. He looked a lot wiser or older than his face indicated, perhaps an effect of his baldness.

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