Precious Sister’s Turned Naughty

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I loved my sisters. They basically raised me as a child. It wasn’t till last year that I really started to like them, they were my type probably because they were ideals as a child.

There was two of them, Stephanie and Nicole. Nicole was younger, she was 22 and was average girl size, size 12 to be exact since I had looked through their lingerie, she had 34b breast size, average enough. Stephanie was 24, a bit chubby but was tall so wasn’t noticeable, she had size 14 panties and 34b bra. They were very dainty, they didn’t go out very often they both never had a boyfriend and I was pretty certain they hadn’t popped their cherry yet.

It was a Sunday afternoon I just returned after my soccer game, I called out for anyone “helllooo anyone here?” but no one answered. I took a hot shower as normal, since I knew no one was home I strolled down to my sister’s bedroom in my towel, their room was always pristine, the wash basket wasn’t even in sight.

They had a 8 foot mirror in their room, I dropped my towel and checked myself out, my cock was semi erect just being in their room. I looked behind the door and found their wash basket, I rummaged through it for their panties, bras and sportswear. Nicole’s red lacy thong was just below a pair of yoga pants, it was my favourite. I shivered with joy as I sniffed it, the scent was so fresh.

My member rapidly grew in the time I had it to my face. I put the thong around my ankles and pulled it up slowly, feeling the soft fabric and lace rub against my inner thighs, it was magnificent. My cock, rock hard at this stage stuck out of the thong with just my balls being cupped by the thong. The feeling of the thong along my bum was amazing, I loved how it went right in between my bum cheeks. I kept pulling out bras, panties and yoga pants smelling each item for the fragrance of my sister’s.

I heard the car door shutting outside, so I picked up my towel and raced back to my bedroom. My heart pounded at the thought of almost being caught, I felt the thong underneath my towel “Fuck!” I whispered. I would be disgraced if they found out. I needed just a few minutes to put them back.

Later that night my parents were leaving for a old school friend’s wedding three hours away, they going to spend three nights away; till Wednesday. My sisters and I hugged and kissed them goodbye, this was the longest time they were away in years. I went back up to my room to continue watching a film. I knew I would have to put the thong back soon before they noticed anything. I hadn’t the chance all day because at least one of them was in the room. I knew Nicole was downstairs watching T.V and Stephanie was in the room on her laptop. The thought of being caught started to worry me.

I heard Stephanie go down the hall to the bathroom, I knew it was now or never. I reached underneath my bed to get the thong. I opened my door and checked that light was coming from the bathroom. Stealthily I crossed seks hikayeleri the hall into their room, the laptop was on the bed playing some indie music, I swung the door so that I could get at the wash basket, I pulled the beautiful thong from my pocket and dropped it in, I hadn’t noticed the newer clothes in the wash basket but I was too afraid of getting caught I became clumsy.

I exited their room and was opening my bed door as the bathroom opened. Stephanie in her pink pyjamas clueless of what I just did carried on to her bedroom but giving me a strange look. It was only five minutes later I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

I opened and it was Stephanie, her top button was open and some cleavage was showing, she asked if I had been in her room, my throat dried up and I said no. She quizzed me a bit more till stating she saw me going into my room and that someone had made one of her coats fall off the back of the door.

We went into her bedroom and I admitted I had been in their bedroom but lied and said I was looking for a phone charger. She saw right through my bullshit, she knew me too well to know when I was lying. My face was blush. She looked around the room and noticed half of the thong resting on the edge of the basket.

She went over and picked it up I could she her thick ass outline as she bent over. Dangling it in front of me she whispered strangely if I had been at their underwear. My face went as red as a tomato “Fuckk ” I screamed in my head. She didn’t need a answer now.

She dangled the thong in front of my nose, my cock started to grow. It was hard to hide wearing sweatpants. She asked if I liked Nicole’s panties and not hers. Trembling I said “no.” She half smiled “Do you like your older sisters Jack?” Stephanie whispered in my ear.

Still dangling the thong in one hand and another touched my cock through my pants. “oohhh you do, don’t you little brother!” she went on after feeling my semi erect member. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was stiff with shock.

She kissed my cheek like usual but there was something different, it was longer than normal. She dropped the thong and moved both hands onto my crotch area. She moved her way across my face till our lips met. It was out of this world. I looked into her eyes for a split second as we made out, it was heaven.

I put my hands around her, I felt her beautiful body. I rubbed up and down her back as we made out, I hesitated about touching her ass. She moved my hands down onto it without a word. Her ass was round and fat, a lot to hold onto.

I put my hands inside her pyjama bottoms. I could now feel her panties and actual ass. I moved one hand to the front and could not believe I was feeling my sister’s pussy. It was warm and some dampness was around her panties. I never imagined I would be in this position.

Nicole was still downstairs I thought. Stephanie gaziantep şişman escort had sent a text to her behind my back while we made out. Stephanie and I were very horny at this stage, her pyjama bottoms were off, she lay on the bed in a buttoned down pink pj top and navy and white dotted panties.

I was in between her legs kissing her thighs ready to go down on my eldest sister when Nicole walked in. She shrieked, Stephanie hadn’t told her why to come up. Stephanie hurried over to Nicole, she hugged her and patted her head. She whispered something in her ear which seemed to relax her and give Nicole this new confidence.

Nicole came towards me, with a mischievous smile. I stood up and instantly pulled her up against me, our lips met and our tongues played. I squeezed Nicole’s ass, it was smaller but tighter. My cock was fully erect now and was pressed up against Nicole’s lower stomach.

She put her hands inside my briefs, starting to rub my cock. I couldn’t believe how my instinct took over and I was now erect up against my older sister and the other waiting for me. Our lips departed and I turned back to Stephanie but not before giving Nicole one more ass squeeze.

This was the first time I saw my sister’s boobs. They lay graciously on her chest, plump with milk. I had something to do before I reached her beautiful tits. I pulled Stephanie’s panties off, she was shaven and her lips were neat. I put my hands around her legs and started slowly licking her.

I pursed her lips open with my tongue and found her clit. She was very wet, I used my fingers to rub her clit while I licked her out. She tossed in bed with each rub of her clit, quiet moans started to come from her. I moved my tongue onto her clit and put two fingers inside my sister.

She was so warm. “aw yes Jack faster” she moaned. Nicole was kneeling next to Stephanie in a black bra and the red lacy thong, Stephanie must have told her. Nicole rubbed Stephanie’s tits and gently kissed them.

I looked up from in between my sister’s legs to see something I had never seen ever before, my two sisters making out, their hands in each other’s hair and caressing each others boobs. My cock pulsating now.

I grabbed Nicole and laid her down, Stephanie sat on top of her face. I slowly removed my favourite thong, I saw my virgin sisters pussy. It was perfect, super smooth and everything folded nicely. My nose was filled with her scent, I couldn’t get enough of her. On the first lick she was so sensitive she squirmed. Stephanie was moaning loudly at this stage. I rubbed Nicole’s legs as my tongue entered and pleasured her.

I had been eating Nicole out for about fifteen minutes when I decided to take my sister’s precious flower. “No better person than your own brother” I said to her as I rubbed her breasts. I suckled on Stephanie’s tits for awhile, my cock was ready to fill gaziantep sınırsız escort my sister for the first time. Stephanie and I agreed I should go in bare and spare the cum for elsewhere.

I put Nicole’s feet on my shoulders, I stood over her. Her smooth legs spread wide. I looked at her, she was smiling innocently, I was about to take that innocence from my older sister. Stephanie rubbed her clit as I positioned myself in front of Nicole.

My six inch cock which longed for this moment entered in my sister slowly, she groaned a bit when the first 3 inches had been inserted. It must have been her hymen break, Stephanie rubbed her forehead and touched her pink nipples. I had my hands on Nicole’s hips.

I finally got my whole cock inside her, she smiled at me. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs and arms around me. I fucked her like this for five minutes, she was moaning softly. “I always wanted to do this to you” I whispered in her ear. Stephanie was fingering herself on the bed.

I put Nicole down on the bed, I hadn’t cum yet. Stephanie went down on all fours, Nicole was beneath her kissing her and rubbing her boobs. I squeezed my sister’s big ass, I slapped it and watched it jiggle. I finally directed my hard member into my eldest sister’s pussy, she didn’t groan. I immediately started thrusting into her fast, my legs hit against her ass and my balls swung up against her too. Stephanie was moaning loudly now begging me to fuck her harder.

I sped up my pace, she was squirming with the joy of getting fucked from behind by her younger brother and her younger sister kissing and caressing her big tits. I had one hand squeezing her ass and the other rubbing her clit. I could feel the cum wanting to burst inside my sister.

I asked who wanted to take my cum, they both wanted too. I said “I suppose I’m going to have to fill ye both.” They giggled in agreement. I was still fucking Stephanie, Nicole was now kissing me and rubbing her and Stephanie’s clit. I let my cum shoot inside my older sister first, she moaned and made eye contact with me as she felt my warm cum flow inside her. I quickly then slid out of Stephanie and into Nicole to pump the rest of my seed into her, she moaned loudly and clutched the sheets.

Stephanie dripped with my cum and so did Nicole, I was so proud that I was the first guy to cum inside my sister’s, the two of them lay naked and dripping with my seed. They scissored each other for a few minutes to finish themselves off. I said to them “at least I won’t have to sneak around ye anymore trying to get a peek of your sexy bodies” they both gave their beautiful smiles which had now no innocence left in them, well in my eyes.

We all went into our parents ensuite and showered together, once more kissing eachother. They washed me like when I was young except this time I loved it. We all agreed we loved what just happened and to do it again soon before our parents get home on Wednesday.

I went back into their bedroom with them. I watched them dress, it was so magnificent, they laughed at me for watching. I got up off their bed and kissed and felt their ass once more before leaving and picking up Nicole’s red lacy thong as I left saying “I’ll be back later to return this, something I can’t do for your virginity Nicole”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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