Prelude to a Nap

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It was the first time I had worn the little yellow bikini since I’d tried it on at the store. It wasn’t one of those thong things, but it was sure a lot smaller than the one piece black swimsuits the nuns had grudgingly let us wear. There was no way I would ever wear something like that out in public without John close by, and I still wore the robe over it on the way from the motel room to the pool.

The day had turned warm and sunny, and the pool was protected from the ocean breeze. There were just a few older people around the pool, and I could see some middle aged male eyes on me when I took the robe off. I had thought that I would be bashful about appearing in front of strangers in that bikini, but I wasn’t. Well, not too much. I decided it was because John was there with me. With my new Ray Bans, I could look at someone without them knowing it, and it was fun to watch the men watching me. One lady glared as her husband when she saw him staring at me. John said I looked positively edible in my bikini, and that made me feel good but gave me the giggles. John said he liked the way ‘a giggle makes your tits wiggle,’ and that made me giggle (and wiggle) just that much more.

I wanted to bring my journal up to date, since I hadn’t written since Friday. It seems like I’ve had a lifetime of experiences since I started my journal with that word processor at school. Can it only be two days since I sat in the library, wearing that stupid uniform, and wrote about my first two days with John? I was a virgin then, and I hadn’t even taken big, warm Herman in my mouth or knew what semen tasted like. I still had the ponytail. I still had my cherry, too. So much happened on Friday and yesterday, expecially yesterday. I think yesterday was one of those days that are never forgotten. I wouldn’t be surprised if today is another one. Tomorrow, too, and the day after.

I asked John if he thought it would be okay to try out my new tape recorder and tell it all that had happened to me since I got it. He said that would be fine, except that I had to keep my voice down so that the other people around the pool wouldn’t get the news about what we had been doing. That was nobody’s business but ours. He gave me the little card for the door, and I trotted, giggling, to the room and came back with the recorder. The little recorder was voice activated, so when I talked it recorded and when I stopped talking it also stopped. Neat. I spent about an hour (and three tapes) making a narrative of what I had done and what had been done to me, for me, by me, and with me since I was in the library at school on Friday afternoon. I kept the recorder close to my mouth and my voice very low so that even John couldn’t hear what I was saying. Those thoughts were very private, and I didn’t even want John to know everything I was thinking. All that has happened in the last 48 hours! Definitely the most eventful and momentous two days in my life. There would sure be some heart attacks if certain people ever listened to these tapes!

At one point I noticed John looking at me and I asked what he was doing. He said he was just admiring my body and he thought I had gorgeous legs. I blushed, but I loved hearing that he thought I was attractive. I occasionally asked John how to spell a word so I would know when I went to type it into my computer. I spelled those words out on the tape, and he seemed to get a kick out of the things I wasn’t sure how to spell (Grand Marnier, meatus, testicle, champagne, fallopian, pinot noir, cystitis, creme de menthe, urethra, etc.). He said it sounded like I’d been doing nothing but drinking and studying urogenital anatomy the last few days. I had to ask how to spell ‘urogenital.’ What it meant, too. By the time I had brought it up to date through Saturday night, my shoulders were starting to feel hot from the sun. Also, thinking about what had happened the night before made me want more of it. I think the word is ‘horny.’ I had heard people use that word, but I had never appreciated its meaning before. I could even feel my pussy moistening, and I didn’t have to be told what that meant. Is it really possible that I was a virgin less than …….. um …. sixteen hours ago?

I turned off the recorder and asked John for the door card so I could go to the room for a couple of minutes. He gave my bottom a little pat as I was putting on my robe. There’s no way I would walk around in this bikini without a robe over it. When I got to the room, I gave my pussy a good washing with a washcloth and warm water. I even put a wet finger up inside to get that clean and fresh. Then I dried myself thoroughly and got back into my bikini bottom and robe. When I got back to the pool, I pulled my chair up really close to where John was sitting. The wind had gotten stronger and heavy dark clouds were moving in from the ocean. My shoulders were warm from the sun, but the rest of me was getting a little cold and I was ready to go inside. Actually, being a little chilly had nothing to do with wanting to go inside. There wasn’t anyone very near us, so I was sure we wouldn’t be overheard Esenyurt Escort if we talked quietly. I said, ‘Lover, would you do something for me?’

‘I’d do just about anything for you, Baby, and you know it,’ John whispered. ‘What would you like me to do?’

‘I just went to the room to wash Miss Kitty and got her nice and fresh. Well …… ahhhh ….. would you take me inside and …….. umm ……. kiss my …….. uh …… kiss my pussy? I’d really like that.’ I said, feeling myself blush from head to toe.

He seemed to ponder his answer for a moment, then said, ‘I suppose I could do that, but only if I can kiss your lips, suck your nipples, and lick your thighs first. Oh, and do you want the long, drawn-out, teasing kind of pussy kissing, or would you prefer the kind that gets you there in a hurry?’

I stood up, and as I was putting on my robe I quietly said, ‘Yes, definitely, to all those first parts, Lover, and I’ll take either one of the options. How about both?’ I giggled and added, ‘Can we go right now, please? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’m getting wet ….. down there …… again. I’m getting a damp spot on my bikini, and I don’t think I can wait much longer.’

We gathered up our things and walked quickly to our room. Actually, John walked quickly and I sort of ran to keep up. As soon as the door was locked I slid myself into John’s arms and kissed him very passionately. It was one of those kisses that made me feel like my pussy was positively gushing. While we kissed, my robe was taken off, my bikini bra got unfastened and removed, and I loved the feel of my bare breasts against his bare chest. Well, they were really more against his stomach since I was so much shorter.

John had me lie on the couch and got a pillow for my head. He kneeled alongside and kissed me deeply, and I put a hand behind his head to pull his mouth hard against mine while I put my tongue into his mouth. Still kissing, he reached down and slid the bikini bottom down over my bottom to my knees, and I hooked it with a toe and pulled it off completely. I was already breathing deeply and moaning from want, pleasure, and anticipation. Thinking about those things while talking to the little tape recorder had really gotten me excited.

He kissed my throat and down to my breasts, and soon he had one of my nipples gently sucked between his lips while he circled it with his tongue. The nipple he was sucking swelled and hardened, and the other one did the same without even being touched. He kissed down my tummy and then nuzzled his nose and mouth through what would have been pubic hair if I’d had any. I parted my legs in anticipation. He put his hands under me and moved me so my bottom was right at the edge of the couch and moved the chair over for me to put one foot on. There I was, wide open and ready. The only thing I was wearing was a little makeup and some clear nail polish. Oh, and White Shoulders. I hope my pussy hasn’t gotten so wet that it’s messy.

John kissed and licked my thighs, then kissed the very top of my cleft. He said, ‘I think I’ll tease you until you beg me to let you come. Does that sound okay?’ I whispered that it sounded wonderful, and to please get started.

He spread my inner lips with the tip of his warm, wet tongue, then I felt it slide right up into my vagina. Mmm That wonderful tongue of his explored inside me until I felt like I was flowing like a river. I whispered that I hope I wasn’t making too much moisture, but John’s mouth was too busy for him to answer, so it was apparently okay. The tip of his tongue found a spot inside me that was very sensitive. It seemed to be just inside and on the top of my vagina, up towards my pubic bone. John’s tongue concentrated on that area, and it just about drove me out of my mind with pleasure. My legs were quivering, I was squirming, and the only sounds I could make were something like Ahhhhhhhhhhhh and Ooooohhhhhhhhh. I could feel a climax approaching, and I guess John knew it, because he stopped licking there for a while. Being almost to come is almost as good as actually doing it. It drives me crazy, but I love it.

After I had cooled down a little, he started doing it again, and I was almost immediately again on the verge of an orgasm. He moved to another area every time he sensed that I was about to go over, then returned to that spot when I came down a little. Then he would repeat the process, over and over again, until I thought I was going to go crazy with pleasure and wanting to come.

His tongue moved to my clitoris, and was it ever swollen and ready! My whole body jerked with the first lick, and, when he sucked it between his lips, I heard myself squeal with pleasure. He held my clitoris sucked between his lips while he circled it very lightly with his tongue. Just the slightest bit more pressure would have sent me over immediately, but John seemed to know exactly how much stimulation it took to keep me on the edge of orgasm without letting me go over. I tried to speak, but it came out in kind of a grunt, Esenyurt Escort bayan ‘Ohhhhh, Lover. Please don’t stop, let me coooommmmmmme, please.’ He murmured, ‘Ummmmmm’, and started sucking the whole swollen length of my button in and out between his lips, licking very rapidly when it was in his mouth.

I could tell that he was going to let me go all the way, so I just let go and my entire mind and body seemed to explode into my climax. I moaned, grunted, squealed, shook, bucked, and came and came and came and came. I moved around so much that John had to hold my hips so he could keep his mouth at the right place. I thought my climax would never stop, but I finally slid slowly down from that incredible peak of pleasure when I was just too exhausted to continue.

John kissed around my pussy, mound, and tummy while I regained my senses, continuing my pleasure while I came back down to earth. I had almost fallen off onto the floor during my orgasm, and he put his hands under my bottom and lifted me back straight on the couch. He got me arranged with my legs back together, stood up and looked at me as he licked his lips and said, ‘Yummy.’ I giggled with what little strength I had remaining.

He sat on the edge of the couch and kissed me gently but passionately. I could taste me on his mouth, a little salty but a very pleasant taste, considering that it had come from me and was on him. I love the taste of my pussy on his kiss. I wonder if all women taste the same. He seems to like the taste of me.

He asked if I was okay, and I told him I was much better than okay. I waswonderful. I tried to tell him what I had felt when I had my orgasm, but I couldn’t really find words to adequately desribe it. John said he thought that orgasms were impossible to describe, and I totally agreed with him.

After one of our many kisses, I told him it was my turn, that I wanted to make love to him. I asked him to take off his bathing suit and sit on the big chair. I got the extra pillow from the couch for my knees, put it on the floor in front of his chair, pushed his knees apart, and kneeled down on the pillow, just like he had shown me the first time I sucked Herman.

His penis was about halfway erect, laying up along his stomach. I took him in my hand and found that he was already leaking that slippery fluid from the little hole in his tip. I asked John why he was doing that before I had even started, and he said he had become aroused while kissing my pussy and that was the result. Kissing my pussy turns him on. I love that! Sucking him does the same thing to me. He flows and I get wet.

I liked the feel of the slippery stuff, so I used my hand to milk some more out and leaned forward to spread it over Herman with my lips and tongue. That must have felt good, because he quickly started getting even bigger and stiffer. When I slid my lips down over him and took him as far back in my mouth as I could, he became wonderfully big, hot, and hard. I could feel the big veins with my tongue.

I circled my thumb and forefinger to hold Herman’s base and took him out of my mouth to get a good look at him. I hadn’t had much opportunity to really examine John’s penis, and I wanted to learn all about him. There wasn’t much light coming in from outside, so I asked John to turn on the lamp next to the chair so I could see Herman better. The light wasn’t very bright, but it gave me a chance to examine the part of John that gave me so much excitement and pleasure. While I was inspecting, I kept Herman’s interest up with occasional licks, sucks, and strokes of my hand from tip to base. He was so swollen and hard that the head turned a dark purple. The skin was smooth as satin to my lips, and I liked the way the slippery fluid flowed out of Herman’s little slit.

I took him back into my mouth and sucked up and down several times, and this caused him to really start twitching and throbbing. Could this possibly feel as incredibly wonderful to John as his sucking my clitoris does to me? There’s probably no comparison, but he sure likes what I’m doing. John murmured little sounds of pleasure and whispered how good what I was doing felt. I love doing this. I think love means that giving your lover pleasure is just as good as taking the pleasure he gives you. Well, almost. I hope he isn’t about to have an orgasm. I want to do like he did to me, tease him until he begs me to let him come.

I would suck him for a while, then stop to let him cool off a little. That prevented him from coming and gave my jaws a little rest. During these pauses I could smile at him, tell him how much I liked making love to him and how good Herman felt in my mouth. He told me he loved to watch me suck Herman, and that the sight was almost as erotic as the feel. He said he would like to take a picture of me doing it, but he didn’t want to get up for the camera. I wanted pictures of that, too, so I offered to get the camera, but he told me to get back to what I was doing. I did, but I made a mental note to have the camera handy next time.

During Escort esenyurt one of the jaw-resting-and-John-cooling-off pauses I asked if it was okay if I felt his testicles. He said he would like that, but to be gentle with them and not to forget Herman while I was playing with the boys. ‘The boys’ made me giggle, but he pulled my head down and stuffed my mouth with Herman. That sure stops the giggles. I very gently lifted his testicles in my hand and removed Herman from my mouth so I could look at what I was holding. The testicles and the bag they were in felt strange, in a sexy way. The skin was kind of funny; it seemed thin and bumpy. Hairy, too. When I thought of the word ‘scrotum’ I would have giggled, but my mouth was busy. I fondled them by rolling them in my hand, and this seemed to feel very good to John. I suddenly just had to find out what a testicle felt like in my mouth, so I carefully pulled one towards me with my fingers, opened as wide as possible, and closed my lips over it. Then I sucked it gently into my mouth. It was a little hairy, but I didn’t mind. This is where all those sperms he puts inside me are made and what makes John a man. It’s very sensitive, so be careful not to hurt him. I’m going to see if he likes me to suck it in and out of my mouth. I did this several times, and he made it clear that he liked that a lot. I guess I got one of the hairs from John’s scrotum in my mouth, because it started driving me crazy. I couldn’t get it with my tongue, so I had to stop everything while I found it with my finger. I pushed it way back on my tongue and swallowed it. John said, ‘What the hell are you doing, Diane?’ When I told him, he laughed and said I was ‘lewd.’ I had never heard that word before, and when he told me what it meant I giggled. I asked him how to spell it.

I went back to big, warm Herman and found a continuous flow from his little slit, and the fluid had become slightly white. I took Herman’s head in my mouth, sucked hard, and milked him by taking the base of the shaft between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed as I moved my hand up on him. I was rewarded with a nice thick flow of semen. This was the stickier, thick kind, like when he had a climax. When the semen got like this the other time I sucked him, it seemed to mean he was about to come. I’m not going to tease him and make him beg. I want him to come in my mouth, and I don’t want to wait for it.

I asked John if he would come if I sucked Herman in and out of my mouth while I fondled his testicles, and he said he could guarantee that he would, and would I please do that right now because he felt like he was about to explode. His testicles had gotten sort of drawn up tight against his body so that I really couldn’t do much with them. I wanted to ask him about that, but I knew he wouldn’t care much about answering questions right then. I decided to just concentrate on doing everything I knew to please him and give him the best orgasm possible. I had only done it once before, but I had more confidence and thought I knew a little more about giving him pleasure. At least I knew what to expect when he did come.

The last thing I said before I took a mouthful of big, warm Herman was, ‘I’m not going to stop this time, Lover.’ And I didn’t. I got busy, with my lips tight around Herman, my head bobbing up and down, my tongue licking as I sucked him in and out, one hand holding him at the base. I couldn’t really hold ‘the boys’ because they were drawn up tightly, so I just sort of petted them. I could feel the excitement and urgency build in him, and I was getting pretty aroused myself. I could feel the juices start to flow again in my pussy. I tried to add to his pleasure by making a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm with my throat, and give Herman sort of a vibration. John seemed to love that. I wanted his orgasm to be as powerful as the one he had given me.

As he said, ‘Oh, Diane, don’t stop now,’ I felt Herman suddenly get so big that I don’t think I could have gotten him out of my mouth if I had wanted to. He gave a powerful throb, and his testicles became drawn up very tightly. I had him deep in my mouth when the first gusher of semen came, and I could feel most of it go right down my throat. I didn’t even have to swallow. I sucked, licked, bobbed my head, and Mmmmmmmmmmmmm’d while gusher after gusher poured out into my mouth. I kept it up until the come stopped coming and Herman slowly started to shrink a little. With my jaws wide open and my mouth still full of warm penis, I managed to successfully swallow everything I had sucked and licked out of John. I continued to suck, lick, milk, and swallow until I had every drop and Herman was about half the size he had been when he had started to come. I’m glad I practiced swallowing with my mouth open. This time I didn’t lose a drop, my nightie didn’t get stained, and I didn’t get come in my hair and all over my face. I don’t think there was as much semen as the other time he came in my mouth. It’s probably because he had an orgasm in my pussy just a few hours ago. Ummm, it seems a little sweeter and less salty than the first time I tasted it. I wonder if the taste really does change, or is it just me. I love to make love to my lover. I love to feel him respond to my touches. I love to feel him have a climax and to swallow his come. I can feel his orgasm a lot better when he does it in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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