Prison School Ch. 05

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Mike and Vern were awakened in the middle of the night by someone shaking their shoulders. It was James saying, in a soft voice, “C’mon lovebirds, time to rise and shine.”

“Okay, I’m awake,” said Vern, groggily. “Mike, time to get up.”

“Man, still feels like sleeping time,” Mike responded, wiping the sleep from his eyes. “The night was way to short! I gotta piss.”

“I’m with you there,” said Vern, on his feet now and sporting a piss hardon. “I use the toilet cause I’m too short to reach the urinal.”

The pair headed to the restroom and relieved their bladders, then returned to their beds to get dressed and straighten out their bedding.

“How about a good morning kiss?” asked Vern.

Mike leaned over and kissed Vern’s waiting mouth, causing Vern’s cock to jerk a little.

“I can’t believe how just a little kiss from you causes me to get turned on.” Vern continued, “James will have the coffee ready by the time we get to the cafeteria. You ’bout ready to go?”

“Not really,” Mike answered, “You seem to have an effect on me too,” rubbing the bulge in his pants, and laughing. “Do we have time for a little fun?”

“Naw, we need to go help James get breakfast going. He’ll get pissed if he has to do too much by himself.”

It was still dark outside as Mike followed Vern to the cafeteria and they walked in, immediately sensing the aroma of freshly brewing coffee. The lights in the eating area of the cafeteria were still off, but the kitchen area was well lit.

“Mornin’ guys,” James greeted, “The coffee should be ready if you want a cup. Seems you two have hit it off pretty well so far, being that you were both in the same bed this morning!”

“Thanks James,” Mike replied, just a tad embarrassed; “Yeah, I guess it’s morning. I hope I feel more awake after a cup of Java. It’s probably going to take a few days for me to get used to getting up in the middle of the night!”

“You’ll get used to it, Mike,” while filling a coffee cup from the 50 cup coffee urn. “Thanks for pulling the sausage out last night Vern, as soon as you two get some coffee, will you please show Mike how to cook the sausage for the gravy? I will bake the biscuits in a few minutes.”

Mike followed Vern into the kitchen area and Vern picked up 2 clean white aprons off a stack, handing one to Mike, and putting the other on himself. Mike fumbled with the apron strings, never having tied an apron before.

“Just like tying shoe strings Mike,” said Vern, “Only you have to do it behind your back.” Mike finally got it tied. “And of course, we always wash our hands before handling food.” They both washed and dried their hands.

“Now for the sausage,” Vern stated, brushing past Mike, accidentally on purpose rubbing the back of his hand across the slight bulge at the front of Mikes apron, causing Mike to jerk. Grinning, “We need to get it out of the cooler.” Mike followed Vern into the walk-in cooler.

“Ok,” Vern said, “I’ve got the sausage, will you please grab about 3 of those gallons of milk?”

“Sure,” Mike said, and got two. “I’ll come back and get the third one.”

They put the sausage and milk on the prep table that was about 3 feet in front of the big, six-burner gas cook stove. Vern explained to Mike that they needed to make about 16 sausage patties, as some of the men would prefer sausage and egg biscuits, or they might be running late and need a breakfast they could eat out of hand.

Mike, with Vern’s assistance, formed the patties and placed them on a piece of wax paper. Then they split the remaining sausage into three six-quart saucepans, to start cooking the meat, using what looked like a wide putty knife to break up the lumps and keep it stirred. Vern added a healthy shake of Cajun seasoning to each pan and the two continued to mix it into the cooking sausage. James came over and fired up the big oven.

“Grab one of those big spoons Mike,” Vern said, pointing. Mike complied. “Now we’ll add about a half cup of corn starch to each pan, and stir it into the crumbled meat, to coat it. That will thicken the milk into gravy, once the milk comes to a boil.”

Meanwhile, James was opening tubes of biscuits and laying them, edges touching, on large baking sheets.

“Mike,” said James, “There is something I need to make you aware of. We are supposed to have 4 or 5 guys training in CA. For the last month, it’s been just Shorty and I, putting in 14 hour days, 7 days a week.” Smiling, “Now you know why we are so happy to see you!”

“Wow!” Mike responded, “That sure doesn’t leave much time for personal life.” Mike, with James’s and Vern’s guidance and instructions continued to get food ready to serve. In addition to the biscuits and sausage gravy, they prepared eggs, toast and oatmeal.

It’s about 6:15 AM, all the food is ready to serve and James turned the switches to illuminate the dining area. Within minutes all the trainees would be coming in for breakfast.

The first group of trainees came in, led by a Hispanic dude who immediately noticed Mike.

“You çanakkale escort have new cook?” questioned Juan.

“Yes we do, Juan,” answered James. “Juan, this is Mike, the newest addition to the Culinary Arts program. Mike, Juan is part of the Electrical Group, and so are these other three- men.”

Just a couple minutes later Ivan led the Carpentry Group in, with Luke the last in line.

Mike, noticing a strange, longing look in Luke’s eyes, “Are you OK Luke?”

“I’m just fine Mike.” Luke returned, “But, if possible, can we have a private chat this evening?” The look on Luke’s face said he wasn’t ‘just fine’.

“Sure Luke, I’ll catch up with you in the Dorm after we get cleaned up tonight, probably be around 7:00 PM or a little after. OK?” Luke nodded.

Mike is wondering if Luke might be having some second thoughts about what had transpired between them yesterday. He had been having some fun and sex with Vern, but still really has the longing for Luke. Mike likes Vern, but doubts he could ever commit his love to him. Mike has the desire for a long-term relationship with Luke, if only Luke could have a change of heart.

The Carpentry guys settled down for breakfast at one of the tables. Ivan, being the leader, spoke, “Josh, you’re pretty good on framing now, would you work with Luke and show him the ropes?”

“Sure, Ivan,” Josh answered, “But I’m not too sure he can concentrate today.”

“Why not?” Ivan questioned.

“I think he’s in love.”

Luke’s face is getting red and showing an expression of anger.

Darin spoke, “Yeah, I noticed that, both Luke’s and Mike’s eyes were filled with the look of love.”

“It doesn’t really matter,” Ivan spoke. “We pretty much determined yesterday that Mike is gay, and”

Luke interrupted, “I’m not gay! For Christ’s sake, the reason I’m even here is because I fucked my girlfriend, and she was under 18 and her daddy pressed charges. Mike and I were friends back at the pen, and I didn’t even know until yesterday, that he is gay.”

“As I was saying,” Ivan continued, “Gay or straight, or bent, it doesn’t matter. If a guy here wants to get it off with another guy, it’s cool. Nobody really gives a fuck!”

By this time, most of the trainees have all eaten, and are getting ready to go out to the training sites. The school bus, is not yellow like public school busses, and is usually driven by the hired instructor whose training location is the farthest out from headquarters. All of the hired instructors, trainers and trainees ride the same bus, exception is the CA group, and of course Mr. Styles and his sidekick, Jesse and the GM group.

The GM Group (Grounds & Maintenance) continually changes. This group may consist of up to 8 guys that have either finished training, and are just completing their time, or may have arrived and are waiting for an opening in one of the groups. They have to eat on the same schedule as everyone else as it is the only times the cafeteria is serving. They are pretty much free and on their own when their “assigned” work is done for the day. Typically, their job is to cut grass, trim shrubbery, weed eat, dispose of trash, and sometimes paint. Like the CA students, they can be placed in either Dorm.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Today was slow for the Electrical Group and the Plumbing Group, so the Electrical Instructor grabbed the bus, loaded all the EG and PG trainers and students and brought them back to the campus early, about 2 PM.

Since the Plumbing Group trainees are all in D2, all 5 guys, Eric, Eddie, John, Sean, and Adam needed showers. Since there are only 4 shower heads, Adam held back, not really wishing to shower with Eric, or anybody else for that matter, electing to take his shower after the others got done. At last, all 4 of the guys are back in the sleeping area. Now Adam can take a shower privately.

Adam goes into the shower stall, get the water temperature to his liking, starts to soap up and shampoo his hair.

Suddenly he has company. “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Nathan, but most call me Nate.”

“Adam, ” extends hand, “I just arrived here yesterday.”

“I am really sweaty and dirty,” exclaimed Nate, “Been pushing a lawn mower all day. Do me a favor?”

“Probably,” replied Adam.

“Take this washcloth and soap and scrub my backside?

“This feels really weird, washing another guy like this.”

“Do you have any idea how good it feels?” questioned Nate.

“No, not really”

“Turn around. “, Adam turned, facing wall.

Nate started washing Adam’s backside, nudging his arms to raise up, washing his armpits, down toward his buttocks.

“Damn! You’re right, it feels awesome!” Adam exclaimed.

“I’m not done with you yet,” stated Nate as he soaped and washed Adams crack, down the back of his legs and then back up and cleaned his ass again. “Now turn around.” Nate commanded.

Adam did as he was told, Nate started at Adam’s neck, chest, nipples, stomach, abs.

“You’re getting too çeşme escort close to something,” Adam stated, trying to hold Nate’s wrist away from his genitals.

“This?” as Nate wrapped his hand around Adam’s 7″ erection, causing Adam to jerk back. “Let me finish!”

Nate went back to work, washing both legs down to the ankles, and back up, cleaning Adam’s crotch, balls and cock.

Nate stood up, saying, “Well, how did it feel?”

“Wild and wonderful, surprisingly great!”

“Now, can you finish me off the way I did you?”

“I’ll try,” said Adam as he took the washcloth and soap, turned Nate around facing him and started at Nate’s shoulders, armpits, arms, chest, ribs, stomach, and abs. Adam glanced at Nate’s 5″ flaccid penis, trying to figure out a way to not touch it. He then skipped down to Nate’s thighs, knees, calves and ankles, then straightening back up.

“There, how’s that!” Adam stated.

“You missed a spot.”

“Yeah, I was a little nervous about that area.”

“C’mon, Adam, do it. I did yours. Tit for Tat.”


Adam soaped up and carefully washed Nate’s crotch, testicles and, lastly, his cock, which was suddenly about 7″ long and hard now. They turned off the water.

“So what’s next?, asked Nate.

“I guess we get dried off and outta here.”

“We both got something that needs attention.”

“Are you suggesting we jack off?”

“I was thinking something else. Adam, did you ever suck a dick?”


“Ever been sucked”


“Wanna try it?”


“Either one.”

“Ain’t no way I’m ever gonna put a dick in my mouth!”

“Look Adam, we both just showered, right?”


“So our cocks are squeaky clean, right?”

“Yeah, but… Something might leak out of it”

” Like a little pre? Ever tasted it?”


“Watch this.” Nate takes Adam’s cock and squeezes it, like milking that last dribble of pee out, and a nice drop of pre formed at the slit. Nate took his finger, swiped it off, and then put it in his mouth.

“Yours tastes pretty sweet,” Nate said. “Just try it. Take the head of my dick and put your mouth around it.” Adam shook his head.

“Want me to go first?” Nate got down on his knees and started to lick Adam’s cock. Then he opened up and slipped the mushroom head into his mouth. Gradually, Nate took more of Adam into his mouth and throat.

“I really didn’t want you to do this,” said Adam. “But now that you have started, I don’t want you to stop. It feels really good. I’ve never even thought I would ever accept a BJ.”

“If you want me to stop, just tell me.” Nate went back down on that tasty cock. As he worked that shaft, paying particular attention to the edge of the mushroom head, and licking the vein that runs up the bottom. He let the dick go for a few, and sucked on those beautiful testicles, first one and then the other. Nate was an experienced cocksucker, but this was his first experience sucking a virgin cock, and he really wanted Adam to enjoy the experience.

When Nate went back onto that cock and slipped it into his mouth again Adam gasped. Nate then started to play with Adam’s nipples with his right hand while the left hand was massaging Adam’s scrotum and balls. Adam was starting to gasp, taking short shallow breaths. Nate was bobbing up and down on Adam’s cock, driving Adam wild.

“You’re taking me somewhere I’ve never been,” cried Adam, “and I’m lovin’ it.”

“I’m getting pretty damn close, if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth you better stop naaaagggghhh! Oh, Fuuuuuck! Too late now. Oh my gawd!

Adam dumped spurt after spurt of man’s milk down Nate’s throat, causing Nate to gag just a little.

“I hope you don’t mind that I cummed in your mouth,” said Adam, apologetically.

“I could feel when you were about to climax. If I’d not wanted your cum in my mouth, I would have pulled off just before you shot.”

“You mean,” Adam asked, “when you’re sucking a guy, you can tell when they’re gonna cum? Even if they don’t warn you?”

“Yep.” Replied Nate. “Right now I’m still hotter than hell. Are you ready to try it? If you don’t get me off, I’ll need to find another way off hand.”

“This is incredible,” said Adam, “I’m actually trying to decide whether or not to give you a blow job. A half hour ago there would have been no decision to make. Fuck it, but please do me a favor? Let me know before you shoot as I’m not ready to take your cum in my mouth. I will try to do it right, but keep in mind, this is my first time!”

The pair changed positions, and Adam got ready to do the unthinkable. As Adam gingerly lowered his head to near Nate’s penis, He realizes, lengthwise they are about the same, but Nate’s is somewhat smaller in diameter, probably only a little more than an inch. The slit is oozing pre. Adam licked the tip of Nate’s head, and decided the pre didn’t really taste bad at all. He then plunged his mouth down, trying to devour that slim cock, and gagged.

“Easy diyarbakır escort dude,” Nate said. “Go down gradually, let your mouth get used to it. Start with the head, and gradually take more of it. And please be careful of your teeth. Don’t cut me. Your tongue is the main massage tool.

Adam has a lot of thoughts swimming in his head. He is finding the idea and thought of a man’s cock in his mouth is not as revolting as he had believed earlier. His current partner is freshly showered, and the cock really has no taste, bad or indifferent. He has to keep in his mind what it felt like to him when Nate was sucking him off, and try to give the same feeling back.

Fortunately, for both men, Nate has been so hot for so long now, even with the inexperienced Adam nursing his cock, it won’t take a whole lot to cause Nate to erupt. Adam started running his tongue around the edge of the head, and then up and down the vein at the bottom.

“You’re doing fine Adam. Just keep it up. You might try stroking the base while you suck. It never hurts to massage balls while you sucking.”

Adam reached up and started playing with Nate’s nipples, and that caused Nate to whimper a little. Whenever Nate jerked, shuddered or gave a complement, Adam felt a little more competent.

Finally, after about twenty minutes of arousal Adam was close to success.

Nate asked Adam, “You sure you don’t want to try swallowing?”

“Not this time,” said Adam.

“Okay,” said Nate, and pushed Adam’s face off his cock just in time to keep from cumming into Adam’s mouth. He still shot cream all over Adam’s face, all over the shower and all over both his own and Adam’s bodies.

“Can you do this?” Nate said, taking his finger and scooping some cum on it, then putting his finger in his mouth.

“I don’t think so, not yet anyway.” Replied Adam, then “I think we both need a shower.

Nate agreed, they showered again, dried off and headed into the rec. room and watched some TV before bed. And would you believe, Nate was naked, and even the self conscious Adam was naked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mike and Vern finally finished cleaning the kitchen and were ready to leave for the night.

Vern asked, “Do you want to take a walk like we did last night?”

“I would, but,” Mike answered, “I have a friend that is feeling down, and I promised him I would spend some time with him tonight.”

“Must be one of the guys you came here with?”

“It is.”

“I figured it was, as you haven’t had time to make too many new friends here yet. I hope you can help him feel better.”

When they got to the Dorm, Vern settled down to watch TV. Mike looked around and didn’t see Luke anywhere. He then checked the showers, no Luke there. Finally, he checked the sleeping area and found Luke lying on his bed, still fully clothed.

“Still want to talk?” Mike questioned.

“Yes,” Luke replied, “Is there somewhere we can go to talk privately?”

“I know a place, Luke. Let’s take a walk.”

Mike led Luke to the area where he and Vern had had sex the night before.

“How is this for seclusion?” Mike asked Luke.

“Looks good. Let’s sit on the grass.” Both men sat down, Indian style, legs crossed.

“OK my friend”, Mike questioned, “What’s up?”

“Mike, I am having some feelings, I guess, that I don’t understand. I don’t know anyone else I can talk to. I hope you might understand, and maybe you can guide me a little.”

“I’ll sure try Luke. I’m all ears, let it out.” Mike reaches out and takes Luke’s hand.

“What happened yesterday, between us. That was the first time I’ve ever let a man touch my cock, willingly.” Luke continued. “I am ashamed of myself for having allowed it to happen. I really hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed it.”

Luke starts to choke up, and tears fill his eyes. Mike got up on his knees, working his face close to Luke’s, kissing Luke on the cheek. Mike then put his hands behind Luke’s head, and planted his open mouth on Luke’s lips.

Luke gasped, “I can’t do this!” but then allowed Mike to push his tongue into his mouth. Their tongues did a dance around each other, and they kissed long and passionately.

“What the fuck is happening?” Luke almost shouted. “Am I turning queer?”

Mike answered, “No, you’re not turning gay, nobody turns gay. But maybe you’re gay side is finally waking up!”

“I’ve never kissed with a dude before and it really didn’t feel much different than kissing a woman. It even has the same effect, I’ve got a boner you wouldn’t believe.”

“Try me.” Mike came back. “I not only have a boner, but I have a wet spot in my jeans from leaking precum. Of course, all I have to do is think about sucking that gorgeous, uncut cock of yours and I am hot!”

“I know we had some awesome sex yesterday. I just can’t think about having anything like that with any other guy though.”

“That’s actually cool. Luke, I don’t quite know how to say this. Yes, I truly love to suck that uncut cock of yours, but I have some different feelings about you that I have not had toward any other guy.”

“I’m not sure I follow you, Mike. We are friends, we should have some feelings of trust and caring toward each other. That’s what friends do. What is different about me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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