Private Lessons Ch. 10

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Professor Amirah’s Classroom

Shani was equal parts worried for herself, worried for her girlfriend, and turned on by what she just witnessed. Professor Amirah did not let up in the slightest since the second she started sucking Lacey’s cock. Within minutes she had swallowed four loads from Lacey and in the following ten had used her cock to force out three more from the small woman. All of this without even cumming once herself. When Amirah finally removed herself from atop Lacey, Shani saw the soft rise and fall of Lacey’s chest. Did she fuck her to sleep? Or is she just resting?

Her questions would have to be answered later as Amirah slid Lacey over to the side of the mattress, giving her a pillow to rest on, and pulled Shani to the center. She got Shani on her back and lined herself up as Shani prepared for the worst.

Instead what she got was a gentle insertion followed by slow, rhythmic thrusts as Amirah rested on her hands above her, smiling down at Shani. It was even slower than the first time Amirah had taken Shani and Shani was caught off guard by that. The atmosphere around them was a lot less… hostile than she’d grown accustomed to.

“Sorry for the wait, Shani. I wanted to make sure your girlfriend was out of commission before we had our little chat.” Amirah calmly spoke, never stopping her movements.

“Our chat?”

“Yes. It’s about Lacey, amongst… other things. But first and foremost Lacey.” Shani tried to focus up but a moan she tried to resist pushed through. Amirah brushed some hair out of Shani’s face. “Don’t fight it, easier to concentrate that way.” She let out a moan of her own.

“What about Lacey?”

“You haven’t been inside her yet, have you?”


“Shani, do you know what a prostate is?”


“Long story short, for people like me and Lacey, the prostate and G-spot are the same thing. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the frequency and uh, let’s say ease of Lacey’s orgasms.”

Shani let out another soft moan. “Yes.”

“I believe this is due to Lacey’s oversized prostate. I noticed it the first time I fingered her. If she were normal, it would have been a little bump that you could feel along with the regular rough texture of the G-spot. In her though, it’s very pronounced. Usually it’s hard for women to orgasm from just penetration, even me. But as I’m sure you’ve seen, I’d have to try my best to make her not cum.” She let out a small laugh. “Hell, she can cum just from words.”

“OK. But why are you telling me?”

“Because you are going to have to finger and eventually fuck her ass. I just wanted to tell you to be careful. She seems to handle it well from vaginal penetration. But anal is a whole different feeling. And with how big her prostate is, you are sure to hit it in anal. It might be a bit much for her and I know you don’t want to hurt her.” Amirah looked down at Shani with vulnerability. Less like she was telling Shani to be careful with Lacey and more like she was pleading with her.

“OK. I’ll be careful.”

Amirah gave her a warm smile and leaned down. Shani was once again surprised by the gentleness she was being treated with as they shared a tender kiss and she slowly rocked them. When they parted, Amirah kept her face close to Shani’s as she whispered, “Thank you.”

A few minutes passed but neither of them moved, save for the continuation of Amirah’s thrusts. They just kept looking into each other’s eyes. Sometimes Shani would avert her gaze and when she looked back Amirah would then do the same, but other times they just wordlessly stared at each other in this moment.

Shani didn’t know how to feel about this situation and from the look on Amirah’s face, neither did she. Lacey had been loud and clear about wanting the two of them in her life, but them being like this, soft and caring, almost felt a little like cheating to Shani. It made her uncomfortable.

“Soooooo. What was the other thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Oh, right. Um.” They went through another moment of silence before they both awkwardly laughed, just to release some of the tension inside of them.

“Shani, I don’t really know how to put this so I’m just going to ask. What exactly… are we?”

Shani took a second to think about it. “Lacey’s girlfriends?”

“Of course we are her girlfriends. And she loves us both. But I more meant… what exactly is between us? There’s obviously something otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now. Inside you that is.” Another round of silence and moans.

Shani ventured, “How do you feel about me?”

Amirah sighed. “I don’t know, Shani. But I want you to know that I do care about you. You aren’t just a person I put up with to make Lacey happy. But you also aren’t just another student to me. And of course, you aren’t just some slut I fuck sometimes. You are… you. I’ve always respected you as a proud Egyptian woman, but also as a person. Despite being iskenderun seks hikayeleri a bit rough around the edges, you always do what you think is right and I think you are a fine young lady. That’s more than I can say for myself.”

“I think you’re being too har-“

“Shani, please. I’ve done bad things to you and Lacey out of selfishness. I’ve hurt you both because I was running away from my own feelings. But now I’m listening to them and they are telling me… something about you. I just wanted you to know that even though I may have put some of my emotions for Lacey towards you, in my heart, you have your own section. I don’t know what to categorize it as.”

Shani thought about her own feelings. And found they largely mirrored Amirah’s. “Can I talk now?”

“Please, do.”

“Well… to me, you aren’t just another professor either. I always respected you as well. You were-are! Are a role model to me. And you were my first.” That hung in the air for a while. “But I don’t know if I would say that I… that I lo-… you know.”

“Yeah, Shani. I do.” For the first time Amirah paused her thrusts, hilted in Shani while she thought. “Maybe we’re overthinking this. Maybe we should stop thinking about what could be or might be or whatever and just think about what is. I’m not sure if I can use the big L word yet. But I am certain that I like you Shani. I like you a lot. Can we agree on that?”

For the first time, Amirah made Shani’s heart pound not because of a sexual act. She didn’t think that hearing someone other than Lacey say something like that could affect her so much but here she was, borderline swooning over another woman while her girlfriend was not three feet away sleeping.

“Yeah. I think that works. I-uh. I like you too, Professor.” Shani didn’t realize the look on the professor’s face, probably because it mirrored her own, but Amirah looked nervous about her response. When Shani said those words, she smiled as wide as she could and once again Shani was hit with the realization that she was going through the same experience. They were both feeling things that usually Lacey provided, with each other.

Shani felt the tension leave the room as she returned the smile. Amirah started moving again, with more purpose than before. Not necessarily faster, but with added passion. They kissed each other deeply as Amirah moved, freely giving into their once confusing feelings. They gave themselves to each other freely as they… it’s not exactly love… made like…?

Amirah ‘made like’ to Shani for several more minutes, showing Shani’s body with care it wasn’t used to. Her hands gripped Shani’s ass possessively, without pain. Her fingers only tweaked Shani’s nipples, not pinch. Whenever they weren’t kissing each other, Amirah’s mouth was on her face and neck. Amirah wasn’t taking Shani; she was worshiping her.

When Amirah’s fingers eventually found their way to Shani’s clit, Shani came undone. She clutched Amirah’s back as she shook. In her ear, Amirah whispered encouragement. “Cum for me Eyani. Cover me in your juices.” Shani’s body obliged as she covered both of their crutches in her essence, and a lot of it.

Even when with Lacey, Shani was embarrassed at the messes she made when she came. But this time, there was no shame. She felt safe and free from judgement from Amirah. She just wants me to feel good. She simply let it come and rode out the wave, some part of her mind recognizing that she let out a lot more than usual.

All throughout her orgasm Amirah kept up her finger work and steady thrusting, the rhythm of her cock almost working as a metronome to time her peak. When she came down, Amirah even stopped for a second, making sure she was truly done as to not overstimulate her.

Shani reached up and kissed Amirah deeply again, the only way she could think to express what she was feeling. When they separated Amirah whispered in her ear. “I’m close. Where do you want it?”

She’s asking me? “Um, wherever you want.”

Amirah gripped her body tighter, making a visible effort to hold on. “No, Shani. Where do you want it?”

Shani paused before quietly saying. “… on me.” She didn’t voice it verbally from shame. She barely even acknowledged its existence. But having someone cum on her was her favorite part of sex. Anyone can creampie someone or cum in someone’s mouth. But the inner slut in Shani took the cumshot as the final nail in the coffin of being truly used. A creampie and even oral creampie gave the receiver some sort of feeling or pleasure. But cumming on someone, on some whore you just fucked, got the point across that you only cared about your own satisfaction. She also considered it some form of marking ‘what’s yours.’ She shivered when she said it out loud for the first time.

Amirah grunted in affirmation and simply said, “Finish me off.” Shani felt Amirah pull out and rest her hot cock on her pelvis. Shani reached between them with both hands and began stroking it, though she wasn’t sure she actually needed to. The second her fingers touched it, it started to unload. The first shot came out hard and fast, blasting the underside of Shani’s breast. If those weren’t there it probably could have flown over my head. Shani did as she was told and continued to use her hands to squeeze out all the cum they could as Amirah grunted above her.

When she was finished, a large volume of semen resided on Shani’s abdomen. Some of it pooled in her belly button while other globs rolled down her sides onto the mattress. Shani got an added bonus when her abs, or more aptly named ‘cum gutters’, created grooves for the cum to flow through.

With both of them having cum, the need for release vanished and they were left with each other. They were about to kiss again when-

“Awwwwwwww!” Both of their heads whipped to the side to see Lacey Looking at them, a large smile on her face and a hand slowly jerking her cock. “I love it when my girls get along.”

At that comment Shani felt the once waning cock of her professor instantly grow harder than it was before against her. She heard Amirah say through gritted teeth, “your girls?”

Shani was left alone temporarily when Amirah pushed back into Lacey to put her in her place. Afterward Shani got the usual treatment, she guessed just in case she herself had any confusion as to who belonged to whom in this threesome.

Day 1 of exams Shani’s room- Shani

Lacey appeared to physically and metaphorically shrink on top of her as her face went from smug confidence to worry. Lacey laid flat on Shani and squeezed her. “Was it really that good?” Her words asked that, but her tone said, ‘I’m scared.’

Shani reassured her. “It felt-” she remembered Lacey’s trigger word, “amazing. Really.”

“OK… so it’s my turn now, right?”

“Yup.” Lacey climbed off of her and they reset the stage for their next performance, which mostly included taking the wet sheets off the bed while Shani’s face burned. Since the towel as pretty much dry, they decided to use the same one. Unlike Shani’s prone posture, Lacey got on all fours over the towel. Shani wondered why until she saw Lacey’s throbbing cock pointed down at the bed in contrast to her nervous demeanor. I guess that would make lying flat uncomfortable.

Shani sat cross legged behind Lacey as she applied lube to her finger. Lacey looked at her from between her legs. “You said it was fine right?”

“Yes Lacey, it was fine. More than fine, in fact.” That didn’t satiate the worried look. “I won’t hurt you. And if it does hurt, tell me and I’ll stop immediately.”


Following the pamphlet’s advice, Shani lubed up both of her hands. I gotta make her feel good at the same time.

First to get her used to it. She reached out on hand and used her finger to touch Lacey’s asshole. Instantly Lacey clenched up. She didn’t voice any complaints and so Shani returned the favor of slowly tracing circles around Lacey’s ring. Lacey unclenched slightly, but not completely.

“How’s it feel?”


“But it doesn’t hurt right?”


“See? There’s nothing to be worried about. Besides, if you want to take the professor, you can’t be scared of my finger.” That statement only caused her to clench harder. Fuck.

Shani enacted phase two of the plan and reached forward to grasp Lacey’s cock. Before Lacey could react, she started to slowly tug it downwards and go back up with her lubed hands. Lacey began to tremble, visibly distracted from the finger on her asshole by Shani’s hand.

After a few strokes, Shani pushed forward and the tip of her finger entered Lacey. Lacey gasped and Shani paused all movement. “You OK?”

“Yeah…” She took Lacey’s trailing off as a sign to continue. Her jerking hand kept moving as she slowly inserted the rest of her finger. Lacey was stuck between moans caused by one hand and gasps caused by other as Shani slowly eased in. Then she touched something.

Lacey went almost limp as she whimpered. Her front half fell to the bed as she gripped the sheets. Her back half was much more active as Shani at first thought she came. Upon further review she was just dripping large amounts of pre cum, though she didn’t seem that far off from orgasm. Was that her prostate-G-spot-thing?

Shani let Lacey calm down, as much as she could, before she poked the spot again. The same reaction. Lacey’s reactions were not those of pain as far as she knew so she decided to push a little further. Instead of a single poke she touched it and rubbed it slightly.

Lacey’s reaction surprised her. Within seconds she squeaked, as she usually did when she came, but when the cum came out, Shani heard it. More specifically she heard the soft thuds as several jets shot into the towel below. The fascination of what she was perceiving caused her to focus in on that, ignoring the fact that her finger was still massaging the lump.

Shani heard the nonstop mewls and squeaks from Lacey but did not register that these were separate orgasms. Her eyes just watched as shot after shot exited Lacey’s dick and created a large puddle, amazed at the sheer volume and force. She was brought back to reality when she heard Lacey call out her name between the noises. Oh no.

Oh no no no no no. She quickly slipped her finger out of Lacey’s ass. No no no no, from her seated position she pulled Lacey’s hips back, causing the near limp girl to be sit in her lap as she warped her in an embrace.

“Lacey, I’m so so sorry. I told you I’d be careful and then I wasn’t and now you’re-“

Lacey interrupted her with a breath. “Fine. I’m fine Shani.”


Lacey offered her a weak smile. “More than fine.”

Shani continued to coddle Lacey to make sure she was OK and Lacey was too tired and the coddling was too nice to resist. After she they got the bed cleaned off they climbed into bed.

Lacey remembered, “Oh right. We have to decide the order. Who starts tomorrow?”

Shani tried not to show her true feelings as she quietly suggested. “I could go… You know to give you a break after my mistake.”

Lacey gave her a smug grin. “Someone’s eager.”

To hide her embarrassment Shani pulled Lacey in close and reformed version of the ball with Lacey in the middle turned on its side.

“Get off me you, giant.” Despite the protest, Lacey made very little effort to actually escape and they drifted off to sleep like that.

Day 4 of exams cafeteria- Shani

The next two days were just as eventful as the first. After exams on the second day, Lacey used her hands to bring Shani to several mind shattering orgasms and eventually being able to fit two fingers in at once. The third day had Lacey back on the bottom. Not wanting to make the same mistake, after every orgasm Shani stopped and asked Lacey if she wanted to continue. She also noted how Lacey lasted notably longer than the first time, seemingly growing used to the sensation.

On the fourth day, Shani, Lacey, Nia, and Madison sat down at a table at lunch. It had been a while since they talked and Shani was glad to see they didn’t think Lacey was taking her away from them.

Nia, as usual, came right out and said it. “I’m glad whatever you two were going through is resolved. You look so much prettier when you smile Shani.” At the exaggerated and intentionally misogynistic comment, Shani merely rolled her eyes and slapped Nia’s hand away as she went to pinch her cheek. “So. Are you ever going to tell us what was wrong and why I found your girlfriend crying.”

Shani was preparing to say ‘nothing’ but she couldn’t lie to her friends. They deserved better than that. But she also couldn’t tell them the truth. “I made a new friend and got… well it looked like I got closer to them than I really was. Lacey saw us together and she thought that I was going to leave her. We talked it out and made up.”

Madison gasped and looked worried while Nia openly laughed. “Lacey thought you were cheating!?” She turned her attention to Lacey who was in the middle of eating. “You don’t need to worry about this one. She doesn’t have the balls. She’s had a bunch of crushes and never even talked to the people before.” Shani tried to reach across the table to silence her friend but being one of the few people that shared her strength, Nia was able to easily swat Shani away. “In fact, you are the first person she’s ever been with. I’m surprised. What’d you do? Pin her down and say ‘you’re mine now?'”

Before Shani could say something, Lacey didn’t even look up from her plate as she spoke around a mouthful of food. “Basically.”

Silence took over the table at the admission. The other couple had flipped reactions as now Nia was shocked and staring dumbfounded at her best friend while Madison looked at Shani with a grin she recognized as the ‘I got the hottest piece of gossip’ grin. Shani spent the next minute or two trying to settle the flames of Madison’s proclivity to spread information as well as field and shut down all of Nia’s questions.

They were all interrupted when Lacey silently got up from the table and threw away her trash and returned. They checked the clock. Lunch had started seven minutes ago. Lacey picked up her bag and gave Shani a knowing look. “I’m going to the bathroom. Don’t wait for me.” With that, she left the cafeteria and left the three of them in stunned silence.

Madison started. “Does she always eat that fast?”

“She can if she wants to. Honestly I have no idea how she eats as much as she does and stays that small.”

Nia interrupted them. “Fuck that, what are you still doing here?”


“That was so obviously code for ‘follow me to the bathroom.’ God, how are you this dense?” Shani was pretty sure Nia was wrong but Shani also had no idea what was happening. Lacey had gone during their last class. At least until she remembered what time it was. Oh, that’s where she went.

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