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By ThinkingMan

© 2023 by ThinkingMan

Synopsis: A mother and son try to cope as they are experimented upon. This story refers to another author’s story as a sort of tip of the hat, but reading that story is not necessary to understand this one. All characters are over 18.

Tags- Inc, lactation, oral sex, Science Fiction, MF, transformation

* * *

The pair lay naked upon the cushioned floor of a small circular room with high walls and no door. A younger man and a woman in her 40’s sprawled as if they’d been dropped there by a giant child. After a minute or two, the woman stirred, and put her hand to her head. She softly moaned in pain, which caused the young man to begin to rouse.

“Rrohhh, my head! Huh!?” That last was the result of the woman grabbing his leg and squeezing.

“Shh,” she said, and obviously looked around and upwards to encourage him to do the same. After looking at her blankly for a moment, his brain re-engaged, and he glanced around, only to show alarm as he discovered he wasn’t where he’d thought they were.

Quietly, he examined the tall round room in which they found themselves. There were thick strips of some kind of rubber padding that couldn’t be torn on the floor and walls, but between them were thin strips of shiny metal with holes in it of various sizes. There were six wide strips of cushion between seven thin strips of the holes on the walls. There was no door visible.

The young man shrugged and shook his head in an attempt to communicate to the woman that he had no idea where they were or what was going on. The woman in question was curled in on herself, attempting to cover her nakedness. They both kept their bodies angled to keep their privates obscured or blocked to each other as much as possible.

The young man shrugged, shaking his head, trying to tell her he had no idea what was going on. The woman looked frightened, fearing that something terrible was about to happen. It didn’t.

Nothing happened for what seemed a very long time, and the two finally started talking to each other in low voices, still keeping as much of their bodies covered as they could manage.

Suddenly, from two of the larger holes in the wall came two metallic-looking flexible tubes, which stretched back to the wall. One moved toward the woman, and the other the man. Both were astonished when the tubes invaded them rectally, and they both froze as they felt it work its way inside their intestines. After a moment, there was a click from inside thwir abdomens, and both tubes retreated into the wall, a popping sound was heard as the tubes cleared their rectums..

“What the fuck!” cried the young man towards the ceiling. Simultaneously, there was a noise from the wall at a spot near the woman, and a compartment swung out, revealing a seat with a bowl under it.

“A toilet!” cried the woman after looking into it. She sat on it and let her bladder loose, as she had had to go for hours now. As she finished, there was a sound under it as the unit appeared to flush itself. She stood, and beckoned to the young man. “Best pee while you can! I think the other thing took care of, uh, other concerns.”


“Get over here and pee while this thing is available! Right now!”

The young man shook his head and used what was apparently a toilet, and as he finished up, the unit flushed again and slid back into the wall.

“What the fuck is this place?” the young man asked.

“It’s a cell,” said the woman. “Not a simple prison cell or a jail cell, no. This is way too high-tech for that.”

“Then what?”

“I suspect we will find out,” the woman sighed. She leaned back against the wall.

“Any ideas what we can do to get out of here, Mom?”

“Keep your eyes open. Watch. Surely an opportunity to at least get out of this cell will come!”

“What about food? Water?” the young man asked, again looking into the gathered darkness that blocked the view of any ceiling.

“Are you getting hungry already? We ate before we got in the car…”

“Always. Hah! Nah, actually I’m not really hungry yet. Yeah, I remember getting in the car at the restaurant, and then… here. I don’t remember feeling anything strange, just -blink- and we were waking up here with an awful headache.”

The mother nodded. She could not improve his description of events.

Another sound from the wall heralded two more long, flexible metallic tentacles which flew out and hit the back of their necks, and wrapped around them tightly. Both grabbed at their necks, but were unable to dislodge, or even shift, the bands that anchored them to the long flexible tubes. After a moment, they felt odd sensations, mostly in the skin of their necks, but also deep in their spine at the neck.

“Gah! Mom, are you okay? Can you breathe?”

“Yes, dear. It was tight for a moment, but it’s loosened enough to breathe freely.” She paused. “I think escape just got harder.”

“Yeah. What do you think they will do to us?’

“I Çorum Escort don’t… oh! Yahoww!”

“What is it, Mom?”

“Ohhh! Oh my God!”

“Mom! What the fuck is wrong?”

“…I think… I think they just drugged me. I’m feeling… um, something… funny… wrmm.” She collapsed against the round wall almost bonelessly. The young man quickly moved over to her to investigate, but as he reached for her neck to check her pulse, he felt a peculiar sensation in his neck, like fire which faded to warmth as it spread down his body.

As the sensation of warmth began to fade, he felt a new, delicious sensation which grew stronger with each passing moment, while at the same time robbing his body of strength. He fell forward, draped crosswise across his mother’s body.

The new sensation seemed to center in his testicles and to send out waves of pleasure through his body, and he felt shame when his cock hardened as his nose filled with the scent of his mother’s skin. “Mmf!” The two lay slumped together gasping and twitching as the waves of pleasure rolled through them. Their twitches and spasms actually caused their bodies to move so that the young man was atop his mother’s body, his drooling cock against her drooling sex, and both moaned at the glorious feeling.

The waves of pleasure did not diminish, in fact they grew in intensity for several minutes until both of their bodies orgasmed, and copious amounts of their spend coated their laps, upper legs, and the floor around them. Finally, the pleasure waves receded, leaving both gasping, but they continued at a reduced rate.

“Mo-om? Hold on, sorry, let me…” The young man said and shoved against the floor to roll off of his mother’s body. “Are you okay?”

She huffed. “I’m… okay now, I think. Embarrassed and worried what exactly is being done to us.”

“That was freaky and fucked up!”

“Yes, and whatever these collars are, they’re not letting us, um, settle down.”

“I noticed,” he said, looking down at his still-erect cock and tingling balls.

“Don’t be an ass!” snapped the mom, pushing herself into a sitting position her face red with embarrassment.

“I didn’t mean… sorry, Mom. I just… nevermind.”

His mother turned around so she faced the wall, and carefully massaged her breasts to ease a growing soreness, avoiding her nipples.

“Whatever they’re doing, whoever is doing this, it involves sex, obviously. We’ve got to not submit to the impulses they’re causing. I think it’s some kind of experiment, or maybe a test,” she said, turning back around and wiping the mess from her legs, slinging it away toward the opposite side of the cell, then wiping her hands on the floor to clean them as well as she could.

She looked embarrassed and angry, and as the moments passed, she began to cry.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

“What they just did to us! It’s wrong, so very wrong! I’m afraid of what else they’re planning!”

“Mom, it’s not like we could help it! It isn’t your fault, or my fault! Whoever they are did it.”

“I don’t think they know we’re mother and son, or maybe even what that means. If they just took two random people….”

“Who? Who wouldn’t know?”

She grabbed the collar, and then at the tube that connected it into the wall. “I don’t think this technology exists on Earth. These things knew exactly how and where to grab us. And look,” she said, grabbing at hers and pulling on it as hard as she could with no appreciable result, “I think they’re unbreakable.”

“Oh. You think these researchers aren’t from Earth.”

The mother made a moue and cocked her head at an angle. “I don’t know. It sounds a bit silly to say it out loud. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws for an explanation. Whoever they are, I don’t think that they care how what they’re doing is doing to us, I mean, beyond whatever they’re testing.”

“Um, Mom? Do you think they’ll feed us sometime soon?”

“I don’t know. My stomach is starting to growl, too.”

” Well, I… what’s happening?” she asked as her collar started to pulse lightly without cutting off her airway.

“It’s… throbbing,” the young man said, one hand on his own collar.

“Yeah, throbbing… I’m throbbing… oh my God, they’re doing something else to us! I’m… ooh… uh…” she lay back, propped up against the wall as her eyes list focus and she drifted. She could breathe, she wasn’t choking, but….

“Huh? I’m… Mom? Some… fing’s… hap…”

She woke, hunger gnawing at her guts. It felt like she hadn’t eaten in days! She heard her son groan lightly and tried to sit up. It didn’t work out the way she expected — it felt like someone was sitting on her chest.

She grunted as she pushed herself back up against the wall, and realized with a start the reason for the heaviness — her breasts were swollen and tight, and felt like they were ready to explode. They were twice their normal size!

She swung her gaze around to see her son pushing himself up off the Çorum Escort Bayan floor to try to sit. “Oh-oof! Holy shit!” He said, looking down.

“What, baby?” the Mom asked, concern in her voice.

“Um,” he said, wide-eyed, still looking down. “They… did something to me, Mom.”

His mother sighed. “Me, too, honey. What did they do to you?”

“My balls,” he said. “My balls are huge! And they, um, kind of hurt?” He finally looked at his mother. “They… Holy shit! Mom! Your… um… breasts!”

“Yeah. Turn around, let me see,” she replied, concern in her voice. “Oh.” Her stomach growled again. “God, I hope they feed us, soon!”

Her son seemed captivated by her swollen breasts, unable to look away. His cock, the same size as it had been previously (but looking smaller in comparison to his testicles) hardened, and his balls pulsed kind of like the collar had before, a pleasant throbbing between his legs. His stomach growled again, loudly.

At the sound, the mother felt, and then saw, small tears of white fluid emerge from her nipples and grow heavy enough to drip off of them. Suddenly the tightness of her breasts made sense. They’d done something to her to make her lactate!

“Okay. Damn it! This is so… uh, messed up!” She looked up towards the ceiling of the room. “Okay, I get it!” she called.


“Come here, dammit. I think I know how to ease your hunger, at least.” She shook her head. Her son moved over to her side, and she said, “They’ve made me lactate, dammit. This is so fucked up!”


“Yes. Become able to breastfeed. The pressure in my tits is actually really painful. You’re hungry, and I’ve got milk. We can kill two birds with one stone. Dammit.”

“What do you mean, like feed me like a baby?”

“Yes. Look, I very got to reduce the pressure. It hurts, and it’s hurting more and more with each second that passes. It’s fucked up, but I need you to take the pressure off by nursing. I expect the pleasure thing will happen again, because I suspect our captors are sick fucks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need you to… damn, my tits are aching really badly! How much milk am I producing? Ow! Get over here, and fucking suck from my nipples, okay? My breasts are killing me!”

“Uh… you sure, Mom?”

“Yes, dammit, I’m sure! I’m not happy about it, but I’m sure,” she said with a great deal of frustration.

The young man scooted nearer to his mother, and looked at the drops of milk quickly and steadily dripping from her nipples. With reticense, he brought his mouth close, and then latched onto her leaking right nipple. He drew a mouthful in, which took only a moment or two, and swallowed. He glanced up and said, “It’s kind of sweet, but the taste is different than any milk I’ve had.”

“I know. I remember from nursing you as a baby. Look, you need to not just suck with your lips, use your entire mouth to pull it in. You’ll get the hang of it. Please, the ache is killing me!”

Her son nodded, moved back to her nipple, and tried nursing at her breast in different ways, finding a method that had him pulling and drinking in a good rhythm. His mouth filled with milk much more quickly all of a sudden, and he felt his mother relax a bit with the relief. At the same time, a stream of milk shot from her other nipple as her milk let down.

Sure enough, the waves of pleasure started again and grew slowly in intensity. Both of them groaned as they did, and found themselves synchronizing their actions with their cycles, with the young man gulping at the peaks.

“Gah-oohhh!” was the sound that came from the mother as she slid her hand down to her profoundly wet sex and began rubbing her clitoris with a gusto fueled by deep and intense need. It seemed, to her, that her hand had done that on its own, the movement was so… so natural, appropriate, even! Her fingering also synchronized with the waves of pleasure, the throb that was almost like a heartbeat.

Her son reached over and pinched the nipple that had been left to squirt and dribble down her front, the milk following the slopes and indentations of her body to finally flow into and then off of her crotch, incidentally taking a trip or two around her button on her fingertip and getting worked into the lather of her sexual fluids.

“Oh! Oh, God! Oh, have mercy!” she cried as her toes curled and her body strained, her orgasm creeping closer with each wave. She was only a little surprised to find her son’s cock gripped in her other hand, and stroking it felt inevitable.

Her son groaned again as her hand firmly grasped and slid up and down his cock in time with the waves passing through, in counterpoint to the suckling cycle he had fallen into. He felt his testicles pulse and churn delightfully in time with the rest, but he was nowhere close to orgasm, and didn’t seem to be getting any closer to it at all.

He was falling into bliss as she rhythmically stroked him, her hand slick with the precum oozing from his Escort Çorum cock, and as he drew in and swallowed large mouthfuls of the warm, sweet, slightly nutty milk from her warm, loving breast. After a few minutes, he had a belly full.

His mother moved his head to her other breast, and groaned in pleasure as he began drawing the life-sustaining liquid from her again. This was by far the most sexual experience she’d ever had, and it was meeting a need that she hadn’t even conceived that she might have had, and would never have thought or believed possible. It felt… “right,” on some fundamental level that bypassed her critical mind. How could she achieve sexual nirvana without even having sex? Frankly, it didn’t matter in the least, at least at the moment.

The second breast emptied more quickly, since a great deal of the milk it had produced was all over the two of them, as well as draining through holes in the floor. She laughed as her son burped, and patted his back. “Oh, God, thank you honey! That was… well, the pain in my breasts is gone.” She tried to look more sober, then glanced at her hand still rhythmically pumping her son’s cock.

That cock was very out of proportion when compared to the testicles and firm scrotum that hung under it. His testicles were, comparatively speaking, massive, and made his cock, which was the same size it had always been, look pretty small. The scent of the precum that slowly oozed from it had a fascinating odor that smelled delicious and caused her to salivate, now that she got close enough.

“Ah-hwumm,” her son said as she stroked, leaning back and spreading his legs wider. The mother, nose twitching and mouth watering, slowly got closer to it as her own stomach growled loudly.

“Oh, God… this is so wrong! Why are they doing this to us?” She looked down, ashamed. “Sweetheart, I’m parched and hungry, myself, so I’m going to have to do some of my own suckling. Try not to enjoy it too much.”

“What, are they going to make us get all our food and water from each other?”

“I think so, sweetheart,” she said, and slid his still-hard cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it to take in the precum. “Fuck! They’ve made it taste good! And… ooh, that’s really not good!”

“What? Why?”

“It’s… nevermind. Whoever is doing this, it’s definitely about sex. Oh, shiiiit! Um, honey, just close your eyes and ignore whatever I do, okay?”

“Uh… okay?”

“Good,” she said, and began suckling on his cock like he had at her breasts a few minutes before. At the same time, she slid her middle finger against her pebble-hard clit, then slid two fingers inside herself with a grunt and a groan of pleasure. She worked his cock with a determination that betrayed the fact that she was actually enjoying it. The pulses of precum almost felt like they sparkled in her mouth, and she spread it around, making her gums, cheeks, and tongue glow with a feeling of excitement and joy. That sparkling went down her throat and seemed to move to her belly, and then directly to her sex, and it urged her to plunge her fingers in and out with more force.

The feeling of sparkling filled her head, and she found the feeling of his cock in her mouth and her fingers in her channel feeling more and more “right.” It felt timeless and perfect, and she found that she was working his cock with true passion.

Suddenly, her son gasped, and clutched the back of her head, and filled her throat and mouth with a blast of cum, and then another, and another. She gulped it down and it filled her belly with a glow that radiated down to her straining toes and fingertips. More followed it, an incredible amount of semen for a normal human male. He was making peculiar noises with each thrust, and each thrust launched more down her throat.

It seemed to go on and on, an endurance marathon of sexual pleasure until finally, the young man collapsed, and his still-oozing cock slipped from her mouth and she lay on her side, panting, her stomach full and happy. She lay there in her haze of satisfaction, and eventually her mind seemed to drift back into its old habitual ways of thinking.

Were they combining the need for food with the need for sex? She had just had the… certainly one of the most powerful sexual experiences of her life while sucking… taking in the… sustenance… that her son had generated. She had produced more milk for her son than she ever had, and the volume of his tasty and wonderful cum (a thought at which her pussy, her, ah, sex, damn near purred) was far beyond what any normal human male could produce in a year, let alone in whatever time they’d been trapped here.

She felt her breasts. They were definitely larger, perhaps by several cup sizes, and they were already about half-filled with her milk again!

“Mom?” her son asked, “What… what are they doing to us? Why are they doing this?”

She sighed. “I don’t know, but I think… I think that they’re making… trying to make… us need each other in a particularly fucked up way. I think they’ve done something that makes you need my milk, and me to need your… your cum, not just for food, for sustenance, but also… well… sex.” She gave a small hiccup and burp, and sheepishly grinned at her son, embarrassed.

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