Problem Son

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John and his wife, Gladys, had a son they loved and cared for very much. Phil rarely gave his parents any trouble. Phil was now eighteen and was preparing to enroll as a freshman in college. One evening, John was walking down the hall at home and saw Phil’s door was not quite shut. He saw Phil in his room with a friend. The had Phil’s cock in his mouth.

John stormed in to say, “What are you two doing? Get out of here and leave Phil alone”

“Phil, I can’t believe you are doing this. Don’t you like girls?”

Phil admitted he and his friend had been doing this for quite a while and they liked it. John could only shake his head. He could hardly believe his son was gay. He thought, he is still young and maybe could be rehabilitated. He would have to discuss this with Gladys.

That night in their bedroom, John and Gladys discussed what could possibly be done, if anything.

It was only naturally for young men to have special buddies. Phil didn’t have any special girl friend as far as they knew. He seemed shy around girls. Maybe if he would try to make more friends with girls. He might be able to change his sex preference.

Gladys said, “I have a thought, but I don’t really like what I’m thinking.”

“What could you possibly be thinking. Give him a prostitute to see if he likes girls?”

“No nothing like that. How terrible that would be to bring in a slut, probably with diseases. I could show myself to him and explain what young men and girls do.”

“Dear wife, I’m surprised at you. You’re his mother.”

“I know I’m his mother, but parents must be willing to do what they can for their children. Unless you have something better to offer.”

They agreed that tomorrow evening at bedtime, they would invite Phil into their bedroom and give a show and tell.

The next evening after everyone was in their night clothing, John went to Phil’s room to see him, “John, come into my bedroom, your mother and I want to see you and talk to you.”

Phil followed his dad into the master bedroom where he saw his mother sitting in front of the mirror bushing her hair. He had seen her do this many times, but this time she was not wearing a robe. Her breasts were nearly exposed in the low cut nighty and her legs were showing nearly up to her butt since the nighty was short.

“Phil, your mother and I are alarmed that you may be developing the wrong sexual preference. We think that is not the right way to live. Have you ever seen a naked girl, and would you be interested in seeing one?”

Phil said, “Well, I hadn’t thought too much about it. Guess it would be interesting.” He jokingly said, “Where will I get to see one?”

“Your mother is a girl, although much older than you. She told me you used to peek at her when you could. Don’t you think she would be nice to look at?”

Phil dropped his eyes toward the floor and meekly responded, “Yes, it would be alright.”

John and Gladys didn’t think their son was very enthused about it and looked at each other. “Well, John, what do you think?”

“Go ahead, stand up and take off your nighty.”

Phil then looked at his mother. His parents thought gaziantep zenci escort he was favorably responding as he looked her up and down. He seemed a little embarrassed.

“Now son, your mom is going to sit on the bed and explain some things to you.”

Gladys sat on the bed and leaned back on her elbows, allowing Phil to see her open crotch. “Take a look down here, this is what you should be looking at instead of looking at another man’s nakedness.”

Phil seemed to be interested and showed a little excitement.

John said, “Go up closer and take a look.”

Gladys put one hand on her pussy and spread the lips, “See, this is where a penis goes in. You can see a hole. Now watch as I put my finger in.”

Phil took a closer look, but then backed away as if embarrassed.

“Alright, that is enough for tonight. We want you to think about it.”

Phil went to his room while his parents crawled in bed for sex. While John was slowly fucking Gladys, he said, “What do you think about our son?”

“He seemed somewhat responsive, but I think he needs more of what we did tonight. Let’s do it again tomorrow night. We must do all we can to keep him from being gay as he continues to grow up.”

The next evening, John went into Phil’s room to talk. “Phil, what did you think about last night. What you saw, was it interesting?”

“Yes, Dad, I’ve been thinking about it today. But I do like for my buddy to suck me until I cum. I can’t help it.”

“Don’t you know that a girl can take your cock in her mouth, and you would probably like it even better. Come back with me to my bedroom again. Maybe you’ll learn more.”

Phil saw his mother in her short nighty as he entered the bedroom with his dad.

Gladys said, “I hope I made an impression on you last night. Don’t you think it is more exciting to see my body than your buddy’s cock?”

“I liked it last night, Mom.”

“I’m going to take my nighty off to let you look again.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back and spread her legs. This time Phil walked up closer and stared without saying anything.

“Now what questions do you have. Can you compare this with your buddy’s penis?”

“Well, it is different, but he lets me cum in his mouth. That’s what I like.”

Gladys looked at her husband and back at her son. “What if I did that too, would you like it?”

Phil’s eyes lit up, “Yes, Mom.”

John was questioning in his mind if thing were going beyond their original intention.

“Come on over here to your mother, take down your pajama bottoms.”

Evidently just the thought of his mom going to take his cock in her mouth caused him to get a big erection. Phil walked up to stand in front of his mom who was sitting on the side of the bed. His cock was very hard when she took it in her mouth.

“Wow, Mom, that is good.”

It wasn’t long before Phil’s knees began to buckle as he groaned very loud. His body jerked and shook as he shot spurt after spurt in her mouth.

After he had finished and his cock slipped from her mouth, he commented, “Mom, gaziantep escort that’s what I like.”

“I’m glad you liked it. Isn’t that much better than cumming in your buddy’s mouth?”

Phil didn’t answer as he pulled his pajama bottoms up.

John then commented, “Phil, if you will promise to never get sexually involved with one of your buddies again, your Mom will often do this for you. Can you promise us?”

“Yes, Dad, I’ll try.”

Alice was regularly taking Phil’s cock in her mouth nearly every night during the next few weeks to keep her promise. Then one night Phil had a question.

“Mom, I’ve heard something I’m curious about. My friend who used to suck me off, told me the other day he now sticks his cock in another guy’s ass. I was wondering what that would feel like.”

At first, Alice was rather shocked at what he was asking. John often fucks her ass, but now her son was interested, too.

She looked quizzically at her husband, “That isn’t so bad as long as it is my ass. That is much more like a fun sport than real sex. Real sex is not suitable between a mother and her son. He will definitely have to stay away from my other hole. John, what do you think.”

“If that will help him stay away from his buddies, it’s alright with me.”

Phil looked very pleased to know he could try it on his mom.

“John, get the KY jelly from the drawer and lube me up good.”

She positioned herself by getting up on her knees at the edge of the bed. Her pussy and ass were fully exposed to John and Phil. John applied an ample amount of lube on her ass. Phil walked up behind her, aimed his cock and put pressure on her hole.

She said, “Take it slow and go back and forth going in a little deeper each time.”

Phil did as she instructed and was soon fully buried in her.

It was very exciting to Phil because after he moved back an forth a couple of times, he exploded in her, sending shot after shot deep in her bowels.

When he had finished and pulled out, he said, “Mom, if you let me do that often, I’ll never ever consider having sex with my buddy again. That was wonderful.”

“All right, son, we have a deal. Tomorrow night we’ll do it again if you want to.”

“Thanks Mom, you are a wonderful mother.”

The next evening Phil could hardly wait until bedtime. After dinner he kept looking at his mom and wish she would finish cleaning up the kitchen and get ready for bed.

Gladys noticed her son looking at her and commented, “Alright, we’ll go to bed a little earlier tonight. We’ll all get our showers and prepare for bed.”

Phil was already in his pajamas and came into his parent’s bedroom. Alice and John had just finished showering together and were still naked. Phil could see his mother’s nakedness as she was drying off. She decided to skip the nighty and come into the bedroom. She noticed Phil had an erection while looking up and down her body.

She looked at John as she pointed to Phil’s erection. “I think his sexual orientation is changed. What do you think?”

“Yes, it looks that way. What do you think, Phil.”

“Yes, Mom and Dad, I think this is much better.”

John got the KY jelly from the night stand drawer and handed it to Phil. Gladys got up on her knees at the side of the bed to prepare for Phil’s cock. Phil squeezed out a big gob of lube on his finger and proceeded to apply a liberal amount to her ass. He used his finger to insert some inside. While he had his finger in her, he moved his finger back and forth a few times.

She said, “Go ahead and have your fun with your finger. When you get ready, go slow when you shove it in.”

Phil then held his cock to aim at her crotch. His aim wasn’t very good and it started entering her pussy.

She loudly said, “Wait! Back off, you can’t put it in there.”

Phil quickly backed up, “Sorry, I aimed it wrong.”

He then aimed it at her well lubed ass and put pressure on the hole. With a few back and forth strokes going in a little deeper each time, he stopped his movements when he was fully buried. Gladys could feel his cock throb with excitement. She moved one hand up to feel her clit. As she started rubbing her clit, she felt her son’s body strain and jerk as he blasted cum in her.

She had to stop rubbing her clit to use both hands on the bed to steady herself. She was a little disappointed because she wanted an orgasm while he fucked her. She would have to wait.

John commented, “Son, how was that?”

“That’s great, can I do it again?”

‘That’s up to your mother.”

Gladys got up off the bed to turn around facing her son. “If you really want to, you can do it again. You’ll have to get hard while I go to the bathroom to clean up.”

When she came back in the bedroom, she saw her son was hard and ready. She positioned herself again on her knees on the bed. Phil applied a little more lube to her ass. He was getting in a rush to enter her and quickly positioned himself up close to her butt. In his excitement to penetrate her, he aimed too low and his cock plunged all the way in her pussy.

She quickly responded, “No! Pull out.”

He pulled back, “Sorry, Mom”

Then he took his cock in his hand, looked down to aim as planned. Since he had fucked her ass a few minutes earlier, she was already stretched allowing him to plunge in rather fast.

“Son, take it slow for a little while. Don’t cum too quick.” She wanted time for an orgasm.

Gladys then moved one hand back to her crotch to rub her clit. She could feel him slowly moving his cock back and forth. She was building up to a high. She started moaning a little as her son was beginning to groan some. Her body sexually shuddered as she muffled a scream and her orgasm began.

This was something new to Phil because she had never had an orgasm with him before. He pounded her ass rather fast and shot another load in her bowels. Both their bodies were locked together in sexual bliss while John watched. John thought it took a long time for them to simmer down enough for Phil’s small cock to slip out of her. She went to the bathroom to clean up while Phil wiped his cock and balls with tissues.

Gladys put on her nighty when she returned. She looked at Phil, “Do you think that will keep you satisfied until tomorrow night?”

“I have the greatest Mom and Dad in the world. That was wonderful. I’ll let both of you go to bed now. Thank you again for a wonderful evening.”

He kissed his mother on the cheek and left.

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