Quality Time

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I was pissed off. See, I was supposed to head up to Canada with my buddies from university and spend our winter break snowboarding, but things never seem to turn out the way I plan. Instead my dad pulled rank and ordered me home for Christmas. He insisted that I should learn some values and spend “quality time” with my mother and sister.

Of course, I couldn’t argue. My dad was the man of the house even if I wasn’t there and I was to obey his rules. I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t be that bad to be home, but when I got there it was even worse. Dad tried to lecture me about life lessons every chance he got and my mom just kept trying to feed me. The only good thing about this break was definitely going to be my little sister.

Ashley was only 3 years younger than me at 18 and in her final year in high school. I felt bad for her, really. Things had been a lot easier for her in school when I was around – I was always her protector. She wasn’t popular because she was too smart, and nobody had ever noticed how much potential she had to be pretty. The guys in school wouldn’t date her, either, partly because she was such a tomboy and partly because they were scared I would kick their ass.

For the first week of break Ashley and I hung out a lot. We ate junk food, played video games, watched movies, that sort of thing. She was always my best friend growing up and we weren’t like other siblings. We rarely fought and we respected each other’s boundaries and privacy. That’s not to say, of course, that I didn’t check her out. For such a tomboy, my sister was really attractive. She wasn’t busty or model material, but she held her own. She stood at 5’3″ and had a long, curly black ponytail, with green eyes to compliment her petite frame. I was 6’2″, on the other hand, and towered over my little sister. Even though I was only a few years older than her, I had witnessed Ashley go from a shy little girl into a modest young woman. I knew what guys were thinking as they saw her develop too, so I was especially protective her as she got older.

Anyways, we ran out of things to do after the first week but our parents were going out of town on business on a Friday night, so Ashley decided that I should get us some alcohol and we’d stay in for the night and watch whatever was on the tv. She was desperate to experiment with alcohol before she got to college, so she got down on her knees and begged me, batting her eyelashes, drawing out her plea, “Pleeeeaaase Marrrrrk?” It worked, of course, and we made plans.

I had forgotten that I’d already made plans with my girlfriend, Jessie, that same night. Needless to say, Ashley didn’t take it well. She pouted and threw a fit, but when 8 rolled around and Jessie rang our doorbell, I told Ashley that enough was enough and sent her upstairs with a few beers so she could calm down. Jessie and I took the rest of the beer and headed downstairs to my room in the basement to have some fun.

We settled in after a few bottles and I turned up the tv so Ashley wouldn’t hear what was about to take place. Jessie pushed me back onto my futon and climbed on top of me, her blonde hair fell in my face as she passionately kissed me, her hands roaming from my bare chest down to my now-aching cock. I wildly tore off her top and explored her breasts, sucking and pinching in a mad frenzy. Then, suddenly, I heard a faint hiccup from the corner of the room and looked over to see Ashley attempting gaziantep yavuzeli escort to hide beside my bookshelf.

I was shocked, but Jessie freaked out and grabbed her shirt, attempting to cover up her breasts. She started yelling at Ashley, calling her a bitch and a pervert. She looked back at me in hopes that I would repeat her insults, but I was still surprised and didn’t say anything. Jessie looked at me with disgust and I watched as she stormed up my stairs and out of the house. After I heard the door slam not once but twice (she was REALLY mad) I turned back to Ashley.

She was still standing by the bookshelf, staring at me. There wasn’t any wonder why, either. I wasn’t wearing my shirt and my jeans were almost completely off, revealing the outline of my cock still waiting to be serviced. I zipped up my jeans and put my shirt back on, shaking my head.

“What were you thinking, Ash? You can’t just watch people do private stuff like that!”

“I’m really sorry Mark. I wanted to see what you were blowing me off for.” The look on her face almost made my anger go away, but I wasn’t thinking with my brain right now.

“Are you serious? That’s what this is about? You were mad we didn’t get to watch a movie? We’ve been doing that all week Ashley! Jesus fucking Christ. Jessie is never going to talk to me again because you can’t go two seconds without me!” I could tell my yelling wasn’t helping the situation. Tears were welling up in Ashley’s eyes, so I sighed and sat down in front of the tv.

“I said I was sorry,” she repeated, almost pathetically.

“Don’t cry…it’s okay. You just could have handled that better, you know?” That didn’t seem to make her feel any better. “Here, come sit down. We’ll see what’s on.” She moved toward me and took her place on the futon, leaning back with her arms still around her stomach, one hand to wipe away the remaining tears. I could tell she wasn’t going to stop crying so I pushed her hair out of her face and reclined, inviting her to lay down beside me. She looked unsure at first but laid down in front of me as I propped my head up on one hand so I could still see the tv.

We decided on a show but ended up talking quietly instead. I put my arm around Ashley to make sure she wouldn’t start crying again and she asked worriedly, “Is Jessie really never going to talk to you again?”

I chuckled, amused that she was still so concerned about it. “I’m sure she will. I’ll tell her you had been drinking so it was really my fault. If she doesn’t get over it, oh well. Plenty of other girls out there.” I knew Jessie would stay pissed, but I didn’t want Ashley to feel bad. I stroked her arm absent-mindedly and asked, “Speaking of relationships, any guys in your life I need to scare?”

“No, not at all. None of the boys at school like me. I think I’m not girl enough for them,” she said, adjusting her head on my shoulder in a way that allowed me to smell the shampoo she had used that day. Mango, I think. The smell was inviting and I was abruptly reminded of the hard-on I still had. I glanced down at how we were positioned. Ashley’s legs were intertwined with mine and there was no way she couldn’t feel that I was hard. Her small breasts looked perky from the angle I situated but I looked away, surprised at myself for thinking like that about my little sister.

“It’s okay,” I said, trying to cover up gaziantep yeni escort my distraction, “Those high school guys aren’t good enough for you anyway. They only want one thing. Once you come to college next year there will be guys knocking down your door. Of course, they’ll have to come through me first.” Ashley giggled when I said that so I tickled her side, causing her to writhe around giggling even more. Somehow I tickled her so much that she ended up under me and after she stopped laughing we both realized that I was on top of her, my stiff cock positioned perfectly next to her sex.

When the smile faded from her face I became flustered and embarrassed, clearing my throat. I began to move back to the side but she grabbed my collar and pulled my face not an inch away from hers. I looked into her eyes, confused by her reaction, and she explained by lightly placing her lips on mine. I was still surprised but taken over by the thrill of it, too, so I closed my eyes and kissed back. I reached up and caressed her face, holding the back of her neck gently enough to pull her to me without hurting her. I tenderly parted her lips with my tongue and she met my advancement with her own tongue, dancing around my own in a silent game of seduction.

I began to move my hands up her shirt and found that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I moved my hands over her petite breasts, tweaking her erect nipples in between my fingers. This provoked a moan and I felt her smile into my kiss. Her hands were exploring my back, her fingernails grazing my shoulder blades just hard enough to leave a mark. I loved it.

I bit and sucked on her lower lip as I moved my hands south of her border, massaging her most fragile area outside of her pants. I couldn’t take it soon enough and pulled back from her kiss, whispering, “May I?” Her eyes looked unsure but she nodded and I moved my cold fingers in between her warm, moist womanhood. This only excited me more and I teased her clit, causing her to gasp. I slid off her pajama bottoms and thong to have easier access to her soaking pussy, and left her lips and tongue to pay more attention to the heated core between her legs.

As I moved my face to her pussy I parted her labial lips and began to explore with my tongue. I roamed her clit, her lips, and quickly shot my tongue in and out of her vaginal opening. I also worked in a finger and discovered how tight my sister was. She was definitely a virgin. I teased her clit, alternating between sucking and lightly nibbling, then circling my tongue in small circles until she screamed into her first orgasm, forcefully shoving my head into her cunt. She was writhing worse than the tickling fiasco and I had to wrap my arms around her legs to hold her down as I continued to torture her into another orgasm.

Sweating from her climaxes, Ashley pulled me back up and passionately kissed me, much harder than before. Our tongues twirled together and she tasted her own juices. I once again became painfully aware of how turned on I was and she must have too, because her small hands moved down to my cock and I gasped as she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing boner. She inspected it, having never seen one this close before, and began to stroke up and down in a pleasantly paced rhythm. I was lost in her touch and even more impressed when she leaned down and attempted to take my 8 inches into her mouth. gaziantep zayıf escort She got surprisingly far and her hot orifice engulfed my cock, her tongue swirling around my head.

She abandoned her effort after gagging and instead licked up and down, sucking on my balls. I paused her, crazy enough as it seems, because I didn’t want to blow if this was going any farther. I wrapped my arms around her and brought her back to my chest, her erect nipples pressing into me. Caressing her hair, tucking it behind her ears, I said, “We can stop if you want. I don’t know why we’re doing this.” She looked in my eyes as if she was searching for an answer.

It felt like an eternity, but she finally leaned to my left ear and whispered, “Fuck me, Mark.”

That was all I needed to hear. I stood up, picking up my tiny sister against my tall frame and lifted her over my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and bit my ear as I positioned my tip at her soaking entrance, slowly making my way in. The pressure was unbelievable. She was so warm, so wet that even her tightness couldn’t prevent me from sliding in. I moaned in pure ecstasy as I felt her hymen blocking my way. Ashley looked in my eyes, nodded, and I picked her up and slammed my way through her virginity.

“Oh my God! Yes, fuck me. Make me your slut!” Ashley screamed in both pain and pleasure, now clawing into the back of my neck. The sensation of her nails and her pussy drove me wild, and I laid her down and began pumping like an animal. The room echoed only with the sounds of our moaning, ragged breath, and my balls forcefully hitting her ass with each thrust. Our rhythm was wild and chaotic but I didn’t care – I had to have more of my sister. I had to be deeper. I had to fill her every way possible.

“Ashley, fuck. Ohhh shit. Fucking shit. You’re gonna be my little whore.” I was completely senseless, saying whatever came to my mind as I pounded her ferociously.

“Fuck me. Pound the shit out of my pussy. Fuck me like you fuck that blonde whore. Show me what a man you are.” Her eyes rolled back in satisfaction, her moans becoming more guttural. “Harderr. Deeperr. Fasterr. FUCK!” I was a man possessed. I fulfilled each request – harder, deeper, faster. I couldn’t get enough of my little sister, now a woman. The sweat from my chest dripped onto her breasts and trickled down in between them, making its way down to her pussy. I very suddenly slowed down, almost stopping entirely. Ashley looked confused and desperate, her breathing ragged. I moved my hand to her clit and slowly applied pressure, simultaneously beginning to stroke again at the same pace as the circles I was making around her clit.

Ashley’s moans started out slow and low, but as I picked up speed both with her clit and my thrusts, she neared orgasm and eventually screamed into a climax. I continued doing what I was doing as she writhed beneath me, feeling that I too was close to cumming. My thrusts at that point became sporadic and needy, taking in as much of Ashley’s cunt as possible. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her, and she grinned and grabbed my ass, encouraging me to stay inside and fill her with my seed. I did and felt myself tightening, eventually yelling “FUCK!” as I emptied myself into my little sister.

I collapsed on top of her, sweating and trying to catch my breath, elated at what just happened. My cock went soft inside of her but she stayed connected to me, wrapping her legs around my body and petting my head. I kissed her neck softly as we cooled off and whispered, “I love you little sister.” I felt her smile and we soon went to sleep.

The next day when our parents returned from their trip my dad made sure to interrogate me right away. “Did you spend some quality time with your sister like I asked you to, Mark?”

“Yes sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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