Quiet in the Library

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I’m really kind new at this stuff so don’t expect much. This is my very first story and my first submission here. I really hope it doesn’t suck. I’d really love to know what anyone thinks so please go ahead and email me anytime. I would especially love to know what the girlies think. Happy ready! I hope.

* * * * *

I don’t even know how long I’ve been sitting here like this. I should’ve been checking over the test I just wrote but my mind wandered back to the last time we chatted. I mean flirting was one thing but we just kept talking naughtier and naughtier. She was really driving me crazy and I was kind of afraid to admit it to her, afraid she might be creeped out that it was affecting me in way more than a playful way. So who knows how long I’ve been sitting here supposedly looking over my test with my eyes closed and I’m rocking slightly back and forth in the chair. It’s a good thing I sat in one of the study cubicles instead of one of the regular tables.

The library gets super busy when midterms are coming so everybody comes in here when they have study hall. And here I am and I just know that with all my rocking, my kilt has ridden up over my bum. Damn, did I have to start thinking about this now? At school of all places? Ugh! But I just feel too yummy now. I still remember all the naughty stuff we talked about. I can feel my nipples getting hard, tightening and wrinkling and pressing out against the cotton of my bra. That’s the only problem with my nipples sometimes. They’re just way hypersensitive. I feel them getting harder and swelling more and more escort and it sends tingling jolts down between my legs. I have a feeling I’m gonna be giving in. Just the thought of her tongue gliding across my neck, leaving a wet trail up behind my ear. The tingling in my nipples is zipping straight down into my vagina. I’m not rocking anymore. I can feel the heat flush into my cheeks as I guiltily look around me.

I’m in the friggin library! Geez! But I reach between the buttons of my shirt and my fingers dip into the top of my bra, brushing slowly across my left nipple. Oh God that felt good. My nipples swell and strain out even more, aching to be touched, aching to be sucked. God. I let my first two fingers slide across my nipple and gently close against it, squeezing softly and pulling the hard swollen tip. Another heavy jolt rushes down my spine and between my legs, sending the goosebumps down my thighs. I can feel myself getting wet down there. I lean back against the chair and look around me again, even though I know the little privacy walls of the cubicle desk have me hidden and the desk is backed into the corner. I’m as alone as I’m gonna get. Just the thought of shoving her against the wall and holding her there.

She’s way way taller than me but I want her badly. I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to push me away. And the look on her face, her mouth falling open without a sound as my hand slips under the waistband of her undies. My own undies are getting wet now. The heat is pulsing between my legs as I open them slowly under the desk. Is it all the naughty thoughts bursa eve gelen escort that are turning me on? Or is it also the idea of knowing I’m about to masturbate in my school library? Okay it’s probably both. And I don’t care right now. My nipples are so hard they almost hurt. God this is super kinky. I’m actually gonna masturbate like right here. Gawd!

I lift the front of my kilt above my waist and look down. Ugh! I shouldn’t have worn my grey cotton thong today. The wetness between my legs is growing, leaving an obvious darker spot on my undies that continues to grow. I discovered a long time ago that when I got horny I would get really really wet. Not just like normal girls. I mean really really messy wet. And then I see her mouth again, fallen open and a helpless gasp escapes as my fingertips glide down through the soft hairs between her legs. My vagina is throbbing now and I can feel the wetness pulsing out of me. I curl my left fingers into the side of my undies and pull the wet cotton to the side. The air of the library kisses the wetness between my legs and I shiver all over.

God I feel so yummy. I am so wet. I really can’t hold out anymore. I know I’m at school. I know I’m in uniform. But my vagina is just aching. My clitoris is tingling like crazy. I reach down with my right hand and press my middle finger between the soft lips of my vagina. Oh God yes. I bite down on my bottom lip to keep from moaning out loud. God that feels so good. Slowly my finger slides up and down between the wet swollen görükle escort lips, moving up just below my clit only to glide teasingly back down. My finger moves lower and gently slides up into the soft heat of my throbbing vagina. I feel the wetness bubbling out over my finger as it glides in and out, making soft squishy sounds as the wetness pulses out of me. I swear I could do this forever. Sitting in the library, leaned back in my chair, my kilt rolled up around my waist, my right hand down between my legs, my middle finger pushing in and out of my smooth wet vagina.

I feel a naughty smile creep across my lips and I slowly pull my finger out of me. I hold my hand up in front of me and gaze at how incredibly wet I am. My finger is coated completely with my own sticky lust. I spread my fingers apart and a long string of wetness stretches across my first two fingers. God I am so friggin wet. Geez! The smile grows wider and I slip my fingers into my mouth, sucking them, gliding my tongue over them, tasting my own desire. All it does is cause another throb of wetness to pulse out of my boiling vagina. Oh God I need to come so badly. I bring my hand back down between my legs and press my middle finger against my tingling clitoris. I hadn’t braced myself and a soft whimper squeaks from my throat. My finger starts to move in slow wet circles and the squishing sounds of my finger only make me throb harder.

I press my finger harder against my aching clit, rubbing faster in circles. Faster and faster. Under the desk my legs are opening more and more by themselves. The muscles in my thighs are tightening. Oh God yes. I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come really hard. My finger moves faster and faster in squishy circles against my screaming clit and the wetness pumps heavily from my burning vagina. Oh God I’m gonna come so hard. Oh I’m coming. Oh God yes. I’m coming…

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