Race Play Ch. 19

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My name is Jolene Brown. I’m a six-foot-tall, good-looking, blonde-haired and green-eyed white woman living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I’m a student at Buffalo State College, majoring in sociology. I basically want to understand people and why they do what they do. I also like to dominate people. Especially Black women. These sexy ladies from the inner city need some discipline. This is my story of getting by in the big city.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by black women. Make that strong black women. Sexy black women have always haunted this white lesbian’s dreams. I had pictures of Black female celebrities like Alicia Keys, Vivica Fox, Gabrielle Union, Pam Grier and Serena Williams in my room growing up. What can I say? I simply love black women. Unfortunately, most of those I approached didn’t like me. I’m a nerdy white chick from the suburbs. I’ve caught flack from friends and family for being a lesbian. I also caught flack from them because I like black women. I didn’t care. I like who I like. The world can kiss my pasty white ass. I’m an openly gay white woman who worships black chicks. Got it? Cool.

The first black woman I dated was Elisabeth Jones, a gorgeous lady I met while shopping at the Galleria Mall. This tall, sexy black woman simply took my breath away. She’s a professor of business at the local community college. Her husband Joel is a policeman. They have two daughters and two sons together. I was fascinated by her. Fortunately, Elisabeth was bisexual and she kind of liked sexually adventurous white chicks like myself. We embarked on a torrid, secretive romance.

Elisabeth Jones was the first person I ever had sex with. She was güngören escort also the first person who broke my heart. I was completely submissive to her throughout our relationship. You see, Elisabeth was really into BDSM. And this gorgeous black woman taught me the art of submission. I loved her. Yet she dumped me without warning. My calls to her were never returned. In the end, she took a restraining order against me. Isn’t that great? Ever since that day, I permanently switched from sexually submissive femme to totally domineering butch woman.

Right now, I’m having a lot of fun with my good friend Nina Hawthorne. A graduate of Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University who’s newly enrolled in Buffalo State College’s graduate school. She’s a tall, curvy and really beautiful young Black woman who’s led a sheltered life throughout her existence. Her father’s a millionaire. She’s spoiled rotten as a result. She’s addicted to extreme experiences. So I asked her to try the ultimate social and sexual experiment. For thirty days, she will play the role of the sexually submissive Black female slave while I play the role of the dominant White mistress.

I’m having a lot of fun dominating Nina Hawthorne. So far, she hasn’t said no to anything I asked her to do. I made her clean my clothes, do my floors and also cook my food. I love having a sexy black female slave who does everything I say. And I refuse to feel any guilt about it. It was Nina’s idea to try this. I’m just playing along. A real white mistress wouldn’t feel guilt about bossing around her black female slave. Not in those days. To play the part, I had to toughen up mentally.

Nina was simply wonderful. eskort şişli She did everything that she was told. She also seemed to like it when I berated her. Not only that but she seemed to really like it when I punished her for doing something wrong. I love to bend Nina over my knee and I spank her big black ass with the back of my hand. Other times I use a hair brush to really punish her ass. She yelps as I punish her and seems to really like it. I love to punish Nina’s sexy ass. It’s so big and round, like that of most black women. I wish I had a nice ass like that.

I love to humiliate and dominate Nina, and she loves it when I take complete control of her. I put a collar around her neck and walk her around the house. Sometimes, I sit down and order her to lick my feet. I love it when she kneels before me like an obedient slave and asks timidly to lick my pussy. I then smack her face hard and then order her to lick my pussy. Obediently, she starts lapping away at my pussy. Nina is such a wonderful submissive. And her skills at oral sex are second to none. With her magic tongue and agile fingers, she knows how to make this butch woman’s toes curl.

Yeah, I was having a lot of fun playing the role of the dominant white mistress who has sexual relations with her black female slave. Nina is a natural when it came to submission. I’ve discovered a lot of things about her since we began this little game. She’s not terribly smart, though she’s good at wasting her parents hard-earned money. She also craves new sensations. And last but not least, she’s obedient. How is she obedient? She responds to authority because she’s got an innate desire to please authority figures. esenler escort I understood this about her and made it work to my advantage.

Nina likes to get fucked roughly and I’m totally cool with that. That’s why I bought a big strap-on dildo and fucked her with it very often. I love to put her on all fours and spank her big black ass until it’s blue. Then I put on my strap-on dildo and push it inside of her pussy. Nina loves it when I cram the dildo into her pussy. And I love plowing it inside of her. Not as much as I enjoy fucking her in the ass, though. I press the dildo against her asshole and push it inside. With a swift thrust, I sink it deep into her asshole. Nina is definitely no virgin when it comes to anal sex. She’s had a lot of cocks, dildos and fingers up there. But she’s never had anything quite like my ten-inch dildo. With it, I make Nina squeal. I plunge my dildo so far up her ass, I’m almost surprised it didn’t come out of her mouth. I pound her ass mercilessly and have my way with her. She loves to submit and I love to dominate. Works for both of us.

After this memorable experiment, Nina and I grew closer together. The experiment was a success. We both laugh about it every now and then. It was fun but had to end someday. At least that’s what I thought. One day, Nina told me that submitting to me has changed her. She no longer wants to be a graduate student. She doesn’t want to go into the professional world. She wants to be my slave. For real. I was stunned, but not enough to look a gift horse on the mouth. I kissed Nina passionately, then put my collar around her neck. She’s now mine forever. We’ve left Buffalo and now live in Massachusetts. The year is 2009 and I’m a white woman who lives in suburbia with her very willing and very happy black female slave. She walked away from a life of privilege because serving me is what makes her happy in this life. And I’m glad she’s mine. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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