Rachel Is The Cum Show

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This is another adventure of Rachel, the slutty star of two of my previous stories “A Rich Slut In Hooker Alley” and “Rachel Becomes A Cum Dump”.


Briefly, Rachel is a rich, spoilt slut who is addicted to sex, as filthy and dirty and nasty as she can get. To that end she acted as a prostitute and starred in a hardcore sex film. The last we saw of her was being left stark naked in the heart of the night in a ghetto and a gang of youths advancing on her. Now over a month later no one has seen or heard of her since…..

Carl Derham sat in the drivers seat of his bashed up Chevy and watched his partner in their private detective agency, Lenny shuffle uncomfortably in the queue. It was a cold January evening and in a lot of ways Carl was glad to be the one in the car, with the nice warm heater and the radio to listen to while he waited. Still if what he heard was going on inside that club was correct there was a large part of him (mostly located below his belt!) that would have been quite happy to wait in the cold to see.

They had been approached just over a month ago by Mr and Mrs Stevens to locate and hopefully return their wayward daughter Rachel to them and the family home. They were the perfect clients, rich and discreet, they paid upfront and didn’t worry about the expense claims, the job was just to find their darling daughter. It had been an interesting, not to say eye raising journey of discovery and now he anticipated that tonight would see them hit pay dirt. From her notes and diary they had found out all about her little adventure as a prostitute down in the seedy industrial area of town and about her ventures into the hardcore porn movie world. The information ran dry at that point and it took them a few days to trail her to Cheryl’s video outfit. That led in turn to the alleyway Cheryl had last seen Rachel in (the exact nature of her arrival there shrouded in secrecy, Mr Stevens not having furnished the detective with the crude video he had received and been disgusted by featuring his daughter in the post). But they had located a copy of a video and seen the eye opener for themselves. Rachel had phoned home once, telling her mother not to search for her and that she was happy where she was and doing what she was. But what was that?

Lenny shuffled his cold feet in the queue and wished it would hurry up so they could get inside the club and find some warmth and a good whiskey. There were two very good reasons why it was Lenny that was going in the club to see if this ramshackle, rundown exterior held the end to their search and the pretty young woman they were searching for. For one thing, Carl’s face wouldn’t fit in around here, he was Caucasian and they tended to stick out like a sore thumb in this neighbourhood. Lenny was black and he and Carl were friends for over ten years since they started their agency, they were the perfect mix of age (Carl was older, Lenny younger) and race to allow them to get into almost anywhere in the city. So this one was for Lenny, even waiting in the car like this was risk for Carl of being spotted as being out of place, but he wasn’t too concerned not with the high powered pistol hidden in his driver side door. It was a dangerous part of town to be out at midnight in. The other reason that it was Lenny that is entering the club is his escort for the night, Jamelia. She is the girl that had finally swore that she recognised Rachel for the pictures Carl and Lenny had been showing around the district. She was a bright girl trying to better herself at college but that still meant she had to toil long and hard in three various part time jobs, one of those had been at a club, but it had been so sleazy and seedy that she hadn’t lasted long but she still recognised the pretty white girl in the picture and was more than happy to help the good looking detective locate her, especially as he bought her a few drinks and a meal in a restaurant earlier that night.

In the queue, Lenny was impatient. Jam (as she insisted on being called) had warned him that there was usually a long wait for entry and that only so many people (mostly men, not many women went to this club) got in, but as he stamped his feet to keep warm and wrapped his arms around her back he sure wished he was back in the car with Carl and that damned car heater! Then, suddenly a commotion at the front of the queue kicked off and all at once they shot forward and the throng of people surged into the club. As they entered, Lenny was assailed by a wall of noise and lights and warmth with a potent aroma of sweat, perfume and more. Carl watched his partner disappear inside and wished him a silent ‘good luck’.

Inside, the place was already packed, Lenny fought his way through a throng to get to a bar and bought drinks for himself and Jam, as he handed her the glass she smiled and signalled for him to follow her to an alcove where they could at least hear what the other was saying over the pounding music in the club.

“Listen Lenny, you go down that way and into the gaziantep escort ilanları ‘show’ room, you’ll find her in there. I don’t like it down there so I’m gonna stay up here and speak to some of the girls at the bar, there’s a few on that I used to get on with.”

“Wait, how’ll I know it’s her?”

It was a dumb question. He realised it as soon as he asked it. Jam gave him a look and pointed around the packed club.

“She’s a small, attractive, white girl. You don’t tend to get many of them in this club, plus if she’s doing what she was when I worked here it’ll be pretty obvious, there’s a stage down there just keep your eyes on it.”

At that she took the drink and turned back to the packed area in front of the bar and he took his and moved towards where she had been pointing. It was heaving with even more humanity, if that was possible. The big difference was that everybody down here was male, Lenny carefully scanned what must have been around two hundred men and could not make out any women (nor any Caucasians) they nearly all were straining their heads and necks to see a raised platform area much like a models catwalk that came three quarters of the way across the club floor. Fortunately at six foot five, Lenny had a perfect view and just as he settled his alert eyes on the catwalk and took a swig of his bottle of beer the lights and music totally went down and two spotlights concentrated on the curtained entrance at the start of it. It seemed like the whole audience held its breath and while you could still hear the repetitive, pulsing beat of music from the next room everyone was captivated.

There was a swift announcement from an unseen voice.

“And now what you’ve all been waiting for it’s show time! I remind you that any recording equipment is strictly forbidden and to maximise everyone’s enjoyment you should keep quiet throughout the show, if you choose to ignore these instructions then you will be ejected from the premises.”

Lenny spied a few bouncers around the edges of the crowd and thought they looked pretty tough, the crowd fell silent and nearly everyone there knew what was going to happen and could hardly wait. Lenny took it all in and found he was expectant and then a figure stepped through the curtains.

He immediately recognised her as Rachel Stevens, the young woman that he and his partner had been searching for the past few weeks. Inwardly he gave a sigh of relief, this would be a happy ending, a case where they could tell her worried parents that she was alive and well and where to find her, and those were always preferable to the alternatives. He had given too many bad news stories or no news stories to not be pleased that this would not be one of them. Rachel looked exactly as she had in the countless photographs and the porn movie, that is to say totally fucking stunning. Her light brown hair dropped to her shoulders and framed her angelic face. Really, Lenny had never before seen such a beautiful face, her green eyes, her button nose and her pouted lips were just too perfect to believe. Her amazing figure was hidden behind a dress that at first confused Lenny. It resembled a wedding dress, it was bright white, lacy and the kind of thing you would imagine on a delicate lady from over a century ago. She had on a similarly white, lacy bonnet and held a white parasol. It was a baffling outfit that showed minimal skin and in no way accentuated her natural beauty.

She slowly made her way down the catwalk, ignorant of the audience that stood silently below her watching her every step. As she grew closer to Lenny he could see that her eyes were bright and shining with a fervent excitement. She reached the far end of the catwalk and turned to go back when the curtain burst to life again and five figures burst forth at tremendous speed. Lenny was taken aback but about the only other person who seemed surprised by their entrance was Rachel herself (and he guessed, correctly, that she was just acting the part).

They were all big, strong, black, young men. All were dressed similar in unbuttoned, loose shirts and cut off jeans. They hurried down the length of the catwalk and surrounded the shrieking Rachel. In the ominous silence of a room packed with randy, inebriated men Rachel’s high voice pierced like a knife into Lenny’s head but it quickly stopped as her mouth was covered by a huge hand. Then in a matter of seconds that pretty elegant white frock was totally ripped apart and torn from her nubile body, leaving her standing up there in just white bra and panties and stockings. Lenny was embarrassed to feel a stirring in his groin, how could he be getting turned on by this sick spectacle?

She stood out so much against the dark background and the dark men surrounding her in her pristine white underwear and her creamy, silky skin. That underwear did not last long as the men were like hungry wolves around a sheep as they pawed her, groped her. Called her every name under the sun and pulled her literally out of her remaining clothes until she was left stark naked on her knees at the centre of her five attackers. As they jostled and pushed up against her they easily lost their own meagre clothing and in an instant everyone on the catwalk was as naked as the day they were born.

They were each sporting matching, stiffening ebony dicks and were not slow in rubbing their appendages all over Rachel’s face as she squirmed in apparent disgust. As they continued to do this a big screen was unveiled on the far wall and it showed a close up of the girl’s face being smothered in the cocks.

“Open up bitch!” barked one of the men, taking control, “I’m gonna show you what a real man is all about!”

Rachel’s mouth fell obediently open and within seconds it was completely engulfing a huge black dick. It was an amazing sight, really. Rachel’s mouth had at least seven inches of man meat deep inside it that she had absolutely no control over. The guy was roughly face fucking her at his own pace and strength. He had both his big hands on the back of her head and was pumping her face at an unimaginable pace. The other four goaded her as she was face fucked and slapped their sausage-like dicks on her forehead and cheeks. That continued for a few minutes, all captured in glorious close up on the big screen . Then one of the other guys virtually wrenched Rachel’s mouth off his buddy’s cock and impaled her on his own as streams of slobber and saliva fell down her chin and onto her pert breasts.

This guy was much more deliberate and slow in his thrusts but made sure that the full length of his dick disappeared inside her mouth and then held it there until Rachel gagged and coughed and he finally slid it out, after a few strokes like that she puked up on the guys cock and he just smiled and rammed his dick back down her throat. Lenny strained to see the action to try and determine what Rachel’s reaction to this ‘attack’ was, he was sure this was all the ‘show’ but it sure as hell looked like the pretty white girl was being gang raped up on the stage. It had to be an act, looking around at all the other men avidly watching the stage and the big screens they sure all had different reactions, some openly stroking their trousers, other speaking under their breath, encouraging the men on stage to do more things to her.

They needed no encouragement, they obviously knew exactly what to do with a slut like Rachel. So, in very quick succession, the other three men got to insert their cocks hard and deep into Rachel’s fully stretched little mouth. What a sight it was for Lenny, as Rachel knelt in the centre of this circle of big, black men and they shuffled around to take their place to fuck her mouth and while they waited their next turn they occupied themselves with slapping their sloppy dicks on her face, groping her tits and ass and even wrapping her luxuriously silky hair around their dicks and jerking off with it. By this point Rachel was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up her act of innocent ‘victim’ in all of this, her mouth worked just too eagerly on the lengths of man flesh before her and her eyes (when they were visible on the big screen) gave away her avaricious desire to being treated like this.

With no warning Rachel was hauled to her feet by her hair while one of the guys settled himself on his back and made sure his dick was nice and stiff. Which was exactly the state of Lenny’s cock in his trousers as he watched Rachel forced to lower herself onto the appendage and it easily sliding up into her arsehole. Once she was sat atop his dick another of the guys pulled her legs wide apart and got in so that his cock was sliding in and out of her hairless pussy. So she was up there being fiercely double penetrated but this exhibition was by no means complete. Firstly, another guy got up so that his dick bobbed by Rachel’s mouth and slapped her face a few times before plunging his cock once more into Rachel’s mouth. The other two men stood at each side of her and guided her free arms up to their dicks so that she could masturbate them as she was plugged in her three fuck holes.

“Holy shit!” whispered Lenny as he watched the small white girl totally swamped by the heaving, sweaty, sea of black, muscular skin.

They fucked her like that for near on twenty minutes with each man getting a shot at her holes but amazingly none of the men seemed to have cum inside or on her. That would change real quick.

It was almost graceful the way all six figures smoothly disentangled themselves and repositioned themselves, again with Rachel kneeling submissively as the males surrounded her, this time manipulating their own dicks, readying them for an explosion. It wasn’t quite in perfect synchronisation but it was damn close as they all seemed to spasm and explode in a dramatic minute. The target was Rachel’s face and they did not miss it, the camera captured in close up how it was swiftly obliterated with white and sticky cum. Her eyes, her nose, her mouth were splattered and she just knelt there and took it, allowing each of the men to wipe their spent dicks in her hair when finished.

They stood back when they were done spraying Rachel with their seed and one of them looked towards the curtain and let out a ear piercing whistle. All eyes turned towards the curtain and through it came an ebony goddess, clad in only a silver chain mail bikini and briefs, on huge heels and leading a rotweiler dog on a leash before her. The dog was noticeable for the lamp shade like scratching collar it had around it’s neck to prevent it scratching its ear.

The woman and dog made their way up to the group of men and she pushed them easily aside and sneered down at the pathetic looking, cum bedraggled young woman – the room seemed to hold it’s collective breath for what could happen next.

What did happen was that the woman held Rachel’s cum covered chin in her hand and spat on it dismissively. She then took the collar and leash off the beast and wrapped it around Rachel’s neck, giving it a sharp tug once on to show Rachel was well attached. Then the woman took off the flea collar and attached it around Rachel’s neck as well, much to the puzzlement of Lenny. Just what the fuck was going on?

With an unheard command from the Dominatrix type woman Rachel dropped obediently onto her hands and knees and allowed herself to be paraded up and down the catwalk again as the five men disappeared with the dog. Rachel looked quite the sight what with being covered in semen and wearing the big fan like device, like a lions mane around her neck. The tall woman stood at the end of the catwalk, surveying the mass of men below her in the darkness like an African Queen addressing her loyal tribesmen, her puppy dog at her feet. She spoke in a dominant, loud voice that echoed throughout the room.

“I will now take this bitch to the portal next door, you will for an orderly line at the door. Do not hurry, you will all get your chance!”

Perhaps the most amazing thing to Lenny that bizarre night was that all the throng in the room did just as they were told (had he seen the brutal treatment given to anyone who was rowdy by the bouncers on previous nights, he may have understood), they filed towards a door at the far side of the room and began queuing up all the while still watching the woman lead Rachel out along the catwalk and through the curtains to the back.

Lenny wanted to ask what was happening but couldn’t find his voice and worried about looking like a newcomer by asking so he just joined the queue and finished off what was left of his flat beer as he waited. He was near the end of the queue so when he finally did get through the door what he found took him aback.

In the centre of the room, seemingly sitting in a hole in the ground was Rachel Steven’s head. The plastic collar around her neck was at knee height and pointing up wards so the rest of her body must be below the floor. That was the first shock, the next was that around her head and the collar stood three men furiously jerking off over her head, they had been in the audience and it was apparent that they were not the first to have done this with Rachel The collar was floating in cum, almost up to Rachel’s lower lip, her face was completely coated in semen. Her hair was just a gelatinous mess and her eyes were almost glued shut. Cum dripped from and into her ears and she was just soaking in the stuff. Though he didn’t know it the images were being replayed back out to the first room where the audience members having splashed their cum were buying a drink and enjoying the end of the show.

As he watched the three men over Rachel cum and spray her in more cum he jumped as a hand grabbed at him from his left. He turned to face the big dominatrix.

“That’s thirty dollars mister, come on better get your pecker ready there’s still more after you.”

Automatically he obeyed her and fished out his wallet and handed over the cash and seconds later Lenny found himself jerking off just inches from the cum covered face of the beautiful young woman he had been hired to find. Well he had found her now and he was just seconds away from splashing her in his sperm!

There wasn’t time for Lenny to really think about what he was doing. His dick was hard and it had been all throughout the performance. He gripped it and found it was slippery and slimy with his pre-cum. A guy came up beside him on his right and was obviously a regular at this as he was almost ready to cum immediately and as Lenny jerked off the guy sprayed a watery shower of cum flying over Rachel’s face and it dripped from her and into the thick pool of collective cum that surrounded her lower face. It was too much for Lenny, seeing her like that close up and he felt himself tense up. He knew that there was no way that Rachel could see him, what with her face being thickly coated in the sperm of at least 150 men, but still he had the uncanny feeling that she knew who he was and why he was there and just as he reached the final strokes of his proud dick and prepared to fire his load, she opened her mouth and licked her cum coated lips as if in anticipation.

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