Raging Thunder, Beating Hearts

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As I drove down the road I couldn’t stop thinking about how we had met, I knew we we’re anything but typical.

She was a big shot business executive from the high rises in Dallas, and I was a small town farm girl with distant dreams and aspirations of being a famous author.

I knew you didn’t have to look very closely at me to know I’d tasted the painful side of living.

I knew what it was like to have to reach further then most for the love and acceptance we all seek in our lives.

I couldn’t be a more sexual creature, constantly exploring who I am, and what I like and all the possibilities that enhance my sexual being.

I had lost an arm 5 years earlier and had went through the struggles and emotional ups and downs that are most certain to come into play with such a loss, but I learned life still goes on, and acceptance would maybe be a bit more challenging, but still there, when surrounded by the right kind of people.

Megan was one of those people who fit perfectly into my life and my world as I saw it and lived it.

Far too often things like amputation or wheelchairs make a person lose a part of their identity.

Society is uncomfortable, unable to accept people with special challenges because they look different and maybe tend to make people fear their own mortality.

No one can say what tragic events could bring about the loss of a limb, or the loss of the ability to walk.

We base our judgments of people on what is normal by society’s standards, forgetting sometimes that none of us are superheroes, invincible, indestructible. Life can change us in an instant, in the blink of an eye, and what was normal yesterday suddenly becomes a thing of the past.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing woman who now shared my world.

Every touch she offered clearly spoke acceptance on all levels, every look offered me nothing less then her total surrender of mind and soul and body.

To her, I could tell it wouldn’t have mattered at all if I had lost both my arms, what she saw in me went far deeper then flesh and blood, and that was the beauty in our need to meet.

I had picked her up at the train station a couple hours earlier.

We had been enjoying some great conversation as we drove the 90 mile trip back to my place, still another 30 miles up the road.

Conversation was so easy for us considering we had only known each other for several weeks.

We spoke on a level you do with intimate friends you’ve known for years.

It was so amazing and yet undeniably real.

We talked about deep things, and lighthearted things. We joked about my driving and how I used my stump to drive when I needed my free hand. Life without my left hand was different but life still went on, and was beautiful.

We talked about so much and I knew to anyone watching and listening, we would have seemed like life long friends.

Every moment I was spending with her became a treasure and I tried to push away the thoughts of having to say good-bye on Sunday.

I felt happy in that moment and wanted to make it last as long as I could, therefore, the sadness of having to say good-bye would have to wait, this moment was ours, ours to live, and ours to treasure.

It had been raining for most of the day, and made driving a bit tedious.

It had been an hour since the sun had left the moon to do her bidding.

Lightening lit up the darkness as it danced its way across the evening sky, illuminating everything before surrendering again to the darkness.

As I drove, watching the show, my mind raced back to the moment we first embraced and looked into each others eyes, our hearts pounding like thunder. The warmth of our embrace felt like the warmth of this fresh rain embracing the earth, refreshing and cleansing.

As I drove, she sat quiet for a few minutes and I wondered of the thoughts that were consuming her.

We both had little understanding as to how two people from two separate worlds could find each other via the internet, and connect in a way that seemed to overturn logic.

I görükle escort bayan spent my life searching for the kind of eyes that would search for mine and the soul behind my transparent windows.

I sat nearly in a trance as I recalled that moment when I felt her eyes searching for me, the woman she couldn’t believe really existed, that moment had been so intense, when in her searching, she discovered the truth behind mere words on a computer screen.

We stood there in the train depot, breathless. Unable to move as we looked past the eyes, into each others souls, and longed for the depth that we knew we still had yet to discover.

At times my speed wasn’t even 45 miles per hour because the rain pouring down had made for some poor visibility, so we had spent a great deal more time on the road than we should have.

It was so warm out that the broken air conditioning in my old beat up truck was really noticeable, especially since the rain made it impossible to roll the windows down.

The truck started acting funny, running a bit rough. I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t make it back to my place about the time the truck started chugging like it was running out of gas.

I pulled off the highway and turned the engine off. I looked at Megan and said I was sorry. She smiled back at me as I searched for signs of aggravation, but found none.

Her ability to take life’s aggravations and stroll around them was very charming and helped me feel calmer then I had felt for years.

I’d already known the kind of women that would have refused to get in my old truck in the first place, and would have made me very sorry I let them in had it broken down.

Megan, however, seemed content with the idea she was there with me. It didn’t matter if it was or wasn’t all going according to plan.

We were together, content, peaceful and happy, so let the rain pour down, let the old truck break down, let life do what she seemed so good at doing, taking my perfection and replacing it with things that never make sense at the time, but always end up revealing their truth before it’s all said and done.

With the rain coming down so hard I wasn’t sure if we should stay put or try to walk ahead to find a town and maybe some help.

Megan had come from Dallas, Texas by train and this was our first time meeting after several weeks of unbelievably intense internet chat.

At this point, I had wanted nothing more then to get her to my place and snuggled into my bed.

Now this break down was once again wrecking my perfectly planned evening.

We decided to start walking since the rain had let up some and it was so hot in the vehicle. It might even be refreshing to walk in the rain and let it cool us down a bit.

It was a warm rain and felt good as we walked along the highway. Cars flew past us like we were there undetected.

We had walked along the road about a mile or so, holding hands, totally entertained by the fact we were broken down on the highway, miles from anywhere, walking in a thunderstorm to get some help when it started to downpour really hard again.

We headed toward the trees where we thought we could get some shelter until the rain let up again, as it was becoming very clear either we could not be seen in the storm by passing cars, or they just didn’t care to pick up a couple of drowned rats.

We made our way to this big tree with thick branches. It provided us with enough coverage to enjoy being there, for we were still very warm from the walk and the heat of the night.

I stood there looking at her, still searching for signs of irritation, still seeing none. She was thoroughly enjoying this unsuspecting glitch in my plans to get her quickly into my home, undressed and in between my sheets.

I gently pinned her back against the tree and pulled her face towards mine to kiss her lips.

The lightening lit her face up in the darkness enough to even see her gorgeous green eyes looking through me, piercing my heart like cupids arrow, unbending, unwavering.

Oh god, I loved how altıparmak eskort she could look right through me and see past anything and everything. It was the same way I looked at her, and it felt so good to have somebody understand that kind of intensity when it came to time to surrender hearts and wills and bodies.

I reached in and licked a raindrop from her top lip, and slid my tongue seductively across the length of her lip.

I could feel her trying to catch her breath as I reached in and sucked her top lip into my mouth, released it and grabbed her bottom lip, our lips dancing to the song of our deepest inner passion.

I could hardly breathe with every lightening bolt as it revealed the hunger in her eyes, to be the center of someone’s universe. My universe.

I wanted her to feel the power in knowing she was all that mattered in that moment in time, and it was clear to see, it was exactly what she was feeling.

I pulled back away from her to just look at her. The rain dripping down from her hair, running down her cheeks, her nipples erect through her cotton tank top.

God she was beautiful and everything about the way I looked at her made her understand and know it was how I felt.

As I pressed my body in against hers I trailed my fingers down her wet cheek, softened by the warm spring rain.

With every flash of lightening I could feel her heartbeat quicken. I could tell it had been far too long since she had been the object of someone’s deep affections.

I pushed her hair back behind her ear as my fingertips caressed her face, sliding them through her hair, trailing them back behind her ears.

I moved in to kiss her again letting my tongue slide in between her parted lips, teasing hers, chasing hers, then wrapping my lips around hers I kissed her freely, pushing deeper and deeper into her, not allowing her to escape my need to devour her like a savage beast lay under the surface of my being.

Her head pinned against the tree, she could not escape the hunger. I kissed her harder and deeper until I felt her body collapse giving in and allowing me to have all of her, surrendering and willing to give whatever I asked of her.

Her lips now were moving with mine, giving, submitting to the desire that was calling to her, her lips now seeking, exploring, begging to be taken.

I lifted her arm, and intertwined our fingers and pinned her arm against the tree. I felt her gasp as she took in a breath and let out a quiet moan.

She wanted me and what I had to offer, and it felt so wonderful to please this beautiful woman who had been starving for a passion so intense. It consumed her like a wildfire running loose in a forest, engulfing everything in its path.

I pulled her top up over her head and tossed it to the ground beside her feet. I reached around undoing her bra and letting it fall to the ground as well.

I reached for the belt that hung loosely in the loops of my spring jacket and quickly tied one end around her wrist.

I could see the look of surprise in her eyes as I firmly rolled her to face the trunk of the tree, pressing myself into her ass as I reached around the front of her and undid her slacks.

I could see her hesitate for a moment as I slid them down to her ankles along with her thong.

As I moved my way back up, I slowly trailed my fingers over her skin, up her legs, over her outer thighs and across the cheeks of her exposed ass, shiny from the drops of rain as it trickled down her pale flesh.

The storm seemed to be in sync with our passion as it continued to build up momentum as our bodies seemed to blend, becoming one with this storm.

I pushed down on her shoulder wanting her to drop to her knees. There was no resistance or hesitation as her knees came down on top of her pile of clothes.

I lifted the tied wrist to one side of the tree and looped the belt around the back side of the trunk as I lifted her other arm to the other side of the tree and quickly tied her other wrist to the other end of my belt.

There nilüfer escort wasn’t much slack left, so she was firmly hugging the trunk of the tree, the left side of her face pressed up against the bark.

I moved around to face her so she could see me, so I could see her too, and see how much she wanted me, then grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her head back as I kissed her aggressively on the lips.

She looked nervous, but excited, and I could feel her trust in me. I knew her well enough to know she wanted this, she wanted me to take her, to make her give up control and allow herself to surrender to my need to please this ache inside her.

I moved back behind her body, now shaking with anticipation and started running my fingers over her naked body, trailing them across her back and thighs and back up to her neck again, caressing her muscles, feeling them relax with every motion of my hand.

I reached around her and grabbed her hands, forcing them to slide down the trunk of the tree, until her elbows rested on the ground.

There was no where for her to go, she was mine, and my only thought was the pleasure she was feeling from giving herself to me and surrendering her body to whatever I desired.

She was moaning now losing control as I slapped her ass firmly and teased the entrance to her ass with my fingers.

Her body began pushing into me, wanting me, searching for the pleasure she knew I could offer.

I got down on my knees behind her and licked her ass, dancing my tongue around her tight hole.

I reached up with my fingers and teased her some more, her breathing now becoming irregular, her ass still searching for me to enter her, I gently pushed a finger just inside her ass and wiggled it, then thrust it in as far as I could reach.

She gasped and pushed against me wanting more. I thrust my finger in and out of her a few more times before pulling completely out.

The only words escaping her lips were “please baby take me, I need to feel you inside me.”

I reached down and touched her clit with my stump, rubbing it back and forth over her wet pussy. I moved the tip into her hole just enough to have the end disappear behind her pussy lips.

As I continued to massage her clit with the end of my stump, I pressed it into her ever so slowly.

I wasn’t very large framed but I knew she was taking in more then anything she’d taken before and I knew I had to be very careful or ruin the experience for us both.

So I eased my way inside, she was enjoying the feeling of me being inside her, pushing against me, inviting me in further and further,

I pumped my arm very slowly, flexing my muscles and reached down with my other hand to touch her clit. rolling it gently between her lips with my fingers.

As her body rocked pushing against me, taking me in, deeper and deeper, she began to moan very loudly, begging for me to let her cum.

She rocked back and forth as I massaged her clit until she was trembling with orgasmic pleasure. I could feel her grab hold of me, not wanting the moment to end as she came with the intensity of the thunder that cracked around, still keeping time with our passionate dance.

It felt powerful to be completely surrendered and accepted in a way where, in that momen,t we felt as one. One with each other. One with this incredible thunderstorm that climaxed around us.

We had reached a place inside of us that had allowed us to open our hearts wide to each other.

As I slowly pulled my stump out of her, I felt such satisfaction in what had just taken place. She wanted me to take her, I did in a way I had never taken any girl before. It was beautiful and arousing and completely gratifying.

I untied a wrist and pulled her arms down and gently turned her over. We looked at each other for a long moment before I pressed my lips into hers for a tender kiss.

We both were breathless in that moment and sat embracing each other until we felt would could stand.

I helped her find her clothes and we fumbled in the dark to get them back on her. I stood up and reached my hand down to pull her to her feet. We smiled at each other as we walked back to the highway, still breathless.

Yes, we still needed to make repairs on the truck, but Mother Nature herself could not have planned a more perfect evening for two lovers in the midst of such a storm.

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