Rainbow Bumper Sticker

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I found a nice car, with under 100K miles, listed on on the internet for $4000, and I e-mailed the seller to come see it. I got an e-mail from woman named Karla, and she left her cell phone number. When I called Karla, we arranged a convenient time for me to drop by and she gave me her address. The next afternoon, I took the bus over there to her house.

I am in college in Florida and my Dad said that he’d transfer money into my account to cover the cost of the car. My parents are in New Jersey, so I can get a nicer car for the money here where it doesn’t snow.

I lost a lot of weight recently. I look pretty good, having lost 25 pounds over spring break. I went back home while everyone else went to Cancun or Key West. Truthfully I don’t have many friends here, because I had hung out with my boyfriend too much. Now that we broke up, I am on my own.

When I went up to the door, I was greeted by Karla, who was about my age. She was very nice and friendly. I introduced myself as Janet, realizing that she already had my name through my e-mails.

Since it was a warm Spring day, she came outside without a jacket.

Right away, I noticed how busty she was. Wow! Her huge breasts were barely restrained by a knit shirt and a bra. I wondered whether she wore any underwire. They swayed every step she took. I normally don’t stare at women’s breast, but she caught me looking, and didn’t seem to mind.

I turned with her and she lead me to the driveway so I could look at the car. We circled around the outside of the car, looking for dings or dents. As we strolled around observing the car body, I too became self conscious about my own body. Does my belly look big? Do I still look chubby? Do my average breasts look ok?

I asked her about the mileage and recent repairs. Eventually we began to chit-chat about the weather, and my college. I complained about the lack of any steady boyfriend. We giggled as she dropped the car keys, unlocking the door. She put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself from so much laughter.

I commented that there was a rainbow mobil porno bumper sticker on the rear of the car. I asked her about it.

“Oh sorry about that,” she said. “You know the rainbow signifies, don’t you? Well, I could remove it if like. To be honest with you, I am selling the car because my roommate moved out. She was my lover. I have the bumper sticker because I am gay, a lesbian.” I stared at her, frozen for an instant by her candor.

She broke the ice when she asked me, “Would you like you to give it a test-drive?”

“The car?” I stammered. We both laughed again at my foolish question.

She giggled and responded, “The car, the lifestyle, whatever you feel comfortable.” She stared at my face and stepped closer. She hovered for a second as my eyes went to her breasts, then her face again.

My curious staring at her breasts gave me away. I’d never had a lesbian desire in my life, but here I was, ogling her breasts, instantly washing away years of heterosexual conditioning. I smiled considering the possibility of a sexual bonding with Karla..

She must have been watching to see if I would back away, but I hadn’t moved. She lifted her face to mine and kissed me, wet on the lips. Then, she pulled back just enough to look in my eyes for resistance, and again pressed her lips to mine, French kissing me.

I stood stunned and breathless, with a warm feeling all over me. Her breasts were pressing against my torso while her arms went around my neck. She kissed playfully poking and curling her tongue, withdrawing and sucking on my tongue.

I hadn’t sat down in the driver’s seat, but after a pleasant minute of kissing I had lost interest in the car. I suddenly was embarrassed with our public display of affection, standing outside her house in this suburban neighborhood. “We could make-out in the backseat of the car.” she offered.

Surprised at my desire, I thought about and then said, “No, we’re going to be better off indoors.”

My heart was racing as we went inside her house. Tearing at my clothes, she had me undressed alman porno down to my panties within a few feet of the front door, when I stopped to ask her, “You do live alone, right? And I hope you’re not expecting anyone else to look at the car today.”

“Fuck ’em, if they try to buy the car.” she said, surprisingly. “I do live alone, but I don’t have to answer the door, right?” Then she added invitingly, “Do you want to come my bed, now?”

I reached behind and unlatched her bra, liberating her boobs. I reached my hands up under her shirt to fondle her breasts and nipples, just for an instant.

Karla was still mostly dressed as she held my hand and lead me upstairs. I looked back at my clothes in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

She led me into her bedroom and lay me back on the bed and licked between my legs. Her nibbling tickled at first, but then she told me to relax and nenjoy myself.

“Oh, my, you are moist.” as she ran her hand over my mound and pubic hair. She smoothed hand over my pubic region softly for a half minute. “I’m going to eat you.” she proclaimed, sliding down my panties. Then she dove her mouth down to my pussy lips.

She nuzzled her nose into my clitoris hood and extended her tongue into me. She wiggled her wet tongue around a minute and then sucked and tugged on my pussy lips. As she got me worked up even more, she inserted a pair of fingers and slow glided them in and out. She continued pumping me like that while she moved her mouth up to my clit.

She sucked hard at the hood under the clit popped out. It felt like it was on fire. She used just the right balance of hard and soft, sometimes surprising me, sometimes teasing, until I was bucking at her face. I came quick and strong. My goo was smeared on her lips and fingers.

She was still dressed, and I asked her if I could see her. I removed her top and bra, and started massaging them. I bent to kiss a nipple and was happy as it hardened in my mouth. She slid her pants off as I sucked her tits.

Every woman needs to alexis texas porno understand how natural and satisfying the feeling of sucking nipples is. We all have them and it is hard-wired in our genes to enjoy the sensation of sucking and being sucked.

I rubbed her lower abdomen with my hand, and then dove under her panties to finger her. I entered her and slid into the slurping hole.

That made me anxious to try her flavor and nervous if I could excite her as she had done to me. I was surprised that she had so much pubic hair, but it was neatly trimmed and didn’t deter me. I yanked her panties down and starting to learn the art of eating pussy.

I lapped and wiggled and sucked all over and just as my mouth became tired, I decide to plunge fingers into her again. I pumped her for a minute and she smashed my face down to her clit, obviously barely able to control herself from the pleasure. I think I figured it out ok.

In the afterglow of our lovemaking, we cuddled and spoke about our first sexual experiences. I told about my short list of boyfriends and my family.

She asked if this afternoon was just a fling or if I wanted to get to know each other, and if I could date a woman. “Did you enjoy yourself? Do you have any regrets for doing this?”

I answered her with a kiss, and told her that I instantly felt comfortable with her, and that I was also instantly attracted to her. Even though I’d known her just a couple of hours, I wouldn’t want to lose her as friend or lover.

After a relaxing hour in bed, the door bell rang. “Ding dong!”

We both figured out that somebody was coming to buy the car. “Tell him that the car is sold!” I shouted, as she bounded out of bed. “I just did a test-drive.”

She quickly threw on just her jeans and accidentally picked up my T-shirt, which was slightly too small. Hurriedly, she bounded downstairs to answer the front door, her boobs straining at the T-shirt with no bra. The sight of her excited nipples poking through must been impressive, but she quickly got rid of the guy.

“He was staring at my tits, just like you did.” She kissed me as she undressed to crawl back into bed.

“Can I see them again?” I begged, anxious to play with her tits again.

“Well, I guess you should slap a rainbow bumper sticker across my ass, too.” I added.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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