Rani Enjoys Her Brother in Law

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This is third of the Incest stories which happened around me. In this story my own sister went to bed with her Husband’s elder brother. The relations were quite open. They slept in one room even when her grown up daughters and myself was there in the house. Since I enjoy incest, I used to watch them have sex through a window in the bed room. I will narrate story on behalf of Jeevan, my sister’s brother in law to make it more lustful.

Rani my younger brother’s wife was a full women. She was small in height though but had full 40 DD sized boobs which seemed to burst out of her blouse, a narrow waist and a grand ass. She was fair, had long hair which reached her below her waist and touched the place between her ass cheeks. Her eyes somehow always conveyed that she was horny from inside. My brother was in police force and was posted out of town. Rani lived with her daughters and sister. Ever since my wife died six months ago, I was longing to have sex with women. Rani’s heavy breasts and big ass made me very horny.

In order to have Rani for me I increased my frequency of visits to their house and used to stay for two three days at a time. Having nice joked with Rani and her daughters. Jokes with Rani used to take double meaning many times that made me confident that Rani can be mine.

One night I requested Rani to sleep in the same room where my bed was arranged. I knew it was a weird request by the standards of our family and society but to my surprise Rani agreed to this request. When we went to bed, It was difficult for me to sleep because I was very hot and a hot sexy women was sleeping close to me. I started rubbing my cock thinking about Rani’s gaziantep vip escort body. After sometime I noticed some movement on Rani’s bed too. I concentrated on her and noticed that the rhythm of her movements was also regular. I guessed she was also masturbating.

Her bed was only at an arms length from my bed so I tried to lift the bed sheet she was covering her body with and yes I was right she was naked from her waist and below and her fingers were between her thighs. Rubbing her cunt lips.

This scene put me on fire. I got up from my bed and pounced on Rani’s body. Rani felt me coming and welcomed me in her arms. I landed between her thighs. Her petticoat was already lowered and her love hole having shiny drops of juices around it. It was well shaved and exposed the pink petals in full bloom. Her clit was large and protruding and had become big now.

I showered kisses on her face and neck, She also kissed and bit my lips. Soon we were in tight embrace. I opened her blouse to let those big boobs come in my grip who had teased me for nearly two months now. As they opened I feasted on them and sucked the big nipples. Rani became hot and hot and was longing to have my lund in her choot. She had opened my Pyjama and was trying to take my prick in her love hole, I tried to desist from inserting because I wanted to enjoy her sexy badly more and more. I continued with my foreplay and teased her clit with my fingers. She became wild and gripped my lund to put it right into her.

“Uhh Ab chod daalo mujhe” She said in a voice full of lust.

“Uhh Rani aaj saaree raat tujhe chodoonga” gaziantep yabancı escort I comforted her and continued with my sucking of her nipples.

I also rubbed her vulva which were flooding with her juices. I applied some of these juices on the tip of my cock. It became more hot and hard.

Now Rani had raised her legs to my shoulders to let my cock enter her glistening choot. I bent down and took those pink lips in my mouth and she cried with joy. I further pressed her cunt with my tongue and she started jumping in her bed. As I teased her clitty she went into a spasm of orgasm and held my hair and mouth tightly around her choot.

She was muttering all sorts of sexy sounds from her throat. I raised myself and rubbed my cock over her breasts. She enjoyed the sight and her body went into rounds and rounds. These made the rubbing more enjoyable.

Gradually her actions became more demanding and now she wanted my lund in her choot by force. I positioned tip of my man hood on the entrance of her love hole and before I could apply any pressure Rani listed her hips and with a sound of Fuch my cock went deep into her love tunnel and hit the womb with an inch and a half still remaining out. I pushed the rest of cock in her and she cried with pain mixed with joy as tip of my cock hit her hilt.

I started pumping her choot with full force and obscene sounds of fuch fuch were coming from her flooded cunt. This increased our joy further and I increased the speed further. Rani raised her legs more and her thighs were now on my shoulder and her bliss was in full view. It was taking my cock gaziantep yaşlı escort as it it was sucking it inside. “Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me” she yelled. Both of us pressing hard against each other as our bodies slowly started shaking, neither of us wanting to part from our bond that held us together.

I pressed her nipples and suck her lips in the heightened fucking activity. Rani was fast losing her control over her voice and body actions.

Looking down seeing my cock sliding in and out of her, just below that ass I love so much, my pelvis thrusting hard against her causing her breasts to swing wildly. I felt her fingers against my cock and realised she was rubbing her clit almost as fast as I was fucking her.

She muttered “uhh aur tej chodo” “uhh aur andar” aaj faad do meree choot ko” I also went higher and higher in ecstasy . After some time Rani started to cum. Her whole body went into involuntary motions and she bit and pushed nails all over my body. I went on fucking like a mad man and felt my balls were going to burst. When Rani slowed down a bit my hot lava stated to pour into her choot and she loved it and took it deeper and deeper. Perhaps It was going right into her womb.

That night I also took Rani’s ass cherry because my brother had not fucked her ass. She became wild as my huge cock pierced her ass cherry and rammed her for next 20 minutes.

After that night Rani became my slut and did anything for me. We had every kind of imaginable sexual activity. She was highly sexy and used to love bath and piss right in front of me, shave my pubic hair and whenever possible remain naked for me. She even used to leave her husband in his bed room for being with me and became pregnant from me twice. This was in spite of the fact that her husband had undergone vasectomy operation. She gave birth to these children. I used to bring her to my house at Delhi during delivery time and we had enjoyed sex till start of her labour pain on both occasions. I have taken milk from her boobs along with our children.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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