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I was looking through the Wayback Machine. The article, from the distant past of 2019, said something about “preparing for a jobless society.”

How prescient, I thought. Back in 2035, the world’s largest corporations had merged into one – Amalgamated Mutual Enterprises. Using their economic might and the disruptions caused by the effects of climate change, they had quickly destroyed all other sources of power and control in the world (other corporations, governments, religions, media, and so forth.) By 2040 everyone and everything on the planet was owned by Amalgamated.

Since the only thing they couldn’t do was to find an alternate planet for us to live on, Amalgamated since its inception had done everything possible to mitigate the effects of climate change. They had been somewhat effective. Sure, about 2 billion people had died anyway, but that was because by the time Amalgamated was formed certain things had been irreversible. And now that everything was run on solar power and had been doing so since 2042, in the past 50 years the Earth had healed itself considerably. Amalgamated had dug Moholes – holes that punched through to the planet’s mantle – and dug up all the radioactive and seriously toxic waste in the crust, dropping it into the mantle. Any new waste created that could be dangerous was dropped into the Moholes.

Oh, and in 2048 – five years before I was born – Amalgamated had converted leftover scrap metal into enough androids to do all the work the planet required. No humans were needed for any jobs, and the concept of money disappeared. At age 37, I was part of a generation who had never known what it was like to live under the yoke of a system that required you to labor for capitalists in order to obtain the things you needed to survive.

Everyone liked living under this new system. All resources were distributed equitably. No one ever had to worry about having to come up with money for things like medical treatment. Most diseases, in fact, had been wiped from the planet. Everyone lived in harmony with nature.

I was heading for what used to be known as Australia to meet in person someone I had met online. All I had to do was inform the automated system where I wanted to go, and my solarcopter would transfer me there within a day. I took the requisite number of pills to put me unconscious for the correct amount of time, and woke a few minutes merter escort before the solarcopter landed.

I stepped outside to see Kristen smiling at me.

“Hello, Laura.”

I stepped over to her and pulled her into a hug.

“Hi, Kristen. It’s lovely to finally meet you in person.”

She hugged me tightly.

“So what made you decide to come over from across the world?”

“I’ve always been attracted to older women. Sex and recreation is all we humans have in our lives now, and it’s wonderful. But I’m hoping with you it will deepen into love, since we’ve been communicating for two years.”

Kristen giggled. “I’m just barely old enough to be your mother. 19 years older than you, and I have very faint memories of the time before our current paradise.”

We went inside her simple earthen dwelling, removed our dresses, and made a necessary stop before lying naked on her bed. It could comfortably fit four people.

“So, what do you think of the breaking news that Amalgamated has always been run by intelligent androids?”

“I’m not surprised. Humans would have found a way to mess things up.”

“Yeah… we can’t be trusted with responsibility. Having us live lives without having to make major decisions is for the best.”

“I think it’s a major decision that I chose to come be with you,” I giggled, rotating my body and giving Kristen a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Goofball.” Kristen briefly brushed her lips against mine. “You know what I meant.”

“Now that I’m here, what would you like to do?”

Kristen asked the techsystem to put an old movie on the solarplayer. And I do mean old. It had originally been made over 100 years ago and recorded on actual film before being digitized in 2033.

“Have you seen this one, Laura?”

“I have not.”

I curled up against Kristen and rested my head on her chest. She draped her arms around me as “The Hitman” played.

“Society was really that violent back then?”

“Parts of it were, yes. This human actor, Chuck Norris, was in many movies portraying the violence of society.”

“I’m glad we’ve moved on from that.”

Kristen smiled and held me closer. “So am I. Want some food?”

We went to the kitchen and Kristen waved off her android, signifying that she would do it. I helped her prepare a simple, appetizing meal. I also took advantage of istanbul escort the opportunity to grope her butt a few times. She groped mine in response.

We consumed our food and returned to the bed. Kristen informed me that she wanted to snuggle for a bit rather than immediately proceed to the part where we gave each other orgasms. So she curled up against me and put her head against my chest, and we quietly lay still for a while and enjoyed the skin-to-skin contact.



“Have you always been strictly lesbian?”

“Yes. You?”

“In my late twenties I experimented with a couple of men.”

“But not since.”

“Nope. Been close to 30 years since I figured out I wasn’t at all into guys.”

We eventually fell asleep. When we woke, we both did our morning routine and then climbed back into the bed.

“I’m ready for you to engage in sexual acts now, hon.”

I gave the older woman a smile. “Message received.”

I placed my lips against Kristen’s, and we kissed. After a few seconds, we parted our lips and let our tongues meet and twine.

“Mmmmm,” I said as we broke for air. “That was a wonderful kiss, Kristen.”

“You’re a good kisser too, Laura.”

I lightly kissed Kristen’s neck. She giggled. I nibbled on the sensitive spot, and she shivered slightly.

I slowly worked my lips from her neck down towards her chest. Like me, Kristen had a slender frame with breasts that fit her frame. They weren’t large, but they were still fairly firm. I trailed my tongue slowly through her cleavage, then took a nipple into my mouth.

Kristen gently secured my head in place. “Keep doing that, Laura.”

I switched my mouth back and forth between her nipples about once every half minute. Kristen’s breathing deepened. She unwrapped her arms from my head and with a gesture, directed me to move down her body.

I kissed down her belly, then spread her legs apart and ran my tongue along her slit.

“You catch on quick. Pivot around and let’s 69.”

I rotated my body 180 degrees and lowered my moistening box to her mouth. She slid her tongue along my gash, then slipped it inside. I slid my own tongue between her folds.

I hunted for and quickly found her clit, gently brushing it with a finger. She shuddered and her legs wrapped around my face. She did the same to me, and I bayrampaşa escort pressed against her more firmly.

I greedily lapped up her flowing honey. Her tongue inside my box was doing amazing things. I drove mine deeper inside her and started moving it in a circle. She put her free hand on my ass and groped me as she continued to pleasure me.

It wasn’t long before I gushed. She was set off by that and I received a geyser of her juices. I gulped down as much of them as I could and she did the same for me. We kept right on using our tongues and our fingers on each other.

Both of us proved to be multiorgasmic, and the air filled with the smell of girl love. Kristen eventually untangled from me and the two of us lay on the bed next to each other, utterly spent.

“Whew!” she said after she had recovered. “That was… amazing.”

“You were awesome,” I told her.

We rolled into each other’s arms and dozed for a while. When we woke, we made a pit stop and then cuddled as we watched another old movie – “Surviving The Game”.

“That one really pointed out the evils of having a system where people needed money for things,” I observed afterwards.

Kristen nodded. “Very astute, Laura.”

“One of the actors was named after a drink?”

“That’s not his real name. They used stage names back then. His actual name was Tracy Marrow.”

“Ah.” I pulled Kristen in for a kiss.

We went for a pleasant stroll outside, holding hands, and swam naked in a small lake about a three minute walk from the house. We then let the sun dry us off before returning.

“Are you ready to engage in more sex?” Kristen asked.

“I sure am.”

We got back on the bed and kissed each other, twining tongues, and lightly groped each other’s butts until we were ready.

“Okay, Laura. Lie on your side and spread your legs a bit.”

I did. Kristen positioned her body so that our groins were touching. We then slowly ground against each other.


My body started shivering as Kristen rubbed her slit against mine with greater intensity.

“Glad you like.”

She reached over and caressed one of my breasts as we sped our bodies up. Her breathing also deepened. Mine had already changed to moans and pants.


I shuddered through a sudden climax. Kristen ground even harder against me and in a moment, she had climaxed also. We continued our motions until we’d both had several more orgasms.

After we untangled, I nestled against Kristen, my head on her chest. “I like being with you here.”

“So stick around.”

“Oh, I will.”

And I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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