Rear View Mirror…I and II

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Being more intimate stories by other ladies who enjoyed orgasms in different times and unsuspected places.

Rear View Mirror, Part I by phyllisroger

I used to walk home from my after-school job…a couple miles or more…and in those days…of having my first job…I was enjoying my sexuality…my breasts were ample and boys made me pay attention to myself with their looks and stares before I knew all about ’things.’ But by this time, I was a little older and liked to show myself off to boys and my teachers…it made me feel important besides just being a good girl with good grades.

It was still a very private thing: show and show off but…well, it was then I began to go to school without panties and it made me feel brave though it was from some of the other girls that I first heard about not wearing them. Little did the boys know when they admired me, there was only the fabric of my school dress separating their looks from something truly special that would have opened their eyes wide and make them lick their lips. Just walking around that way aroused me young body.

But after work, in my sexy pantyless state, I would walk home and think of school and my job and, in particular, the older boy who also worked there. He had a small car and one day drove up alongside as I was walking home and asked to give me a ride…I said “Sure!” and popped in the front seat…But I almost sat on his dog and jumped out the door…he said: “Get in back,” and moved the seat for me as I jumped back in and sat in the little jump seat with my legs partly up and my dress draped high around them. I was scared he might have “had a look” but he didn’t say anything and off we drove.

In a minute his dog jumped back on me and I pushed it away. “That’s okay…he likes people and won’t bite. Just pet him behind the ears,” he said and I did. Doggie licked my cheek as I rubbed his ears and he scramble his legs around, pushing my dress down and exposing my legs. I pushed it back up but the doggie was enjoying his ears being rubbed, was very excited and his paws fumbled all over me, messing my dress and even stepping on my crotch!

I looked in my friend’s rear view mirror and he was watching me play with his dog. I saw his eyes staring at me and I smiled back as the dog was getting really friendly with me but I pushed him down on the seat. There was little room in the seat and he was finally sitting between my legs and panting…his doggie tongue going back and forth, slobbering on my dress so I pushed him down and away. Wrong thing to do!

I pushed him down between my legs and he licked my leg on one side and then the other and I was still rubbing his ears as I was told. I looked in the rear view mirror. My friend’s eyes were glued to the scene in his back seat and I realized why. My dress was pushed to my waist and he could see my nakedness underneath. I thought he would look away and give me privacy but he didn’t. He said: “Go ahead!” I didn’t know what he meant but the doggie was still licking up my legs and it felt good. I wanted more doggie licks and he was full of licks: the side of this leg, then that, and my friend staring. It was suddenly very quiet in the little car or was it that my ears were ringing? I felt hot there in the back seat with doggie, a licking tongue and those eyes in the rear view mirror…watching.

He moved the mirror to a slant and I could see myself now and my privates and then the doggie at work and it was all very erotic to me just then. I laid my head back to catch my breath. Wrong thing to do again! Because then the doggie licked right on my pussy. This one big lap of his tongue was startling and then another lick…my body jolted. “Let him lick you…no one will know,” my friend said as he kept looking at my nakedness.

The car seemed to be moving very slowly and I petted the dog’s ears some more and reached down to spread my cunt lips for him…it was naughty…but I was aroused and wanted more licking and he was doing just that. When I watched my friend’s eyes and his smile it made me even hotter like I was not only cuming for the doggie but also with him at the same time and I opened my legs wider to show him everything I had. I was slender, with ample breasts and my cunt was getting ginger hairs and I felt proud and hot showing myself to him as the dog kept at me. It was all spontaneous and dirty and my ears were full.

Then I felt a shudder at my waist and my legs got shaky as the dog licked me all over and between my lips and on my button, which made me shake. Doggie churned me and licked and licked. My head was laid back, my eyes were closed and I peeked to see my friend gripping the wheel. He was breathing deeply too at the scene. I was short of breath and gasping for air as the dog had his way with me. I was spending on his tongue…he was getting frantic with my taste. I hoped we’d never get home! “Ohhh! Ohh! Mmmm” I was murmuring as the heat at my waist traveled along my body, my nipples hard. Then the doggie slowed and finished and I was still dripping on the little seat and pushed him away. I couldn’t take any more. That dog had made me cum hard on that naughty tongue and all in plain view. I was still breathing hard as the car stopped. I was home. I straightened my dress.

“Ride home tomorrow?” my friend asked as I got out of the car. I was still in a heated, dream-like state. I didn’t answer him but I think he knew. I couldn’t wait to get off work the next day and “get off” again.

Rear View Mirror, Part II

I got out of his car, petted the beautiful dog on his head and ears, very soft cuddly ears, and he licked my hand; “dog slobber” on my hand, “Yuk!” but when I walked into my house my crotch was still wet and dripping with his other “slobber” which made me shiver and trot past Mum to my room and get the nearest tissues to clean up. I sat on the bed, cleaning and touching and laid back; my legs bare and cool and played with myself, still wetting up and came again quickly. “Honey, come down and help with me with the potatoes!” It was Mum and she broke the spell, putting on my panties so I wouldn’t drip, cleaning again and down to help with dinner. “Your face is red,” Mum said, “did you run home from work? You seem out of breath.” I just nodded and began peeling and dreaming of the next day’s ride, and you know the ride I mean.

But then there was school, which went very slow, and off to work but the boy wasn’t there so work was a real pain and it wasn’t until several days later that he was back at work. “I had to get my car repaired,” he said, smiling at me. “I’ll see you after work.” My heart skipped a beat and the clock moved slow. It was pay day and I got my package: “Mum won’t be back for a couple more hours,” I said as I got in the car. “Sit in back,” he said, Let’s go down to the beach then and I’ll still get you home on time.” And off we went, me in the back seat again, he was already checking me out in his rear view mirror and if some girls take awhile to get in the mood for fun it wasn’t this girl or this dog, he was already nosing around. It was a warm day, windows down, the air blowing my hair, the smell of the ocean and my head was resting, my ears pounding when he stopped the car and I sat up, alert. We weren’t at the beach yet and, “My friend needed a ride, too, and here he is.” In the mood and now out of the mood just as quick as that his friend got in the front and we all said “Hi” and off we went. Now I pushed the dog away from me and held his collar making him sit beside and away from me; he was just as confused as was I at these developments. Talk about “three’s a crowd” well we had a crowd and a dog and a serious turn off but I didn’t say anything and we were at the beach, parked on a low cliff but where I could hear the waves and the mewlling gulls with their piercing cries.

“I brought some snacks and things,” my work friend said, “let’s just relax here. It’s very pretty. You’re very pretty. Come on, just relax, my friend knows all about things.” I couldn’t believe my ears at that remark but what was I to do. I was in the back seat of a two door car. I had nowhere to go and had all kinds of expectations but now, none at all.

We all shared some treats and a drink and the dog was squirming and trying to get out of my grip. “He’s anxious,” he said, “just let him loose and see what he does. We all want to watch him.” So there I was, my body ready, my mind not so much and he was licking my calf and my knee and above my knee and two boys in the front seat, one looking through the mirror and the other adjusting in his seat looking right at me. He smiled and I grimaced. I wasn’t ready for a second boy even if HE was ready for a show but the dog was sure ready and randy and this time he was humping my leg, licking my face, then trying to nose me and I was being watched by four eyes in the front seat and I was breathing hard now, cheeks red, ears ringing, gulls crying and my body crying for that dog no matter where I was and suddenly I didn’t care who was watching.

It was a hot scene. Then it wasn’t just the dog cock that was out but two more stiff cocks were out and everyone was petting everyone it seemed…the new boy climbed in the back seat and kissed me, putting my hand on him. His cock was slippery; I was slippery and he pulled up my dress, I was past it now and didn’t care, I surprised myself and was stroking cock, opening my cunt for the dog with my other hand, and dog was at me with his stupid, wonderful, wet, long tongue all over me there and everything was dreamy in my head and body, my legs were tingly and alive, like the boy’s stiff cock, “Don’t stop,” he said, “Ohh, just like that, don’t, don’t stop,” and he lifted his butt and shot his cum in the air landing on the dog’s back but I kept at him until he was limp. Then he just held my hand and slumped in the seat, so it was my turn now to talk to my dog and his tongue was up me and out and around and inside again, I opened my eyes and there was our driver wanking himself and spending on the steering wheel, the dog was licking my nectar and humping his dick toward me as I kept pushing him off…but I scooted down for more tongue and there were hands on my legs, then a hand on the dog’s cock guiding it to me, hitting at my cunt lips, wetting me more but he was one frantic canine at this point poking at a very frantic girl’s body. I said “No!” and then “No!” again but things were out of control.

The dog was hurting my bottom when he missed and missed again, that sharp pointy thing missing the mark, stabbing away. “Scoot down more; lift up a little; don’t tease an animal.” “No! Don’t,” I said but lifted up more, scooting down. My ears were full and I scooted down; this time he didn’t miss and I felt this smooth cock stab again but stab sliding inside and I had set the dog on fire, pounding me inside, again and again. I was on fire, my cunt hot and ready, lifting and writhing on this stabbing thing; we were joined and “No, don’t” had become “No, don’t stop.“ The rear view mirror showed my startled eyes like they were in a trance, I knew my whole body was tense, waiting for another thrust and another and I was hearing words like the boy‘s: “Don’t stop. Please don’t, don’t stop. Just there just there, Ohh, ohh.” Words wouldn’t come; licking my lips, trying to breath, tasting the salt air, the boy petting my thighs, holding the dog at me, bringing me off again, bringing all four of us off.

As we were driving back there was no conversation and I tried to straighten and smooth my dress, hoping Mum hadn’t come home early. I needed a bath; I was still in a sweat, needed to clean up and cool down. She wouldn’t believe I had run home a second time that week and I didn’t want to explain, obviously. “It was just a one time thing.” I said. “I’m not that kind of girl.” And thinking, wondering, about the next ride home. “Bye!” and the two of them drove off, me finally at home, still breathless, wet and astonished. They didn’t believe me. Why would they? I didn’t believe myself. I had my pay packet and had a new shorter dress in mind and it would be easier to lift up for things.

Not just my toes got attention!

I loved to get ready for Saturday night and as a young girl showing off my “wares” at the local dance which meant for me a lot of primping with my hair, my fingernails nicely painted with my toes to match and I spent most of the day getting ready for the night: laying out my clothes, what I would wear (and not wear! I was a sexy thing and didn’t wear a complete outfit if you get my hint). My routine: a thorough bath and after that, my body all radiant, a pedicure.

Mum and sisters were out for their own Saturday routines and I was alone in the house to pamper and primp myself. I had a date that night for the dance; a cute guy who liked to dance and feel me up, hands all over me, under me and in between, during and after the dance, lots of kissing and cuddling and thinking about Saturday night got me going in ways even during the day.

Our house was quiet with everyone else gone and after my bath I was toweled and squatting on a low stool painting my fingers and now my toes. Everything had to match: fingers, toes, hair ribbon setting off my dress. My feet in a pan of warm water, knees up and sitting on the stool, my little doggie nearby, tongue out as usual, walking to my pan of water, sniffing around, looking up as I patted his head and began to trim my toenails, doggie licking my fingers and sniffing my toes when I took a foot from the warm water, I patted his head and stroked his soft ears.

So picture this: a pretty girl, like me, only covered with a towel (covered? Not totally covered, I mean it was just a towel.) but I was alone in our kitchen, knees up, towel slipping to my waist, my privates, radiant from the bath, and there for the world to see but I was alone and private, pretty much alone, legs apart to better reach my feet, my toes closed together, the lips of my slit closed but my crotch open so I could get at my feet, doggie ready for head-patting, hand licking, me thinking of my date at the dance that night, totally clean from my bath, but thinking of what date and I would be doing and feeling in dark corners of the dance hall and afterward when he would play with me and I would “dance” my body on his hand, how his fingers would surely get me hot and make me cum as he fingered my kooz, that he would whisper in my ear and kiss my mouth and tell me how pretty I am and how he loved my naked cunt; that he was glad I wasn’t “fully” dressed for our fun.

And doggie sensing something in me, scenting something, as I was dreaming of the dance and all and gave no thought to his soft doggie head, his licking doggie tongue on my hand and then my toes but then he went between my knees and his cold nose brought me back to the kitchen and my pedicure. I pushed him away: “Naughty boy. Your nose is cold!” and he looked up at me curious, seeming to smile and licking his mouth.

Then I was back to my feet and the cold nose again that shocked me but doggie had my scent and wanted more, his nose slipping all along my kooz from bottom up to top and I gasped when he slid up to the top and that cold nose on my fanny sent a thrill like it was my date was at me, but now it was during the day, an early excitement before the dance that night and I pushed his nose away.

There wasn’t anything wrong about an innocent dog or me and my pedicure but that cold nose was unexpected and shocking and brought thoughts of Saturday night to the here and now and I wasn’t ready yet I thought. It was this strange thing in my mind and I was alone, it was quiet, my Mum and sisters wouldn’t be back anytime soon; doggie looked hurt when I pushed him off, his eyes looked sad and would I let him “nose me” again?

I wasn’t easy. I was a good girl but his cold nose was exciting my privates and it was our very private thing; who would know; the kitchen was quiet except my ears were ringing; then doggie’s wet cold nose was back on my slit spreading my lips apart with another shocking slide. My legs opened more as legs will and that cold nose from bottom to top, sliding up my wet slit, hitting my button, sending a jolt and I put my hand on his head, this time petting his nose, his thrilling nose and then that tongue, up the walls of my slit again, “Good doggie,” this time, getting me wet, his tongue had my taste and he was at it.

It was too late for me to stop; I wanted this now; I was past thinking, it was too naughty, too good and exciting and forbidden all together, tongue and fanny now in control. I was dancing in my mind Erzincan Escort feeling good things. My towel slipped off and I was smoothing my knees and down my legs, spreading my lips for my excited doggie and his anxious tongue, making me spend, licking up my spend and I was petting his ears, lifting his mouth on me. His tongue was dipping inside my slit for more and I was hot at my center; my body was throbbing now as his cold nose and hot tongue were bringing me off like no date had ever done at any dance or in any dark corner, my toes curling up, and here in the middle of my quiet kitchen I could hear my date whispering as I came and came, this time not on his fingers, as he was holding my face. This time coming on a young doggie’s tongue and I was holding doggie‘s face, hoping he wouldn’t stop, not now in the middle of my pedicure. I was feeling very naughty and very hot being licked until he was finished with me and walked away to his water bowl, both of us panting. I looked down at my feet, easing them down in the water and finally cooling down from my thrilling pedicure. Saturday night had come early. I knew I was guilty of this but had the right to remain silent even with the ringing still loud in my ears and making me smile, licking my lips.

A Vow Broken…or Was it?

It wouldn’t happen these days but when my boyfriend and I started dating there were different rules: condoms were hard to find, virginity was important, casual sex was for ‘other’ people, etc., etc. So it is no surprise that when Brett and I started getting serious we made sacred promises to each other including: “no sex before marriage” though we loved each other. And, you know, being good kids we stuck to it. I mean, after we began dating he kissed me on our third date (another old rule) and then we graduated to other tings, like tits…fifth date…and I had to be persuaded at that…the rest was downhill…or uphill depending on how we looked at it..and from then on it wasn’t long before he was in my pants…I did a little resistance act at first, to tease him…it felt so good to have his hand on me there, his fingers getting slippery from me…and then I was unzipping him…heavy petting during and after a show at the drive-in…It was the first erect cock I had seen, or stroked or kissed…I learned all about cocks and how to squeeze, kiss, caress, make it wet…then he got me to lick him. He showed me all about my body but we still kept our promised to wait until “later’ to go ‘all the way.’ Brett ad I were sticking to our mutual vow…barely. I was desperate for what the real thing would be like but we had agreed to wait. We had taken the Vow!

One night we were at a party at a friend’s house and we girls got to talking…the boys on another side of the room…I told them about my vow with Brett and it got discussed and some of the girls tittered at that and said we’d really already had sex…just not penetration. Of course, his stiff cock had penetrated my mouth and his fingers had penetrated my wet cunt and …I loved it when we did that…but no cock penetrating cunt…and we were proud of that but there it was…the penetration word…we were abstaining from that one, penultimate, thing…indulging in the rest. Later I told Brett about our conversation and we both agreed to continue with our vows…meaning: no penetration…most but not all of our emotions were satisfied without that part. I confess I had urges beyond what we did…I didn’t tell Brett of my frustrations but I took care of them in another way. My body…my cunt…still ached for Brett but we had our vow…damn!

A few weeks after the party, Bret and I went on a double date and drove to the beach. We had a couple six packs…we weren’t complete prudes…and sat on the sand on blankets my girlfriend brought and we were soon drinking, laughing, kissing, feeling and all…Brett was under my dress, inside my panties as usual, his fingers setting me on fire and my girlfriend getting played with by her boyfriend near me and she was also breathing hard. I looked over at her and she at me…we smiled. “Isn’t the beach great?” With all the kissing, breathing and fingering I didn’t notice when my girlfriend and her date got up and stood over us…just shadows… My girlfriend said: “We’re going to have an intervention for you two lovebirds,” and then her boyfriend announced: “Right here…right now!” I didn’t know what to think or say…

My legs shot together; I pushed my dress down, Brett stopped what he was doing. I felt threatened. “No…” I said, “We’re not having an intervention.” Her boyfriend responded: “Oh yes we are…Enough of this silly vow you two have…it’s all ridiculous.”

I didn’t know what else to say. I just looked at Brett, kneeling beside me and he was nonplussed…there was another voice: “Yeh…you guys…this vow stuff is shit!”

It was two other guys who were at the party a few weeks before…I was shocked and a little scared. What would happen? They had planned all this. Did Brett know, too? My mind was a mess…my body hot…but my mind a mess.

“We’re taking charge here, you two idiots. Brett’s girl is one hot chick and I’ve wanted to fuck her myself,” the voice in the dark said. I tried to see his face but everything was shadows. And the waves were pounding…the sand in my toes. There was moonlight and clouds and the pounding of the waves and my head was throbbing. “There’s a time for fucking,” he said…“that time is now!”

I started to stand but hands pushed me back down on the blanket…holding me there…and…”we saw what you were doing with your boyfriend…you were all over each other…it’s time to finish up what you started!” I was scared and looked at Brett, still beside me, asking: “What do we do now?”

I was looking for help but Brett was silent. What an asshole! I think he liked the whole scene…I thought he might even have planned it…”This wasn’t my idea, honest,” he said. He was still a suspect! And now there were hands, lots of hands, holding my wrists above my head and grabbing my legs at the ankles, holding them apart, my dress at my waist, my privates only protected by my wet panties…I was prone and twisted away…they pulled me back. “Help!” I said. The waves pounded against the sound of my voice. “You can’t do this! Stop!”

Brett was outnumbered and helpless at this point. I didn’t know what to do…screaming was a waste on that isolated beach. The waves were loud in my ears…the sky overcast…I couldn’t see any stars. No moon and I was being held by strong guys…my girlfriend was no help…she whispered to me: “No one’s going to hurt you,” she said with a soft, reassuring tone. Her hands were on me; she pulled up my dress…took down my panties. I was now open to the world. I was scared…but I knew I wouldn’t be hurt…at the worst I would get fucked…how bad could it be? But I wasn’t going to be easy and tried to squirm away. “God! What a body,” one guy said.

“Can’t let that pretty cunt go to waste,” said another. There was that exciting word…cunt…and it was my cunt…which until a few moments before was wet, hot and excited. Now, I confess, the scene and the hands holding…it was all exciting and my head pounded. Another confession: I was still wet, hot, excited and still a little scared.

I was in the firm grip of guys who were filled with lust…lust for my body…I was pulsing and frightened at it all but, yes, I was also full of lust on the blanket, at the beach, with the sounds of nature…my body naked…legs spread…I felt the air cooling and also exciting me…I squirmed again…then: “I want to get down and lick that thing,” said yet another and I felt a mouth on my little virgin cunt…I flexed…a hot tongue licking up one side and then up the other…a cold nose moving on my clit…which stiffened to the tongue and I squirmed again but this time, spontaneously, it felt so good…I fought the feeling…didn’t want my body to respond but it did. I dug my bottom into the blanket but two hands lifted my butt cheeks…thumbs spreading me. This had to stop. The air was cool, waves were licking the shoreline…the licking of my cunt was continuing. I tried to move to one side, then the other, my legs being held, and squeezed my pussy but the licking…Oh God…that tongue! Hands lifting me up…the licking continued. I couldn’t help it and then another lick. I had to let myself go now. My body had taken charge.

“She’s a hard one, but wet and tasty,” the voice said, between licks…and oh that damned nose lifting my clit…I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t. It was feeling good and I didn’t want anyone to know. I was thrashing my head from side to side…”No…don’t” I said but now I was just mumbling. His hand was on my stomach, pulling my skin back…lifting my clit…a nose, a thumb…it was too, too good. I couldn’t help myself and lifted for more of his wonderful tongue.

His tongue was slipping in me and along my cunt walls as I twisted from side to side…I opened my eyes and saw Brett in the shadows…he just stood there, watching me…the Bastard! But what could he do? I hated him at that moment…he could at least ‘TRY’ to do something…we could run to the…”uh, unh, uh” my body said to me and I tried not to hear it. It came again, with the waves, “Uh, UH, UH, OH” I spasmed. The beach was loud and alive with water rushing in, rushing out; my feelings were rushing the same…my cheeks hot, blushing. I hoped they couldn’t see me. He pushed on my stomach, licking harder…in an awful, beautiful rhythm…he was a bastard…all of them…Brett and all of them.

“You wet bitch,” the licker said…looking up…”You are so fucking wet!” It was true…I was.

I tried once more to squirm away and I slipped from his grasp on my cunt lips but only briefly as he encircled my legs with his arms, lifting me for serious tonguing…I was captured…no way out…”UH, OH!” but I was not getting away from him this time. I was in lust…beginning to relax, wanting this violation…and lifted now, arching open for his tongue and my other captor sensing my lust, released my wrists. My girlfriends whispered words coming to me again: “No one’s going to hurt you.” To be honest it didn’t hurt so far…NO! it didn’t hurt at all. I was starting to ache for more.

My hands went to the head of this licking bastard at my waist and I rode that face…writhing on his mouth as waves were pulsing inside me now. Suddenly he stopped. “She’s ready guys!” he said…”My tongue’s tired! Jesus!” I started to relax a little, my wet pussy open to the night but my ankles were still held…my hands covered my privates and for the first time I realized how wet I was…I had never been that wet…I was embarrassed and looked into the dark shadows of these guys and my girlfriend…but I hadn’t cum yet…it had felt good but my body needed finishing…my body was thirsting for the finale but was cooling down rapidly. I said nothing but I was silently begging for more….my cunt was aching…the cool air was on my cunt lips..inside I was bursting and hot.

“Come on Brett. We’ve got her ready…now finish her!” Oh no, I thought: OUR VOWS! I looked up. Brett just stood there…looking at me, the scene, the guys and my girlfriend…I could see her smiling in the shadows. Brett and I had our vows, after all…it was sacred to me and to him…they couldn’t be broken…or could they?

“Come on Brett…it’s either you or we’ll take a turn at her…she’s ready…so let’s go.” Brett looked at me, at my eyes, I looked back…my legs being held and spread open…my pussy hot and dripping, my mental state confused and hot…and I do mean HOT! We loved each other; we were going to marry some day…why were we putting it off? I was confused, doubting, questioning my future husband and his resolve…I laid my head back, closed my eyes…It was true: I was hot, and ready and aching…

“Make up your mind, guy,” it was the voice holding one of my legs. I looked up, Brett looked at me, lying there, about to be ravished by others…or Him…what to do. I shook my head: “No!” I said, but just mumbling. I could see he was weakening. He was so handsome, a tent in his shorts, I wanted him so much…”What can I do honey?” he said. “It’s either them or me. You love me, don’t you?” I froze. No motion. We had promised each other, several times and here we were…them or him…I just closed my eyes again. “I don’t want to,” Brett said from the shadow. “I don’t want you to do anything. I love her. Just leave us alone.”

Moments passed…I heard a zipper…zippers?…and then felt someone getting between my legs…I stared up at the dark sky…my hands over my privates, hands taking my wrists away from my hot body, exposing me again, pushing them back over my head. I felt movement between my legs and a stiff cock poking at me, I looked up at Brett, standing there, looking down….then someone held my wrists, firmly, I was open and ready…more poking at my cunt then spreading my pussy lips…the shadowy figure knelt close…”It’s him or me,” said the guy between my legs…”One last chance…make your choice, Brett…it’s you or me…you’re ready and so am I.” I looked at him and then at Brett…”Brett,” I grunted…”Please help me.” I didn’t know if he heard me with all the waves pounding…my head pounding.

The waves were loud. I hoped he heard the desperation in my voice. I waited. I was numb and closed my eyes again. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt a cock begin teasing my pussy lips but then it moved away…my hands still held away from my privates…I felt dizzy, confused. I wanted pricking. I waited. I was so incredibly hot, willing, vulnerable…not scared…wanting…there was more movement on the blanket and then:

A prick was pressing at me, teasing again, massaging my puffed lips. I kept my eyes shut, listening to the waves, the prick was playing at me, over and over, and I was hungry for it and flexed…I wanted to feel what a real prick was like inside me…not just one of my dildos I enjoyed.

I had never told Brett I had cheated on him with dildos…we had a vow…dildos didn’t violate the vow did they? Right then I wanted hot flesh, without my hands guiding it…a cock fucking me, taking control. It was what I had dreamed of on so many nights after heavy petting with Brett. I couldn’t tell him about it…now it had all come to me there in the night on the blanket at the beach. I wanted the real thing fucking me. I listened to the pounding waves and wanting my own pounding…that prick was entering me now and I lifted to meet it.

I was a captive to my body, mind and captors…whoever it was inside me was taking it slow…milking. But wait! This wasn’t my familiar ‘ladies’ size, for personal use, my dildo toy…this was hot…and big…BIG…it was stretching me like never before…it would fit, wouldn’t it? My personal dildo was slender, delicate…this thing inching into me was awful…I lifted as it squeezed inside…stretching me, exploring, the guys released my wrists, sensing now my willingness…it was hurting me and I reached for it…my hands were at my waist, smoothing my legs…feeling my hairs, my clit…this hot thick cock…I outlined it with my fingernails…I wanted this…opening myself more…they released my legs…my fingers touching on this awful, wonderful thing that began stroking inside…each time going deeper…hands lifting my bottom…I wanted all of the pricking and stroking and fucking…feeling it move in and out of me…”OH!” I exclaimed as he hit into me.

It was my turn to tease…fingers on each side of the monster…wetting our privates with our fluids…I stroked the sides of his tool…balls hitting me. I was churning from side to side…his breath on me. Brett was at my ear, whispering “I didn’t want this. I love you darling.” I could only grunt and mumble and lift for more.

Brett was whispering but was he also fucking me? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care about it…I was all senseless and I abandoned myself in lust and was humping on this great tool which searched inside and up to my throat , chewing on it as if it was in my throat and I went numb. I couldn’t breathe, the waves were swirling on the beach, in my brain, washing through my cunt, to all of me. My ankles were released, and I was holding this body, this great cock, bucking with it. “OH! OH!” Then the world went quiet…slowly the wonderful cock softened and withdrew.

I didn’t want it to leave and I squeezed to hold it but it slipped out. Then there were other cocks and more kissing and licking…I had turned on all the guys with my passions…I was weak and couldn’t resist…I wanted more, I did…my cunt ached for more…more and more fucking on the beach, on the blanket, in the dark, I wanted more cock-milking of my body and soul. My vow had been canceled on the beach that night and my cunt was a willing Erzincan Escort Bayan sinner…I was fucked there on the blanket until I was drained. Brett held my hand and stroked my thighs and then covered me as we lay together, breathing deeply. He was kissing me down now, down from the top. It was quiet, dark, the tide was receding, the waves more distant. I put my head on his shoulder and reached to his waist to feel if it was him who was first to have me. It had been so dark and my lust so intense I wasn’t sure. His cock stiffened with my stroking. I measured it with my hand around it, wondering, but not saying. It felt like that very first cock but I wasn’t an expert.

I just couldn’t be sure and almost didn’t care. I loved Brett and loved all the fucking but I couldn’t keep doing this. We had a modified vow. It had been a one night thing. One thing was for sure. I would need a bigger dildo. My girlfriend would never say who fucked me first. She said: “You’re not sure if it was Brett, are you? Neither am I…it was so dark. Besides, I was off to the side also being fucked.”

“By Brett?” I asked. She just smiled. Brett was such a bastard but I loved him. Someday I would find out if it was his…the huge first cock I mean. I would remember the size of it…I couldn’t wait to find out.

The Pub Wall…what a surprise, Part I

I was a sweet young thing, recently married and with a small child who mainly stayed with my Mom while I was at work…hubby often gone for weeks, sometimes a month, as he made a good living supporting us…I was too young to have a child, in my mind…I was just barely 21, full of hormones, didn’t want more children…one was enough…joy but burden along therewith…you know what I mean. Days at home, no husband, boredom, a job was the thing and my Mom loved caring for the youngster.

I was a good girl but often horny. I once told the nurse, who asked if I had any problems, that I got really wet down there. She just laughed and left me in the examination room to ruminate what was so funny about the question. So prim and proper but got wet easily and pregnant and now with a youngster.

I got a job. Wouldn’t you? A little walking around money and something to do…people to meet, like, shall I say, Johnnie. We sold, or rather, rented TV’s and computers and things…pay as you go but have them now…for people with little credit…Johnnie would walk me home sometimes and flatter me along the way…”Do you know how people look at you?” No, I didn’t, but he would tell me…how my long auburn hair was gorgeous…how I made men turn around and look at my hair and legs and my ass…how I was “hot.” And so, working days would pass and the walks home were more fun than work.

One night he told me he’d buy me a drink on the way home…I arranged for child to be with Mom overnight…that day I wore a shorter skirt than usual…combed my hair until it really shined…we were going to a pub…have a drink and then he would, as usual, walk me home but what a surprise was in store for me that night along the low wall outside the pub.

Oh, I knew Johnnie was just a flattering young bloke who meant no harm…I was a married woman with a young child. But he knew hubby was gone for periods…I guess he knew about hormones and young girls…he could never guess how I got so wet at times…how I made that nurse laugh with my question…and the other girls at work saw him paying attention to me and would tell me things: “Watch out for Johnnie,” they would giggle, “walking you home is just the start of things.” I didn’t know what the “things” were…he was nice to me. I would find out about “things” and “low Pub walls” that night.

All I could think of that day was the “after work” part…it was a Friday…a weekend ahead…and I would be paid on Friday…so finally it was that time and Johnnie and I walked from the office to the pub…it was early Fall…a warm evening and the crickets were mad in their celebration…we sat at a table and he brought a pint of lager and a glass of white wine for me…it was things about work and the people we worked with and the wine was warm going down…I didn’t know why I was nervous but I surely was.

Johnnie told me of his wife and how she never had time for him…how they argued a lot and then he began to talk about sex and how he got no sex at home and went on about his wife and she didn’t like “fucking” and that was a startling word for me. Men didn’t talk about “fucking” when they talked to me…but the word was exciting to me…I felt myself getting wet. It was so very strange that just a man using that word could make me wet…my skin was warm…my whole body was warm…Johnnie brought me another glass of wine to go with his pint and continued on about his wife and, then that word again: “fucking” and if it was the wine or the word or how he looked at me or when I noticed some men at the bar looking at me…I shivered…I pressed my legs together…wrong thing to do just then…I was wet and squeezing my legs sent me more shivers…so I swallowed some wine and felt a little dizzy about it all…this man, those men at the bar, squeezing my legs, getting that thrill…my hubby gone now several weeks…I wished he was home tonight…I’d tell him to “fuck me.” I wouldn’t say it out loud…I was a good girl…but I’d surely whisper it in his ear when he gave me a hug.

“I was talking to you,” Johnnie said, “you seemed to not be listening.” “I was,” I lied, “I was just looking at the men at the bar. They’re staring at us.” “They’re not staring at us,” Johnnie said, “they’re staring at you…You’re really pretty.” I know I blushed. He was a flatterer, that Johnnie, sitting across from me here in the pub on Friday night in our little town and I was feeling it was warm in the room and it was time to go and walk home and I told him I had enough wine, that I knew my limit.

What I didn’t know was my “limits.” I was faithful to my hubby and my child and was not going to be unfaithful. I was sure of that. It was very hot in the pub and I waited for Johnnie to finish his pint and pay the bill. I was looking forward to Saturday morning and going shopping in town…it would be a beautiful day…it was warm this evening and surely be a nice morning…those men at the bar…looking…and Johnnie and all his nice words and the “fucking” word lingered in my mind and I was thinking of fucking just now. I went to the ladies to freshen up…my face was flushed from the wine…my panties were almost dripping…I took them off, wrapped them in a paper towel and put them in my purse. I wiped myself off but that sent more shivers…my lips were puffed up and wiping got me hot but it was time to go…I couldn’t stay the night in the bathroom!

Johnnie finally…finally…finished his pint and off we went…waving good night to the bar keep…the men at the bar gave us…me…a last smile and wave…and off we popped. It was very dark outside and the crickets were in full voice…no moon and secluded.

There was a low wall along one side of the pub…Johnnie pushed me against it and kissed me full on the lips…his tongue went inside my mouth, exploring my mouth. My tongue pushed back…”How dare he,” I thought as he insinuated it in and around my tongue…I jerked my head back and he looked me in the eyes, smiling…his arms were around my waist. “You’re really pretty tonight…did you see those men looking at you. Jealous of me to be with a hot girl.” I heard the office girls saying: “…walking home with Johnnie is just the start of things…” Johnnie’s mouth was on me again…I was wet again…as his tongue wetted mine and my mouth felt thick…his breath hot on my cheek…I looked to see if there was anyone about…we were alone…laughter and noise from inside…but very quiet along the pub wall except for crickets…I kissed him back and licked inside his mouth…I shouldn’t have taken off my panties I thought…I was very wet again and maybe the girls were right: “…it was just the start of things…” I was a good girl but my body was being bad…his breath on my face…my breath on his…my tongue on his…I felt dizzy…the night was cool but I was hot…he pulled me to him and told me how pretty I was and how he wanted to “fuck” me…there was that word again. I wasn’t going to “fuck” him and told him “No.” But his tongue was whispering to me and his lips were teasing me and I was wet and hot and said “Johnnie…please don’t…please…” He lifted me onto the wall…holding my waist with his hands, I pushed on his shoulders but our waists were aligned…my bottom on the wall his waist pressing against me. I looked to be sure we were alone.

I heard him unzip and he was around my waist again…moving between my legs and I felt the cloth of his pants against them…pushing and spreading them…”Please Johnnie, “ I said again but it was not a “please don’t” it was too late for that as I felt his flesh now…it was hot and the night was cool and I said just a very weak…a hoping and willing “please, Johnnie” as I knew I was wet, that my “cunt” was wet and ready…I didn’t say that word…I imagined my “cunt” and it was ready for his cock as I felt his skin against my skin and I looked around, the pub noise and the night noise, and praying we wouldn’t be interrupted…I wanted him to “fuck” my “cunt”…we were both hot and wet and ready for “fucking.”

I reached under my skirt…he wasn’t in me yet…I took hold of his cock which was hot and slippery and I held it and looked at him…he was looking right into me…I was on that wall…”Please Johnnie!” I whispered, pleadingly now….”fuck me!” His cock was not as long as hubby’s but it seemed very thick and he pressed against me and I felt the head spread my lips…he almost hurt me but I loved this bit of pain…he slipped inside and my cunt adjusted to this thick pole of a cock…I wanted release. I wanted fucking…even outside on the low pub wall…he held me tight and pushed…I opened as wide as I could…”Please” I repeated as he forced his way deep and I felt his waist on my waist…his hairs on mine..finally I was impaled on his thick thing as he churned away into me…it was cool…we were very wet and hot all at the same time…he got at me…our tongues…my cunt, his cock, our breathing, and then I grabbed at his neck and his waist pulling him tight as he fucked into me and I fucked him back…I couldn’t get enough of that thick hot cock until I was finished and came and was cool again and he lifted me down off that low pub wall…I had gotten off… and we walked home…his cum oozing down my thighs…I was so glad I could go home to an empty house, clean myself up and dream about low pub walls…and, for Johnnie and me…it was just the “start of things.” Delicious sexy things as you will see.

The Pub Wall…Part II…we got started

After that night on the pub wall I was afraid to go to work…afraid to look Johnnie in the eyes and with all the other girls on the verge of giggles…after all, they had warned me about Johnnie…how walking me home was just getting started with him…and I knew now what was “getting started” and all that.

But I did go to work, did look Johnnie in the eyes…he smiled and it was like he was petting my cunt! I was instantly wet and looked away…he was a naughty boy and just his look made me hot…I envisioned him kissing me against the Pub Wall, unzipping, that very thick cock, spreading me, fucking me and making me come and come…so I did look him in the eyes and smiled back…I know it was wrong…I was a married woman with a small child and, also, my hubby was often gone for a long time. What is a young woman to do except…well…I did things after they got started…it was all Johnnie’s fault, you know, if he hadn’t befriended me, walked me home, bought me a drink at the pub, put me on the wall…fucked me…Oh God! Did he ever fuck me good and hard and made me tremble and hold him in a death’s grip and want him to never leave my body…my cunt was starved for his cock…“Fuck me Johnnie,” it said…and my cunt wanted it more…it was a blessing to my body…my body craved these things…so what was I to do…a power had come into my life…its name was Johnnie…thick cock, hot, Johnnie. His wife came to meet him after work! She made me cringe. How could she not adore and want this man…he said she didn’t and I believed him…I imagined her at our Pub and that no man at the bar would even look at her she was so plain…they looked at me though.

I went home by myself that night and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror…my hair and my mouth that he had devoured…took off my work clothes and stood in front of the mirror…for the first time…admiring myself. Hubby never said I was really pretty, but Johnnie did; Hubby never devoured my mouth but Johnnie did; I was never on the pub wall with hubby or shuddered and grabbed and released like with Johnnie…I wanted that again…looking in the mirror at myself…my ginger bush and my ginger hair and feeling how wet I was at just the thought of his cock in me…I was a good girl but never as good or clean as when I was coming on Johnnie’s thick cock when it was fucking me…I went to sleep and dreaming again of the low pub wall and “just the start of things.” I was hoping wife wouldn’t pick him up after work again…it was my turn

And so it was…more secret smiles…I thought it might happen sooner and dressed for the event. I wore a short skirt and a pretty blouse that showed me a little more than usual and I walked down the street after work, alone…just as Johnnie told me…so there wouldn’t be more whispers or giggles…he was around the corner in his little car…I jumped in and off we went…we had bucket seats so I couldn’t squeeze against him…“damn” I thought. “Let’s drive to the shoreline,” he said, “there’s a pretty spot.” And so we drove and he reached for my hand…I scooted down in my seat and it was growing dark but there was a moon this night and I began to see its reflection on the road and the trees…soon he stopped the car…we were at the edge of the sea…I could hear the waves against the shore and the moonlight shimmering in the waves…he reached and held my hand…it was so quiet and peaceful…Johnnie and I were in a special place this night after work…and he kissed me…just kind of a peck on my cheek and then on my lips and then that stupid tongue inside my mouth, moving around and around and I thought what else he could do with his moving tongue. I had heard of tonguing and all but didn’t know what that was…hubby and I were strictly the old fashioned way and then to sleep…covers over us and both sleeping…but Johnnie…the girls said: “walking me home was just the start” and so it was that night at the sea…waves, moonlight, tongues and then…

“Move over here,” he said. He pulled me…my body over toward him…lifting me over to where he was opposite the wheel…so what is this all about, I thought, what is he doing? I was a bad girl, a very bad and naughty girl, this night…I dressed that morning without knickers…had felt hot and wet all day at work…hoping no one would notice…there was a man who sat opposite my desk who was always giving me the eye…and ducking under his desk to look at my legs…he was a strange fellow but even he excited young and beautiful me…I saw him duck under the desk pretending to pick up something but I knew he was looking at my legs and up my dress if he could…I opened my legs and let him look at my fanny…I was naughty but you should have seen the look on his face! I loved it…letting him look at my cunt…just the thought had made me hot and wet…and here I was with Johnnie Hot…my pet name for good old Johnnie…

Johnnie Hot and what was his next trick…it wasn’t long for me to find out…he pulled me over to him and the steering wheel but I didn’t get all the way over before he stopped me and began to kiss and pet me…telling me how pretty I was and I just poured down. In my mind I saw his hands on my legs and felt them, too, moving along my thighs…”You’re so incredible,” he said, “and your legs are smooth.” He ran along my thighs, back and forth, and to the heart of me…petting my cunt…”Your cunt is soft and wet,” he said…it all excited me…I knew his fingers were wet with me…I wanted his cock and reached for him…he was stiff…I unzipped his pants and released his thick cock…it was moist…”You’ve made me wet, too,” he said…and I rubbed his pre-cum all over this cock and he lifted to my touch…I was turning him on and he said dirty things to me…”You’re a hot woman. You’re so naughty and dirty…and I’ve got a surprise for you tonight…” There was no pub wall or crickets or other things…and I waited for his surprise…I felt naughty and dirty and sexy and hot and pretty and wanted to know my surprise. I didn’t wait long.

He lifted my skirt to my waist…I was completely naked below and he rubbed my skin all over and moved one leg toward him…moving the other leg Escort Erzincan aside…”Sit down,” he said…but there was nowhere to sit down…I looked down…there was my seat and his seat and in between, the console and gear shift knob straight up…it was my surprise…”That’s your surprise,” he said…”Sit down.” I looked at him and didn’t know what to do…he put his hands on my waist pushing me down…he kissed me again…tongues…and petting my fanny…I was so wet and the air made me cool…he pushed me down on the gear shift…Now I knew what was my surprise…but the knob was just a thing…”Sit down on it,” he said and urged me down and down and my lips were so wet it was easy to include this knob…”Sit down,” he demanded and it was so easy…the knob spread my lips…as had his thick cock…I slid gradually down, down on the knob…It eased up into me and I was finally on the console and the knob completely inside…after Johnnie on the low pub wall it wasn’t so hard to do and I was so very wet…remember the laughter from the nurse?…that I sort of slid down around it, nuzzling inside and another kiss from Johnnie and he was feeling my breasts…but I was still wanting…wanting that release like on the wall…this knob job wasn’t doing it…it was just a kind of nice thing inside me and Johnnie kissing and fondling…

“Do you like your surprise,” he asked and I nodded…trying to be appreciative…”Okay, but that’s not your surprise…” I was confused now not knowing…Johnnie turned on the engine and the knob came alive, inside me, moving about, vibrating and scaring me…I tried to lift off but Johnnie held me down…his hands firm on my shoulders…I relaxed a little and let him hold me down and he was kissing me again and his hands were all over my breasts and rubbing my thighs and the engine was running…but the gear shift knob deep inside, and on which I was sitting, was vibrating on me…He kept kissing and I sat there enjoying his tongue and his hands on me and the vibrations inside and then…then…there was the surprise…my body was feeling all this…all the vibration was touching me now…it wasn’t just touching my cunt but making me feel all over my cunt lips and my thighs and up and down my thighs…my knees were weak and Johnnie was whispering dirty things to me and my body was riding this thing inside setting me on fire and my ears were full…I heard the waves at the shore and closed my eyes…I couldn’t see the moonlight…the light was inside me…straddling this surprising thing…I grabbed Johnnie’s head and held it…hoping…hoping for his heat and saying things in his ear…”Oh…Ohhh…I’m…ohh…coming…coming…” He revved the engine and I couldn’t stand it any more but couldn’t let go and saw stars and moonlight and rings in my ears…finally he turned off the engine…I was still churning, going, coming…trembling and on that knob which was making me purr and come and purr some more. He was kissing and licking me…petting me…bringing me down…please bring me down…I was so gone…so wonderfully gone…needing to come down and he just held me and tears were on my face and I licked my lips and felt salty tears…the knob was gone, it was all quiet…I was gone…somewhere…Johnnie just held me…held me…thank you Johnnie for holding me…letting me go down…what a surprise…

Hawaiian Paradise

Hawaii: my favorite place but this time traveling alone as, at the last minute, my girlfriend had an emergency at work…I was determined…now on the plane from San Francisco to Honolulu…During the flight there was turbulence and I had visions of John Wayne piloting that old motored craft in the movie “The High and the Mighty,” Phil Harris complaining in the rear of the plane…the crew evaluating the “point of no return” and they were passed it now, ignoring the imprecations of the comely stewardess. They could have turned back but forged ahead into the unknown.

As the ground crew chief had warned Wayne: “I said it to Orville and to Wilbur: It’ll never get off the ground.” But here we all were, in a fancy modern jet, the fuselage trembling, awakening me…then smoothing and I went back to dozing. It had been a long day. I needed a vacation away from the turmoil of the office and my officious boss who was always importuning me…the prettiest woman on the staff for: “Dinner?” or “Fancy a drink or two after work?” or what he was really saying to me after patting my butt: “How about going to my place to see my etchings, have a drink, strip down and fuck.” How gross! Exactly why I needed a vacation.

Our plane landed, we all were on the WikiWiki bus off for our luggage and me to my room at the Moana…a little time at the Banyon Court for a drink or two and then some serious…all along…sack time. The next day I had hired a car for a drive to the other side of the island…away from the crowds of Waikiki…to the quiet shores near the Polynesian Cultural Center where there was little culture but lots of people.

Not far past the Center was a wonderful hiking path among the fertile apple trees to the Sacred Falls and Pool where I planned a peaceful and restful picnic. I had heard of this place from a native of the islands some years past and this was my time to explore and enjoy. I drove past the little village of Kaawa to a parking lot which was almost empty. I was dressed and equipped for the hike: A back pack with snacks and wine, of course, some wine…and my skimpy outfit…a short dress and tennis shoes. That’s all I needed, plus a blanket for a little nap at the falls. I was on my way. No ordinary tourist was I and there were no tourists here…they were all buying the souvenirs at the Cultural Center…a Mormon enterprise. Try finding a friendly bar there! It wasn’t going to happen. I brought my bar with me!

And up the hill I climbed which then leveled out for a gentle climb slowly to the falls, only a few miles. It began to rain and then stopped. I had my swim suit under my little dress so I was prepared. Along the way I nodded at other hikers ascending and descending but few in number. It was quiet and idyllic and dreamy…one could not want for more paradise in Hawaii than this secluded hike and the falls and pool ahead.

I wasn’t far on the path when I could hear the pounding water of the falls…my heart began to pound…with the hike and the thrill of paradise awaiting me ahead. I trudged along. “Have you been here before?” a voice just behind me inquired. I didn’t look but, a little breathlessly answered: “No, it’s my first time up here.”

Then: “There is a reason why they call it Sacred Falls,” the voice said. I paused and looked to the source of the voice. It was a handsome Hawaiian man…you know the kind: an apparently chiseled chest and torso, a broad smile with beautiful smile. He was younger than me and I wondered, ‘is this a come on?’ I was alert because of my boss I suppose and shouldn’t have…we were just talking. But chatting led to other things so I was shy and coy and didn’t answer.

But he said: “We Hawaiians…[pronounced HaVaiians]…find peace and tranquility at the falls, it is a native thing. The fact of the falls in this remote place, the sounds of the waters, their cleansing nature…A religious experience.” I smiled and believed I was going to have a religious experience…IF left alone. And I walked on, ahead of him, up some steep portions…him behind me and I was envisioning him walking behind, under my butt…looking up my short dress at my butt…which was covered…a little…by my skimpy swim suit…but thinking of him watching my hips, my buttocks moving, undulating, was arousing me. Where was my girlfriend for a little protection just now? Home attending to her damned emergency.

Just then I slipped on the wet path…down to where hands were holding me…on my bottom but preventing a fall…those hands on my privates at an unexpected moment but fleetingly, then away after I had steadied myself. I turn and looked at him. He was close, holding me for seconds. I smiled. “Thank you,” I said. He smiled back, nodding. A big, strong and silent native. His arms were strong and muscled. I was such a tiny, slender thing. He could easily have caught me no matter how far I might have fallen. “You’re very pretty,” he said. I just smiled and continued up the path. When he caught me my suit had slipped up in my crotch. Now he was still behind me…should I adjust the suit or just let it be?…I was getting aroused by the thought of being watched…admired?… by the handsome native with the strong arms.

I mean, I’m attractive and attracted and he must also have been attracted to attractive me. It was natural and we were in Paradise. I just let it be and continued my hike. Let him look and admire my shape and my flesh and my almost naked bottom. Then, DAMN, I slipped again on the path and fell once again into his arms…my bare skin on his brown flesh which was terribly warm on me. But this time I had seriously slipped and was totally in his arms, against his chest. “I’m so sorry,” I said. He just smiled…our bodies against each other’s…warm, enfolding, clutching…ever so briefly and yet…it was on my mind and surely on his.

He put me down. “The falls aren’t far from here,” he said, “Be careful.” “Okay” is all the brilliant reply I could make, my face flush and didn’t quite know why but I was blushing. It wasn’t more than a quarter mile and we were at the foot of the falls, apple trees abounding, I put down my blanket and sat to catch my breath, putting aside my knapsack.

He was standing near. “Are you going into the pool,” he asked. “In a minute,” I said. He disrobed and now was in a skin tight suit. “A bronze god,” I thought looking at him now and surely he was or could have been that. Indeed. I glanced at his legs, thighs, his hips, chest, arms…the bulge in his suit…I caught my breath again! Then he dived into the pool and swam to the foot of the falls letting waters cleanse him…he swam back to where I was…”The water is so refreshing,” he said, reaching his hand to me…”Come on in…its cool and nice.” I hesitated and then let him take my hand. He pulled on me gently and I was in the water. My lithe body passing by his…our flesh touching slightly as I dived in. He was right. The water was cool and wonderful. We swam together to the falls and splashed underneath.

Then I swam back to my blanket. He lifted me up. Those strong hands on my waist lifting me easily to where my blanket and lunch were. I climbed up…showing him my bottom again…why was I always displaying myself to him? But that was what was happening…he pushed me slightly until I found my footing and then sat on my blanket. “That was nice,” I said. He smiled.

“My name is Carol.” “Percy, Percy Kinimaka.” “Thank you Percy.” And then…since we knew each other now: “Would you like some of my lunch?” “Do you have enough?” he asked…”We’ll find out…come and sit with me,” and he did. We must have looked like a study in a still life: white skinned Haole girl/dark skinned bronzed native man. Surely an artist would study us.

There were a few others at the Falls, two children and their family who splashed and played, I brought out the wine and the cheese and bread…just enough for the two of us. The sun was in its descent…early afternoon. Stupid me! I had forgotten to bring a cork screw…how to open the wine without a screw? There was that word in my mind here with a god at the falls…but I was “screwless.” I looked at him in dismay. “Give me the bottle,” he said and laughed. “I know what to do. Say a prayer and close your eyes,” he laughed again. And I did so. A moment later he took my hand and gave me the bottle, now open. “How did you do that?” I exclaimed…”Magic! Don’t you believe in Magic?” I laughed. “But how?…”

“I used my thumb,” he said. “That is a very powerful thumb,” I remarked and we both laughed and drank from the bottle. Then cheese, bread, our little makeshift sandwich and more drinking from the bottle…the splashing of the water from the falls, the sky in the afternoon beginning to turn pink…I looked around…the children and their families were gone…the two of us were very much alone…I looked at Percy. “This is why I come here at this time. For peace.” Peace, I thought, alone with a kind of peace… or if I was a piece…if only there was a book of verse with Old Khayyam…but a loaf of bread, a flask of wine here in the wilderness, with Percy…we shared the bottle…warming me in Paradise. The wine was almost gone.

“Can I tell you Carol?” I looked at Percy. “I often come here but this is enchanting being alone here with you.” That word in my head” ‘enchanted’…or ‘enchanting.’ I closed my eyes…truly…enchanting and a song came to me….Then Percy said: “I have a confession,” I looked at him questioning, “I come here so often in the afternoon, I have a cache just for an occasion like this.” The sky was growing pink. Percy stood and dived in the water. I watched his strong legs and firm buttocks under his suit as he dived into the pool and disappeared under the falls. He was gone now to his ‘cache’ emerging in moments…a bottle of wine lifted above his body, a gorgeous smile, swimming to me and beside me now…using his thumb to open it, pushing the cork inside…”Surprise!” he exclaimed and we were both laughing. I hugged him…”Just for moments like this?” And shared the new bottle. Hugging again.

His body was wet and slick and I rubbed his back…His hands were on mine, smoothing down my spine and I began to tingle. That word: ’enchanted.’ I swallowed from his bottle, mine now empty…I kept him in a hug, his hands massaging my back and down my back.

I heard the words of Oscar Hammerstein II, and the singing of Mary Martin or Mitzi Gaynor…they looked into the eyes of Ezio Pinza or Rossano Brazzi…And it was me Carol at the Sacred Falls looking into the eyes of him, Percy…smiling…Some Enchanted Evening….I will meet a stranger…thrills went down my back…his hands were down my back…my hands rubbing his back and down…”Who can explain it? Who can tell you why?” Those beautiful words of the song…and our hands on each other: who can explain it? Not the words but the feelings, just now, in the wilderness, in Paradise…the sacred falls…his hands on my back…I shouldn’t…I wouldn’t…but I was…I was hot…his terribly hot hands on me…stroking, stroking…I didn’t know what would happen next but they did.

He stood, lifting me…we embraced…”Some enchanting evening” the sky was pink…he removed my top…my breasts pressed against his nakedness…I pulled at his shorts and he peeled them off, he pushed my bottoms down…we were two hot naked lovers, our flesh meeting…he was stiff and hot on me…I reached down…he pulled us into the pool, beneath the waters, our bodies joining and up…kissing now…our tongues…our bodies..he lifted me to the shore and on my blanket. He was at the waters edge. I heard the pounding of the falls and he brought me to him…my legs around his face. I looked down and he smiled. He pulled me closer to his smile, lifting my bottom on to his mouth. The powerful thumb…now gentling me…so “ahhh” gentle on my cunt lips, massaging. I closed my eyes. This enchanted evening.

My body was his…we were wet…I was wet…not from the water and his tongue anointed my wet body…insinuating him into me…I lifted and spasmed to his ablutions and that magical thumb…my hands were on his head…feeling his ears…and the motion of his tongue, bringing me to an edge.

I could feel him coming out of the pool now hovering over my body. He kissed me…both of us kissing…his stiff cock at me, touching me, searching for its home…I reached down to position him…he said “No… let little Percy find you all by himself.” Little Percy, indeed…I had felt the ’little” guy! I didn’t want to wait but removed my grip on his huge stiff cock…I felt him searching for my aching body…I was so ready for this…needed this…needed to release.

Then I felt his cock at me…spreading my lips…slowly…he was such a specimen…this beautiful man and ‘little‘ modest, huge, stiff Percy…I lifted for him…meeting him…wanting this…on my enchanted evening with a stranger a beautiful stranger…”Oh!” I didn’t have to wait any longer…he was inside and deep and urgent and again…I lifted again to take all of him into my body, “milk me Man! “Please fuck me deep and take me…” I was gasping now, again and again as he was thrusting and then frantically…pausing, tensing…giving me of himself…then lying on me as I released in orgasm…the falls pounding in my ears as ‘little Percy‘ was pounding my cunt…then quieting me, smoothing me down with gentle kisses. I hugged him tight not wanting him to leave me but feeling him go soft, slipping out and we laid, side by side.

He poured a little wine between my lips, bringing me to life and kissed me…it was so sweet…My Enchanted Evening…when I met a stranger…in Paradise…smoothing my body and a last feel on me where I was still hot…

At home my girlfriend asked: “Have a good time?” I just laughed and said: “You will never know!”

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