Relative Humidity Ch. 01

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Names and places are purely fictitious and characters are over 18. This story is about interfamily relationships with a very low threshold.


Chapter 1. Michele and aunt Liz get to know each other.

Michelle sat at the window looking out expectantly. She was waiting for her aunt Liz, her mother’s sister. Liz was nearly ten years older than she, however they acted more like sisters, in fact they looked very much alike.

Michelle loved Liz and enjoyed spending time with her. They often went shopping together, or went to a movie. They helped each other forget about each other’s domestic strife and turmoil.

Michelle still had her beautiful shape. Even after two children she looked damn good. Her oval face together with her lean shapely body made her look taller than she was. She wore a pair of tight shorts which accentuated her full posterior beautifully and a short top that pronounced her firm breasts which were medium in size and showed her flat sensuous stomach. She exuded a strong sexuality that intimidated most women and some men who quickly labeled her a slut, but she was comfortable with herself and could not give a damn about what other people thought.

Michelle’s husband had deserted her, leaving her to care for two children, while Liz had a domineering, over possessive, insecure husband who was suspicious of any man that looked her way. He even accused her of trying to seduce her own father. The last time Liz came to visit Michelle, her husband came to see if she was there seeing a man with Michelle’s help.

Like Michelle, Liz had the same body type and similar looks in both body and face. She had the same tall slender looks, a pair of Capri denims which also accentuated her perfect well rounded full posterior and sat low on her hips, with a buttoned shirt which was tied above her navel to show her flat sensuous stomach, covered by a high cut denim jacket. Unlike Michelle, she was shy about the natural sensuality that radiated from her.

Michelle’s heart leapt when she saw Liz turn into the driveway. Liz was going to stay the night so she had lined up a couple of movies on Netflix, popcorn and a bottle of tequila. She had also bundled up her two children to stay at her friend Shirley who lived two houses down the road.

Unable to contain her excitement Michelle rushed outside to meet her. Liz was always amused at Michelle’s exuberance and enjoyed the affections directed at her.

They flew into each other’s arms and kissed each other chastely then hugged each other tight.

“Damn girl, I swear you want to get into my panties.” Liz said to her niece.

“That is not such a bad thought, is it?” Michelle countered.

“You are a nut, Michelle. Let’s go inside, it’s cold out here.” She said to Michelle who realized it was cold. She took her aunt’s overnight bag and went inside closely followed by Liz who looked appreciatively at her niece’s beautiful rear end.

Liz suddenly felt ashamed at looking at her ass and tore her eyes away. She felt weird having lustful thoughts of her niece. She shook it off. Perhaps it was because she had not been laid in some time, she thought.

Michelle put the bag into the spare room and came back out. She watched as Liz took off her sandals and jacket. She marveled at Liz s hot body. It’s no wonder that Liz’s weakling husband was so insecure. His wife is very hot. Liz looked up at Michelle and caught her looking at her, and suppressed a blush.

“Are you hungry?” Michelle asked. “We can order a pizza.”

“Pizza sounds great. Sure, order it, the usual.” She said as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

Michelle went to the kitchen to order the pizza and get two drinks. Liz looked at the two movies Liz had picked on Netflix and looked at the titles.

Michelle returned with the drinks, lemons and salt on a tray. They lick their hands, shake salt on it and licked it up. They then drank the shots in one gulp, and then sucked on the lemons.

They began to watch one movie. The movie was slow and Liz stretched out on the couch, placing her legs over Michelle’s lap. As she put her arms behind her head, her top pulled up and exposed her belly and belly button which showed above her low riding jeans.

Michelle looked over at Liz and smiled. Then her eyes drifted downward over her exposed stomach and a thought suddenly struck her.

Michelle raised her aunt’s legs and got up and then lowered her aunt’s legs on the couch. Liz watched her curiously.

Michelle went to the kitchen and returned with the bottle of tequila and knelt in front of the couch by Liz. She lifted Liz’s top, Liz looked at her even more curiously and then watched as Michelle poured a little tequila into her bellybutton. It felt somewhat pleasing.

Michelle then bent over Liz s stomach and lowered her mouth to her belly and sucked up the tequila from her navel. Michelle smiled as she looked up at Liz.

“Oh, that was awesome. Let me try it on you.” Liz said.

Michelle traded spots with Liz, pulled Onwin off her top, leaving just her bra. Smiling mischievously, Liz looked at her, then at her navel. She poured a shot into her belly button.

Michelle began to giggle when the liquid hit her skin, her tummy raised and the tequila began to run down toward her pants but Liz quickly slurped up the fiery liquid and lapped up the spillage down to Michelle pants waist. Michelle enjoyed the feel of Liz s tongue on her belly.

Don t laugh. You almost lost it into your pants. She said and then quickly sucked on a lemon wedge.

Michelle got up and removed her pants, “Just in case.” She said mischievously.

Liz regarded her for a moment, shrugged and removed her own pants and top and lay out on the couch. She watched Michelle pour the next shot with renewed interest. Michelle then leaned down, placing a steadying hand on her panty covered pubic mound and sucked up the tequila but this time tongued her navel. A thought crossed her mind as the sensation of her tongue probing her navel and the feeling of her hand on her mound awoke a feeling within her womb. She knew then that she wanted Michelle sexually.

Michelle looked up at Liz with a mischievous look on her face. “Michelle, what craziness is being cooked up in that nutty mind of yours?” Liz asked.

Michelle got up quickly and scampered off to the kitchen. She returned a few moments later with an aerosol can of topping cream and a bowl of strawberries.

“If we keep this up, we will both be in the bag before the night is out.” Michelle explained. “So I thought of some desert between drinks.”

“Ok, I can go with that. I will go get a couple of bowls. Liz said.

“We won’t need bowls.” Michelle replied as she grinned at Liz.

Before Liz could move, Michelle placed a strawberry in Liz s navel hollow and squirted the cream around it, making a small peak over it.

“Oh God, Michelle, you are such a nut!”

Michelle then pushed Liz’s bra up over her breasts, and then before Liz could react, squirted cream on each nipple.

“Michelle, what are you doing?” Liz asked, her breathing had become deeper.

“I am having dessert.” Michelle replied and then leaned down over Liz s belly and licked up the cream and ate the strawberry in her navel. She then looked into Liz s eyes and winked at her as she lowered her mouth around one of Liz s nipples.

“Oh my god!” Liz exclaimed.

Liz was now fully aware what her niece was up to but made no effort to stop her. She watched as her niece’s lips closed around her nipple and felt as she sucked the cream up and then the tantalizing sensation of her tongue on her nipple which was now hardening.

Michelle glanced up at Liz as she moved over to the next nipple and also sucked it clean of the cream. This time Liz moaned softly and reached to Michelle and stroked her hair.

“Michelle, this is so wonderful. God, you are such a sweet nut.”

Michelle removed her own bra, then looked into Liz’s eyes, laid her breast on Liz’s as she lowered her mouth to hers, closed her eyes, and kissed her aunt with a deep sensuous passion.

Liz cupped her niece’s face in her hands, closed her eyes and kissed her back with equal intensity and passion, their lips locked, and their tongues twirl and swirl together.

Breaking their kiss, Michelle moved up from her aunt and helped her remove her bra.

“Michelle this is so wrong, but god, I feel so hot for you.”

Michelle looked at Liz as she removed her own panties, her eyes not leaving hers. Liz followed suit, her eyes locked on Michelle s eyes.

“Scoot, it’s my turn.” Michelle tells Liz.

When Liz moved, amusement curled the corners of her mouth. Michelle lay across the couch, excitement etched across her face. Liz placed a berry into her navel, and then like Michelle had done, she squirted some on each of Michelle s nipples.

But Liz started on her nipples first. Cupping Michelle’s breast, she licked and sucked off the cream from the nipple, her tongue flashed and lashed over her hard nipple. She then moved to her other breast, cupping it and the licking and sucking the nipple.

A soft tremor ran over Michelle s body as she felt her aunt work on her nipples. She wanted her more than anything else. She suddenly felt very moist between her legs.

Liz then moved to Michelle’s belly. She licked the cream and ate the berry. She then placed small butterfly kisses down her tummy moving toward her pubic mound adorned with a light mat of silky hair. Michelle’s belly undulated at her touch. As Liz got to her mound, she parted her legs.

Liz looked at her niece’s flower and found the site extremely provocative. To her surprise, she found it very beautiful, so delectable. She salivated.

She then squirts cream over her niece’s sex. Then with much restraint, she lowered her head between Michelle s legs and began to give Michelle the best eating she had ever experienced.

Just then the doorbell chimed, the pizza arrived.

Part 2.

Michelle sat up and glanced at the door. She looked down at Liz who looked up guiltily and wet faced. “Damn, I better get that.” Michelle said as she pulled her t-shirt and shorts on. Liz pulled on her clothes in a panic.

The door bell sounded again as she grabbed money from the table. Michelle hurried to the door and opened it. A tall young man stood there with a large thermal case on his arm. He looked at her appreciatively and smiled as he fished out a box of pizza from the thermal case. Over his shoulder she saw a pickup truck parked across the road that looked the same as Liz s husband. “That will be twelve fifty.” He is cut off mid-sentence.

Michelle thrust the money at him, and grabbed the pizza box. “Keep the change!” She said quickly and closed the door just as quickly. Leaning against the door, she thought about the fool parked across the street. He was clearly a stalker. She decided not to say anything to Liz to spoil her mood.

Smiling, Michelle returned to the living room where Liz sat upright on the couch looking at her. I hope you are still hungry. Michelle placed the box on the coffee table then hurried to the kitchen to get plates and napkins. She did not see her aunt blush.

They ate the pizza while taking glances at each other. Liz opened her mouth to say something but took another bite. Liz was in turmoil. She loved Michelle, and did not want that love to be jeopardized. She had enjoyed that brief physical encounter and wanted more, a lot more.

“You okay? Michelle asked.

Liz nodded as she chewed her food.

“I’m okay with what we were doing. I liked it. I liked it a lot actually.” Michelle said as she looked at her aunt. Again her aunt blushed.

“Damn, Michelle. I don’t know what to think. Never in a million years would I have thought about being with you. I like a good hard dick. But with you all those ideas got thrown out the window.” She tried to avert her eyes. “Oh god, I think I need a drink.” She said as she picked up the bottle. Michelle smiled at her.

Liz poured two more shooters of tequila and passed one to Michelle. Looking at each other, they both toss back the drink simultaneously, slamming the empty glasses down on the coffee table. They perform the ritual of licking the salt off the hand, then chewing on a wedge of lemon.

“Another?” Michelle said as she refilled the glasses.

Again they throw back their drinks and perform the salt and lemon ritual. Liz looked at Michelle, her heart fluttered like a bird. She did not want to give in to these new feelings that she had begun to develop for her. But Michelle was so beautiful. She stirred her in ways she could never imagine.

“You want to fuck me, don t you?” Liz said accusingly.

“I have wanted you for some time now.” Michelle replied as she removed her aunt’s top.

Liz looked at her as she raised her arms to allow her top to be removed. Then Michelle urged her back and removed her aunt’s panties as she raised her hips. Michelle then removed her own clothes and then lay over Liz. As their naked bodies touched, it ignited a passion in each of the women. Liz cupped Michelle s face as they embarked on a deep kiss, their bodies trembled as the need for each other escalated , the desire for each other smoldered like hot coals.

Liz parts her legs to allow Michelle to drop a leg between hers. They push their heated flowers against each other’s thighs, and continue to kiss each other intensely. Liz then ran her hand down the length of Michelle s back until her hand rested on her fabulous ass. Michelle moaned into Liz’s mouth and ground her flower down on Liz s leg. Liz in turn pushes her own flower against Michelle’s leg. Their pleasures climb as the fire within them burns hotly.

They break their protracted kiss and look into each other’s eyes as their bodies writhe against each other. “God, this feels so good.” Liz whispered between breaths. Michelle moans in answer as she draws closer her rapture so pure, so intense, began to rise from her depths that it scared her.

Liz felt her own rapture unleashed and soar to the surface. She cried out. “Mich… Mich…” She tried. “Chelley, I’m cumming!”

Together the two women explode as never before. They begin to experience a string of orgasms so profound, so whole, and so sweet.

For some time the two women lay in each other’s arms, Liz slowly caressed Michelle’s cheek. “You are so beautiful, Chelley, I love you.” Liz said to her niece.

Michelle blushed. “I love you too.” She said looking lovingly into her aunt’s eyes.

After a while as they lay in each other’s arms, Liz said softly. “I have a confession.”

“Oh? What do you have to confess?” Michelle said.

Liz laid back and thought about what she was about to tell her niece. She knew there should not be any secrets between them. Even though they had now begun a physical relationship with each other she was still hesitant to tell her a family secret. She took a deep breath. “I have had regular sex with my father before I got married.” She said apprehensively and waited for the disgust that was sure to come.

Michelle sat up and looked at her aunt in disbelief. “You and grandpa fucked each other, really?”

Liz nodded her head as she looked miserable at her niece. “Yes, we really did.”

“God, that is awesome. That is so cool.” Michelle responded enthusiastically. “Damn, who would have thought?”

Liz visibly relaxed. The worry faded from her face and a smile returned. “There is more.”

“More?” Michelle exclaimed.

Liz hesitated and looked into Michelle’s eyes. “Yes, there is more.” She hesitated. “Your mom also fucked our dad before she married your dad.”

“Jesus, that is hot.” Michelle said. She felt jubilant about this openness. “How did you start with your dad?” Michelle said with ebullient enthusiasm.

“I was just eighteen when I had walked in on your granddad and your mom as they were fucking each other.” Liz began and paused as she gathered her thoughts. “I just froze in the door way and could not move as my sister’s cries of passion filled the room along with my dad’s own cries as he drove himself deep into my sister. Daddy suddenly became aware of me and stopped. Kimberley also became aware. I still stood transfixed. I was not sure how I was supposed to react.” Liz said as her mind wandered back to that day.

“To tell you the truth, I thought it was an amazing scene. Kimberley and I had talked about sex with each other before that and I was very much aware of my own sexuality and what I saw really made me hot. Daddy moved off Kimberley and for the first time I saw daddy’s cock which was big and hard, and so beautiful.” She told her niece who was listening intently.

“He smiled at me and beckoned me to them. My sister patted the vacant space beside her and told me to join them. I moved over to her and sat on the bed beside her, my eyes exploring daddy’s body and his huge tool. Daddy then began to undress me and when I was naked began to kiss me as Kimberley watched. He laid me back and then kissed my titties and worked his way down between my legs and began to eat my pussy.” She paused.

“Oh god Liz, that is hot. Don’t stop now.” Michelle said as she began to get aroused once more.

Liz smiled knowingly at her niece, as she too was also becoming aroused, she continued. “As daddy continued to eat me I became more and more aroused and let out a moan. God, he was so good I could have cum. But after a few minutes he stopped. Daddy smiled lovingly at me as he stroked his huge tool, the bulbous tip of his cock glistening like a ripe red plum.” She said and paused once more. He then moved over me. His body was hard and firm like his cock as he lay on me.” Liz looked at Michelle to gage her feelings.

“Instinctively I opened my legs to him.” She continued. “It never occurred to me that what we were about to do was wrong, rather a sense that we were about to do was a deeper understanding of our love with him and Kimberley. Kimberley had laid back and was touching herself as she delightfully watched as daddy took my virginity. I felt hesitant at first. I thought it was going to hurt badly. But there was only a quick sharp cutting pain and it was gone as he entered me. But to feel him in me and on me felt so special. Daddy has been the best fuck. My husband really sucks.” She said sadly.

Michelle leaned over and kissed Liz. “I now understand why grandpa loves and adores you two so much. He looks so happy when he sees either of you.” She said to her.

“Do you know how momma started sleeping with grandpa?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, she told me.” Liz said as she collected her thoughts. She moved Michelle’s hand between her legs and placed her hand between hers. They were equally moist.

“Kimberley told me that after mom’s death daddy used to get very depressed. He would often cry when he got drunk. One night she thought to ease his pain. It was dark in his room. Daddy thought she was mommy, or so she thought. He called mommy’s name and began kissing her. She did not resist him. When he removed her clothes, he kissed and began playing with her breasts, still she did not resist him. He then moved between her legs and began to lick her pussy, and again she did not resist him.”

Michelle began to feel a yearning for her own father as she listened to her aunt. Her heart beat rapidly.

“When she moaned, he then moved over her. Kimberley opened her legs for him. And as he entered her, he said to her, ‘you taste just like your mother’, and proceeded to give her an amazing fuck.” She said in conclusion.

“Oh my god, Liz, that is awesome!” Michelle blurted.

“We kept him company many nights until we married. I love daddy and miss him. I would like to sleep with him again.” Liz said as her mind wandered to her father’s bed. Michelle gave her aunt an understanding look.

“I too have a confession.” Michelle began.

“You do?” Liz said in surprise.

“Yes I do.” Michelle said seriously as she looked at her aunt. “Michael and I have been fucking each other.” She said and waited for a response.

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