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Jen was a beautiful girl when we married. She wasn’t a bit shy about her sexuality and bold. We met and within just a few hours we were in bed together. We were both young and I can remember the first time I was with her like it was yesterday. She was able to make my jaw drop then and able to now.

We were still in high school senior year. She had just moved back here, I remember her from when she was younger but this was not the younger version I remember. Those jeans that looked as if they were melted and poured on her body, her makeup was done much differently than the girls around here. A group of us decided to skip school for the day and go hang out. There were about 6 of us. We rode around and did basically nothing.

After dropping James and Lisa back off at school so they could get home. Jen and her friend Kay lived next door to each other and I lived just walking distance away from the both of them as we were dropping the two off Jen suggested Robert and I come in since it will be a while before anyone gets home. We are all sitting in the living room and Jen gets my hand and leads me down a hallway to the end where her bedroom is. We get inside and she climbs on the bed. I am thinking this is way too good to be true. She is not the type of girl that is ever interested in me she is beyond beautiful.

I get on the bed beside her and as we are talking and joking I am Şerifali Escort getting so turned on by her. As we lying close to each other I can’t help but touch her. The small of her back and can feel her skin from where her shirt had ridden up. I want her like I have wanted no one else. As I am pulling her closer to me she moves away and gets off the bed. I am thinking my god I blew it she is about to toss me out on my ass. I rise to my elbows waiting for her to tell me to leave and she un-buttons her jeans. I don’t think I was even breathing. Is this about to happen? I have been with other girls but it is usually in the back seat of a car cramped, and always in the dark. Never in broad day light never has a girl made the first move.

The zipper is lowered slowly and I swear I can hear every single zip as it is lowered. Her thumbs went to the side of the jeans and as her hands went down the jeans came down and I could have sworn she didn’t have any panties on because when they slid down there were none in sight. I was in in heaven here was this beautiful, sexy girl in front of me and she is taking her cloths of for me and letting me watch her. I didn’t realize but I am sitting there with my mouth open practically salivating over the vision in front of me.

She leans forward and starts to undo my belt. I am still I can hear my heart pounding with excitement. I Göztepe Escort am afraid this is one of the best dreams I have had and I am going to wake up at any moment. She lowers the zipper of my jeans and tugs at them under my hips to get them down. I am up on my elbows waiting for her to lie down beside me or to take off her shirt when she takes her hand and coaxes me back on to the bed.

As I lean back she takes her left leg and brings it across my lap. I have never been the one in charge of things going on. She takes the head of my throbbing cock and presses it against the wetness of her pussy. She is looking me directly in the eye. Ever so slowly she lowers herself on to me as if she is making sure that I feel every single millimeter of me going inside her. It is so wet, and oh so warm, and it is so perfect.

She is taking my cock inside of her slowly and deeply. Not realizing I had closed my eyes and am in absolute heaven. When I open them she is looking right at me. The look in her eyes of pure lust, she knows what she wants. She takes her right hand and turns my head to look in the direction of the headboard I hadn’t noticed that there was a mirror inside of it. I could she her body moving on mine. The way she would come down on me and then arch her back before raising her hips back up. I watched as she continued she would then change and raise her pussy Ümraniye Escort up to where only the very end of my cock head was inside her and hold me there aching to feel her again when I think I can’t take it anymore and about to pull her down on me she lowers herself slowly on my cock she is torturing me. I want more I want to feel more, I want faster, and harder inside her and in it was like she knew I couldn’t take it anymore she locked her fingers inside mine and used my harms for leverage as she went to work on fucking me like crazy. She was moaning and I could feel her breath on my neck. She would bring me so close to cumming and she would stop I am trying to move under her but unable to do much good. She does this to me over and over again until I don’t know which is going to explode first my mind or my cock.

I don’t know how long she was able to drag this out but she was able to keep me from cumming she would get me so close and then stop. My toes are curled and I want to just flip her over and put her under me and do to her what I want, what I need to cum. For some reason I don’t. I am enjoying what she is dong to me. No one has ever done this to me before. I let her take me to the edge and hold me there and finally I hear her “uuuummmmmmmmmmm, now baby” and she drives her pussy down on my cock, her pussy is like a vise hanging on to me with every movement felling like it is getting tighter and tighter. I hear myself “AAHH, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHH” cumming harder than I think I ever had.

We lay there catching our breath. She looks at the clock and says you have got to go. I try my best to get my pants back up fumbling with my belt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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